🇲🇾 Malaysia’s opposition pulls off shocking election win | Al Jazeera English

There has been a dramatic result in Malaysia’s parliamentary elections, with the opposition winning power for the first time in the country’s history.

The 92-year-old former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad will return as leader.

He will replace Najib Razak – who became embroiled in a major corruption scandal.

Al Jazeera’ s Rob McBride reports from Kuala Lumpur.

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182 thoughts on “🇲🇾 Malaysia’s opposition pulls off shocking election win | Al Jazeera English

  1. Lee Wahab Reply

    Viva to Tun M

  2. Dark of the knight Reply

    The difference between Malaysia with other country is. We achieve this without bloodshed. We show the other country what does it really means by democracy and this is the beginning of the change even if we won’t progress much economical for this term. But in long terms, the people powers won.

    • Ray Mak Reply

      さりん it’s ok… We can understand him well. That’s most important. =) hugs

    • ila kaizen Reply

      Musnahkan ɐᴉsʎɐlɐW AMEN!!! Who are u dude? U everwhere n u not even malaysian

    • Sinister Gamer Reply

      Musnahkan ɐᴉsʎɐlɐW AMEN!!! Can u remain silent cz u talk rubbish..

    • Musnahkan Iblis Tahi Lembu Kuning Amen!!! Reply

      you ketum macai rubbish

  3. Anggi B Reply

    I’m from Indonesia and this is not a shock at all. Many Malaysians that I met told me they had enough of the corruption, nepotism, and hypocrisy of the current government.

    • Fadel Reply

      gong sam It’s okay tho! I don’t even know if he is really Malaysian or just a bait. Btw congrats!! I hope this is the best for the rakyat of Malaysia.

    • Anggi B Reply

      gong sam don’t worry bro it’s obvious the guy is a troll. Just ignore him. Anyway, congratulation for the Malaysian people for the successful and most importantly peaceful election. TAHNIAH RAKYAT MALAYSIA.

    • ikramhamdan 1698 Reply

      Thank u my indonesian brother, inilah reformasi negara kami!!!

    • Sinister Gamer Reply

      Musnahkan ɐᴉsʎɐlɐW AMEN!!! Nak doa tak elok lepastu nak suruh di aminkan..tuhan mana kamu nih tah..

    • Bald Head Reply

      Nepotism is 2x greater in Indonesia.

  4. Hero Kiryu Reply

    Anwar will kill him and take back the party. His old enemy will have the last laugh.

    • papa volen Reply

      Nope..tun m 2 years only.then handed it to anwar

    • fidel catsro Reply

      he is becoming PM for the sake of Anwar amigo! Once Anwar is out of Macdonalds… he will step down and let Anwar run the show..

  5. mohd faizul Reply

    Najib Razak have more 100 Scandal…murder Altantuya Sharibuu

  6. Asaph Vapor Reply

    Sad Msia so many corrupted leaders ..

    • morpheusmorph Reply

      Asaph Vapor was

  7. John Mocking You Reply

    This win is not shocking at all. A military coup staged by that thief would be shocking!

    • Aisyah Arshad Reply

      how many countries that you’ve seen overthrown rulling party without any bloodshed? It’s easy to provoke war but it takes brilliant mind and endless effort by both politician and citizen of Malaysia to change a country without spilling blood. I proud of being Malaysian. If you were here in malaysia, I dared you wouldn’t say its not shocking or easy at all. the previous rulling party block all media, public speech by the opposition… no advertisement in the public to the point that even Tun Mahathir picture was torned. there were many dirty things that they do. Just do a favor and do a proper research yourself. thank you.

    • John Mocking You Reply

      I’m a Malaysian in Malaysia. Took part in many rallies from Hindraf to Bersih, got tear gassed & beaten up. Seen election cheats e.g. vote buying & phantom voter too. So need no research to see the writing of BN’s end on the wall long time coming. So it’s not shocking to me at all when we finally won. Perhaps you could do a little research yourself what a desperate thief would do to prevent going to Sg. Buloh.

    • fidel catsro Reply

      malaysia military also rescued american troop in africa once,… that shows you their integrity!

    • John Mocking You Reply

      Hmmmm, elements of the Armed Forces took part in May 13. Seems like another needs a wee research himself/herself. As of time of this post, we’re 2 days shy of the anniversary of that black day.

    • Joshua张志鸿 Reply

      fidel catsro He had Tentera surround his house but … even the tentera went back after 2 hours

  8. Fu'aad Omer Dheere Reply

    i’m so Happy today Islamic revolution came back
    Malaysia also Great back Again down Israel
    congratulation from Hargeisa Somaliland

    • Isyraf Reply

      Sanny George Cuerfe But you are not Malaysian so get out

    • Sanny George Cuerfe Reply

      umayyad mapper woi bodo aku malaysian la bahlol

    • Isyraf Reply

      Sanny George Cuerfe oh, tapi revolusi Islam yang dia maksudkan ialah akhlak bukan kerajaan

    • Sanny George Cuerfe Reply

      umayyad mapper first of all..dont guess or speak on behalf of him. You are not him and you dont know what he meant. He said Islamic revolution. So far Iran had one and it produces Shia state and it was lead by Khomeini the Shia scholar. Sama ke dengan Malaysia? Jauh langit dengan bumi Tun dibandingkan dengan Khomeini. Second, revolution connotes bloodshed like communist revolution or abbasid revolution to replace umayyad dynasty. Ini PRU bukan revolusi..kita lakukannya tanpa pertumpahan darah. Now you get out.

    • Isyraf Reply

      Sanny George Cuerfe oh

  9. jason chang Reply

    How is the victory “shocking” in any way? Najib was one of the most corrupt heads of state Malaysia has ever known. The people have suffered enough , even cheating in elections didnt help him this year.

    • Erik Karlsen Reply

      Its shocking in the way that BN has managed to stay in power for 60 years. Now they loose

    • nnrr85 Reply

      If najib had won this GE, that would be shocking

  10. Miss Bloom Reply

    This is the truly democracy. #swisslivinginmalaysia

    • 참홉블리. Reply

      Musnahkan ɐᴉsʎɐlɐW AMEN!!! Shut up crackhead

    • el terrible Reply

      Musnahkan ɐᴉsʎɐlɐW AMEN!!! Yeah shut up.

    • Once Beca Reply

      Musnahkan ɐᴉsʎɐlɐW AMEN!!! Where country are you from?

    • naming atang Reply

      gong sam he dont have any country, he just a slave of dutch living in jawa island

    • Musnahkan Iblis Tahi Lembu Kuning Amen!!! Reply

      umayyad mapper
      macai taik kurap itam taik madey

  11. AXL Law Reply

    My days of doubting Malaysia is finally over. My faith in my country will soon be restored.

  12. Funki Reply

    The _FATHER OF MALAYSIA_ is back- back again.

  13. Hannah P Reply

    Malaysian you did great.

    • Hannah P Reply

      Musnahkan ɐᴉsʎɐlɐW AMEN!!! It takes one to know one *evil laugh

  14. PsychosisSister Reply

    I just want to let people of the world know that, while it seems easy to win because of the large margin but it was not. The oppositions had to raise the poll funds from the public, they can’t advertise anything on local newspapers, they can’t appears on any national TVs as those medias we guarded and disallowed by the former PM Najib. Almost all kinds of disadvantages. The way the oppositions get the words around the country was word of mouth, ceramah, online and of course the international medias likd Al Jazeera. So, I thank you for helping.

    • el terrible Reply

      Why do you have to reply to almost all Malaysian comment?

    • ufoid Reply

      Musnahkan ɐᴉsʎɐlɐW AMEN!!! Dude stop hating on malaysia.u look like a sore loser

    • Ari Kim Reply

      maybe he’s already have no life in his life . nothing to do than hating other. PATHETIC.

    • Sinister Gamer Reply

      Musnahkan ɐᴉsʎɐlɐW AMEN!!! Or u dont have a y country to live in? Poor u dude..no place to stay? Or the earth not accept u .. so must be an alien..

  15. JoDhakz Venthan Reply

    He is the rea GODFATHER

  16. JoDhakz Venthan Reply

    Long life TUN

  17. dean ahmad Reply

    najib gonna jailed..to much crime..

  18. JoDhakz Venthan Reply

    Sorry real

  19. Muhammad Arif Prasetyawan Reply

    👏 👏 👏 Well done Malaysia, congratulations! Just make sure the corruptor Najib wouldn’t flee! Greetings from Indonesia!

    • naming atang Reply

      Muhammad Arif Prasetyawan thx man

    • ikramhamdan 1698 Reply

      Terima kasih saudara, inilah reformasi kami!!!

  20. kurwitz Reply

    if mahathir dies..it will be one of the saddest deaths in malaysian history :'( hes 90+ years old nearly similar to GB queen

    • Suci Retnowati Reply

      GB queen is not taking political action, just figure head like japanese emperor or malaysian raja

    • fidel catsro Reply

      yup all of them are close to callback time and long overdue…

    • M A Reply

      K33n The Queen isn’t a suitable comparison for Tun M. Instead, compare him with Margaret Thratcher or Winston Churchill…

    • kurwitz Reply

      Calley Toh i said the age not politocal influence :)))))

    • kurwitz Reply

      Suci Retnowati im talking the age not political influence :)))

  21. Tony Montana Reply

    will they investigate the murder of the mongolian woman?

    • Haiqal Zaki Reply

      Of course!!!

    • Irfan Sidek Reply

      Surely brother

  22. northborneo27 Reply

    congratulations, the ex prime minister become prime minister again, i hope these new government administered the country better than before

  23. Shuhaib Cp Reply

    The legent, genius…..TUN is coming back…… amazing

  24. Mr X Reply


  25. Sirait Nick Reply

    So, Malaysian lack of the young leader? Mahattir should give the estafet to the young generation.
    Indonesia – Joko Widodo
    Philippines – Duterte

    • dale KOCOK Reply

      Nicholas Sirait

      so what is ur problem malaysia have the oldest prime minister??

    • angela adam Reply

      The thing is, his brain is so much young thn the younger people.

    • nnrr85 Reply

      He will..he said he just want to undo what he did..I think he meant sending his ex deputy to jail…whilst Najib’s party (barisan nasional) was ruling, they were unable to free the ex deputy from jail. The only way to bring him out is to win this election, ask for pardoning from the king, and install him to be the prime minister…they tried challenging barisan nasional in election for many years now, they were close to winning but still lost…they need that one man, one factor who can unite all the people..they found that man…and he is Dr Mahathir Mohamed..only he can do the toughest work, unifying people of all races in Malaysia

    • angela adam Reply

      Nicholas Sirait like in the movie, the poweful man will cm back to save the world.. He is true legend. He can unite all people ,different races nd ethnics.

    • ila kaizen Reply

      Dont worry…he will step down n past to someone yonger… not lack of young people as you said

  26. Botol Aqua Reply

    Congrats Malaysia, may the new PM bring great prosperity to the country. Love from Indonesia.

  27. Red Star Reply

    Why are people so lured in by the Opposition? Have they cast a spell on you all to cast votes for them. See, now the nation is in Pakatan’s hand. Thanks4Nothing!

    • Red Star Reply

      graxie89 Please, PKR or Pakatan is not the ruling party of Malaysia but the country is now under a coalition government. Anyway, Penang is stubbornly a DAP state whereas Kelantan is a PAS state. Terengganu also fell to Islamism while PKR retained Selangor but then Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and even Johor (birthplace of BN) also fell to them. Why don’t people vote wisely and rationally instead being of being lured in by populist promises such as 0% GST and revenge punishment on Najib, party slogans and ideology? people should have voted for a capable and credible candidate of good character and standing. Why not vote for the independent candidates where they may have new ideas and plans and are not under any fixed ideology or have to tow any party line? Despite having a number of independent candidates, only 3 were elected.

    • graxie89 Reply

      Zacky Jacky Come on this is first step towards mature politics, after 60 yrs under one party ruling and transition is smooth without any violence. This show the rakyat want the change of leadership in a peace way. You have another 5yrs to check and balance the current government, if u think the current government is incapable to govern vote it out for the next 5 yrs or voice it out like what you did. This is the first step for balance politics in Malaysia

    • Red Star Reply

      graxie89 I know and don’t get me wrong, I’m not a staunch BN supporter especially not towards UMNO. UMNO is a race based conservative Malay nationalist party that has become arrogant, undemocratic and borderline racist and supremacist. Actually, that’s their ideology long before. Malay supremacy as with Perkasa. I’m aware of the Najib’s 1MDB scandal and that he has lost the support of the people especially among the urbanites but that doesn’t mean he is a rogue ruler/politician, criminal or dictator. Everybody have their flaws and Najib is no better. It is just that he let his arragonce and other weakness get the better of him. I agree that UMNO/BN should take a back seat and alternative parties should have the chance to govern but taking a closer look at the Opposition, it is also made up of lopsided extremist parties such as the Islamist PAS, the authoritarian or autocratic Chinese dominated DAP which seems to mirror the autocratic PAP of Singapore. Know about the origins of the DAP and its relationship with Singapore’s PAP back in the 1960’s. If I’m not wrong, DAP may be Malaysia’s own version of PAP or the extension of PAP in Malaysia. PAP has been governing Singapore for more than 50 years since 1959. PAP ruled and still continues to rule Singapore as the dominant party in a much authoritarian/autocratic manner especially during Lee Kuan Yew’s reign. As with PKR, I’m not so sure whether they are a moderate and balanced democratic party or just another Conservative Malay party. Then what about PAN and Pribumi Bersatu? Are they also Malay Islamist parties? All will have to tow the party line to a certain ideology. Also are the YouTube channels namely “KiniTV” and “Media Rakyat” independent, fair and non-biased or just a political tool of the Opposition?

    • ila kaizen Reply

      Why are u lured by najib n bn when u can see clearly the rampant corruption in our country? Do u love our country or your own pocket?

    • Red Star Reply

      nfazilahj@gmail.com fazilah What kind of question is that? Doubting me? Accusing me of being a BN supporter? First, I’m not a full blooded pure Malay so I’m not an UMNO supporter. I’m being lured by Najib? I have not said anything about supporrting Najib, justifying his actions nor was I disappointed that he lost. Don’t put words into my mouth. What I’m saying was why didn’t people vote wisely without being lured in by party slogans, ideology and populist promises such as removing the GST? Have they considered the trade offs or that there may be a downside. It’s easy to promise this and promise that but how are you going about implementing it without other complications settling in? I’m sure other countries just within Southeast Asia have GST such as Singapore having 7% GST, Malaysia’s neighbouring country down south of Johor. I also hoped that people didn’t vote out of anger, emotions or feelings of revenge but rationally, objectively and wisely. Don’t tell me you are a PKR supporter. So much of people voted for PKR, PAS, PAN, DAP, etc. Well, what makes you the Opposition Coalition is capable, credible and of good standing? People could have assessed the credentials of the candidates and choose those of good character, standing and with good qualities. Alternatively, people could have looked more into the independent candidates. Once again, I’m not totally aligned with the views of BN but I’m more in the Middle Ground or the fence sitting position. If the candidate is good, I will vote for him/her not solely because he is from the blue, green or red party.

  28. Kubis- 19 Reply

    yeah!! no more GST! then catch MO1 to jail..

  29. Amali Homer Reply


  30. amy yellowrose Reply

    6 dislikes are from Najib, Rosmah, Zaid, Ku Nan, Nazri, Maslan

    • fidel catsro Reply



      amy yellowrose 😂😂😂😂


      Woi hati2 nazri ayah aku(bukan rosmah bengap ni)

  31. fidel catsro Reply

    Viva Malaysia!

  32. Disphol Chamnil Reply

    We Thais are also waiting for a moment like this. Congratulations to everyone in Malaysia.

    • Din Joekhannaz Reply

      Disphol Chamnil your time will come, we work hard despite all groovy terrain and yet become winner,.. key point is to let the message spread…

    • Klabu Malami Reply

      Disphol Chamnil thank you Thailand 😘😘💕💕💕💕💕

    • Gyakushin Miko Reply

      Thank u for also having faith in tun M

  33. The Unknown Reply

    Alhhamdulillah..Faith has been restored..Terima Kasih rakyat Malaysia..You have choose wisely..Malaysia preparing to be world power

  34. Grace David B Reply

    Congratulations Tun Dr Mahathir ❤

  35. Yanto Marzuki Reply

    Congratulations Tun DR Mahathir.
    ASEAN Countries need you to come back again, you are a Great Leader.
    From Indonesia.

    • Muhammad Afiq Reply

      Yanto Marzuki Yes. We need strong Asean Leaders to work together against corruption and those who will impose treat to South East Asia region, economically and militarily. Salam perjuangan. Sahabat mu dari Malaysia.

    • Yanto Marzuki Reply

      Muhammad Afiq My Brother, you absolutely True. ASEAN will work together to fight corruptions while we are together to strenghten our economy, military and improve our country strong relationship.
      By me the comeback of Tun Mahathir Mohammad is a Great Blessing from Allah SWT to bring The Great Success and The Dignity of ASEAN NATION.
      Salam terhangat from Indonesia.

  36. sheikorbit Reply

    The cancer has successfully been removed by the doctor. Now, on the road to recovery for my beloved country, Malaysia.

    • Alya Hamzah Reply

      sheikorbit well said!

  37. Jason Clash Reply

    Ini Kalilah Pakatan Harapan

  38. Zeus Han Reply

    anyone here notice that ex-pm najib used lip gloss? well a man who wears lip gloss shouldn’t be a leader in the 1st place.

  39. Happy Sisters Reply

    People’s power

  40. Nix Luciora Reply

    Who with 5 dislikes??? Named these 5 BN cronies in the comment below! ╠╣A╠╣A╠╣A╠╣A╠╣A.!

  41. A. Tsunami Reply

    kte boleh nampak wanita india sampai dukung baby dia sampai tgh malam demi parti yg disokong. bangganya tgok rakyat malaysia bersatu

    • Klabu Malami Reply

      Asah Tsunami 👍👍👍💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    • naming atang Reply

      Asah Tsunami bby, nnti kita dukung anak kita k, jom kawin

    • MovieMistakes Reply

      naming atang haha smooth

  42. Irfan Sidek Reply

    At last, we bailed out the king of corruptor, Najib. What a beautiful day to be remembered. We all feel like a new independece day. Long live Mahathir, 92 years old man that still fighting and rebuild our nation together with malaysians. We are very satisfied and hope that the world could see our changes and just wait for our new reformation. Mahathir was the 4th prime minister of malaysia and now be the 7th prime minister of malaysia. We all malaysians fight for our rights without looking color of our skins. Without looking of our races, of our religions. What a beautiful and harmony place to live. Finally, our voices are now powerful and take over. Thank you Mahathir

  43. trending Now Reply

    Malasia hanya sebuah negara kecil ..
    Kasihan !!

    • Cahya Perkasa Reply

      Quietude Malaysia memang hebat dalam segi pembangunan dan korupsinya hingga berbillion ringgit saya salut, Malaysia boleh Lanjutkan rasuahnya.😂😂😂

    • ila kaizen Reply

      Stargazer wowww easy with the language bro

    • ila kaizen Reply

      trending topic vise versa

    • ila kaizen Reply

      Nor Kholis i dont understand why you so concern about our country… isn’t it better u look at your country n your people first… are we here to compare which country more corrupt n which country bigger? Isn’t that obvious? But For what? For the sake of argument?

    • Nicori Jjang Reply

      nfazilahj@gmail.com fazilah kita boleh berdebat dengan 10 org berilmu tapi x boleh lawan even 1 org yg jahil…ckp la 2.6billion kali pun dgn fakta…dia ttp nk mng dgn factless argument dia..biarkn dia..kita pikir psl negara kita je..kita lyn dia pun bukan bg effect pape pun..buat sakit hati je

  44. Ariaditya Pramestu Reply

    Is it about time the radicals and ultra conservatives to take the back seat in asean?

  45. salimsg Reply

    Congrats! Well done. May justice prevail. Greetings from anak Singapura.

  46. ThUrT EilNo Reply

    this should be a lesson to all the corrupt governements out their, to say that nobody is invincible.

  47. Shawney Ey Reply

    Glory to Mahathir and Malaysia. Only a brave and humble man can do what Mahathir did.

  48. D Leong Reply

    now taken back every cent that klepto party took

  49. Gagasan Melayu Raya Reply

    0 RIOTS

  50. Mohdsyafq mohdzam Reply

    You see najib….you see now…hahahahahahaha
    Bullshit you

  51. Pulaco Dimantag Reply

    Good job Malaysia.. Good that Mahathir is back.. ASEAN here we go!! Greetings from the Philippines

  52. Hafiza Reply

    Lmao that girl at the v beginning got me cracking up

  53. Noryati Alias Reply

    Mabrook! Tahniah! Congrats! Ana fakhura be an akun Malaysian. Wa lakin ana hajartu fee Usa. Walahi! Ana mabsutah.

  54. Ant Nam Reply

    The new is the old one 🤷‍♂️ No big deal.

  55. JTNaise Reply

    This is a new independent for malaysians

  56. Aphiezz Reply

    National Line

  57. queen king Reply

    i cried 😢😢😢

  58. PipSaSqeak Reply

    Good Najib is gone

  59. Joanna Tan Reply

    I respect and congratulate you Malaysians,well done👍I pray the new government will keep the words and make Malaysia strong again.Greeting from Singapore.

    • Lim Charles Reply


    • Sivakumar Arokiam Reply

      Joanna Tan thank you

  60. Yosuke Rechain Reply

    God job mr. Mahatir. Greeting from Indonesia.

  61. theHDLify Reply

    Congratulations to all Malaysians on having done away with the corrupt UMNO. Greetings from your neighbor, the Philippines.

  62. Deewagar Baskaran Reply

    Thank you Malaysia Sabah and Sarawak. Different race but as one whole Malaysian. We showed and set example to the rest of world. That true power lies on the people. Thank you for making Malaysia for Malaysian again.

  63. Dean Columbres Reply


  64. Zubayr Jama Reply

    Great Muslim leader salute u malysaia great once again

    • Joshua张志鸿 Reply

      Zubayr Jama Not a muslim but a TRUE muslim !

  65. Muhammad Adam Bin Mohd Razihan Reply

    Wait. How old is he again?

    • Haikal Zainudin Reply

      Keneki For The Win 93

  66. Aloha Snack Reply

    Congratulations! Hope Singaporeans could be as courageous as Malaysians.

  67. Rafi Kurniaji Aljero Reply

    92 !?!??!?! THE FVCK HOW

  68. DR Ir M Reply

    What shock? this tsunami was predicted months ago…Only Najib party denies it

  69. S Niyut Reply

    Congrats to Malaysian people, you choose who you want.

  70. Rav T Reply

    Wakanda Forevah!
    no wai~

  71. i am ilham Reply

    That mat sabu im kinda don’t like him. He also has too many scandal.

    • ila kaizen Reply

      i am ilham so do najib…even worse

  72. Leong Stan Reply

    We proud as we are Malaysian, we can do it and made a miracle, and hope so other country can make it also

  73. Jamie B Reply

    Please protect the magical, incredible rainforests of Malaysian Borneo and the beautiful Orangutan! And we can hope for a better Malaysia

    • Malik Kamal Reply

      Jamie B yeah, we shall never repeat your people mistake by destroying your environment, then try to teach us what to do

  74. OneLove Reply

    Mahathir’s a Legend

  75. B3astman Reply

    Congratulations Malaysia 👏🏽

  76. theoddfellas Reply

    It aint uncharted territory. Same coin different side. Most of those in the current government also involved in the previous government as well. Najib accepted his fate and most of people in his party are already looking to jump ship, some already does towards the victors.

  77. Orange Shampoo Reply

    well it did and mark the day our country rule by a malay version of trump

  78. I'm Jason Reply

    *Since Mahathir Has Become The 7th Prime Minister! I Will Share The Forgotten Lyrics That Are Used During Mahathir Era!*


  79. Farhana Nasry Reply

    Congrats to Malaysian ! We all free now

  80. de0509 Reply

    Throw Najib down the well
    So my country can be free
    You must grab him by his money
    Then we have a big party

  81. Muhammad Hafifi Reply

    Mat Sabu Minister Military. So Hot. 😂😂😂

    • Joshua张志鸿 Reply

      Muhammad Hafifi

      He talk
      He shout
      Most inmportantly
      he cooked grenade

  82. Teech Reply

    Let’s make Malaysia great again? 😂😂😂

  83. Vive Malasia Reply

    Congratulations to all Malaysians , ” politicians, people are watching you,don’t try to foolish them”

  84. shahid Ashraf Reply

    Mahatir Mohammad is great person and clean character love from pakistan❤


    Malaysia and israel created by U.K ,
    Malaysia Mix country , Malaysia district of china and india

  86. iTelephone 8 Reply

    The urban Chinese and Indian opposition were consistent. They gave greater majorties to many opposition candidates and their reasons by now should be clear. This time, the urban Malays chipped in. They could not be proud and they were angry. They disliked the antics of Umno gangsters who showed their hands especially the time of threatening to run amok thru’ Petaling Street which was Chinese. They could not accept it that Malays were running crazy thru’ Bukit Bintang , the central business district, on a day which infamously embarassed them in front of the world. The urban Malays were ashamed and their opposition came on election day.

  87. Lammergeier Reply

    We will lead a better Asean !!!

  88. mohamad saad Reply

    dah menang ni harap lepas ni banteras lah dadah habis2an…penagih kasi hukum 15tahun dlm penjara..pengedar semua hukum gantung sampai mati..rosak anak bangsa dadah punya angkara..polis2 yg payung gengster2 dadah ni kasi hukuman gantung sampai mati..bersihkan malaysia dari penjenayah dan dadah..

  89. Lam Par Reply

    Malaysia make new Guiness Book world record of having the oldest PM in office through people power.

    • Johnny Teoh Reply

      Bow Lampar and for peaceful revolution

    • Lam Par Reply

      Yes, peaceful and bloodless revolution. First independence (1957) from colonialism, second independence(2018) from decades of kleptocracy.

  90. Joshua张志鸿 Reply

    Selamat tinggal , Selamat Tinggal Najib dan Rosmah.

  91. Mokl Hml Reply


  92. Leo TMZ36 Reply

    The true legendary politician in Malaysia vs Malaysian crooks … 😆😆😆

  93. Espada Nirvo Reply

    This PM is gonna be oust by BN-PAS for his lies in manifesto.False hope and threaten the majority Malay Muslim rights thats only credit that i would give him. As you can see this is one term goverment in the making.Pakatan Kencing.

  94. Afiq Ishaq Reply

    After a year… PH still cannot deliver their promises..
    That particular day is my dumbest day

  95. Suhaimi Mie Reply

    Ape yg trjdi skg… 🤣

  96. meor shahmer Reply

    Hi I’m from the future. Just to telling you guys this pH gov are not competent. Our economy are going backwards.

    • Afiq Ishaq Reply

      Hi im from future too….
      How’s covid treating us? Hehehe

  97. Azrul Nordin Reply

    they win because they give fake promises ……lie manifesto

  98. Mark2018 M Reply

    now what happen he resign and cause political turmoil a leopard cant change its spots back to 1 again … terima kasi

  99. Ahmad Khalil Reply

    Oh boy looked what they have done hahahaha

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