NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 3rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Tropical Storm Isaias heads toward the Carolinas, growing concern over coronavirus spread in rural areas, and newly-released bodycam videos show first moments of George Floyd’s fatal arrest.

Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

00:00 Intro
01:38 Tropical Storm Isaias Targets 110 Million+ On East Coast
04:30 Dr. Birx Warns Covid-19 ‘Extraordinarily Widespread’
05:24 New Outbreaks As More Student Return To school
05:55 Large Summer Parties Amid Pandenic Spark Outrage
06:44 Trump Calls Dr. Birx ‘Pathetic’ After Her Dire Warning
08:01 White House & Dems Standoff Over Coronavirus Relief
08:47 Judge Breaks Silence About Deadly Ambush On Her Family
11:02 Newly-Revealed Body Cam Of George Floyd’s Deadly Arrest
13:00 Officials: Massve Wildfire Caused By Vehicle Malfuntion
13:48 Mission To Save Lives In Covid-Ravaged Navajo Nation
17:09 Millios Struggling After Unemployment Benefits Expire

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 3rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

101 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 3rd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Jamie Sanders Reply

    What the heck? That lady with 2 kids living at her sisters place gets 1k a weekly and still needs to go to a food bank? That doesn’t sound right. That’s a lot of money. What is she doing with all that money? Horrible!

  2. Channy Reply

    That last story was creepy. No way my 7 year old is going be friends with a strange old man.

  3. xeon22 Reply

    trump is pathetic! Biden isn’t all that great of a choice, but he’s mature, responsible and non-facist, in other words: 100 times more presidential than trump!

  4. 13th Exit Reply

    Remember Lawrence E. King Jr. and his perverted affiliation with Boys Town? No? I didn’t think so. Better just concentrate on voting in corrupt politicians, strapping a diaper to your ugly faces, and waving good bye forever to the Constitution. 🐑😷😱😵

  5. Adam Heredia Reply

    America and by default Americans in general is a racist country. An over abundance of objective evidence serves as testimony to that fact.

  6. BigWasabi Reply

    Video is active committed global terrorism activity and mass murder propaganda and involvement using fabrication to promote mass deadly engaged US global terrorism activity

  7. Phuoc Duong Reply

    Even Dr. Birx see Trump as a narcissist, Trump doesn’t listen to science and listen to his own ego.

    • Barb B. Reply

      Yes science…. like wash your hands. Such AWESOME science. Wear a mask and eye goggles…. SCIENCE. Boy I should have been SCIENTIST 😋😁

  8. Mi Bey Reply

    So the U.S. government soiled the water source? AND is over-regulating the reservations into annihilation…sounds about whyte…I mean right.

  9. Pat Geren Reply

    George Floyd acted like someone high on mind altering drugs !!! He could have cooperated with the police and lived . He chose to ack like a maniac (view all the tape) . Police was concerned for their own safety . Officers should be set Free !!!

  10. Mel Mel Reply

    How about all the people you have judge the innocent and the guilty. Sorry for ur loss

  11. jacob madar Reply

    God bless that judge. To tell her attackers she will not give in to fear.

  12. Jason Alex Adams Reply

    break up the parties, enforce that.

  13. lcso81 Reply

    The Tribe gets free money and then complains ? LOL…typical..

  14. J. F. I. Reply

    R.I.P. Channon Christian and Chris Newsom 🙏
    2007 “Kidnap, Torture, and Murder Victims from Knoxville, Tennessee”

  15. J. F. I. Reply


  16. J. F. I. Reply

    “To Open Up or Not ???”…That is the question. 🤔

  17. J. F. I. Reply

    Why would someone “in this day and age” choose to live in “such barren land,” when in our “free country” we have the “freedom” to choose to live in “much safer people-friendly places ???” 🤔

  18. J. F. I. Reply

    🇺🇸⚖️🇺🇸 George Floyd 🇺🇸⚖️🇺🇸

  19. happy man Reply

    Fake news very fake news

  20. Aisha with an Eye Reply

    The way that officer is holding his gun tells the whole story. If you shoot like a “gangsta” like that, you’ll break your wrist.

  21. Caspian Blue Reply

    I hope Judges are beefing up their security!!

  22. Gotthatgoin4me Reply

    Good news folks… All this ” news ” are just lies, false info, psy- ops, and propaganda. God is real and in charge despite what these demons would have you believe.

  23. Stormrider Reply

    Comply or die. Cops inflates ego requires nothing less.

  24. J. F. I. Reply

    Struggling Family Story: “There’s always SNAP and TANF.” 🦉

  25. J. F. I. Reply

    Last Story: Stranger Danger ??? 🦉

  26. S. White Reply

    The video showed George Floyd as an annoying con man bullshitting the cops, gotta hate that kinda guy.

  27. J. F. I. Reply

    R.I.P. Young Daniel 🙏
    “A Real Hero”

  28. Lucky Baldwin Reply

    Neil Young is suing trump for using his songs at trump rallies in Tulsa and at Mt. Rushmore, without a license to do so.
    Young’s lawsuit states: “The Campaign does not now have, and did not at the time of the Tulsa rally, have a license or Plaintiff’s permission to play the two Songs [‘Rockin’ in the Free World’ and ‘Devil’s Sidewalk’] at any public political event.” Young is seeking “statutory damages in the maximum amount allowed for willful copyright infringement.”

  29. J. F. I. Reply

    🇺🇸 JOE BIDEN, OF COURSE !!!🇺🇸

  30. jamsheela kakkadan Reply

    (Al-Maeda) 5 : 67

    *Oh you Messenger! You convey whatever has been sent down to you from your Lord, and if you didn’t do so, you didn’t have convey His Message, and Lord Allah is enough to protect you from mankind, indeed, Lord Allah doesn’t guide the disbelieving people.*

    All the 313 Messengers from Nooh to Muhammad is given one Message which is Adhikr. It is the Letter from the Lord to the entire mankind. Messenger Muhammad conveyed It to the people of his period as much as he could, as well as his companions. But after 30 years of his departure, Islam was deteriorated and 999 out of 1000 Arabic Quran reading Fujjars became true disbelievers as explained in verses 4: 150-151. They didn’t try to learn or teach people Adhikr. Instead by the influence of Jews and Christians, they started to promote the books written by the 29 pseudo-prophets and hypocritical leaders as explained in verses 2: 78-79 and 3: 78. So these disbelievers can never understand Adhikr and they will be never guided.

    The odd believer holdfasts the Lord by holding fast Adhikr—the Unbreakable Rope—and conveys It to the entire worlds for forming harmony of mankind as well as extending the life of universe. He always tries to spread the Light of Lord –Adhikr- where as the disbelievers always try to extinguish It. See the explanation 2: 99; 3: 108 and 5: 48.

    *From Adhikr-the Best Interpretation of Lord’s Book*


  31. Keatochukwu Wesley Reply


  32. Ron Hollow Reply

    19:25 “It’s gone so much further than I thought it would.” LMAO!

  33. Susan Zimmer Reply

    Every day I am thankful that I don’t live in the USA!!!!

  34. kdoo Reply

    Navajo Nation is beautiful, we need to help them!!!!

  35. jacob gates Reply

    This has to be the most hardest episode to watch. We America need to stand United or else our name the United States America title means nothing or else UNITED WE FALL. Have to much laws nd others have to much power to even listen or see what is really happening to Americans. Senators nd Congress have the say so over things that should be easy to pass nd help Americans but yet they put off help to Americans lik we can wait while families, career ppl , blue collar tax paying citizens go HOMELESS. TAKE YOUR EGOS OFF ND WORK TOGETHER FASTER BECAUSE YOUR SLOW ACTIONS ARE HURTING EVERYONE WHO WORKS TO LIVE.

  36. E P Reply

    Trump is just the worst person on the planet with the most consequential job on the planet. Thank you so much republicans.

  37. Ankit Raj Mathur Reply

    I wonder if trump actually cares about these heartbreaking stories 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  38. Mpotatoes16 Reply

    The real American’s are the natives American. They should of been the first to have running water and housing on tax free land first!!!

  39. Bandit Rider Reply

    For a free, no strings insight into COVID 19, follow Dr John Campbell on youtube. Where he has been evaluating COVID 19 since late January. And posting new videos, several times a day, everyday.

  40. Gabrielle Chilton Reply

    Fight fight fight. That’s all these politicians do. Sick of all of them!

  41. AbsentWithoutLeaving Reply

    Seriously? You’re showing bodycam video, with audio (!), from the George Floyd arrest, and you run your mouth over the audio for almost the entire video? Why do you have to tell us what he said, why don’t you just BE QUIET and let us HEAR what he said!!!

  42. Elisa Santiago Hobbs Reply

    Those who keep going to crowded parties during this pandemic should be refused medical care once sick

  43. Staradia Reply

    I am pretty sure as a housekeeper at the Marriott she was not making $600 a week anyway. Going back to $400 a week aka $10 an hour doesn’t seem that horrible. Why we cant just pay according to wages with a cap to it before COVID happened astonishes me.

  44. jay gwilym Reply

    Stir more blm crap. NBC is the worst

  45. Nathan McKay Reply

    “Widespread” What else is new? What’s the big deal?

  46. Mitsukai Sakura Reply

    When is Mr. Trump not on attack on someone else he disagrees with or hates?

  47. Septembers Whisper Reply

    MSNBC producer calls network a “cancer, that strokes racial division” Well, at least she is honest about that. https://sonsoflibertymedia.com/msnbc-producer-quits-pens-letter-calling-network-a-cancer-that-stokes-racial-division/?utm_source=OneSource&utm_medium=Push Funny though, they try to blame Trump for all the things they do. https://www.theepochtimes.com/msnbc-producer-resigns-says-cable-news-is-cancer-that-risks-our-democracy_3449503.html same story different source.

  48. Rogelio Gonzalez Reply

    @2:16 “…we’ll call it in a little early and get ready to play cards and games in our rooms. OH, and try to guess which one of us infected the rest of us from our “stupidity session” on the beach today”.

  49. Azzagard Reply

    Free Assange and jail Biden.

  50. John Gallagher Reply

    Call it what it is Lester !! Trump’s “more optimistic prediction” is a full&$’in lie !!! At least Nancy Pelosi is brave enough to call it “misinformation” !!!!

  51. Jesuslover52 Reply

    About CORONAvirus, I have 3 things for people that should listen to. Casting Crowns song Great Are you Lord – “It’s Your BREATH in our LUNGS
    So we pour out our praise We pour out our praise It’s Your BREATH in our LUNGS So we pour out our praise to You only Great are You, Lord” Secondly, Jesus Christ DIED from SUFFOCATION on the cross, just like people are dying from coronavirus. Also, again and again I will mention Monster Energy’s logo in hebrew means 66.., and they advertise unleash the beast 66.. And they are located in CORONA, California. CORONAvirus. Give it all to Jesus Christ for he is the savior of the world. Disney, Taco Bell, and Coca-Cola also promote the 66.. in their logos. The world is falling apart, and who will you follow? Jesus is the only way to your answers. Keep denying Jesus, and lose it all. Also, everytime you promote opposite of Jesus Christ things in ANYTHING such as he.., demon, dragons, devil, diablo, fallen angel, lucifer; you are denying Jesus Christ!

  52. matt thomas Reply

    what have the crooks in the congress and senate done for the american people today…oh nothing thats nice.

  53. Bun Lee Reply

    It’s been a crazy year.

  54. Dawn Roper Reply

    Now it’s Dr. Birx’s turn. SMH.

  55. Jessica Channing Reply

    So we are still going to shame party goers, while praising rioters… wow

  56. Jessica Channing Reply

    I doubt joe Biden even knows how to use Twitter.

  57. Annie 666 Reply

    I honestly probably been in contact wit covid already he don’t want no problems …

  58. Nia Long Reply

    I’m so happy that we’re living in the last days because I’m tired of this sin sick hateful world. I’m ready for the Rapture 🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😍

  59. Canadian Listener Reply

    How could any nation or any state in one of the richest countries in the world full of billionaires possibly have a First Nations community without running water in 2020? That question goes for Canada too!

  60. Marc Shultz Reply

    How many vacations does Congress take God.

  61. Robby Parker Reply

    My Family, & I have been denyed Justice. It would Bless Your Future. A Spirit Warrior’s Salute To You!!! We Are Destined For HOLY GREATNESS!!! HEAVEN IS HOLY HOLY GLORIOUS!!!

  62. Xenopuff72 B Reply

    That poor judge. My heart goes out to her and her family. 🙁

  63. Xenopuff72 B Reply

    OMG, and George Floyd…may he RIP

  64. curt brown Reply

    NBC is fake news.

  65. Xenopuff72 B Reply

    You know what really gets to me, is that I know that most governments are corrupt, but the US is the only one that is both corrupt and sinister. Sinister, because they put forward a mask of being good and perfect and love criticizing other governments, but beneath the mask, they are just the same as every other corrupt government, The difference with other corrupt governments is that they do not try to hide or pretend to be something they are not.I think the US’s deception to the rest of the world is the lowest that any country can fall to.

  66. Sean Fogale Reply

    The way that girl’s mom said it went a lot farther than I thought …. you know what she’s thinking. Yeah kind of creepy

  67. Space Catboy Reply

    didnt trump say we could inject bleach and shine sunlight in our bodies to cure corona?

  68. Space Catboy Reply

    i would like to know, was the $20 bill actually a fake?

  69. Space Catboy Reply

    navajo? Maybe dont live in the middle of no where,

  70. M Tyler Reply

    She was making a thousand dollars a week?!?! 🤬🤬🤬 maybe she should’ve saved some of that money. Staying with fam so no rent, guaranteed to be on food stamps with 3 kids… 🤬🤬🤬 this is where my tax dollars go?!

  71. SRpuffs 76 Reply

    Your a joke man

  72. Diana M Cook Reply

    I don’t believe those test are accurate ,I think most of the test’s are bogus just to make people do as they are ordered, and those in the hospital are murdered just for the money Hospital’s get per person.

  73. Diana M Cook Reply

    Mean time not one mask at the funeral of the democrats rep ,not one in sight.

  74. Lana P. Reply

    What’s that old Indian guy doing with hula hoops?

  75. Doc Tom Reply

    Trump caused the Hurricane. And, if you look further, Floyd was probably in process of dying from a fentanyl overdose while sitting in his car?
    You do not get this info from MSM do you? Lied to again?

  76. koko nana Reply

    My heart terribly bleeds hearing the judge’s story. Deepest condolences.

  77. Kaoru Reply

    George Floyd should have already been in jail

  78. Ezekiel Jordan Reply

    Biden please shut up bruh! you old and senile

  79. blackscazrs Scarzs Reply

    She’s very evil and set to decide lives she’s been evil u can hear the lack of passion she’s been functioning out of when she speaks it’s Ike. Nothing about her is female but her look

  80. Rich Greene Reply

    Only in America the land of stupidity

  81. Rich Greene Reply

    Must be amazing having a stable genius for a leader ,Canada.

  82. Robert Madden Reply

    That cop kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, trying to put him in that cop car after he said he’s claustrophobic (when a claustrophobic person put in a tight place, bound, he will panic bc he feels like he’s going to die. I know bc I’m claustrophobic), should go to prison, no matter how much he pleads. There was NO REASON to even cuff him. It’s outrageous they get away with it over and over and over.

  83. V. Sealy Reply

    Thanks TRUMP/CHINA

  84. D. Davis Reply

    So sorry for the judge😪

  85. D. Davis Reply

    Bury the cop on Floyd’s neck.

  86. Ryan Johnson Reply

    Your closed caption guy sucks.

  87. Fade Master James Lee Reply

    When the number of tests quadrupled of course the number of positive tests rises. It’s not “rocket surgery”!
    Notice how they never point out that the number of negative tests have also increased??

  88. Art Rose Reply


  89. Judy Polly Reply


  90. bruce coil Reply

    Let’s send in 10 Apache helicopters to burn them down in Portland

  91. bruce coil Reply

    Or a couple of small tactical nukes

  92. bruce coil Reply


  93. bruce coil Reply

    I’m pretty sure if we dropped a couple of tactical nukes …the rioters we stay home!

  94. K C Reply

    Nice edit on the Floyd video.. left out all the critical parts

  95. Ordy Horizon rivière du nord Reply

    🦋💚 🦋

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