NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 5th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Chicago Public Schools to be remote this fall, U.S. citizen among the dead in Beirut explosion, and Tropical Storm Isaias leaves millions without power.

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00:00 Intro
01:27 Chicago To Begin School Year With Online-Only Learning
02:59 Florida Tops 500,000 Coronavirus Cases
03:15 Georgia Second- Grader Tests Positive, Class Quarantined
03:29 Trump Pushes School To Reopen, Says Virus ‘Going Away’
03:46 New York City Considers Some In-Person Teaching For Fall
04:54 Desperate Search For Survivors After Beirut Explosion
07:38 Biden Will Not Travel To DNC To Accept Nomination
07:54 Trump: ‘I’ll Probably’ Give RNC Speech From White House
08:26 Trump Campaign Sues To Stop Nevada Mail-In Voting Law
09:02 Trump Praises Mail-In Voting In Florida And Arizona
09:20 Post Master General Meets Coronavirus Relief Negotiators
09:45 Facebook Removes Trump Post For ‘Covid Misinformatoin’
10:02 New York City Imposes Quarantine Checkpoints
10:29 Millions Without Power After Tropical Storm Strikes
12:27 Grocery Prices Surge As American Families Struggle
14:31 Health Officials Leave Jobs Under Pressure And Threats
16:58 Robots Give High-Tech Help To Essential Workers

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 5th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

102 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 5th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Renae Gholston Reply

    Gloves, Coats,Boots, And Masks
    Raincoats etc

  2. Kris Fisher Reply

    Is Baron and the Kushner kids going back to school? Oh wait, they’d never darken the doorway of a PUBLIC school. Hope they all get covid

  3. Casey Comisky Reply

    I can’t believe they got the < sign flipped on NYC positivity rate.

  4. mary johnson Reply

    How about you put your kid in public school let him in with the other kids playing Russian roulette with their lives

  5. Demie Cazaux Reply

    Rumps winning. Hes created a disastrous Disaster that will ruin us for years. Isnt he just brilliant.

  6. Demie Cazaux Reply

    See rump run.

  7. John Smith Reply

    KIDS MATTER MOST. Old people and the unhealthy should die anyway, according to evolutionists.

  8. VernZuoNotZou Reply

    The police mistaken an airsoft gun for a real gun???

  9. Max Garble Reply

    Lester, I really like you. However, there are nights at the end of your show when I endure four minutes of commercials only for you to finish your broadcast with a promotion to watch the Kids Edition instead of a final, closing, poignant story of some sorts. Do something like they do on the weekend with, “and now for some good news.” Finish strong Lester.

  10. Richie Tattersall Reply

    SCREW YOU Donald Trump, the PRIVATE school your youngest son attends, IS NOT OPENING!!! They are going virtual. Force THEM to open, or shut-up, pick one.

  11. Graffiti2411 Reply

    The Lebanese government was attacked by a real missile no fireworks can create a missile
    explosion that was an attack

  12. Debbie bea Reply

    Close are school

  13. Ernest Brawley Reply

    I think it’s too early for the kids to go back with all this virus going on

  14. John Holeman Reply

    2 Chronicles 7 14 King James Version If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves,
    and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive
    their sin, and will heal their land. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

  15. Phil Sergent Reply

    In the news, I’m seeing More and more Robots! They’re hailing the new “Labor Force”. Think about it, with the End of Covid-19 so ends the massive number of the Unemployed’s opportunities to find a job. Universal Basic Income (UBI) will be the major way to prevent widespread systematic actions of Revolt!!!

  16. Mathis Armant Reply

    J’essaie d’améliorer ma compréhension en anglais… j’espère ne pas être tout seul 😅
    I try to up my english compréhension… I hope, i’am not alone 😅 (there is maybe mistakes 😂)

  17. DF WORKS Reply

    YOUR NEXT NBC….watch

  18. rick james Reply

    The lady in purple is stupid.beleave me .no dam kids should go to school.

  19. Screen Apple Reply

    What’s going over there? some believe there’s was bomb over there. Nasty fight with arm’s dealer and trigger massive explosion. We wanted to say it was accident. the authority say it’s no accident.

  20. Kim Byrd Reply


  21. Ng Bertik Reply

    70% of the convid19 death in US are Democrats.

  22. Luko The Reaper Reply

    lol new york being able to control the virus bruh they all have herd immunity

  23. Aaron S Reply

    I like how NBC yells at its viewers…..haha

    • Aaron S Reply

      Thats the crisis.

  24. Atomchrist The Series Reply

    I “Atomchrist The Series” have no rights to/take no credit for this video. This is just a re-upload. Please Help Support Atomchrist The Series By Posting This Link https://youtu.be/3KOE-TlZxZo On Any & All Social Media/ Video-Sharing Platforms. Thank You.

  25. Wok Gees Reply

    What happens to Students Who dont Internet access?

  26. Vinne Kiki Reply

    Today’s 8/7/20. It’s 5:30 am. I with my son Shangbin Wu and my brother Wotang Huang
    and Wolin Huang still leave in the Hotel Western.335 Leavenworth st SF CA
    94012 USA right now!
    CNN etc Reporters Union Red China Reporters with Junxian Zhang with Luo Jinmei killers etc. follow me leave my Hotel Western too! Now Xi Mingze with Junxian Zhang with Luo Jinmei killers with CNN etc. Reporters and Red China Reporters together Crazy to Catch my son Shangbin Wu to Hospital to force Cut his good Body Parts to die in the HOSPITAL GENENRAL SF CA USA
    For make Hate Crime in America right now!
    Now I see a old woman of CNN Reporters go up stare to my Son Shangbin Wu ‘s room .

  27. copper color Naga Reply

    Stil theire? I can see it. Clearly mini nuke. Hawah see all.

  28. Tony N Reply

    NBC/CBS and CNN all fake news

  29. Angie2343 Reply

    Love the story on robots helping out! =D Lest is the BEST!

  30. Mathias Frias Reply

    Were all gonna die. Pray to your fictional gods.

  31. Vinne Kiki Reply

    Now I look at some killers come in the Hotel Western and go to up stare that my son Shangbin Wu ‘ s room right now! Help ! Emergency security time with my son Shangbin Wu got Catch or got Shot to die by CNN etc. Reporters union Red China Reporters in the Hotel Western SF CA USA right now!
    Thank you!
    God Bless us!
    Thank God!

  32. Justyna Mariola Nowakowska Reply

    Tych kłamstw nawet nie chce się słuchać odnośnie koronoświrusa nie mówiąc co wygadujecie o wybuchu w Bejrucie dziecko by w to nie uwierzyło .They used a depleted uranium bomb .

  33. Remy Remy Reply

    I am a mother with a special needs non verbal autistic son. Mothers like myself have to make the choice to 1. Quit our jobs because our children can’t just be popped on a computer to learn alone. 2. Force special needs kids that absolutely learn nothing from a zoom class because they’re learning and attention deficit won’t allow. Or 3. Send them back to school so they have skilled professionals face to face so that their learning is worth while. It’s a VERY hard choice! Harder than imaginable! People MUST take into consideration the special needs children. And no one is.

  34. Glaze gaming Reply

    Didn’t humans came from africa? So why are we fighting our ancestors?

  35. Robert lemire Evangelist Reply

    There is a such thing as putting negative air machines in the classrooms was everybody be in so cheap I thought we loved our kids

  36. Vinne Kiki Reply

    Bad news : My son Shangbin Wu getting Shot to die when he fall asleep in his room of the Hotel Western SF CA USA by Xi Mingze with Junxian Zhang with Luo Jinmei killers with CNN etc. Reporters union Red China Reporters Terrists Organization in the Hotel Western.335 Leavenworth st SF CA USA in the morning about 7 am!
    God Bless us!
    God Stay with us !
    Thank God!

  37. Kimberly Corbin Reply

    Put a match to all mail in Ballots,,, @burnemup

  38. Melissa L Reply

    And we think the media is always truthful. Nope!!
    They used pictures from Suffolk va tornados and showed them as happening in New York.

  39. tonyrevo Reply

    There are no good solutions until there is a vaccine. You are rolling the dice with your children’s lives. Learn from the home, period!

  40. Donald Wirtz Reply

    why did I watch this trash? and trump is a freaking joke.

  41. John Jauregui Reply

    Did you know our atmosphere is 99.96% CARBON FREE? Crazy huh? How would we know? Well, Al Gore told us in his award winning “Inconvenience Truth” documentary. He said carbon dioxide constitutes around 400 PPM in our atmosphere, which is true! What he left out was the other side of the coin, that is the part of our atmosphere which is NOT carbon dioxide. So 999, 600 PPM is NOT carbon dioxide, mostly nitrogen and oxygen with a touch (1%) of trace gases just like CO2. Yes, CO2 is an infinitesimal trace gas. 999,600 PPM is 99.96% of our atmosphere all of which is NOT CO2, or CARBON FREE! Why is that not good enough for [DS] secret societies, including the MSM?

  42. Lynn Ann Reply

    With the high cost of food there is some things you can do to help your family and that is doing gardening even if you have a small home you can always do container gardening. Canning is another way to help especially now when you go down the canned aisle foods and see nothing on the shelf! Shop at Aldi’s and Save A Lot instead of the bigger stores they are just as good as the bigger stores too just much more cheaper! The Dollar Tree store is another good place to shop!

  43. ______________________ Reply

    What about human trafficking epidemic? No coverage…

  44. rose morales Reply

    As far as children attending school, wearong a mask for 20 minutes can make a person dizzy. How will this affect the brain of that child wearing a mask 6 hours.

  45. silentstellarechos Reply

    Wait why would you create a remote control system to operate a robotic arm to manipulate an electronic panel? Why not just directly control the ventilators program with the remote commands?

  46. DP Slappa Reply

    Electric storm!!!

  47. DeDeem Chryst Reply

    why open schools not know whether this is long term or not, because if people can’t work now what can school and college graduates accomplish after graduation when there no employment

  48. sharon nagle Reply

    I just found out bob newhart died on the 3rd. Not one news show covered it that I watch every night. RIP bob. I loved you- and still watch your shows.

  49. Bright Star Reply

    Hate Schumer, hate MSNBC… .the drama channel… everything is scary and starts with dramatic music… hate them and im a Dem

  50. Isaac Kappy777 Reply

    How you going to leave so much basically Dynamite sodium nitrate on a port when you know it’s it’s like a bomb sounds kind of fishy

  51. Jasper Tedder Reply

    Trump doesn’t really care about the life that had been loss.

  52. Ryanavery Ash Reply

    Seeing the videos of normal, real ppl living their lives as the explosion took place its absolutely heart wrenching.

  53. Gellybean Riley Reply

    Mr Trump You Have Caused Many Adults to Die, Able to Keep Top Scientists From REporting How Bad It Is. But You Have No Right To tell Parents If Or If Not Sending their KIds To School Where They could Get Infected & Take It Home* Your Not Qualified Sir*

  54. Gellybean Riley Reply

    States won’t allow parents to open their businesses but you are ordering kids to go & go where 100’s of other kids are?????? Pretty Mixed messages* Mr Trump you know that kids can’t get infected? Again Your Not qualified to make that call*

  55. Trina Leneir Reply

    Trump is bias to certain states.
    That’s the same as being bias towards people.

  56. Exquisite Eva Grywalsky Reply

    His Republican/Democrat division.😡 Why is anyone still supporting him😳? Do people really want us divided like this?😰

  57. Elizabeth Downey Reply

    Please be saved today…Jesus is about to rapture us true Christians home…the Bible prophesies are coming true before our eyes.
    1 Corinthians 15:1 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 15:2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 15:3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 15:4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:

    Please believe in Jesus today before it’s too late. I want everyone to go to heaven with me.

  58. Keri Schrader Reply

    Trump is an absolute joke. He’s such a baby about the election because he knows he likely won’t win and his ego can’t take that so he sues the post office.. LIKE?!?! he’s more immature than my toddler.

  59. Richard M'kenzie Reply

    Jail term for miscreant leader and population of active origin of races nation . How could that happen ?.

  60. Jon Snow Reply

    Trump is a false king! Kick him of out White House. We will rename it black house !

  61. Richard Mortellaro Reply

    I want to know how the bride is and the priest . Very unfortunate accident. Gods speed to all of you in your time of grief.

  62. Michael D Reply

    Lester the lying snake.
    All smoke and mirrors. Highly produced fake news.

  63. Saffron-Scotch & Universal Oneness Reply

    Parents in favor of their children returning to school are the ones in favor being tired of their children. If you’ve spent anytime in public schools you’d know, very little of what happens there is scholastic. Until every professional is back to work, full time, these children should be protected rather than used as a pandemic guinea pig and putting our loved ones at risk.

    On the issue of the spiking prices of meat, this might be a good opportunity to understand that you do not need to eat animals to be healthy. 🤷‍♂️

  64. velshock Reply

    If you want to send your kids to school in a deadly pandemic…maybe parenthood was a bad idea.

  65. Patrick Fox Reply

    Could I get a stimulates

  66. Alice Harper Reply

    I trust no one

  67. Steven Gilliam Reply

    To the mother that is willing to risk the life of their child over the facts slapping us in the face with both science and medicine both saying your gambling your child’s life in what is realistically one of the few avoidable high risk close quarter places where infection and spread is not a “if” it has been a constant of a virus with serious possible health complications and a very real threat of loss of life. I say this shame on you and those of a like mind. Children are not pawns this is not chess and we live only once. If a child has a will and want to learn and better themselves they will accomplish that goal with or without a classroom. And to be straightforward, is school to a current modern day child, a institution of learning or a social platform. Bored, today learning at home is possibly alive tomorrow or a few more down the road when we as a whole get a handle on this sickness. Then let the children of America’s future either go to a classroom to learn or be social butterflies. Because I’m sorry that’s the truth of the matter anymore about a classroom

  68. kieran 8 Reply

    I’m from the uk and only watch sky news so wanted to watch this it was the most funny thing ever they make everything so dramatic 🤣

  69. R. B.L. Reply

    Failure 1, ignore the problem, “this virus will just go away, we have only eleven cases, and you will see soon it will be nearly zero”
    Failure 2, no National strategy for addressing the pandemic, “since it was going to hit democratic states hardest, and we can always blame those state governors”
    Failure 3, suppress the science and statistics, issue contradictory statements.
    Failure 4, reopen too soon while cases were increasing.
    Failure 5, attempts to usurp the covid-19 data by taking reporting away from the CDC.
    Failure 6, sending kids to crowded schools while Covid cases remain high in regions, guaranteeing the spread of the disease, as it matters not if children are harmed by the virus, (some are) the effect will be wide ranging spread of the disease to adults by those children.

  70. KicknAssnPlacinBlame Reply

    NBC employees should be imprisoned (or worse) for sedition.
    Their strategy for any debate to is become vigorously obtuse.
    They lie constantly, without batting an eye.

  71. Mtrotts !!!!!!!! Reply

    All politics!!!!! And special agenda

  72. rey quinones Reply

    Mail voting is not safe anywhere, how come people can’t see that is beyond me, because mail fraud happens so many times on a daily basis, matter fact this happens so much that is not even talk about because it will prove Trump is right, is like a person wants someone else to believe that they have won sweepstakes and types it up and decorates it to make it look real tells the victim that they have to send 50 dollars in fees to be able to get the rewards, but its all a lie the victim gets taken for 50 dollars and no one to blame or catch because is all fake, now if this is so easy to do what do you stupid people out there think they can and will do with the votes, they can make up 100 more false ID’s send them up in that duplicated government envelope and there it is, bingo!!! I just explained two forms of fraud one that its done on a regular basis and the other that is waiting to happen, see the news on NBC will not put it to you like this, because they want you to think this can’t be done, so now that I have shown you all unless they edited this out and you may say that if bush the father took that presidency from his opponent that time, so imagine now this despread socialist have shown their capabilities by committing crimes to get Mr.Trump in the past, now as they plan and try to spoil it if Trump wins, this socialist will make such a biggest mess so that they would have recount but only if the votes are so many on Trump’s side that there is no way they can say the president cheated

  73. william doviak Reply

    Trump had open America doors wide open for the Russians to come in as long as they help him win

  74. Felix Santana Reply

    Hygiene how to extra cleaning !use bakon soda!

    • Felix Santana Reply

      President must knowledge!

    • Felix Santana Reply


  75. Granny Payne Reply

    They shouldn’t have robbed a Russian cargo ship then that fertilizer wouldn’t have been there. KARMA

  76. Granny Payne Reply

    Why would an honest, well loved, productive President fear voters voting by mail or anywhere else ?

  77. life sentence sux so does playz Reply

    Wouldn’t surprise me that the U.S. detonated it so it wouldn’t fall into the wrong hands

  78. Dion Garris Reply

    Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious over anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication along with thanksgiving, let your petitions be made known to God. Everyone who reads this please PRAY TO JEHOVAH through His Son Christ Jesus for this current diseased and injustice filled system to end!! It’s time for LOVE, PEACE, and PARADISE!!! Luke 21:28 But as these things start to occur, stand up straight and lift up your heads, because your deliverance is getting near.”

  79. MKMUSIC BDMusic Reply

    The woman with the three children; how would you deal with a death then? Some of these dumb comments….

  80. c.l bey Reply

    Its all about the global reset.. The Inquisition vs the Republic

  81. Jose Duran Reply

    Scholl must open and those teachers that do not want to teach , should be canned.

  82. Jose Duran Reply

    The teachers unions are biased and politically motivated by their hate of the Trump administration. The science supports opening the schools. Children are the mostly unaffected by the virus.

  83. Jose Duran Reply

    The politicians here in Lebanon are the responsible party here, the bureaucrats are just the sacrificial lambs, the all guys.

  84. Jose Duran Reply

    Fake news. This channel is despicable.

  85. danny matte Reply

    Thank your president

  86. Jose Duran Reply

    The postal service is a behemoth that is very unwieldy and inefficient. Corruption and mediocrity are hallmarks of unions and the postal service is not different.

  87. William Bell Reply

    That queen reporter is so irritating. Why does he have to sound so campy?

  88. Dan Frazier Reply

    Dems hate USA

  89. Monte Taylor Reply

    Your nightly dose of propaganda

  90. Richard Brown Reply

    New York did a terrible job of controlling coronavirus

  91. Jessa Morsicato Reply

    Why the rush to reopen schools? Is it maybe cause we spend millions on going to school and the Karen’s are desperately wanting to be home alone again ? 🤔

  92. Benson Alvin Reply

    The explosion in Beirut was a horrible accident, Lebanon was not attacked as claimed by the wartime president of the United States, Donald Trump.

  93. Colleen Payton Colleen Payton Reply

    Hey Pelosi…..🐃💩🐩

  94. Irene Kuenning Reply

    How about letters to murdered officers or our men and women fighting for our country?.

  95. Adonis Sesson Reply

    We all gonna die folks. Pray 🙏

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