NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 10th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Trump pulled from White House briefing after shooting near White House, large gatherings raise alarm as U.S. surpasses 5 million coronavirus cases, and some Florida schools reopen for in-person learning.

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00:00 Intro
01:26 Trump Pulled From Briefing After Shooting Near White House
02:25 Trump’s Covid Relief Orders Spark Confusion & Controversy
06:25 Florida Schools Begin Reopening For In-Person Learning
07:07 Covid Cases In Children Spike 90 Percent In Four Weeks
07:54 Florida Teachers Right Own Mock Obituary In Protest
08:27 Powerful Storms Slam Midwest, Hurricane Force Winds
08:56 Biden Closes In On Vice Presidential Candidate Pick
10:41 Chicago Looting, Over 100 Arrests And 13 Officers Injured
11:24 Violence On the Rise Several U.S. Cities This Summer
12:41 Inside Wuhan Lab At Center Of Coronavirus Controversy
14:51 Baltimore Explosion Destroys Homes, Kills At Least One
15:19 How To Help Kids Cope With New School Year Anxiety
17:58 New Tests Reveals Which Masks Work The Best

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 10th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

102 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – August 10th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. ben Labio Reply

    To biden: choose a trans black woman…i think that would stop all inequality issues 😝

    • Clare Poirier Reply

      As always the goal posts move away

  2. Wide Island Reply

    Meanwhile while the shining city shines on, the sane places in the world deal effectively with this horror. Japan = 1000 dead; 2.8% unemployment (down from 3%); national health so no crazy bills or bankruptcy; testing & tracing is vigorous; no mass evictions; MASKS worn by even right-wingers & all officials; schools open safely since June; a society educated in basic science so it believes in science not QAnon and the Demented Con. Yes, Toto, there are safer and better and saner non-Trumpshenko places in this large world. Get rid of the Confed Nut or prepare for an isolated and zombieland like USA for at least 4 more years.

    • Barb B. Reply

      SCIENCE, fetus is the scientific term for offspring/baby, Democrats, we believe in science, a fetus is not a baby. Biden 2020, because, you know, science

  3. Ly Yang Reply

    Funny is that they didn’t report what the Democrats stands for on this non-negotiation deal? Hypocrites!

  4. Patricia Egan Reply

    Lester, you always say to take care of each other, and ones self. What about you? Are you taking care of each other and you?!

  5. Stannis Targaryen Reply

    These Politicians don’t care about unemployment it’s not affecting them their still getting payed…They would prefer to spend weeks nitpicking each other in tweets rather then get something done for the people out of work….Government is a joke at this point!

  6. Max It Up with Marta Reply

    People are sadly so ignorant. Mask it or casket. It’s time to hunker down.

  7. Tung Huynh Reply

    Mail in Ballot, but it is safe to send our kids to school.

  8. 199331939 Reply

    Mandatory anything is unconstitutional if you wanna talk about that subject

  9. R Cote Reply

    and a new study is showing this virus may have an adverse affect on their brains isn’t one of your concerns? Excuse me if i get a second opinion.

  10. Salvador G. Jimenez Reply

    Howcome the children of America acquiring Covid-19 when King Trump said that American children are or were immune to Covid-19? Who told the lies, Trump or Utube?

  11. Jacob Sockness Reply

    FAKE NEWS don’t comply and host parties. Reopen and collapse the FAKE government.

    • Clare Poirier Reply


  12. Scottishroad35 Pinoy Reply

    Kayleigh McEnany “Can’t pinpoint the timeline, but we will be working around the clock” y’all ain’t working, instead you guys are bickering and pointing fingers at each other. You shut down everything and expect the American people to pick up where they left off!? This is ALL YOUR FAULT!

  13. A Hampton88 Reply

    Do what you need to do to give money to the people, but don’t touch OUR social security

  14. Jan Van Reply

    Only watched the first minute of trailers, what’s to come in the broadcast. Suddenly decided I am just not up to another night of disasters. All bad news from every direction. We need some good news. But seems none is on the horizon. Not just yet anyway. I am hopeful that someday…

  15. Michael Scott Reply


  16. Zimin Zhou Reply

    Covid 19 was firstly reported publicly in Wuhan, which does not mean it originated from Wuhan. I think scientists will give us the answer.

  17. Kevin Reply

    President in his latest Covid press conference says deaths from Covid is less than 1 percent. President also said covid isn’t contagious….. There is also a vaccine according to Fauchi in a scientific journal research study called Hydroxy chloroquine…… Fauchi called it a miracle cure and vaccine… The vaccine is used in Europe, military organizations, China etc. The main stream media is lying about it. These economic chaos is due to democratic stupidity and pizza gate and child trafficking.

  18. vinny periodt Reply

    Me in asia: oh no america is DYING

  19. Zimin Zhou Reply

    Wear mask and stay away from crowds will help from virus.

  20. Aiden James Withers Reply

    Basically the Less we can breathe the Better with all the layers.. might as well dig my hole cause I be dying of suffocation.

  21. G MinK Reply

    The virus is probably of Russian origin. Putin unveils a vaccine and it goes away miraculously, just as promised by Dear Leader.

  22. Bryce Erickson Reply

    How bout all NEWS taking a month off.

  23. Youta Swans Reply

    Asians started wearing masks in February, Europeans in March, and now many Americans are still learning how to do it…..

  24. GSpotter63 Reply

    The organization that goes be the name “BLM” is a self professed Marxist group with a stated agenda of overthrowing the US. They are simply using the emotional response to the name “Black Live Mater” to fool people into fighting for their cause…. They chose the name “BLM” “Black Lives Matter” because it could so easily be conflated with the meaning of the words black lives matter and millions are falling for this simple deception…. Black lives do indeed matter, in fact *ALL LIVES MATTER* but the organization “BLM'” has nothing to do with any lives mattering at all. It is all about a power grab for political reasons and nothing more. I sympathize with those that have been fooled by this deceptive tactic but it is false just the same.

    TTM The Truth Matters.

  25. Mint Ranch Reply

    welcome to the hunger games

  26. Bobby Brown Reply

    Everyone knew this would happen including your President who son by the way is not in school because they refuse to open back up

  27. Fancy Kitty 09 Reply

    China scientists created this virus.

  28. Tvmans Watch himself Reply

    Word of advice stop having kids

  29. Roger Edwards jr Reply

    It doesn’t matter where covid came from now, just get busy on finding a cure, the one world government has openly stated that they want the world population downsized

  30. Tiashe Varuhaito Reply

    they go all out killing peoples…..

  31. Kos Linch Reply



  32. Jesusa Garde Reply

    If I am the president, I will mandate all the people to wear mask. Fine those who will not follow. We all have rights. This is a health risk issue that affects everyone. Test all workers who will go to work. All children will do home schooling. Continue with social distancing and hand washing and most importantly is to PRAY to God for mercy.

  33. Cody White Reply

    Trump 2020 from West Texas.. people in this comment section would do good with a leader like Jim Jones!

  34. StarDreamMemories Reply

    How about the woman I work with?
    She tested positive 16 days ago…working in the kitchen preparing food for elementary school kids. And she refuses to wear a mask!!
    But she’s going to wear one in Church and she wears it in the parking lot! Hisssssssss

  35. Amy Amy Reply

    Cocaine cookies, please.

  36. Jenn Christian Reply

    Masks well it was lies. Especially the masks lol do people actually believe that bull. N95 mask is the only mask that would work. Sincerely, health care worker in the field.

  37. Pamela Jackson Reply

    I wish the shooter well wishes, it is what it is…better luck next time.

  38. harrypothead Reply


  39. Eltheria Reply

    All those people going to the parties I have ZERO sympathy for and will feel less than zero when they get the disease from going to those parties. The parents who are sending their kids to schools are gambling with their kids lives. There is no way possible to keep all those kids separated, keeping their hands washed all the time. The kids are the ones I feel so sad about with their parents playing russian roulette with their lives.

  40. Phil Ryan Reply

    When will be wake up! No more contact…

  41. maria reyes Reply

    Thank you for wearing a mask. What a classy person.

  42. Amadd Reply

    The best mask test IMO is to fart in your pants. If you can smell it then the virus is getting in and out.

  43. China Dave upland Reply

    Now that they had time to clean the lab and they say not here more cap lies

  44. Mema Richardson Reply

    What are people supposed to do if their jobless and hungry tell me mr. President tell me governors tell me officials are we supposed to sit and starve and watch your children starving cry I don’t think so thank God I’ma not a young mother anymore because I would be stealing killing robbing to feed my children so f*** President Trump and f*** what America thinks and stands for its full of s***

  45. staycz4ajz A Reply

    North Carolina lab set this free and our government worked to get them to take blame …. Population control

  46. Deedoc Reply

    Once some of these non-believing party cats contract the c-19 virus and are in quarantine or in the hospital on their Deathbed, they’ll become believers.

  47. Mark Cornelius Reply

    Trump 20/20 ;;; No Pervert Creepy Joe ;;;

  48. Justin Riley Reply


  49. Kim Sample Reply


  50. Deb Griffin-Wamser Reply

    How many people have to die before people get it?

  51. VNON KWINN Reply


  52. Space Catboy Reply

    football is stupid, criminals chasing a stupid ball, if you see one game youve seen them all

  53. Andre Wyche Reply

    Kids will have PTSD, due to the fact of the extended pressure on the parents.

  54. Holiday Prepper Reply

    Yes, between Covid and mob violence towards small businesses, there’s not much more small business can take. Why do mobs still target businesses when they should be on the front lawns and streets of their politicians? Old Mitch would be singing a different tune with a thousand people on his front lawn.

  55. Michael Roberts Reply

    it’s not worth the risk of our children

  56. apple tile Reply

    The shooter was Trump’s wife in an escape attempt from the White House

  57. Rachel Davis Reply

    How many kids who tested positive had bad effects?
    So Biden chooses a VP based on race and gender… is that racist and sexist?
    China did cover up their CCP virus…WHO follows Chinas lead.

  58. RainCry527 Reply

    You have such a big brain. Fascinating

  59. BRYANwithaT Reply

    The ONLY pandemic is ignorance

  60. Krystal Borgman Reply

    After watching all the news, theories, facts, and research, I think that nobody gonna ever know who truly was responsible for letting this horrible virus loose upon the world. I think I would almost put money on the table that its someone or group of people that would have the most to gain and of course already have been vaccinated with the. Antidote that they have hidden. What better way to stay out of the limelight than to put other people against each other. This is chess not checkers. If you can count your money your not a billionaire.

  61. Shantorey Wilkins Reply


  62. incarau Reply

    You NBC Received $3 Million from Bill Gates. So, you guys keep on pushing the use of masks, and inflating the numbers. Pres. Trump was right children have the best IMMUNE system. Putting masks on the Children will have a terrible consequences. We will have young children and teenagers will be mentally handicapped in nearly 4 yrs. for lacking of sufficient OXYGEN, to their delicate brains. My 6 grand children will be at Homescooling. Until Truth comes public. NOT USING MASKS.

  63. 2112Nightshift Reply

    So…the payroll tax will still be owed? So rather than a little coming out of your check each month, a massive bill will come due all at once? Yeah, that’s a great idea. *eye roll*

  64. Goldy Glocks Reply

    Sturgis “may be a super spreading event”??? Sturgis is a super spreading event. Send the bills to South Dakota

  65. Goldy Glocks Reply

    Chicago vilance is because of the protestors. They have an aggressive slogan – No change – no peace??? That is a vail threat and supports violence and disrespect to the well being and property of others. Honestly, I have had enough.

  66. Lizzy Mckague Reply

    Why dont you send people money that have worked threw the hard times!!!!
    Why keep paying people more money not working then people that work!!!! Its BS!!!!

  67. Revolved Silence Reply


  68. Action Vs Infectious Disease Reply

    12:31 Inside the Whuan Lab. Admit it that’s the part you really can’t wait to see. Conspiracy wackos of course say the NBC is the Illuminati or whatever.

  69. Janie K Carney Reply

    You may get through it with a dead child or parent. I don’t think that is acceptable.

  70. Stephen Mckay Reply

    Virus came from Trump

  71. jimi flory Reply

    Trying to discredit bandannas?! To gangster for you huh?

  72. Jacob Reply

    the number of sports puns fit into one story…wow



  74. Arnie Martin Reply

    It’s JUST a flu.

  75. Donald Beck Reply

    I’ve never believed China nor Trump, but I believe in America. Still haven’t totally given up on America.

  76. pasqual asila Reply

    Thumbs up if you were aware before reading this that Wuhan is / was that chemical manufacturing hub of all of China. Two thumbs up if you believe there may be a correlation between it origins and it’s unusual behavior as compared to other viruses,

  77. Steven Mccullough Reply

    Sturgis, “selfish and unfortunate”. Pretty difficult to explain to kids why they must wear a mask just to go to school, in order to protect grandma and grandpa, who are just now returning from the exposures of an unnecessary motorcycle rally. Sure, it’s great, iconic, epic and all that . . . But is all good, Harleys look great — especially in a funeral procession.

  78. Randy Morgan Reply

    We seen that covid-19 and cruise ships didn’t work out to well.. How do they think putting lots of children together in school rooms are going to work out??? Has America lost all Common sense?? We are acting like third world country Without in any leadership!!!!!!.God help the stupid.

  79. Josh Wah Reply

    5.22 Best shot in a report ever!!! Go drone guy!

  80. Floretta McCarther Reply

    Was it just me or did anyone else notice while they were covering the report about the people outside worshipping in Portland, Oregon (4:45), as security is taking hold of a white female, therers a white man who kicks her lower legs; these are they (instigators, hired infiltrators, ect) who are planted at these events to stir up strife and flame the story (take notice BLM).

  81. Singing Playlist Reply


  82. michael eckwood Reply

    Just lie to them th

  83. Benin Boy Reply

    Are you tired of this virus,Do you want to get rid of this virus now.I will introduce you to Dr oseigba mercy a man who cure me from herpes virus I fit all hope was lost because I was told herpes has no cure don’t be deceived like I was in time pass message this great Doctor now to be totally healed and cure from the virus .you can reach him through his gmail drharrymercy@gmail.com or whatsap +2348141659546

  84. Jinx Mim Reply

    The drama MSM sinks to is way below what the science calls for. Only idiots fail to realize that.

  85. Ergenta Reply

    We can believe it’s true because the CCP told us so 👍

  86. w oke Reply

    Nightly Bulldust Commentary.

  87. Billy Reply

    I totally agreed with quarantine at first but now I’m not too sure. I thought everyone should stay indoors but Sweden never went into lockdown at all & now the country has practically reached heard immunity. They had no deaths for nearly 150 days but the virus is still infecting people, its just not having such a bad effect as peoples immune systems are building antibodies and learning how to fight it. Plus, most of their deaths were elderly people in care homes who, naturally, have poorer immune systems as they’re older so i just don’t know anymore…

  88. Deborah Sigmin Reply

    Please if you love your children, don’t send them to their death by sending them back to school. Let’s wait it out until next year and see what happens. This is like loading a gun with one bullet and and aiming it to your head and see what happens. I would rather have my child at home alive than have to have attend his funeral. It’s going to take the people not the government to keep us safe. When I see all these America people in large group gatherings is when our state leaders need to take charge and take control if we are ever going to get back to normal. We need a complete shut down to keep losing lives from this virus. If you don’t care about yourself then care about all the hospital staff stressed out over this. Use your god given brain and stop the group gatherings. You’ve started a time bomb for yourself and it’s going to go off. Do what you can to get through this. I’m hopeful that it will get better but when it does I want my family here with me. That means you’ve got to do whatever it takes to stay safe. God bless you and God bless our countries that we will all get together to end this.

  89. Phương Dương Reply

    They staged the whole thing

  90. EthL Bolton Reply

    This is one of the reasons why the main stream media is called fake news. I saw the clip when the news reporter ask President Trump whether or not he was rattled his response was , “do I look rattled!”, yet on this news report she said that President Trump said, “of course”, which is a lie! You guys are complicit in feeding the American people lies but truth will always prevail

  91. God’s Spiritual Poet Reply

    Matthew 6:25- “For this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor for your body, as to what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?

    Proverbs 12:25- Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs it down, But a good word makes it glad.

    1 Peter 5:7- casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.

    Worries, anxieties and stress will keep your soul depressed

    Who is your slave master upon this earth?

    Is God your source or are your resources your gods?

  92. Patrick Humecky Reply

    How many kids have died from covid

  93. Bottlestopper Reply


  94. first documents Reply

    buy drivers license online..@t

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