NBC Nightly News Broadcast (FULL) – August 8th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

2020 8/12
NBC Nightly News Broadcast (FULL) - August 8th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

President Trump signs executive orders for coronavirus economic relief, massive Sturgis motorcycle rally taking place amid coronavirus concerns, and speculation swirls over Joe Biden’s vice presidential pick. Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (FULL) – August 8th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (100件)

  • Demonicus Reed says:

    Rip America

  • Grumpy Hobbit says:

    Thoughts and prayers for America!

  • LadyJustice LibertyNews says:

    TRUMP… Just ABOLISHED Medicare AND Social Security… What Will Happen To Those That Has Paid In, Those Currently Receiving MEDICARE And SOCIAL SECURITY…
    How About The DISABLED???

    ⚖✌🏼⚖ Keeping The Balances Of Justices Level ⚖✌🏼⚖

  • Fantastic Films says:

    NBC and Democrats only like presidents like Obama who hate Americans because America is mostly white.

  • Hammer Sandoval says:

    No mention of RuPaul’s for Biden V.P.,🧐

  • Hammer Sandoval says:

    Gee, boxing star doesn’t watch da news🧐

  • Jeffrey Stecher says:

    Good thing all the kids are immune as trump told us a week ago. Only 97,000+ confirmed cases in children. Great job once again by the entire trump administration.

  • Evan Atchums says:

    Wow that is amazing that only 150 died .. so glad it’s not higher that explosion was crazy

  • Bernard Koranteng says:

    All this is caused by ccp. And they want to hold others responsible for their actions.

  • Steven Stamper says:

    Congress blows

  • bal w says:

    Another $200/week may provide enough money to patronize small businesses trying to survive, or may help to pay for housing. Does the WH know that If people ONLY FIND PART-TIME WORK and are paid, the amount of unemployment insurance payment is reduced or eliminated? Why not demand the mortgage lenders provide mortgage forbearance for property owners to reduce the pressure on tenants to pay rent. Did that sound crazy?

  • Jimmy Joe bob says:

    Trumps an asshol getting rid of the payroll TAX….now he will win 2020

  • Wayne Travis says:

    You should have mentioned why he signed the executive orders

  • my2cents2u says:

    This is nothing more than a campaign ploy, and some are even speculating that the ‘tax break’ is but a first step in doing away with Soc Soc and Medicare. People in the know are doubting this exec order is even legal. PS – Please King Donald, stay out of New Jersey. We do not claim you, and you are not welcome here. #AnyoneButTrump2020 _pass it on!_

  • Rob Donaldson says:

    THANK YOU #TRUMP2020 🇺🇸 Signs Executive Orders For $400 Unemployment Insurance, 💰 Payroll Tax Holiday, 🎓 Student Loan Relief, and 😷 Eviction Moratorium. 👍🇺🇸 #working4America

  • velshock says:

    The bikers should all kiss each other on the mouths….heard thinned!

  • nanochase says:

    *Sturgis is going to be the largest depopulation of boomers since Vietnam, it’s mostly an excuse to get drunk*

  • Sarah McCoy says:

    People have lost their jobs because of COVID-19, the Trump virus.
    How will these people benefit from payroll tax deferment? They have no jobs, so they do not have payroll taxes.
    How will host who have jobs benefit from the deferment? They will have to pay the taxes later. Trump did not cut the taxes, he just deferred them until after the election. Then the tax bill will come in.
    Instead of the extension of $600 benefits that are in the House bill passed 12 weeks ago, Trump wants $400, with $100 being paid by states that already are reeling from coronavirus expenses.
    Even if Trump’s executive orders were legal, what Trump proposes really does not help the average American much.
    We need for the House stimulus bill to be ratified by the Senate and to be signed by Trump.
    The Republicans need to do something!

  • Linda Dickens says:

    “Too little; to late, not enough”! Just trying to show-off power, you do not have.(For political reasons only!) Stay in your own lane! You are only trying to give money; that belong to us anyway; (our tax dollars). Have several seats, Trump. You are on borrowed time!

  • Micah Davis says:

    Concerning the Sturgis rally:

    This may not be a popular view but as I see it there’s a whole bunch of motorcycles that is about to come on the market…

  • Tami Dean says:

    Is the Sound Gone for you?

  • cookie126 alex says:

    Okay but first we need Trump to not be the boss of us and We are the right to do stuff to Trump and his wife

  • D HAM says:

    As a correctional worker who had to work. Thru the pandemic a tax break would really help Im glad he is remembering the people who had to push thru without any help or childcare there are people who had hardships and no help !

  • Tyler Strong says:

    Man I live in little Sturgis in Mississippi and ours was cancelled.

  • Stefan Isaac says:

    We love china

  • atomicmozart says:

    Thank you Pres. Trump! 🇺🇸

  • Kirk Thomsen says:


  • Kirk Thomsen says:

    NBC it’s BS that you use one good story at the end of the show to get people to like and accept all of your BS that you put out

  • curtisshew says:

    If you can watch this with a straight face, without a hundred questions popping in your head, all I can tell you is that are much better sources for information. Really the best source would be just going to the scientific studies and reading them for yourself

  • DJ FRANK GEE says:


  • MMM-это не Мавроди says:

    US collapse

  • London London says:


  • Jay Pearson says:

    Please, please, SUSAN RICE for VP

  • Tony Smith says:

    If you want where you live to look like Portland or Seattle or Minneapolis or Chicago or NYC then vote democrat and they’ll be more than happy to bring that chaos to your front door!

  • tripjet999 says:

    Please read Mary Trump’s book about her pathetic Uncle Donnie.

  • Tony Callaby says:

    250 dead n there’s ready to lynch there president yet 🇺🇸still puts up with trumps ignorance and millions die 😡✌️

  • Musclehead says:

    Trump is corrupt and incompetent.

  • Debbie Darrah says:

    Gee I wonder who took care of our country before George Washington I guess they knew how to fo it without a President

  • Ric Di clemente says:

    Take all the Communists out of our Congress and Government ?

  • Erna Ólafsdóttir says:

    Bikers think they are bad mofo’s partying without masks? No, it’s the dumb America way. Only Americans, Brazilians and off course other leader less countries can’t handle the pandemic. If it can’t be shot, you can’t deal with this virus.

  • mia marzipan says:

    Trump 😲😭🤬😂😐

  • Ay! Caramba Bamba says:

    Stupid, hypocritical, fake news. What about the thousands of marchers that you never condemned happening to this day? You notice the little ant in the living room and completley ignore the elephants in the same room? My gosh…what a vagrant ignorance of the truth spurred by Trump loathing that borders on psychosis.

  • C B says:

    The Democrats have cost the unemployed $1800 in unemployment payments in
    only 3 weeks. Republicans offered a two-week extension during negotiations – $1200. Pelosi walks away. Now they’ve cost you a stimulus
    check, – $1200.00 or more, already agreed to by Republicans who stated,
    “Let’s pay Americans now, and we will work out details later.”
    Democrats refused THIS PROPOSAL last week, – $600 in unemployment benefits. Trump signed an executive order to aid Americans without
    Democrat help, yesterday.

  • Larry Hudson says:

    Kenisha Mayweather, God bless and hold you safe, our Father will bring you what your family needs, my heart and prayers are freely given, we are one, the family of and everlasting, all powerful, and loving Father who has paths and lessons we need. Just know you are loved and not abandoned, and yes, I’ve felt your pain personally, in fact as well as now, I can and do relate. Be well, be sure, be confident, your father has your back!

  • Lis_345 eBay says:

    Power of the sharpie.

  • Nation Today says:

    Thanks Kelly O. For not choosing to wear a mask……super cautious.

  • Bobby Collins says:

    It’s unbelievable that people are still allowing this trump/pence administration to be in power! This abhorrently rapacious 45th Admin and its Congressional, Senate and Judicial minions are putting things in place to gravely reconstitute the U.S. of A. RIGHT UNDER YOUR NOSES! This intentional debacle of the covid-19 guidelines knowing that it is an unknown and deadly disease, by holding trump rallies, withholding finds to ‘Blue States’, forcing kids to return to school when they are the biggest spreader of diseases, weakening the stimulus package etc. has still not riled up people enough to protest them out of office NOW NOT NOVEMBER! People across the world are PROTESTING to remove their people in power who are destroying lives! PROTESTS against Lukashenko!! PROTESTS against the Lebanese gov!! PROTESTS against Bozonaro!! PROTESTS against Putin!! PROTESTS against Netenyahoo!! PROTESTS against Beijing!! PROTESTS against several African countries whose ”leaders” are corrupt and a detriment! PROTEST NOW! These crimes against humanity can not continue! This national threat, that is 45th potus and its Admin and its Congressional, Senate and Judicial minions, needs to be removed NOW NOT NOVEMBER!

  • Catcher Freeman says:

    Isn’t it so interesting how the liberal media stations like CNN and MSNBC find that Covid19 mask only matter when people are gathered together for Trump but George Floyd and defund the police rallies the media just throws that narrative right out the window.

  • Newlie says:

    He does not understand he does not have power of the purse!! Only the Congress.

  • Allen Yeong says:

    Why are students confirmed with coronavirus infections, does it mean the clown is trying to deceive Americans?

  • Anthony moreno says:

    the same Steve Patterson of the Vegas shooting?

  • Anthony moreno says:


  • Veronica Fulton says:

    Do good and it will come back

  • C B says:

    Oh Mr Trump!!!
    Yes,”” this is the Mone they need to give them sense to go back to work again””” AMEN.
    God-damned , I love you Mr President. You got my vote 💯 .
    You hit my spot by the answer you give to those fake news losers.
    I got your back. Hopefully, you get to win four more years to come. God bless you 🙏😇

  • Tina Windham says:

    Plant trees for shade and improve air…it boosts spirits too! Brings nature back!

  • Daisy Sanderson says:

    Super cool :))

  • zoreze says:

    Jeez the chick in red is on fire tonight! Aye yay yay……

  • duke says:

    Bidens finished

  • Ben Phillips says:

    Corona virus hahaha all about control JESUS is coming AMEN

  • KOD: Kunle On Demand says:

    19:03 watch THIS story first. It’s incredible. You’re welcome.

  • warrior Dog says:

    11.05…….it’s funny how Anti-Abortions people started protesting when it was offered to Minorities….White woman have been getting Abortions till this day but nobody said a thing…..the reason why they don’t minorities to get Abortions is because they want to keep all minorities poor….

  • MODERNPIR8 says:

    People should have been saving their extra unemployement dollars not only for taxes on that income but for the proverbial rainy day. All those bigscreen tvs wont look the same in the back of a car. Just saying.

  • Raquel F. says:

    ” you gotta do it..there’s no reason not to” . The stupidity is unreal. Here is a about ending up on a ventilator, dying. How about you get someone else sick. Selfish people.

  • Kyle Ott says:

    Was there any coronavirus precautions during protest? Its just another strain of the flu in my opinion! Either way, its here and might as well get used to it! Cant leave a mask on your face all your life!

  • Zachary Chee says:

    Biden is funny for that “you”😂

  • Lorriane Tacey says:

    Ms. Kaplan is crazy

  • T00L1993 says:

    fear trash

  • Splitzee Playz says:


    • Splitzee Playz says:

      Subscribe NOW

  • Grovesie35 says:

    Here ya go, let me just bypass Congress to enact this socialist bill… Don’t trust that guy, he likes socialists…

    If you don’t understand that, think about it for a sec please.

    We sound silly folks. Lets drop the isms’ and the vs. and just do whats right.

    Just in case your still behind.

    Capitalism is great, look at what it has brought us. Caring for others (the idea behind socialism in a nutshell) is great. We all agree, we all do both all the time. Lets drop the isms’ and get on with it.. and be happier.

  • Lixiaa78 says:

    Pregnant wacko, he’s crazy but you decided to get pregnant by him again. Smart move.

  • patrick jensen says:

    The us should help lebonon couldn’t image looking at a city your supposed to run and seeing that new York has to be good at it after 911

  • Omollo Geoffrey says:

    Слышал есть отличный софт EnotGlobal по накрутке ПФ может кто-то тут имеет опыт использования?



  • Elijas Mihalić says:

    … but someone wise said that virus will go away by itself until Easter…

  • westlifexrated says:

    Ms Harvey is dark skinned and shouldn’t wear orange wigs.

  • Debra Galvin says:

    His memoranda and executive order did nothing but create more chaos.

  • DeAire Jeffries says:

    The Four horseman of the Apocalypse are riding only one left is the pale horse death I’m here for a reason

  • Eyes Only says:

    Congress control spending but he can legally do this because he’s talking about using the money they haven’t used from the last stimulus package and Congress already voted that to be used for stimulus and they talk about how Trump lowers it from 6 to 4 hundred
    But the $600 one ran out the Democrats did not want to extend the $600 one Trump we started it at 4 and which is it that Trump not have the right to spend money or should he be spending more

  • Lola White says:

    what kind of Country do we have now ? The people know the evil is not their making and want to work but the force invisible to everyone like a weapon in a time of war is getting everyone down and not letting the people live without fear Shame on the Ones at the top who are making all this evil spread on mankind .

  • QMAN 1 says:

    If all the kids in class test positive why send them home to quarantine? Today are actually have symptoms? Why is it that the left makes children suffer so much?

  • Hana Bekele says:

    They need to back their work like others people. Low income or front line worker they continue work exposing for covid 19 them self at the same time they are paying taxes other stay home safe and they get free money. It is not right

  • Love Shopping says:

    Why can’t they just have online classes.

  • Lutchie Halina says:

    If Im in USA I will stop my study at the moment..just to make sure safety..In my country, the Pres. one will go back to education and modular implemented

  • Cole Parkhurst says:

    Can’t wait for President trump to win by a landslide again! You clowns keep doing what you do best, it only helps the Republican Party! Keep aborting those babies at 9 months, keep burning businesses, keep burning churches, keep stopping economic growth to ruin trump, keep looting, defund all the police, and because of this trump will win! NY for trump

  • KL CHAI says:

    . Anglo-Saxons’ des-truc-tion of the world, human beings, human civilization, etc. is a great tra-ge-dy of human history. Their culture has created their bru-tal , gree-d y , of-fen-sive, In-va-sive behavior like the most vicious cancer cells in human body penetrating everywhere in the world, Britain, ARMerica, Australia, Canada, New Zealand etc. are their l o o t s , they are not the native there originally, their e x t r e m e acts of p l u n-d e-r i n g des-troy-ed the harmony of the world and humans which originally maintained an ecological balance in nature, they I n v a d e d more than half of the world, hundreds of millions of human beings have been k i l l e d by them during their ag-gre-ssive behavior, the cultural relics of countries lo-ot-ed and des-troy-ed are countless, the exhibits in the Great Britain Museum in London illustrate all this, but that is only the tip of the iceberg.
    Sadly, in the 21st century, this e x t r e m e l y u-gly human character is still prevailing and destroying the world and human being which represented and lead by the ARMerica government, it uses its powerful mi-li-ta-ry power, continue to obstruct the progress of the world and human civilization with extreme b r u t a l, s h a m e l e s s , most d I s g u s t I n g and greediest actions. It has become a major obstacle to human progress and peaceful coexistence. The Anglo-Saxons and today’s ARMerica government are useless except for op- pres-sing the world’s human right and civilization. The ARMerica government’s complete inability to deal with the current virus pandemic is an excellent proof that they are a paper tiger. They are so Incompetent, incapable in doing something good to human, they are shameless, good for nothing good except lying, rumors fabrication, demonize, blaming, pushing of responsibility to other nation or organization who is doing better than it , and all kinds of atrocities against humanity have reached the highest peak of humanity, and they are clamoring for freedom, democracy, and human rights, but the real fact is that their behavior which violation of human freedom, democracy, and human rights is the most intrusive in human history, their wanton killing of humans, extreme plundering and destruction of human civilization can no longer be repaired, and these behaviors are still continuing today. Who in the world can end this most inhumane behavior in human history? Stop it from continuing in harming the world and mankind? Yes, the rise of the great eastern civilized ancient nation will change all of this and the process and destiny of mankind, the west export only war, military power, weapon, mass slaughtering, day light killing and assassination, booming of other nation’s embassy, colonization, slave trade, demonization, fabricating of lies and rumors, creating of fake video, blaming, organizing and leading the illegal violent activities in other country, support the illegal group of people against their nation, spying, looting and destroying of other nations’ historical and culture relics etc. etc…… , in fact, there is no end in writing out the bad things the western country did, and just opposite, the eastern great nation does not do all these things against human survival and improvement, great eastern country’s government exports only technology, construction, pandemic essential materials etc. only, and some more, it is so keen in improving the human living standard as a whole so that it planned and launch a super major project which unprecedented in human history—one belt one road, it is why it is qualified to be the biggest hi-tech entrepreneur and capitalist in the world, it is so easy to differentiate good and bad with just a simple compare….. Chai from Malaysia

  • Tracey Minley says:

    If PresidentTrump signs the deferred payroll tax. Then congress will have to start a surplus tax on food restaurants, clothing, everyday living will be tax.SMH, their going to get their money back. SMH

  • 김한영 says:

    I can understand better than before by speed limit

  • Sharon Barker says:

    He trying to string stuff along til it’s time to vote

  • G jalloh says:

    Black Democrats be wise and remember what Malcom x told you about the leftists. Why can’t NBC talks about the negativity or social distancing that was not observed in those riots and looting? HYPOCRISY TV.

  • robert frederick says:

    Notre Dame’s president should be CENSURED & FIRED for his MORONIC BEHAVIOR with the campus DISREGARD OF SOCIAL DISTANCING. These quote/unquote leaders should not only KNOW BETTER but also DEMONSTRATE EXEMPLARY BEHAVIOR beyond any reproach. This schmuck(notre dame’s president) when called out for his INGENUOUS BEHAVIOR was quick to offer an expected apology. Many APOLOGIES rendered today are “essentially MEANINGLESS” & more a social expectation as not so doing would be regarded as extremely CRASS. A DISINGENUOUS APOLOGY is quite frankly WORTHLESS.

  • sylvia hanna says:

    The only consequences are that you all Ignorant!

  • sylvia hanna says:

    Positive test with no positive results and no symptoms how do you figure that? Liars

  • sylvia hanna says:

    That’s real funny 66 students test positive for Covid. Are you serious? 66?

  • Bobby K says:

    College kids are selfish, arrogant jerks. Most of the current spread is college age party goers.

  • Bobby K says:

    Now heat is racist? My GOD, cut the crap.

  • Erwin Lbj says:


  • jojo bizarre says:

    “Its tough” then “I was able to land Global HR director”

  • Kay Cce says:

    I predict a NEW AD, for the Trump 2020 campaign: “I’m 7 years old and don’t have parents anymore. Thanks Mr. Trump, they died from COVID 19 I gave them. Waahh! Go Biden. Republicans are STUPID”.