Former WTO chief: Frictions with China triggered by the US in a ‘stupid way’ | Street Signs Europe

2020 8/18
Former WTO chief: Frictions with China triggered by the US in a 'stupid way' | Street Signs Europe

Pascal Lamy, former director general of the World Trade Organization, says the notion that trade wars can be easily won is “now over.”



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  • Gerald Miller says:

    He forgot to mention a better way to reign in Chinese trade abuses. Without that his opinion is silly and naive

    • Travis Hartman says:

      @Paper Tiger well the GOP only whines. Maybe they are losers in denial.

    • ickisistheshitz says:

      @Gerald Miller I’m not Chinese and I don’t know. Please educate me.

      I do know that if you buy any American product assembled in China eg iPhones it contributes to the trade deficit.

    • toruk makto says:

      @Gerald Miller loser always calling other cheating, but never take a mirror to look his self cheating or not.

    • Keith Wan says:

      @ickisistheshitz The profits goes to America.

    • Eric C. says:

      Yes Gerald because you watched a few YouTube videos, it makes you more of an expert than a former WTO chief. As I said before, shut the fuck up.


    THIS FOOLISH, president of US has just began something that he is never ever going to END. CHINA is not, EU, JAPAN, INDIA, or those small countries in the middle east THAT YOU CAN SANCTION and get away with it. EVEN IRAN has refused to yield to PRESSURE, yet its no where near, CHINA in any aspect of strength. YOU ONLY CARD TO Play is to pretend someone had to start a WAR with CHINA to contain it. OTHER THAN THAT. YOU HAVE LOST MISERABLY AND HAVE ALREADY FIGURED IT OUT BY NOW.

    • Narf03 says:

      Lies !! it will end when the USA ends.

    • JC69 says:

      Gerald Miller It’s a two way street bird brain, China can and is trading with other countries, is not hard to choose between China or the evil empire, only the weak choose the evil empire out of fear.

    • Rc Ch says:

      @Pub Comrad It takes a thief to know a thief!

    • TN Kuek says:

      Pub Comrad That’s what you think, out of ignorance or jealousy. Who said it openly, that ‘we lie, we cheat and we steal ‘?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Craig Jensen says:

      Here a little history lesson, who has the might of Athens? USA or China?

  • k o says:

    Chief globalist.

    • Travis Hartman says:

      @k o Are you a Nationalist? You know they are Nazi’s right? Moron

    • Rc Ch says:

      @Pub Comrad When the US return the land to the Indians!

    • looes74 looes74 says:

      @Travis Hartman yip

    • looes74 looes74 says:

      @Pub Comrad till you are gutted

    • looes74 looes74 says:

      @Rc Ch Red Indians to be exist. Don’t make Yindia too happy

  • Cob 702 says:

    Stupid is, Stupid does, hahaha LoL

  • Gen Info says:

    This POTUS has made China great again, faster – uniting the 50mil Chinese diaspora with mainland China & awakened them to their proud heritage, the Chinese civilization. To many of us in the diaspora , the US is seen as starting & waging war on Chinese & their civilization. Hence , you see the patriotism & support for China like never before everywhere now. Thanks Trump for opening our eyes!

    • looes74 looes74 says:

      @yehoutube huh? You are chinaman? Hahahahaha

    • Gen Info says:

      @looes74 looes74 chinaman is a term used by the uneducated & crude American farmers who cldnt make it to high school. You are the rare find!

    • Lotus-eater says:

      There are countless instances of US stealing and robbing other nations, but just consider one case – the stealing of the Kingdom of Hawaii from its people. It’s inexcusable. It’s still in the possession of the thief.

    • Medi Roquai says:

      Warmongering USA invaded ,attacked  ,intervened in about 70 countries in the name of Democracy And Human Right.
      1840 -invasion of Fiji
      1841 -genocide on the island of Upolu (Drummond)
      1843 -invasion of China
      1846-1848 -war with Mexico
      1846 -aggression against the New Granada (Colombia)
      1849 -shelling of Indochina
      1852 -invasion of Argentina
      1853-1856 -invasion of China
      1853 -invasion of Argentina and Nicaragua
      1854 -the destruction of the Nicaraguan city of San Juan del Norte 1854 -an attempt to capture the Hawaiian Islands
      1855 -invasion and coup in Nicaragua 1855 -invasion of Fiji and Uruguay
      1856 -invasion of Panama
      1858 -intervention in Fiji, genocide 1858 -invasion of Uruguay
      1859 -attack on the Japanese fort of Taku
      1859 -invasion of Angola
      1860 -invasion of Panama
      1863 -punitive expedition to Shimonoseki (Japan)
      1864 -military expedition to Japan 1865 -invasion of Paraguay, genocide, 85% of the population destroyed
      1865 -intervention of Panama, coup d’état
      1866 -an attack on Mexico
      1866 -punitive expedition to China
      1867 -attack on the Midway Islands 1868 -repeated invasion of Japan
      1868 -invasion of Uruguay and Colombia
      1874 -the entry of troops into China and Hawaii
      1876 -invasion of Mexico
      1878 -attack on Samoa
      1882 -the entry of troops into Egypt 1888 -an attack on Korea
      1889 -punitive expedition to Hawaii 1890 -the introduction of troops in Haiti 1890 -the introduction of troops into Argentina
      1891 -intervention in Chile
      1891 -punitive expedition to Haiti
      1893 -the introduction of troops into Hawaii, the invasion of China
      1894 -intervention in Nicaragua 1894-1896 -invasion of Korea 1894-1895 -the war in China
      1895 -invasion of Panama
      1896 -the invasion of Nicaragua
      1898 -the capture of the Philippines, genocide (600,000 Filipinos)
      1898 -invasion of the port of San Juan del Sur (Nicaragua)
      1898 -the capture of the Hawaiian Islands
      1899-1901 -war with the Philippines 1899 -invasion of the Nicaraguan port of Bluefields
      And these are FROM 19th – 20th century ALONE….. CONTINUE

    • Yours Truly says:

      I thought the argument was about trade; how does that contribute to the trade war?

      Don’t get me wrong, democracy is good for the world, but, seeing how donald trump (the person) is doing everything to help Putin in his quest to restore the Soviet Union, I think the people of Hong Kong would be better off expressing gratitude to the United States of America, instead of donald trump- the person. He has zero empathy for human suffering.

      Don’t take my word for it; get the facts from various different sources online, or any trusted news organizations and you will see that, the House and Senate of the United States had to force trump to sign the Hong Kong bill.

  • Eric M17 says:

    He is not stupid 😟 He is very very very STUPID !!!!😄😅😄😄😄

  • Gen Info says:

    He should quietly gather the DNA of the leadership in Asean countries if he wanna find out why he still cant stir these countries against China despite their territorial disputes. He would be shocked. Even the Philippines Prez, Duterte, has Han Chinese Blood.

    • Pub Comrad says:

      @May Lee A regime that brainwashes its own people as a policy doesn’t deserve to exist.

    • Pub Comrad says:

      @yehoutube Cheating and stealing blood?

    • yehoutube says:

      @Pub Comrad no need, you r the fly.

    • looes74 looes74 says:

      why then so does Marcos clan too? hahahahaha

    • Gen Info says:

      @looes74 looes74 So is the Aquino Clan whose ancestors were from Fujian , Southern China. The Malay Malacca Sultanate has Han Blood & can be traced to Admiral Cheng Ho the great Chinese Muslim naval explorer.

  • Anthony Batista says:

    The World has spend unnecessary time, money and energy fighting a ghost US has created. All that money, time, energy could have been put to better use if only the US & UK was not so ignorant, arrogant and selfish.

    • Moy Moy TAN says:

      Rightly so.

    • Paper Cat says:

      who is ghost?

    • May Lee says:

      @Paper Cat Everyone, anyone including communities or country that have different color, culture or system from US.

    • yehoutube says:

      @Paper Cat USA

    • Craig Jensen says:

      The USA produces 7 types of spacecraft, anti-gravity spacecraft that is part of the secret space program. If you call working with aliens from other places or they will not let go of Earth, because they have been around longer than us- earthlings. Yes , that is evil, spending Trillions on the secret space program. Mind you, not caring about the people of the USA. But we are the people who created the space force. We had the Nazis to help with anti-gravity spacecraft, the Germans flow over the White House in the early 50′ s. We the people of USA, have created and perfected anti-gravity technology. We currently occupy 3 basss on the moon and Mars and Ceres and many other places in th ed solar system and beyond. So what were you saying about the USA?

  • Pub Comrad says:

    China🇨🇳has been cheating and stealing for a long time. It wants to keep cheating and stealing all the way to the top.

    • Pub Comrad says:

      @Kay y. Hong Even with the chearing and stealing, China is no super power. It’s still a shithole country, with rude low IQ people, and a thuggist government.

    • Looi Sun says:

      China steal but they don’t kill ok ask the US how many they have killed innocent peoples around the world

    • Yoga Wan says:

      @Pub Comrad yeah, like u guys stealing from Native American right?

    • Kay y. Hong says:

      @Pub Comrad — really? Your couny does not seem to agree with you. America has “concerns” about everything China does. Why the paranoia??? Every time China FARTS, America trembles and piss in its pants. Why SO MUCH FEAR of a shithole country???? Low IQ??? What alternative universe do you live???????

    • May Lee says:

      They are already top in cheating since WW2. For past 20 yrs they starting drumming into their citizen minds about the WW3 with fictitious story of how evil the enemy is so to get support frm its ppl. Yeah..go to die in battlefield for ur 1% of elites. Rich getting richer, poor getting poorer.


    The US don’t give a crap about international law when it suits them so why should the world give a crap about the US or trust them to do the right thing!

    • Kay y. Hong says:

      It is true America don’t give a crap about democracy, freedom, free speech, human rights and all the other so called “American values.” The irrefutable EVIDENCE is the situation in Saudi Arabia — America’s Most Valued and Best Friend in the Middle East! We are no fools.

    • Gen Info says:

      @Kay y. Hong America appears to care only if their so called values can be used as weapons against the country they wanna destroy or in which they wanna a regime change of their choice.

    • Kay y. Hong says:

      @Gen Info — you’re so right! And so sad!

    • Craig Jensen says:

      You shouldn’t , remember the Greeks, well they said ” We have the might of Athens, no one’s rules Athens” When you have the dominant military force, who’s to overrule? Except the usurper.

    • Kris Kris says:


  • Asep Rohmandarjuara says:

    WTO harus berperan aktif dalam penyelesaian Trade War China vs AS. Agar keberadaan WTO berikan solusi atasi masalah ekonomi global dan resesi yang terjadi.

    • May Lee says:

      US can still trade in deficit by printing money? Dont u get it? U see any country stopping them including WTO? All they can do is talk for years and u still ask WTO to help? Global debt cause by US alone is ? Tht means by printing money to tràde when they have none and ppl around the world accept US dollar will make ur money devalue coz the income frm ur sales on USD is worthless. But this things go on and on circulating in financial system coz nobody dares US to reevaluated his money accordingly. Now all this money in global circulating with lost value. All those countries that did not print fake money loss the worst coz its not their fault. This is laymen term for describing the situation.

  • TB Seow says:

    Pascal Lamy as Director General of WTO knows the truth. He would not propagate for others. Bottom line is : Winners of the last WW set up WTO for their own interests but know now they cannot control it for their benefit.

  • Kay y. Hong says:

    America is a shadow of its former self due to the Rise of China and the Rest of the World! Things will get much worse for the U.S. when China becomes self sufficient in technology and the Petro- Dollar is replaced with a basket of other currencies. This will happen sooner rather than later due to Trump’s aggressive abuse of tariffs and sanctions and bullying.

    • Ann cc says:

      No doubt, The west is pretty much bullying other races / civilization on earth, instigate wars under the false democracy of the west. Middle east South American now Asia, interfere in Hong kong, US &UK the most assault & destruction of world peace, created instability in the south China Sea. What a whole bunch of white supremacy loosers.

    • Craig Jensen says:

      And when the world is attacked by an alien force, you will all look to the USA Military to protect the planet, so shut the F up! We have the power of Athens!

    • Kor Wai Chong says:

      @Craig Jensen judging from your comments, you are just as dump as the trump ! omg !

    • Darwin Magsino says:

      @Craig Jensen hahaha who wants usa help🙄😏 f.y.i we did not ask usa to help other countries for the sake of war🙄😏america wanted in spotlight on a glabal stage they want to show the world they are powerful and saviour in the world but the truth is ameica is the root of chaos in this world..ask middle east ok

  • Wen Ling says:

    As a Chinese patriot nearly stayed in USA for 10 years, I love Trump from the day he got elected, which turns out to be right.
    We love him because of similar reasons as we love George W. Bush: stupidity, arrogance (for Trump, for his narcissism as well)
    Hopefully, he will have another 4 years in office. Thank God

    • David Chin says:

      True, with USA under Trump for another four more years, China will rise faster and higher.

    • zzlee79 says:

      @Wen Ling everyone is only after their own interest. There is no right or wrong. There is only can or not.

    • Craig Jensen says:

      Look up TR-3b triangle spacecraft- the USA produces 7 types of such craft, according to credible sources. We have technology that’s 1000 years in advance, don’t ever estimate the USA!!!

    • Van Wallace says:

      @Craig Jensen better to not reveal this secret other countries are not permitted to be exposed to those videos, they might not know how to react.

    • BluesCreation09 says:

      Craig Jensen
      Since you have let the cat out of the bag, would you be kind enough to provide your “credible sources” to back it up. I am a huge fan of US tech. Cheers bud.

  • Peter Cabauatan says:

    What can US offer to China to make the negotiations succeed? Better return to status quo. No tariff increased.

  • B K Lau says:

    US will always bash
    – No. 2 country, which used to be USSR; and
    – China which it looks down upon;
    with America White Supremacy.

    • Justin Truedoosey says:

      B K Lau: now they got the moronese army in Hong Kong demonize China.

    • mcheong1 says:

      You forgot Japan. They crash the Japanese economy with the plaza accord. If anybody knew history. This is Plaza accord 2.0.

  • Anthony Liang says:

    united states of hypocrisy the world’s greatest bully.

  • silversurfergw says:

    Trump +deep state= exploding merd.

  • Yoga Wan says:

    He speak the truth. US is able to trade in Deficit or print the $ as much as US want.

    It’s petrodollar that make US economy afloat, without it US should already collapse.

    The big problem is, US Weaponized the dollar. US attack it’s Allies or Enemies. With sanctions or with Meddling in another countries.

    IF Petrodollar collapse one day, it’s because it’s US fault. US shoot itself on foots, can’t maintance “good terms” with both Allies or Enemies.

  • Albert Moore says:

    Pascal Lamy, former director general of the World Trade Organization, shows himself to be naïve ignorant and stupid. The United States should carefully consider withdrawing from WTO.

  • Bb says:

    U.S. Trump is I me mine me me me all about me that’s all that matters now Russia is rising quietly quickly slithering on the side while all eyes are looking at China h.k

  • Van Wallace says:

    Does this idiot know why US don’t care about trade war with China, 1 China is stealing technology from U.S. China making fake products and putting it all over the world. These are not only American companies, Europe and asian companies also. The communist party can do what ever they want, now the U.S. has Trump he will reveal everything including the treasonous characters China has in the U.S. more and more products are being ship to the U.S. from Vietnam Philippines Malaysia, Korea, Japan. Europe. South America. No one like to deal with a thief.
    Trump is us president because Americans was sick and tired of the corrupt politicians. These treasonous characters are heading to prison

    • Van Wallace says:

      @Rc Ch yes I would love that considering I’m part native. But unfortunately it’s not that simple.

    • May Lee says:

      @Van Wallace Yeah..US can do dirty shit and say its 100yrs ago..does tht justify? Give the lives back to millions of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan coz it happens 20 yrs ago.

    • Van Wallace says:

      @May Lee you are correct, those that were governing America back then are in prison and about to be in prison thanks to Trump. Bush senior was executed for war crimes over 70,000 indictment these are criminals that ran America and selling uranium to Russia and selling technology , economics and military secrets to China. Trump is doing something about these crimes that’s been going on for years ,can you speak for your government crimes ? Probably not


    • Bill Kent says:

      In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the rogue nation was the United States. The official endorsing thievery was Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. And the main victim was Britain.
      How times have changed.
      Now, the United States accuses China of the very sort of illicit practices that helped America leapfrog European rivals two centuries ago and emerge as an industrial giant.
      The message we are sending to China today is, Do as I say, not as I did,′ ” said Peter Andreas, professor at Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs. “The fact of the matter is that the U.S. was the world’s hotbed of intellectual property theft.”

    • Tommy Borsky says:

      phony con artist, just you go out there on the rallies and listen same BS time and time again same old BS

  • Me YE says:

    Funny liberal media and its followers are all standing with China. Yes we support, and will continue to, support the president to fight the totalitarian Chinese regime. Yes the US will stand tall to China’s ambition to dominate the world. And you Chinese communists will lose, just like the former soviet union.

  • Me YE says:

    And funny all liberal channels are swarmed with anti-USA Chinese IDs. Communists love liberals.

  • shaiki says:

    When their ability to bully other nations is diminished, America call this a national security threat.

  • Eric M17 says:

    China kill more innocence people all over the whole 😅

  • twaters57 says:

    We all know from western media that China’s economy is collapsing and what few cities they do have are empty. We also know that what little China has, they stole from the west. We also know that socialism and communism doesn’t work. Only western style democracies work.

    • Francoise Hembert says:

      twaters57 you must be living in an alternate world where pigs fly. So sad.

    • Tommy Borsky says:

      that’is the way you’re brock, and stupid, can’t call you a nation you’re living on occupied land, remember Indians they are better people than could be.

    • Lotus-eater says:

      Are you living on planet earth? Or are you high on fentanyl?

    • mon2 luck says:

      Watch to much

  • Thomas Ho says:

    I don’t know who the heck the Guy is Said no basis

  • Kris Kris says:

    USA is the world
    worst violater
    of international laws

  • Kris Kris says:

    USA supports VIOLENCE
    in HK province.
    USA unlawfully meddle in HK governance and internal affairs.

  • P G TAN says:

    When u have a clown as President n a few hawkish advisers , the whole world is at their mercy .Maybe , the day of reckoning is coming when America lose most of their important allies !