Lori Loughlin & Husband Mossimo Giannulli Sentenced In College Admissions Scandal | NBC Nightly News

Actress Lori Loughlin was sentenced to two months in prison, plus a $150,000 fine and 100 hours of community service. She told the judge she was “acting out of love” and is “truly and profoundly sorry.”
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Lori Loughlin & Husband Mossimo Giannulli Sentenced In College Admissions Scandal | NBC Nightly News

119 thoughts on “Lori Loughlin & Husband Mossimo Giannulli Sentenced In College Admissions Scandal | NBC Nightly News

  1. ForEverByArdo 415 Reply

    Convict!! No more white privilege. You’re a felon now. And for what for your college drop outs.

  2. Mr Magoo Reply

    All this for paying to get a kid in college. Prosecutor should apologize to the victims of violent crimes that he is not prosecuting. Should have been a fine and done.

  3. Jeffrey Thornton Reply

    The sentence seems fair .

  4. E P Reply

    What’s the bet she won’t do the full 2 months.
    Couple of excuses will be covid19 or overcrowding and she’ll do about 10 days.
    Hope they both go into prison at the same time

  5. Phlegethon Reply

    Imagine going to jail cause your children needed to cheat to get into USC, hilarious

    • J T Reply

      not justifying their actions but USC does hav like a 13% acceptance rate

    • Cypress Warrior Reply

      @Chris White nah Hollywood cheaters vote democrap.

    • Annihilate MAGA Cult Reply

      @Cypress Warrior yeah bash the democrats again while repuclicans are accountable for the whole situation. typical delusional muppet.

    • Cypress Warrior Reply

      @Annihilate MAGA Cult China is accountable for the whole situation.

    • Annihilate MAGA Cult Reply

      @Cypress Warrior yeah sure…as much as america is accountable for countless dead children all across the planet. if corona kills humanity i hope it starts with your country.

  6. New Lucas Reply

    Yo I feel sorry for the whole family….what else do you expect people to do, I for one would most certainly pay bribes to get my child the best education, it should legit be a purchase option anyway or is money only good for handbags and shoes, I mean you try to make a solid investment and boom ethics geeks are busting your balls about fairness in what is clearly a unfair world.

    • sharla1754 Reply

      Well, doing more unfair bribes just makes it just that much more unfair. SMH. Stop doing unfair things and POP, it is no longer an unfair world. Simple.

  7. Randy Smith Reply

    The real scandal is lower tuition cost for sports players and keeping potential academics out via elevated tuition cost.

    • Butch Dye Reply

      Randy Smith … there are jobs in sports. Sports makes big money. If you want your degree in the mating habits of the winged dcooby-doo cheaper, hey, go for it!

  8. Jett Rink Reply

    Oh wow… I hate goin to court

  9. gtg238s Reply

    I like this judge. Fairytale is over 1%

  10. God’s Spiritual Poet Reply

    Psalm 34:18- The Lord is near to the brokenhearted And saves those who are crushed in spirit.

    Proverbs 18:14- The spirit of a man can endure his sickness, But as for a broken spirit who can bear it?

    Psalm 41:4- As for me, I said, “O Lord, be gracious to me; Heal my soul, for I have sinned against You.”

    Psalm 147:3- He heals the brokenhearted And binds up their wounds.

    Psalm 103:3- Who pardons all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases;

    Psalm 30:2- O Lord my God, I cried to You for help, and You healed me.

    Psalm 51:10- Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me.

    Psalm 119:11- Your word I have treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against You.

    Jesus Christ is the spiritual doctor

    Have you given Jesus Christ your spiritual soul?

    In the time of need who would you call on?

    God’s love will never abandon your soul

  11. Andrei Z Reply

    So taking bribes is ok? The school took the money but no one is talking about that… bs

    • Cypress Warrior Reply

      *one word for you: corruption!*

    • Jamie sims Reply

      Exactly this country is essentially built off bribes or quid pro quo. If she wasn’t famous this story probably wouldn’t make the local news and no charges rendered

    • Sicklady Reply

      Jamie sims —incorrect, there’re 50 people that were arrested and sentenced too. It was part of the bribery scheme nationwide

    • Andrei Z Reply

      @Sicklady ok so why aren’t they all over the news getting humiliated and punished besides the sentence they’ve gotten…

    • Sicklady Reply

      Andrei Z —because they aren’t famous or a public figures.

      If they didn’t do anything wrong, their lives wouldn’t be ruined or be humiliated, yes?

      Everything has CONSEQUENCE!

  12. Common Sense Reply

    Sentence bit light good job they are not normal people

  13. richard kuda Reply

    Only 2 and 5 months jail! Lol. They deserved atleast 2 years!

  14. Venus Reply

    2 months 5 months in the Feds is literally a vacation. What a tap on the wrist now don’t do it again now you heard.

    • Ed Buckley Reply

      a vacation you say being strip searched told when you can shower told when to go to sleep no option but to eat bad food forced to sleep in a room and share a bathroom with 100 other convicted felons and not being able to leave. i dont know your living situation but for a millionaire this is not a vacation for most people its not a vacation.

  15. KTH MD Reply

    The punishment is soft for their “slip” in judgment. They have taught their daughters that money, status and looks get you further in life than a decent honest education. I can’t believe that their girls have been kept out of the legal aspect – they are both old enough to know the difference between right and wrong. They both posed for the camera on the rowing machine in hopes that they could deceive the education system instead of consciously deciding their future education should be based on academic honesty. If Olivia Jade and Isabella could not get in on their own merritt, why would they strive to be a fraud? Wouldn’t you want to begin your adult life acknowledging what your strengths and weaknesses are? Wouldn’t you feel completely horrified that your own parents don’t believe in you and your intelligence enough that you can’t possibly get accepted to a school solely based on your grades and achievements? I don’t understand the amount of entitlement that they have raised their children to have. Sadly their family’s nightmare is just beginning. The consequences of their actions are going to haunt them all for the rest of their lives. I pray that their daughters can separate themselves from this awful scandal and start living their lives honestly.

  16. Michael Mc Reply

    I love this news story so much! It’s the greatest thing to happen in 2020

  17. crezman Reply

    Something tells me this couple will end up in the headlines again negatively at some point.

  18. david forte Reply

    Straight up Dave Chapelle episode

  19. jordan kool Reply


  20. Brandon Mattox Reply

    200 reds nine Octobers I hand built

  21. Esquire Reply

    USC? I understand Harvard… butt USC? Who cheats to get in to USC? How dumb are their daughters?

  22. Rey Hang Reply

    All look but no brain.

  23. Brandon Mattox Reply

    My judge lives in topanga he makes 50T+ raises

  24. Jane Fonda Reply

    Just 2 months? Wtf. Felicity spent 11 days for 15k . Lori spent 500k and got only 2months? Bs

    • GH1618 Reply

      Jane Fonda — There are several factors that go into sentencing. Judges are trained in sentencing. In this case, the judge is also considering all the related cases so the sentences will be comparable, taking into account the facts of the individual case.

      What you think the sentence should be is not a factor.

    • Annihilate MAGA Cult Reply

      @GH1618 the question is how do you become a judge in the states? i heard its easier than becoming a cop which is already hilarious. it seems you give people jobs for whom they are not qualified enough.

  25. david kelly Reply

    Aunt Becky is moving from the Fuller House to the Big House.. Enjoy rocking the latest fashions the criminal justice system has to offer..

  26. Wensis Rompas Reply

    Lol ow narcistic internet. Wishing people life centances for their own entertainment. And we all know better how to judge and punish people. Especially if they are on tv. 😂 Well.. Throw the first rock, if we ourselfs are without ‘any’ sin.

    We, keyboard heroes have nothing on them. We steal (or download) movies, we even lie if we could get a better deal at wallmart for example. Is this smaller?.. Maybe in your eyes, but aren’t we just as corrupt.. You never told a lie or gossip about someone?
    .. Or did something illigal and got a way with it? Not 1 sin?

    Truly without sin? Well good for you! Maybe you want to be famous as well, go on, reply here, millions will see your message that you do not agree with me, you will be famous as well!

  27. Frank Esposito Reply

    She instead will spend the Rest of her Charmed life…saying “Look it wasn’t me…my husband did it…I was just trying to Help my Kids out because they weren’t Smart enough…” Please let us go back to our ENTITELD LIFE…”

  28. E Can2 Reply

    The judge made an example out of her. Rich people get special treatment.

  29. Maria Casella Reply

    She got away way too easy,she will be out in 4 weeks or less

  30. Angelina Suazo Reply

    I am actually sad for Lori. I have always liked her, I think she has a basicly good personality.
    I had hoped that Lori would only get 3-4 months of at-home probation, and that she’d be able to work off her probation with regular visits to her probation officer, and that she could attend manditory classes, where she could prove her reform, and serious recovery, by completing the requirements, and showing a willingness, and diligence to change, and comply with the authorities. But I don’t believe that prison is the answer. (Believe me, they can put people on a very rigorous schedule, living on the outside, being on probation, keeping convicted people busy!!). To me, that would have been enough for Lori to “learn her lesson”.
    I also believe that even though this was basicly a selfish indulgent thing for her to take part in, I honestly believe that Lori’s actions, and decisions, were based on the age-old fact of her love for her little girls! Maybe she had been persueded that this was a good idea, and she fell prey to temptation. We all fall short, we all are guilty of something.
    I have watched Lori Loughlin for most of my life. I first saw Lori when I was 8 yrs.old, going on 9, in the winter months of 1974. We had a big thick Sears & Roebuck catalog, and I saw Lori in the catalog, a girl of about 10-12, modeling girls underwear, and white jersey tops, worn under shirts.
    She hadn’t got into acting, or any show biz yet, at that time. And then when I saw her years later on television, I recognized that this was the same person I saw in the Sears catalog!
    I feel bad that Lori was crying, when hearing her sentencing. I am crying for her inside too.

  31. Kevlarr Reply

    They are still multi-millionaires, and their daughters will never have to work. Easy privileged life. They might as well be on another planet compared to what everyday people have to go through.

    • dragonfly6908 Reply

      Lori and her husband Mossimo have just sold a property and downsized to a brand new $9.5 million home in Hidden Hills. One of their daughters Olivia Jade has a “job?” as an
      “Influencer” on YouTube and she has been reported to be worth $1 million, they are all sickening to me.

  32. jay samonte Reply

    Loughlin should have a show called “JAIL HOUSE”

  33. Susan S. Reply

    She got off too easy.. Her life has been a dream and wasn’t enough for her.. Teaching her kids to lie

    • Cypress Warrior Reply

      and cheat

  34. sayekpam Reply

    Disgrace !! She’s the type of woman who would vote Donald Dump.

  35. Normi Sant Reply

    They did not get enough jail time! These people are disgusting and thought they could buy anything. It is obscene.

  36. eeyvrcs Reply

    I don’t quite get it…why is the focus solely on Loughlin and Guianulli? Who accepted the bribe and why aren’t they convicted as well?

  37. Fawn Whisperer Reply

    If she’s so profoundly sorry, why did she plead innocent?

    • boom in your face. Reply

      she did it out of love.

  38. Joseph Reply

    2 and 5 months . Sentences for the elite . Go figure

  39. NeckBonë Reply

    👑⚫🔵🔴😠 OJ Simpson got 9 years for less… More black Judges please‼️

  40. boom in your face. Reply

    White privilege is coming to a end.

  41. mipsi mips Reply

    wow this judge made a great statement! imagine how their kids would go swimming or partying, pretty sure that mommy and daddy will take care of this, while other kids learn late into the nights and are completely stressed out.

  42. David Davison Reply

    When White previlige and being rich isn’t enough .

    • Catcher Freeman Reply

      I never really understood that term “white privilege” care to explain?

    • ★ Froggie Animation ★ Reply

      Catcher Freeman The idea that caucasian people are treated better in the USA, because they make up the majority of the population, and as a result make up most of those in power, thus giving them the opportunity to treat others similar to them with a preference.

  43. Jenny Hart Reply

    They should have pleaded guilty earlier

  44. DID YOU SEE THAT Reply

    Now that is a judge who tells it like it is. I would have liked to see higher fines considering how much time was wasted and the cost that went into developing a case around their original ‘I’m not guilty’ stance.

  45. Desiree Thompson Reply

    She will be wearing a designer mask made by her husband. As for her daughter’s going to therapy for her family’s lies, cheating and her YouTube videos lmaooooo.

  46. Randy Couch Reply

    Who cares!! Look at the chaos in these democratic run cities like Seattle and Portland and Chicago! The mayor of Chicago has put a no protest zone around her home because her pals like the BLM thugs and antifa are getting close! Real Americans will re elect Trump and the government troops will be in place to handle these democratic protesters!

  47. CBAANP Reply

    Their daughters are both air heads, waste of time sending them to college

  48. Metro Mmdk Reply

    516 759 08 53

  49. Geezer Pathwalker Reply

    She’ll write a book while she’s inside and the Liberal me me too movement will buy it like hot cakes

    • Sheila Anderson Reply

      Geezer Pathwalker – Republicans will buy it. They seem to think white people are special- just look at Trump. Democrats believe BLM.

  50. chip block Reply

    So Aunt Becky is going to prison. I say great. I doubt it will be a full two months however. If the judge was so amazed at what she did, why did he give her 90 days to turn herself in? If it was anyone else they would have left the courtroom in shackles and belly chains! So she is still getting special treatment!

  51. Google Google Reply

    2 months is not enough

  52. Ethan aka Reply

    She needs twice daily bitchslaps too.

  53. Jacqui Blue Reply

    Let’s hope they do more than 11 days!!!!!

  54. Babu Reply

    Like when they framed Martha Stewart for insider trading and then only found her guilty of somehow lying to prosecuters during interrogation, it is just these judges spiting women for living seemingly charmed lives and being successful. The judge is the one who is arrogant, possessed of inexplicable hubris, and is dumfounded as in having a foundation in stupidity. REMOVE HIM FROM THE BENCH. He doens’t know her life and how hard she worked or that man her husband’s either. He is sentencing her for having a charmed life and wants her to suffer for the rest of it? This is justice in the USA? This is prejudice against women. The judge is a horrible judgmental person.

  55. John Edward Jones Reply

    What a way to show, “love.” Seems like an arrogant airhead. Had plenty of time to show remorse months ago. Instead she and hubby fought and fought using sketchy conspiracy evidence.
    Parents have diminished many lives, “out of love.”..Sure Lori, Sure!

  56. Sheila Anderson Reply

    A couple months in a minimum security facility is a joke. They deserve years in a real prison. Once again it shows if you have money you can buy your way out. Black men get years for having a small amount of weed in their pocket. No justice here.

  57. dean hutchins Reply

    yeah you dont hear anything about the people who took the bribe …she be out in a few weeks…big deal ..

  58. tk20 Reply

    First Papa Huxtable, now Aunt Becky. Who is going to be next, Uncle Fester?

  59. Cypress Warrior Reply

    $250k is like his dinner tip.

  60. Cypress Warrior Reply

    *rich and corrupt*

  61. Cypress Warrior Reply

    *USC = University Spoil Children*

  62. ph77 Reply

    who even cares besides the democrats. i think fine is appropriate but jail time? for wanting the best for your kids? rapists,killers go free because of the democrats, but hey they will be damned if you try to cheat your kids into a good college

  63. Cypress Warrior Reply

    *Target needs to stop selling his clothes.*

  64. Jennifer Brenner Reply

    Thats it? 2 months? Are you flipping serious?

  65. Jan Oliver Reply

    These 2 spoiled brats are just as guilty as their parents. Both knew what was going on and never tried to stop it.

  66. Revealing Serendipity Reply

    Court putting Fox in the hen house.

  67. John Martinez Reply

    Two months in prison ?
    A $150,000 fine ?
    Pocket change.
    100 hours community service she’ll do at some animal shelter for the rich and famous.
    Lastly, Lori Loughlin and her husband will never serve a day in jail, why ?
    Why do you think she and her husband first fought the charges then suddenly changed their minds ?
    Because they watch the news and saw many low level offenders being released from jails and prisons due to the Covid-19 virus and she and her husband are betting they won’t have to actually serve time in prison for the same reason.
    The lesson here ?, Justice is not blind in America when it comes to fame and money.

  68. ssouthboundpachyderm Reply


  69. Reign Love Reply

    WHITE PRIVILEGE!! 2 BLACK WOMEN went to PRISON for YEARS for using a different address to get their children in a better school. This is PURE BS!!! This is WHY COVID-19 is going to DESTROY this EVIL SYSTEM.

  70. Clyde Housewright Reply

    I just knew they would get off.it still proves one thing today ( Money Talks & Bull- Crap Walks)

  71. Pam Timmins Reply

    Good luck Lori continue to keep your head down in prison. Maybe because of COVID-19, you can get home confinement after a short while.

  72. Not you Reply

    Lol. Come on man

  73. Presidentialnurse2040 Futurenurse Reply

    Should have been 2 years. Rich people these days😡 coming from someone who’s dad is wealthy. However, my dad knows the difference from right and wrong

  74. SsameliOn1sard Reply

    The Judge’s words to Mossimo: “You weren’t stealing bread to feed your family. You have no excuse for your crime and that makes you all the more blameworthy.”

  75. get Smarty Reply

    Of course he took a more active role. He is a man.

  76. Me An Mendoza Reply

    arrogance and showing off….. that’s the result of having a privilege life, just paying everything for the love of a love ones… what if one or both of the daughters did something…. will the parents will also bribe just to cover up a crime?

  77. Ham War Reply

    Robber, “i thought I was acting out of love when robbing the bank, I was going to buy my self things that would make my life easier, I was being kind to myself”. 🙂

  78. Ham War Reply

    I also heard that they are going to use the COVID issue as an excuse and request to spend their time at home, like all of us in Quarantine…. isn’t it just amazing how rich people think???

  79. Joshua Koenig Reply

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  80. Saxon Ray Reply

    Lol she might do 6 weeks and he might do 3 months

  81. Talia Kay Reply

    what a joke.

  82. Chona Figuerres Reply


  83. Brooks Lee & B Reply

    Good but needs more jail time. I am glad the judge said that to her.

    Idiots !!!!!!

    Kids should be punished as well they knew !!!!!

  84. dragonfly6908 Reply

    What was sickening to me is that Lauri and her husband Mossimo kept protesting their innocence for a long long time and only when they realised that the evidence against them was overwhelming that they then admitted it. Also i don’t buy that their daughters were completely clueless as to what was going on.

  85. Kirk Campbell Reply

    If that was a regular person they would have gotten 1 million years plus community service .

  86. dragonfly6908 Reply

    Ironic how Lori Loughlin starred in the “Garage Sale Mystery” TV movies as a snoop helping to solve criminal cases and bring the perpetrators to justice.

  87. Paula Keller Reply

    Lori Loughlin from Full House to the Big House. Hopefully that happens to Trump too. From the W.H. to 2 the Big House.

  88. Robert Wolf Reply

    An other example of white privilege, a black woman doing something similar Got Five Years Prison for trying to get her kids into Better local public school . These 2 should b doing Five Plus years .

  89. Penny Royal Reply

    They won’t spend much time in jail if at all due to the COVID risk.

  90. G S Reply

    Why not lock up the guy who made a fake college scam??!

  91. Victor Hugo Reply

    they will never actually go into a jail, and in brazil paying to get kid in a school, is totally normal

  92. Bobby Ding Reply

    You cannot buy stupid. Spend over half a million just to get into USC?
    That’s so over privileged insult to usc

  93. Alfred Vallejos jr. Reply

    Look at that as she’s looking at the camera look like she’s MAD at us for her getting caught

  94. oscar yuen Reply

    tbh 2 -5 month is ok since the one who made this kind of system got 20 years

  95. Nicole Brown Reply

    Aunt Becky looks so creepy and no good now. And her husband looks like a Who.😂😂😂

  96. cromanxx1 Reply

    They could have chose to help pay full tuition for several under privileged college students and not blink an eye st the cost. They would have came out as heroes. But look at what they chose to do instead.

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