Tesla stock split: Will small investors gobble up Tesla shares?

2020 8/24
Tesla stock split: Will small investors gobble up Tesla shares?

Galileo Russell, HyperChange Founder, joined The Final Round to discuss Tesla announcing a five-for-one stock split and how the company stacks up to its competition.
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コメント一覧 (123件)

  • Lightning Rod says:

    Gali good job

  • Jarohn Smith says:

    Go Tesla!!!

  • Lightning Rod says:

    there is no Second Place

  • Caleb says:

    Yes. Yes we will

  • ChitFromChinola says:

    Gali!! Yes!!

  • Josh Vinueza says:

    lol this boomer is stuck in the past, he can’t even comprehend the future. Good job shutting him down lol

    • Johnathan Epic says:

      It was embarrassing, sheesh.

  • Mark Plott says:

    TESLA : Go Big or go home.

  • big money says:

    We need that Galillelo guy to appear on CNBC

    • David Rogers says:

      no no no telsa in going down, apple is over valued……Dan Niles for President

  • Mark Plott says:

    TESLA : Impossible is Nothing.

  • JohnPaulie says:

    Man I’ve had my electric Ryobi lawnmower for like 5 years, buddy is talking about it like it doesn’t exist already

    • Bo McGillacutty says:

      Same here except for I went with EGO, blower, mower, chainsaw and hedge trimmer.

    • Mario Elena says:

      Yea this King of the hill looking character definitely needs to go home get back to watching his tv. He has no clue what’s going on

  • lekt8 says:

    Hyperchange ftw!

  • goldsilverandiamonds says:

    The mining needed to make electric batteries is so destructive to the planet. It’s a huge target for enviromentalists who seem to currently be fairly silent on it.

    • eugenestrawberry 18 says:

      Almost as bad as oil drilling.

    • goldsilverandiamonds says:

      @eugenestrawberry 18 Actually much worse.

    • R rosso says:

      Endgame fiction

    • Stephan Nunez says:

      Not everyone is concerned with the environment. A lot of people just want cool cars. GM produces maybe 1 cool car, the Corvette? I care about 0-60 speeds, and not having to be hyper focused on driving when travelling long distances which I do often. All my 2017 BMW can do is warn me if I am leaving my lane….come on, and it won’t even be able to update itself when new tech is avail, I would need to buy a new model. That is played out.

  • KeyboardCommando says:

    Dilution is good in a backwards world haaa..

  • Entrepreneur Investor Neo North says:

    Tesla for the win.

  • Ghaleon69 says:

    Screw EGO. They are Chinese!!! … Young people need to get a clue.

  • thomas 71 says:


  • Monkey D. Lucy says:

    the “talk to your software engineer friend” question hit home strong for me. Well done!

  • Frohman says:

    A tale of two worlds. Dinasaurs vs the inevitable future of electrification

  • Pluto is a Planet says:

    When the only way to comment on Yahoo news is via YouTube, you know something is wrong!

    • jcastaneda631 says:

      Lmao the comments on their websites were always conservative or against their interests so they turned them off 😂

    • Pluto is a Planet says:

      ​@jcastaneda631 Yep, and they say their interests are to create a “safe and engaging place”. I think they just mean a safe place (in terms of safe opinions).

  • Li Jie says:

    The world has changed into ‘it is all about adds.’

  • Jimmy Acosta says:

    tesla will be the most expensive stock in the market. you cannot deny their integrity promising visions and action.

  • letsgetsocialinfo says:

    I think Tesla is over valued,but what I think does not matter…Tesla has a cult following

    • fanele mabaso says:

      As long as they make ppl money

    • Chex Mex says:

      Agreed over valued

  • neseeo1 says:

    This guy is an idiot about ford and gm 🤣

  • Bharat Oz says:

    Classic sign of bubble in US tech space

    • Bo McGillacutty says:

      If that’s the case for TSLA then it’s been in bubble territory for at least 6 yr.s.

  • Bharat Oz says:

    What rubbish is he saying !

  • Christy H says:

    Electric isn’t the ultimate answer to reducing polution and carbon emissions. Everytime you plug in, your drawing power largely produced by burning coal. People need to look at the entire value chain.

    • filmislife77 says:

      EV efficiency is at least four times that of a gas engine. So even if you get your power from fossil fuels it’s still less then using a ICE car. That also doesn’t take into account that a lot of the people who own have solar.
      You talk about the big picture yet leave stuff like this out

  • Pirate91 says:

    Ev’s are a fad. More specifically, Tesla is a fad. A lot of people are going to lose a lot of money when this charade is over.

    • Gordon McMillan says:

      @Pirate91 Looking forward to seeing you in a glorified golf cart some time in the near future then, with or without iPad.

    • otd34 says:

      Hah, give u 10 mins in my tesla, you can’t go back to ICE, isn’t hype, the numbers, tech, innovation, and sales are factual, no maintenance, wireless updates, the car is better faster, smmarter, today than it was 2 yrs ago when i bought it, in the near future it will earn me passive income driving you around on days I don’t need it, not a fad, can’t wait to buy another!

    • Varis says:

      Pirate91 80%. Don’t be a fool and pool numbers out your arse old man. Get with the times

    • Pirate91 says:

      @Varis Pull.

    • Bengt Björck says:

      @Pirate91 That is just a bold LIE.

  • NBA Referee says:

    can’t wait till gigafactory 4 in germany!! old money sits on oil and guns. new money sits on FAANG and tesla. let’s go zoomers!!

  • Albert Rodriguez says:

    Tesla is 10 years ahead of the game with their software! Dinosaur juice is the past!

    • Doeray says:

      Tesla’s are coal powered cars.,… It takes roughly $10 worth of coal to charge a Tesla 1 charge.

    • Danny Kapatrik says:

      Doeray wut?

    • m Cave says:

      I’m throwing all my extra cash at Tesla after hearing their latest conference call I am very optimistic.

    • fartbarn says:

      @m Cave I bought shares pre split and will be accumulating more post split.

  • Won't see me coming says:

    I always thought tesla was overvalued, but when I looked into bigger picture, is no brainer,

  • Chex Mex says:

    Its concerning they would do this split while the stock is so over valued
    Feels like a soulless cash grad to pull in robinhood newbies and then pull the rug out from under them
    Good luck

    • Sloth Rodriguez says:

      this me’s to luck then

  • LostAmongShadows says:

    This guy said i think Tesla should make lawn equipment. Lol

    • Patrick Fung says:

      He’s still drinking dinosaur juice…he said it with a smirk on his face. I think he was just “trying” to be funny.

    • Bo McGillacutty says:

      Not a bad idea except that space is already well represented, I went all batt yard tools yr.s ago starting with a chainsaw almost a decade back. They are better in most every way, blower in particular is vastly more useful bc you just grab it pull the trigger and go, you’d never do just a minute of blowing with a two stroke like I do with batt power, or air dry fresh washed car, etc.

  • K Zamora says:

    What’s the ticker name?

    • Bo McGillacutty says:

      TSLA, lol. Go to Yahoo Finance and you can type in the ticker OR the company, that’s a good starting point.

  • Gabriel Fung says:

    lawn equipment? man stfu

  • James Edwards says:

    Amazon was 15x more profitable than Tesla at that price. Amazon also has grown by an average of 30% a year for the past ten years whereas Tesla has only grown by 15% in that time

  • Tesla In the hood says:

    Galileo has always be. On point ppl
    Should check out his YouTube channel

  • dadfud4869 says:

    ……..HELL,! …………YES…………!!!

  • filmislife77 says:

    I feel like I know Gali

  • G. Repp says:

    Wanna know the NEXT energy revolution?

    enter B E Y O N D M E A T

    • Tyrone Catkiller Kang says:

      lol fool

    • G. Repp says:

      @Tyrone Catkiller Kang ouch

    • Tyrone Catkiller Kang says:

      @G. Repp beyond meat is a food product and has nothing to do with the energy sector

    • G. Repp says:

      @Tyrone Catkiller Kang lol. Put it together genius

  • Justin Peterson says:

    “GM and Ford lost billions of dollars last quarter and Tesla was profitable” Mic drop!

    • Doeray says:

      Unions have killed Ford and GM. Unions will kill Tesla also. Give it a couple short decades.

    • john17720 says:

      Tesla is just filling pre-orders for Model 3 and Y. Some of these buyers have been waiting for many months.

    • Bo McGillacutty says:

      @Doeray That’s only the half of it. They have also left themselves wide open for disruption due to lack of innovation. Unions are purely toxic I agree, we shall see how Tesla deals with that threat.

  • Scyrus82 says:

    Galileo needs to be on CNBC to put those muppets in their place.

    • David Rogers says:

      hahahha….felt the same thing….

  • Marcus S says:

    ✋🏼🤚🏼 Gali!

  • C M says:

    Tesla will destroy every automaker in the world. They are leading in A.I, energy and automation

    • Doeray says:

      They already destroyed themselves. Unions killed American Auto Industry, straight up slaughtered them. As Germany and Japan tag team up and devour the US industry, Elon is trying to throw a crap shot to save US industry. Its a long shot.

    • Doeray says:

      It’s a long shot, and most likely it falls short. Most Likely German and Japan own the auto industry, and the US, for the next 100 years.

  • Bruno Smith says:

    Why does she speak like Donald Duck?

  • Lana Decker says:

    Rick is so 20th century 🙂 adorable young grandpa

  • Hasan Z says:



  • Christian Salgado says:

    I feel the stock price is gonna drop cus of pump and dump traders before or after split sell off

    • Doeray says:

      If you are investing then you shouldn’t worry about it. People that bag hold for fun, I know, its crazy.

    • Bo McGillacutty says:

      If you are an *investor* as apposed to a trader, not much concern other than possibly a better entry point. To be an investor you MUST develop conviction in the name, in the stock and the story, there are *no shortcuts* in that respect. Do the homework even if it’s just quality YT vids, include bear cases too. Do whatever it takes for YOU to develop enough confidence that you won’t consider selling all the random down turns that will surely happen but instead consider ADDING at such times. It took me nearly a decade of following TSLA and Elon but it might only take you a weekend, lol. I went in heavy May/June of last yr. and continued to add for a while, even added a token 10 more when it cratered with the rest of the market few months ago.

  • Stock Market Recap says:

    I just made a video about Tesla stock split on my channel! I think that stock splits are a great oppurtunity!

  • Jordan Miller says:

    Gali is the goat

  • Alex Gmail says:

    Small investor here… They call me Pac-Man

  • AOSP KitKat says:

    The older gent pushing for Hummer EV shows how clueless older generations are in general about what Tesla is actually bringing in to the table. Not just hardware but hardware and software working together efficiently

  • Jake says:

    I kept laughing so loud over and over again at these retorts and heat rounds being fired back and forth, even the passive aggressiveness – its hysterical how the majority still doesn’t believe we’re moving away from fossil fuels this century. IT… IS… THE… ELECTRIC AGE now folks, get used to it rofl

  • David Rogers says:

    Great dialogue…..and enjoy the questions and engaging conversations……well done Yahoo Finance

  • john17720 says:

    If you don’t have $1,500 to buy 1 share of Tesla, what r u doing in the stock market?

    • Bo McGillacutty says:

      Save your dimes–by months end you’ll be able to get a share for 1/5th the price. (not counting changes in value from today)

  • Jesse OSBORNE says:

    Tesla is a great company no doubt, but this guys hyperbolic reactions to the future of legacy automakers is ridiculously extreme and does not even consider the market power and financial roots these companies have. This is so ridiculously biased how could anyone even consider this relative information. This guy is assuming because legacy automakers do not currently have the tech for EV’s that they will all fail, which is absurdly short-sighted. Does he even understand how competition works?

    • Bengt Björck says:

      Yes he does, in detail. Watch his channel Hyperchange and you will learn how much research he has done. GM has already gone bankrupt once. GM and Ford are extremely sensitive to disruption. They have all their skills and assets in things that already passed their best before date. The fall will be heavy. Revisit your comment in a years time.

  • Joel Islas says:

    That old guy needs to just shut up. He is so old school

    • Sloth Rodriguez says:

      damn bruh easyy at least old guy showed interest by asking the yung dude questions and he got more insight

  • Brandon Reed says:

    Jack of all trades master of none.

  • Fireguy Dale says:

    what a great interview

  • GF Gutkin & Fried says:

    i will buy a few shares then it will be more affordable but it isa great growth stock

  • Eric Plut says:

    As a small investor, yes.

  • Nathan H says:

    Rick was on point about lawn equipment. Give me a robotic mower!

    • TotemoGaijin says:

      They’ve already got those, lol. Imagine a Roomba, but a lawnmower instead of a vacuum cleaner.

    • Nathan H says:

      TotemoGaijin Yeah I know, I have the Husqvarna, it’s not very good. I had a preorder in for the iRobot but they delayed it.

  • Henry Olivares says:

    That’s not true about the ETF comments, ARK ETFs are basically in line with tesla innovation. Both look into the future and invest into disruptive innovation.

  • Fitness Vloggers says:

    Do you guys think that Tesla will run up more by next week?

  • Varis says:

    Great guest. He knows what he is talking about and has the foresight

  • Jonathan Meyer says:

    Buy ARK innovation ETF if you want a distruptor ETF. They are heavy Tesla. Woods is their biggest bull.

    • Jack Nguyen says:

      She’s going $7k/share for TSLA

  • xflyingtiger says:

    Lawn mowers and leaf blowers are fine. I have those things. EGO and others already have that market saturated. Ditto for eBike. Tesla needs to build the electric version of the Toyota Corolla or Toyota Tercel, or even the Mini Cooper, at least 10,000 or maybe even 15,000 dollars cheaper than the cheapest Model. 3. Move away from self driving on those vehicles, and drop the price.

  • M1 M says:

    They will if they are stupid.

  • yogabutler says:

    Rick is such a boomer

  • mike cortez says:

    That chick seemed like she was dtf the guy lol

  • Alexandre Lamarre says:

    Rick is just clueless in this clip.

  • Steve S says:

    The 5 to 1 split happens on August 28th, and it can be traded on August 31st. So when can you buy more shares at the lower stock price of $380 or so, can you buy more shares on August 28th, or do you have to wait until after August 31st.

  • BeRational says:

    Lawn mover: Buy a Husquarna Automover or Gardena Sileno.

  • Michael Heiser says:

    he is noisy and obnoxious

  • sprsumfalwin says:

    10 trillion dollar company EZ money 💵

  • Leif Johnson says:

    The people who consistently do not understand the Tesla story are the mainstream stock analysts on channels such as Yahoo Finance. They are all morons! Gali Russel knows what is happening as does Rob Maurer – and neither of them are “stock analysts” per se.