WTI crude oil futures collapse to negative price for first time in history

OPIS Global Head of Energy Analysis Tom Kloza joins Yahoo Finance’s Seana Smith to break down the latest energy news, as crude oil falls into negative territory.
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129 thoughts on “WTI crude oil futures collapse to negative price for first time in history

  1. Kevin Campbell Reply


  2. Tara Aliyeva Reply

    OIL is a LOSING stock. This is just the most extreme but Oil stocks have been going down slowly but surely. This is a STOCK to run away from. It maybe go up in the future but it will NOT go over 40$ a barrel. Now the Saudis will not be able to sleep tonight or from now on.

  3. Mike Hawk Reply

    Isn’t Americas dollar based upon the Nixon petro dollar still? Lmao

  4. WestHaddnin Reply

    NWO coming soon they’re tryna crash the Petrodollar

    • Axel Rose Reply

      😂😂😂 your a lil slow bud thats already happened

    • WestHaddnin Reply

      @Axel Rose If the petrol dollar crashed we’d see a huge inflation of the u.s. currency. We’re not there yet buddy. Oh, and it’s spelled you’re***.

  5. Hand Meover Reply

    A beep-mobile cost 50gazillion bucks,,,but the fuel to drive it is fREE?

    For about 1hr….

  6. Shams Reply

    Less money for Saudi funded extremism. Time to sanction OPEC u till it stops trading as a cartel.

  7. tubewoodycool Reply

    Depending on how much big oil companies drop tomorrow, I’ll probably buy some for the long term, im mainly thinking Shell

  8. Kevin Campbell Reply

    The World is in serious trouble. Oil has crashed. If you don’t know what this means, let me tell you that major wars could break out at any moment. The world reserve currency is the US Dollar, it is called the Petro dollar for a reason. Our monetary system is tied to oil. Today, it went negative. This is going to cause a global reset like you have never seen. I honestly have no idea what our government is going to do. This is big trouble folks. QE to the moon. Global Depression is now becoming a reality. The ripple affect of this will cause major pain in real estate and other markets. I have no idea what the government is going to do now? Crazy! DEFLATION IS HERE BIG TIME.

    • Eric Montelongo Reply

      Thats why we spend 10 times more money that out allies combined on our military. For moments like these. They knew this could happen so they prepared for it. Because money is not really worth anything other than what it represents (the work off our backs)and the force (military)to back it up. So war sounds about right.

    • Misuchi Miss Reply

      @Eric Montelongo yikes, you’re making sense, but who has the military strong enough to even challenge US?

    • TruthSeeker Reply


  9. Hyman Sahak Reply

    I don’t think she understands contango and futures. The real price is 20-25$. These were traders that couldn’t sell their paper May positions fast enough or a brokerage house settling trades going belly up.

  10. yousaf sohail Reply

    Mass People are FuckedUp by this Price dip… in online Trading…
    US collect Trillions of Dollar from the world… after few days oil will back to its normal price…

  11. Wm dee Reply


  12. Bull Bear Portfolio Reply

    Yet the gas prices at pump sure don’t seem to be dropping as oil prices have been.

    • gqn2 Reply

      Bull Bear Portfolio You’re paying for the costs; employee, electricity, the barrel.

  13. Teds World Reply

    “Number one this is not based on fundamentals” LOL, there no demand due to virus lockdowns and too much supply due to ZIRP and QE making fracking viable!

  14. Zakai Prince of Power Reply

    next the insurance companies to crash

    • Virgo Blue Reply

      Food supply. This is not a drill.

  15. yudhisr Reply

    I should’ve drink oil then 😂

  16. Juan Ok Reply

    Lol I had no idea yahoo was still around

  17. mohamad shahriman Reply

    It’s time to buy…

  18. Daryl Stojkovic Reply

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    • Samantha Heidi Reply

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    • mihaly norton Reply

      I admire what i hear about this expert trader, i have heard a lot about her good works and skill towards trading options. how can i reach her??

    • Nadasi Thewlis Reply

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    • suzanne darsh Reply

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  19. Brian Crane Reply

    Flash-crash. Look past the forward months…

  20. Ertuğrul Ghazi Official Reply

    America ECONOMY totally crash because AMERICA economy depend on oil but now everyone look. Now Super power is China 🇨🇳 😍🇨🇳💪

  21. Death Cheaters Guild Reply

    Great, top-off the Strategic Petroleum 🛢 Reserve tanks ⛽️. And time to START using more 🇺🇸 RENEWABLE  🔄 Energy Sources: Solar ☀️, Wind 🌬, Hydro-Title 🌊, 🔋!!!

  22. Enrique -Get Better Reply

    I work at Exxon Mobil Baytown refinery 😅

    • Jason Dodd Reply

      Get me a job bro!

    • Virgo Blue Reply

      So what does all this mean?

  23. Chuck Stark Reply

    Fracking was always a net negative energy producer. Yet it keeps getting support and now the chickens have come home.

  24. victor bruun Reply

    Okie ship oil along with 500 billion dollars. Pour it into the ground to make a future oilwell.. hell im ordering 100 billion barells like that

  25. Mary Paris Reply

    Just ignore it for 3 months, it will disappear like magic.

  26. tillallareoneluv Reply

    so…..will gas prices be cheaper when I go camping this summer or is just a blip?

  27. Christopher Gray Reply


  28. Christopher Gray Reply

    Is it just me or am I the only one who wants to throw darts at this guys photo

  29. Christopher Gray Reply

    I remember how much fun they had with us in 2008 when they were bidding it up to $130 and helped to destroy the economy
    I hate these people

  30. Kwokman Lam Reply

    No more excuse for the American to invade other country,now a barrel of water is more expensive than oil !

  31. joe blow Reply

    this dumb lady had no idea that a half hour from here taping this oil would hit negative -$50 a barrel

  32. Shane Cattin Reply

    OK so does this mean I should buy crude oil at a dollar a barrel or not buy oil at a dollar a barrel? I’m confused

  33. L N Reply

    Kinda cool to be living through some wild times.

    • Sam 2000 Reply

      We get to tell our kids “Look kid, once I bought 1000 barrels of oil for free and even got $40 back ;)”

    • Walden Reply

      It’s just the beginning. The crazy part is coming soon, either end of this year or next year. Our system will start to collapse.

    • Chief- DaTPark Reply


  34. Doctor Detroit Reply

    Peak oil anyone???? That’s what I thought. Same with globull warming….excuse me “climate change”.

  35. Andrew Springer Reply

    I saw a refinery posted in the free section of Craig’s list. I tried calling but someone had already picked it up.

  36. Steven Majercak Reply

    Thought this was about getting revenge on Saudis for 911

    • michalsavatar7 Reply

      Israel did 9-11. Saudi Arabia is just the back up fall guy after Bin Laden.

  37. pilotrt Reply

    Good, let the greedy bastards drink it. They’ve been raping the public for years.

  38. salemdesigns65 Reply

    I wonder how many gas stations will close because of this. 🤔
    …and how long until they do…
    Perhaps it’s time to buy a few 5 gallon gas containers.

  39. Lamdon Johnston Reply

    Alright well here we go,its our turn.

  40. Ray Bod Reply

    The Federal Reserve would buy oil, but they have no where to pit it.

  41. michael davis Reply

    high oil prices DO NOT impact the use of fossil fuels, they simply fill the pockets of already rich men and take from the common man

  42. themrmystery47 Reply

    Since the dollar is not back-up by gold but by oil, does this means it will lose value? And since the price of the oil is going negative, could the dollar become worthless?

  43. Dr. James R. Baker Reply

    This was a long squeeze, not the actual price of oil

  44. Ready Now&Forever Reply

    Imagine if you shorted this with only a few hundred thousand in capital (or margin credit)…you should be in instant billionaire.

  45. Joseph Bard Reply

    What crude oil stock drop.


  46. Todd kobell Reply

    Imagine if you get paid for filling up your gas tank 😂 😂😂😂

  47. Virgo Blue Reply

    We need to get rid of cars anyways so toxic to the earth and take up a lot of space. Electric fast bullet trains for the future.

  48. Synecdoche Reply

    We can sell the oil to china!

  49. Scott Norris Reply

    It only took a month to go from being concerned about people dying to oil prices being the main concern.

  50. Economics Portal Reply

    Can’t believe. Big news

  51. peter littlehorse Reply

    Now some of it is as low as MINUS $53. Who pulled this stunt and why? Let me guess: For all barrels of this oil companies have in stock, they are going to get a “bail out” to the tune of $53 each. Or wherever they take this.

  52. creates100 Reply

    wt?i or wtf?

  53. BLR Reply

    The United States, Saudi Arabia (largest by far), and Russia are the world’s top three crude oil producers. The U.S. “oil barons” won’t be able to buy their Bentleys either. We are all impacted.

  54. Melpheos1er Reply

    All futures price are in negative territory. This is absurd

  55. Axel Rose Reply

    The systems done😂😂😂😂😂 This guys talking out his ass recover my ass there is no recovery from this 😂😂😂

  56. Lavalambtron Reply

    There is a big ongoing fight to destroy the US economy, first the virus now this, it’s time the US takes the war to whoever is doing this.

  57. iroquois Reply

    Who woulda thought we should have been investing and reallocating our resources into green energy years ago??This came out of nowhere!!!

    • The Chosen One Reply

      Define “green energy.”

  58. Mark Martin Reply

    You know a few years ago gas was 5.00 a gallon. Ordinary people were hurting. Didn’t have the money to pay their bills. GOVERNMENT gave oil companies all kind of tax breaks. SO I HOPE THEY GO BANKRUPT. SERVES THEM RIGHT

  59. Magras Creation Reply

    can’t wait this lockdown to be lift with that price I will go on road trip..

  60. Sidney Beaumont Reply

    Go electric stop oil

  61. De Facto Reply

    So what Tom is saying is that the small fish are being eaten by the big fish. Middle class is toast!

  62. Seth Boucher Reply

    So why am I paying still $0.75 per litre?

  63. Nahid91 Reply

    new was may save this USA. ha ha dead to America,

  64. Mr. Sarcastic Reply

    Impossible debt load on the world.
    It’s all coming down

  65. ikm64 Reply

    Ireland? The first sovereign wealth fund to ‘de-carbonize’
    What do you think….still money in fossils?…
    Well, whatever way you call it… it’s your money…and your loss…

  66. Lucky Sev7inz Reply

    I hate for oil workers to be out of work but did the big oil executives care about us when people were paying between $6-$10 a gallon? No! They lined their pockets. Will they care if we’re paying those prices again? No, they won’t.

    People were making life or death decisions whether to get groceries or fill up the tank.

  67. Shaharyar Ahmad Reply

    Best time to buy crude oil stocks

  68. affluent couple Reply

    Make these oil barons suffer. The new stay-at-home economy has begun.

  69. KingJustice98 Reply

    Gas stations are still trying to charge $2 a barrel, but they’re going to have storage tank problems like the rest. I’m guessing you’ll see gasoline gunking issues at pumps soon. They don’t want to accept the losses, but they really have no choice.

  70. B W Reply

    Only in America can the oil be -$37 a barrel.. Yet I pay $1.97 at the pump. Today it’s fixed with artificial inflation.

  71. Patrick Reply

    This did not age well. 1c is lowest price I’ll ever see eh? Haha

  72. juan ruvalcaba Reply

    Is been like a month last time a pump some gas in my car.

  73. Mark S Reply

    Sweet!. Wish i had money to buy!


    Can spot prices of WTI crude go negative?

  75. The Chosen One Reply

    Now’s the time to drive your sports/muscle cars.

  76. kuei12 Reply

    I just bought Tetra Technologies Inc. (TTI) stock. If it goes back up to pre-corona prices it will be a 900% gain.

  77. David Stone Reply

    🌐Remember the liberal Fake News Media Completely Blew the President Trump Ventilator Story!

    “After nearly 4- years of unrelieved Trump hysteria in the Fake News media, it’s hard to rank the worst journalistic outrages,” Rich Lowry writes for the National Review. But how the press misreported the story of America’s ventilator stockpile “belongs high on the list.”

    Last year, America produced a total of 30,000 ventilators. This year, the country will produce somewhere around 200,000—and the machines are already coming in.

    “By any measure, that’s a success, certainly compared with where we thought we’d be less than a month ago. If the media weren’t so devoted to gotcha idiocy, more people might know about it.” I give President Trump an A on handling the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic and Pelosi, Schumer and most democrats an F.

  78. Usman Ali Reply

    all those wars for nothing ??? lol

  79. nadia loredo Reply

    they did this to silver .. silver was low at $12 , now at 15$+ when couple months ago was $19. today silver should be at $2400 & gold $20.000 dou to US-Debt .
    ( US debt clock ) covid-19 is not just the reason for all this happening .

    • KingJustice98 Reply

      You can’t really go grocery shopping with silver or gold coins, that creates a demand issue, dollars can also be converted electronically unlike gold. There are limits to physical precious metals even with a huge national debt.

  80. Burbur Burbur Reply


  81. Burbur Burbur Reply

    Its like your heart skipping a beat.Only.

  82. Eamon O'Connell Reply

    The best part is, imagining all those that were but are now non-billionaires.
    Invest very real dollar you can afford. Beat them at their own game.

    • Rachelle Turner Reply

      Eamon O’Connell Is it really the best time for you to invest?

  83. Jesus Christ Reply

    Going to trade in my Tesla car to buy a gas-powered car

  84. NEXTA MUDAK Reply

    communizm rules

  85. Reko Kilmonger Reply

    It went down to -$35 a barrel

  86. can Reply

    Guys got a question. Is there a way to buy oil and sell it about 1 year later?? All I can find about oil is futures!! :/

  87. Peichen Fang Reply

    I want “tremendous amount of people”, We have “tremendous amount of people” at home, “tremendous amount of people” at home: some random Chinese bank clerk (who’s probably fired by now)

  88. The Dude Reply

    Nothings screams more of manipulation and illegal trading then negative oil prices. Where is the CFTC , what are they doing. This is the most illegal trade in the history of the world and people are like ya negative oil, it happens. It is impossible for this to happen with out coordinated illegal trading activity happening.

    • Rachelle Turner Reply

      The Dude Is it really the best time for you to invest?

  89. Karlee Christina Reply

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    • Penelope Kianna Reply

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    • Mike Genson Reply

      you’re promoting an “out of thin air” nonsense “currency” that went from nothing to 20,000 and then back to nothing as amazing?

  90. Joshua Coleman Reply

    AOC’s gonna have a field day with this news. As she should.

  91. lagnaf321 Reply

    Economics in the past said oil prices at the pump are
    updated immediately. So why am I still paying $1.65 comrade??? I should be
    paying at-least $.25 cents per gallon at the pump with prices at a negative.
    What happened to immediate pricing rules used as gospel truth pricing  in the past (Please baffle everyone with new economics
    bullshit).  Why is not the news
    protesting this??

  92. Sumi Reply

    The lockdown has happened for the same month and the crude oil has come down to 0.7 per barrel, if the lockdown is increased by 3 months then the Sheikh of Saudi will also be seen making punches .. !!!

  93. San Bruno Reply


  94. Pierre Legault Reply

    It doesn’t make any sense how the price of oil can go from from a dollar to a penny 😡.
    Somebody’s playing a big game.
    Price of milk hasn’t changed

  95. abc123 Reply

    LOL @ the bag holders!!! 😂😂😂

    So, you wanna invest? Eat this bastards! Stay away losers!!!

  96. Stink Fistula Reply

    Seana and body oil……YES

  97. James Clark Reply

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    • James Clark Reply

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    • Rice Willams Reply

      @James Clark thank you so much i am writing her immediately.

  98. Greenwalt Ella Reply

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