Warren Buffett turns 90: Here’s what he had to say on success, investing, college and more

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Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett turns 90. Here are some of his thoughts on topics such as investing, success, communication skills and more.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Iminyour Zen says:

    Happy birthday Warren Buffett

  2. Avatar John Devereaux says:

    I don’t respect a billionaire that needed bailout money with his exposure to AIG during the ‘08 crisis.

    • Avatar Hugo Meza says:

      Silver4Life 1230 you could be right, can you provide us with some evidence, news articles or YouTube videos?

    • Avatar Silver4Life 1230 says:

      @Hugo Meza research It.

    • Avatar PokemonIdea8 says:

      You completely wrong, although he had heavy exposure to financials, both him and berkshire never needed bailout during 2008. Although he benefitted from the governments actions he never received any bailout, companies were actually calling him to bail them out!!

    • Avatar Infinite Rings says:

      @Silver4Life 1230 ‘research it’ well if you could direct us to some source? As far as I know, neither Berkshire nor any of the companies Berkshire owns directly received bailouts, either in 2008 or now.

    • Avatar Nemesis HD says:

      Well i don’t respect poor people like you who are leaches to the economy and rely on gov help

  3. Avatar Ali Qazilbash says:

    Happy Birthday Mr. Buffett
    i didn’t know you were a virgo.

    • Avatar Ali Qazilbash says:

      i thought you were referring to silicon valley ceo’s when you made the creative destruction inference

    • Avatar Ali Qazilbash says:

      easy for you to say, i don’t even have a green card yet 🤩

    • Avatar Ali Qazilbash says:

      sometimes, the man who is perfect for the job, gets it. A lion is disguised as a puppy, what else could it be?

  4. Avatar Luigi Ruggieri says:

    The birthday is on 30th August

  5. Avatar D says:

    Since he bought ABX my stock has gone down. Bet against America. Double up

    • Avatar Nemesis HD says:

      he only bought a small amount of ABX do your research, dont just assume that he is ,, all in ,, bearish on the economy, maybe thats just a hedge

  6. Avatar Chris Daze says:

    Yeah what gets you where you need to go in life is good literacy maths and facts n figures and knowledge, not a certificate. I have that too tho! (National Diploma)

    • Avatar Palm says:

      He did go to uni though. So he was educated and got several certificates.

  7. Avatar Max Mustermann says:

    1789 good old days

  8. Avatar CashGold Ernie says:

    Their Fountain Of Youth is Adrenochrome.

    • Avatar Chris Daze says:

      And testosterone.

  9. Avatar Purple Gum says:

    Robinhood traders who’s on nirvana state of mind said his days are over and he doesn’t know today’s market.

    • Avatar Sprezzatura says:

      Let’s watch the Robinhood Traders and see if any one of them become anything close to a Warren Buffett.

    • Avatar S p says:

      That’s disrespectful of them. The man was and still is successful and humble. shame on them.

    • Avatar S p says:

      Why does Robinhood have to put the success of another man down . You can still succeed without being disrespectful.
      Robinhood is great for people who dont have a lot of money but are willing to educate themselves and make calculated risks.

  10. Avatar Honey Backwoods says:

    Happy Birthday to the G.O.A.T🐐Mr.Buffett, 90 years old and still going to dairy queen for a birthday “Blizzard” with bill gates I bet lol 👏😁?! Aha

  11. Avatar Travis Garnett says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr. Buffett!! Thank-you for the great advice.

  12. Avatar Rohan Vaidya says:

    Why such videos aren’t be found in trending section..?🙄

    • Avatar billytheweasel says:

      I had to search after watching Gates make a cake for Warren, Gates Notes alerted me, thankfully.
      George Schultz said a similar thing to Buffet’s comment; capitalism is great but needs government to set rules and put up guardrails. George Schultz even said Unions were helpful as a check on capitalism that keep it from eating itself (paraphrasing from long distant articles). That shocked me, so I still recall it.

  13. Avatar Richard Ellis says:

    Some good advice for my children in here! Do something you would do anyway even if you didn’t need the money… I think I knew this all along.

  14. Avatar C0MP0NENT says:

    Happy bday Mr oricale

  15. Avatar muddyriverdogz says:

    When the Fed is suppressing interest rates, bailing out banks and corporation’s. When Washington is being controlled by the central banking system, wallstreet and corporation’s….There isn’t any capitalism. No my friend there is not.

  16. Avatar Anna - Let's Get Acquainted says:

    1:30 out of the ordinary

  17. Avatar Caleb Paul says:

    Invest only in what you understand is the best advice I have ever received, and it recently helped me pay the rent while I was unemployed.

  18. Avatar Youtube Cult Destroyer says:

    With his billions he’s still about to d!e. He hasn’t lived any extreme. He just has wealth, never used it, for fun I mean. So what’s the point in that success.

    • Avatar Minenhle Dlamini says:

      He’s giving away 90% of his money to charity. His 70 billion is going to help hundreds of people compared to your pennies

    • Avatar Cryptology says:

      The way is the goal.

    • Avatar Metacognition88 says:

      Your clueless. He doesn’t do what he does just be wealthy. He has enjoyed finance and investing since he was a kid.

  19. Avatar Junu Henhowo says:

    A very very Happy birthday to you Sir Warren Buffett .You are my favourite person and you are a inspiration for me to be a Trillionaire and to be successful and rich……

  20. Avatar The Icelandic Investor says:

    Happy 90th to my man Warren Buffett🎈

  21. Avatar Toni Montana says:

    Happy birthday! I learned a lot from him. Thank you, Warren!

  22. Avatar Nobu Francis says:

    Happy Birthday Buffett sir. Thank you very much for enriching our lives. Listening to your advise and following your style of investing has made us think more clearly and taken us towards prosperity. Wishing you the best in the years to come.🙏🙏🙏

  23. Avatar Cryptology says:

    The true king of wall street.

  24. Avatar billytheweasel says:

    …and people say Buffet didn’t give them a B-day present so they’re not sending him one on his 90th.
    What a gift. Wish I could have heard this when I was a teen…. and listened!

  25. Avatar Yitbrek Mata says:

    It’s my birthday as well, and I’m honored to share a birthday with investing legend, Warren Buffet

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