My 2012 Goals And Resolutions

2020 9/01
My 2012 Goals And Resolutions

Do you want to know my 2012 goals and resolutions? I am very transparent about the goals and set. It holds me accountable for following through. Get my FREE Life Mastery Toolkit to learn how to achieve your goals:

This year I decided to make my goals and resolutions for 2012 public, as an added way to get accountability from friends and family. When you make something public, you’re more accountable to follow through. This is what I’m committed to in 2012 – see my progress and updates on my blog and on my YouTube channel!



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コメント一覧 (46件)

  • Jonathan Menkhus says:

    Which of these did you do?

  • RedMoonRising24 says:

    Did u ever learn to play guitar?

  • Eon Galactic says:

    Thanks for these videos! My goal is to get a nice condo in Vancouver before my birthday June 10th. Been learning to trade for a year and things are finally going as planned. 2016 I will meet you and blog the results like you have. Thanks again!

    • Femi E says:

      its Feb 2018
      Did you buy that condo???

  • kimy D says:

    inspiring goals and resolutions!

  • زاوية مختلفه says:

    started to see all your videos 🙂

  • Dream Travel says:

    incredible where he started and where he is now.

  • faheeta says:

    Stefan should do a Stefan reacts to his first YouTube video!

    • One Percent Better says:

      Agreed 😛

    • Joel Vandusen says:

      faheeta Ya

    • Steve Chovu says:

      YES! He mos def should! @Project Life Mastery

    • Harrison Ji says:

      Yes!! Now just hit 1MM, let’s do a reaction video

    • faheeta says:

      The people have spoken.

  • Shane Landstrom says:

    Awesome to see the early videos. You have hair!!!! lol.

  • Lisandro Ortiz says:

    You are an inspiration..

  • Mistah AC says:

    wow dude so inspirational to see how far you’ve come!

  • Olivia Hwang says:

    5 years of consistency! Wow! You are so Inspiring!

  • Andrew M says:

    Just got your email about the 2018 resolutions and it made me want to go back and check out your 2012 goals. Congratulations Stefan and what an inspiration you are. Look at where you were and now where you are now. All the best to you in 2018!

    • Project Life Mastery says:

      Thank you for the support Andrew!

  • Syed Mubashir says:


  • Priscila Cassou says:

    It’s almost 2019… And I’m curious: have you achieved all those goals in 2012? Or did it take a little longer for some of them?

    Thanks for sharing, btw! 😍😍
    I’ve been binge watching your videos ever since I saw one… 😬😇😘

  • Alan gael Romo says:

    I’m checking out all but all of his videos and implented into my life

  • jacksonroks says:

    Hello, I recently found your channel and enjoy your content but decided to go back and start at square 1 with your first video and watch them all in order. You are truly an inspiration and great role model.

  • Jacob Rufus says:

    It’s So inspiring to see your journey man. As a 19-year-old watching this it’s so interesting how small changes in your life can change things so much

  • Amun Ra says:

    You deleted some of your older than this videos? I seem to remember you were trying to make money as a coach at one point, trying to get to $8,400 per month, but those videos seem to be gone.

  • Philipp Klinkner says:

    This man is a legend.

  • KDKMadhushan says:

    Stefan startup

  • Tyga Rush says:

    hahhahaha nice! huge difference between then and now! great work dude!

  • Anna Sarniak says:

    Thats wild, you sound and look different, hair looks great on you.

  • Obduracy says:

    This is so inspirational

  • Fernandu Chimuco says:

    Just here to learn from your humble beginnings

    • Tube Tube says:

      You got to have patience and discipline. 90% of ppl WILL NOT achieve this. The truth is the truth😌. Sorry bro.

      Respect to Stefan❤️

    • Fernandu Chimuco says:


  • Lacy Influx says:

    I just started my channel on integrative health and mental wellness. Your channel is one that helped to inspire me and changed my life. I wanted to see how you got your start. I love this video!! Makes me feel good about where I am at!!!🙌❤️🙌🦄 Thanks for your contribution to my world!

  • Bilal HM says:

    I decided to start my youtube channel today. thanks for the video!

  • happy life with zineb says:

    Now 2020 so proud of you

  • Meaches says:

    I found you today on YouTube randomly. Watched a few videos and broke down a bit. A couple years back I quit drinking. Started investing in myself right then and there! Along the way I started feeling a lot better! On Feb 29th, I quit smoking. Smoked for far too long and happy to be quit cold turkey now for 44days14hours23minutes.(quit smoking app). Alas in keeping with investing in myself, especially during this unprecedented time, i have decided today to watch all of your content and take notes. I already know I can absorb a lot from you and I am really looking forward to it. Thank you so much for this opportunity to set myself free.

  • Gwynie Jenkins says:

    Well you definitely did it!! Inspirational!

  • TenTen's Vlog says:

    I love this video

    I sincerely love it

  • Harrison Ji says:

    Stefan, please do a review video now the channel just hit 1MM!! Big milestone

  • Brent Peluso says:

    love looking back at peoples first youtube videos. How old are you here?

  • Jay Cayuca says:

    Throwback 8yrs ago. 🥂💰

  • Claudia Auger says:

    Yessss! How was the Tony Robbins event?!

  • aitzaz101 says:

    Hey a vancouverite! I have just moved here recently. Would love to meet you someday 🙂

  • SPClark says:

    😉 I follow you since few months and now I watched actually your start off video 😉 with hair 😉 and start off your successful journey to 2020 now 😉 very interesting to see and maybe I should start this in my language German or maybe both languages ?? as well in front off the camera and just start…. 😉 i WOULD HAVE TO SHARE A LOT OFF UP AND DOWNS IN MY LIFE …… and would be nice to be in a simalar way like you in 2028 😉 😉 with Online Business Affiliate marketing and other income streams and mainly to help others !!!!! in my personal Niches…. LOL 😉 😉 Properly Stefan you will never read this message but all your videos which I saw so far other the last months very clever and smart and inspiration to the same time….. 😉 😉

    Take care and Stefan are you German or family because of your typical German name Stefan?? 😉

  • All is Energy says:

    Wow this is an entire different person, as it should :).