Full Panel: Trump Facing ‘An Aggressive One-Two Punch’ After New Report | Meet The Press | NBC News

Jeffrey Goldberg, Al Cardenas and Kasie Hunt join the Meet the Press roundtable to discuss reporting that the president downplayed the pandemic response and questioned the motivations of service members.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Panel: Trump Facing ‘An Aggressive One-Two Punch’ After New Report | Meet The Press | NBC News

104 thoughts on “Full Panel: Trump Facing ‘An Aggressive One-Two Punch’ After New Report | Meet The Press | NBC News

  1. bob roberts Reply

    with no due respect – it’s not ‘shocking’ that donny tiny-hands is under in florida, it’s shocking that the worst president in u.s. history is still hitting numbers that high ! i’m baffled that there are so many people who cannot see the reality that is staring them in their face – they believe in god (which you cannot see or touch) and argue against viruses (which cannot be seen nor touched – but do touch us !)

  2. Oddvard Myrnes Reply

    The pundit say “we where not trained to deal with the way Trump lied”. A journalist need to look at facts, history and correlate events to interpret reality. This nice crowd of imbesiles are the sad state of American journalism.

  3. Manirah Green Reply

    They need to Impeach Trump for Treason

  4. Brian Frantom Reply


  5. Nick.j Fury Reply

    @NBC I am tired of the lies and censorship , The fine people hoax: Trump denounced racist clearly stating they was NOT part of the fine people “edited out of original video”

    Atlantic/Military story debunked https://youtu.be/r0QIpVxOcYg Trump never said it.
    https://youtu.be/Lj2I8Hcmvxk Majority owner of the Atlantic has donated 600k to Biden victory fun.

    Drinking bleach hoax
    Trump was talking about UV light as a disinfectant.

    Antifa is a myth: hoax

    Hydroxychloroquine Efficacy deadly drug hoax, exposed
    From Belgium 30% reduced death rate
    From Italy also 30% reduced death rate

    How do these work?
    Joe Says the lie.
    Democrats trust Joe

    The media reports the lie
    Most people trust the media

    Social media/friends and family share the lie.
    Most people do not “Research” because they get validation from 3 trusted sources….

    Biden lied
    Media lied.
    Friends and family believe the lie and share it. No one has verified it.

    The Democrats and main stream media do not care about you and me. They demand we have scientific evidence of HCQ and hide all talk of HCQ, while applying censorship to evidence of fine people or bleach hoax/LIES

    Google/Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and their Big Tech friends want to control what you see, what you read, what you think, and ultimately, how you vote. Not only do they spend hundreds of millions of dollars on lobbying congress and buttering up big Washington DC think tanks, but now they brazenly and directly censor any content they don’t want you to see.

    If you do not understand how dangerous this is ask a friend.

    If you are wanting change, be the change. No more peaceful riots https://youtu.be/JmXj613HPN8

    Propaganda is very real today, so many people hate Trump. But if you just look at the record of the top 2 Obama disasters, 1) foreign policy: Obama bombed at least 1 country everyday for 8 years. 2) USA Economy: Obama /Biden sold jobs and companies and military tech to CHINA. but the media stated all of Obama failures were due to BUSH and all of Trump’s success was Obamas. Facts: Trump got 2 major peace deals done in first term. Trump has built the strongest economy machine the world has ever seen and returned job back from China. Main stream media refused to post any good news of trumps success while preaching hate, fear and separation

    Arrest Hillary

    Once your awake from the lefts lies, the left can no longer put you to sleep with more lies


  6. Rodelio Bagsic Reply

    You yourself major media outlets and news caster are bunch of idiots that poisons Americans. Shame on you!

  7. Troy Lynn Reply

    The butt Hurt panel

  8. abdul samad khan Reply

    #PrimeTime #RavishKumar

  9. Katieannah Reply

    Though out the years every one that has tried to run for president has lied .They have never done for the country that swore they would. lies upon lies. war after war. trump many have lied but never about his plan to clean the filthy swamp and end wars bring back jobs. he has followed through. i don’t care what he said tens years ago or five minutes ago about a freaking carrot just as long as he follows through making this country a better place for our children. THIS is THE FIRST TIME I WILL BE VOTING. I’VE LISTENED TO PROMISES OUT OF THESE POLITICIANS FOR 7 DECADES. AND NOT ONE I EVERY WOULD HAVE VOTED FOR.( TRUMP HAS MY SUPPORT)

    • K O Reply

      Yay! TRUMP 2020!

  10. David Anthony Reply

    Trump downplayed the virus and lied about the virus, and then lied about that. To calm was his excuse for not telling the truth as he received it. BS Of course. We know he specializes in chaos, we also know that he uses the media to manipulate. ~ What’s his excuse for politicizing it as a hoax, and using it to divide the nation!? That’s a good question for the debates. The answer is! He lied about the coronavirus because the seriousness would drain his political schemes of the divisive energy it depends on and the coronavirus causes the country to be united and work together, which doesn’t work well in Trump’s favor. I believe his supporters need this as well because they’re such extremists. *Donald Trump needs us to be divided to promote his fascism and hate. Donald Trump’s lying and misleading us about the virus was mal-intent and deliberate harm, negligence and he should be tried for it.*

    *Watch “The Social Dilemma”* now on Netflix. It explains how the right-wing media is promoting Fascism to tear down Democratic Nations. And it explains why Trump supporters hate the truth. The weirdest thing right! It has to do with Facebook and Google Business algorithms doing on purpose damage to the truth to promote Fascism to overthrow Democratic Nations. We are not the only country this is happening to. It is happening to America, and our President Donald Trump is playing his part in it.

  11. Shamus McDougal Reply

    A panel of idiots. Trump is still the president.

  12. Zorro Computers Reply

    Let republicans NOT wear the masks.

  13. Jeremy Kern Reply

    How many deaths do you think are directly from that fear mongar playing it down? it’s not a lie it’s treason, again.

  14. Tony John Reply

    It’s difficult to forget about the things that affect you.

    • K O Reply

      Yes, like human started wildfires along the west coast of America. Like CCP started Covid-19.

  15. Tony John Reply

    Do you really want USA to become total socialism because you dislike current administration?

  16. Tony John Reply

    A choice between USA America first and global

  17. Tony John Reply

    Smart people would prefer the road to self reliance and republican agenda

    • K O Reply

      One who is in the 99th percentile for IQ couldn’t agree more!

  18. Tony John Reply

    False polls to influence the herd

  19. Michael Scarlino Reply

    Trumps America, NOT GREAT….

  20. c jennings Reply

    None of the BS the MSM is pulling is going to work
    You guys are in for a meltdown🤣🤣🤣

  21. Moniqu Marshall Reply

    why mainstream not mentioning Hillary Clinton and her crew wiping their phones clean. Mueller investigation not even mentioned. MSNBC your viewers are weak puppets but I can see your phony tactics. It’s hilarious to watch your dumb viewers though.

  22. Krystel Spicer Reply

    Solutions at Facebook Krystel Spicer Mind Ark. How’d you like an alternative Prime Meridian huh? 😁

  23. Linwood Payne Jr Reply

    You want my honest strategy, very simple stop covering this President and let Fox News do with their trash Fox News made this garbage now they can clean it up

  24. Human Being Reply

    A new low for Trump? Just when you think it can’t get any worse!

  25. God’s Spiritual Poet Reply

    Job 19:14- “My relatives have failed, And my intimate friends have forgotten me.

    Job 19:19- “All my associates abhor me, And those I love have turned against me.

    Psalm 38:11- My loved ones and my friends stand aloof from my plague; . . .

    Psalm 88:18- You have removed lover and friend far from me; My acquaintances are in darkness.

    Psalm 51:11- Do not cast me away from Your presence And do not take Your Holy Spirit from me.

    Psalm 51:12- Restore to me the joy of Your salvation And sustain me with a willing spirit.

    Jude 21- keep yourselves in the love of God, waiting anxiously for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to eternal life.

    God’s love will never abandon your soul

    Your true love has finally come to you

    I found true love within God’s Spirit from above

    God’s love can fix your heart to love again

    I found true love within God’s Spirit from above

  26. Rahmon Rose El Reply

    NBC please cut it

  27. A nwah Reply

    People are starting to see through the propaganda

  28. Angel Vargas Reply

    Fake news

  29. The Golden Jaguar Reply

    😂 dems are about to get their hats handed to them! Jim Crow Joe Biden and Top Cop Kamala Harris refuse to listen to the Democrats’ most faithful base which is foundational blacks. And now they’re going to lose because of their own inherent racism!

  30. Party Crasher Reply

    All the large cities in America that are burning down Are Democrat Ran. If the Democrat liberal party isn’t paying thugs to do this. Well why won’t they let the president Help them for support In these Democrat ran cities. Because this is pure politics At it is worse.

  31. Denise Eugene Reply

    Solutions about what’s going on ?

  32. The Geek Is Strong Reply

    Trump described his election as “Brexit plus one”. This is the only true thing he’s ever said, both events have destabilised the countries

  33. Legion Reply

    Trump will be re-elected, democrats need to get over it already, he doesn’t need your advice

  34. The Geek Is Strong Reply

    Read the new book. It’s coming out soon titled: Glorious Leader Trump for Make Benefit for USA. That’s the direct Russian translation

  35. Julie Singh Reply

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  36. Pamela Cassise Reply

    The more you tell Trump he is lying the more he lies. He loves lying. He enjoys this attention. He does not have a conscience.

  37. Melissa Wallace Reply

    Democrats and this paid for by democrats news is talking old news. Lol he doesn’t need them Biden has lost.

  38. Chris Musumeci Reply

    The cops in Compton #4MOREYEARS

  39. Tecumseh Sherman Reply


  40. Melissa Kurtz Reply

    such a disrespectful group of people that are deluded

  41. Michael Kong Reply

    He is crazy!

  42. Harlan Woodward Reply

    Joe Biden has dementia and will pull out of debates with Trump.

  43. Make Su Great Again Reply

    Shut up Fake news.

  44. Amelia Cook Reply

    Ohh, that’s a bit strange…..she should give her money to charity where it can actually help people. Not give it to ‘don the con”.

  45. CHIBI MOON Reply

    We’re all being too soft with tRUMP and his enablers. Democrats need to learn from the Republicans at the Lincoln Project and learn to stick it to tRUMP where it hurts. American has become the land of insanity under this mad man. I am so ashamed he is in the White House and has made a mockery of our Constitution.

    • Bart Bell Reply

      Why not just remove the t

  46. Eric JS Reply

    How are you a analyst/reporter when you use “um” equally to the amount of words in your opinion stated? 😆

  47. Amanda Farnham Reply


  48. jabberwolf Reply

    HAHAHA This is fake news AGAIN
    1- This has already been debunked by the Navy weather report that was attained by a FOIA request, that stated the weather was too bad and the ceiling too low.
    2- Trump already claimed he was trying to not panic anyone ALL AWHILE the media was stating that covid was no more dangerous than the flu (and criticizing Trump for stopping flights coming in from China AND Europe).
    In face they were doing this as far in as MARCH !!

  49. Amanda Farnham Reply


  50. qgg888 Reply

    What do you do with someone has no shame? VOTE him out of the office! With that simple criteria, many Trump enablers should be voted out the offices as well.

  51. Rational Man Reply

    A lot of pathetic losers on this channel

  52. Richard Carnie Reply


  53. Jose Magadan Reply

    Lady in red talking?
    What’s wrong with your neck

  54. david bias Reply

    NBC. bunch of fools rat face liers

  55. david bias Reply

    chuck todd has a punchable face he is a moron all these people are

  56. Norman Price Reply

    Turn the water on in cold areas freeze the ground tur nit into moisture that’s the best idea.

  57. Jim and Lanette Brady Reply


  58. Mike Burke Reply

    Does anyone know who Chuck Todd is married to?…. You should. Chuck is a puppet.

  59. John Schrachta Reply

    He loves shadows, shadows in dark attire or shadow boxing a woman who lives 24 7 in his brain.

  60. The Scran Line Reply

    If ever there was a picture dictionary. This guys face would be next to establishment news media hack. Fought tooth and nail against progressives and continues to do so in the interest of his corporate buddies. Corrupt news, completely no trust in this guy or MSNBC for that matter. I detest YouTube making these videos play after I’ve watched progressive news on the platform. Theres no link whatsoever. Another example of YT jumping into bed with MSM.

  61. Galen fett Reply

    The democratic party is officially a terrorist organization they are burning black neighborhoods down. Engaging in voter intimidation and jim crow again.they are trying to legalize pedophilia and they are murderers.the media is a terrorist organization too because a support and condone it.they are racist bigoted and crooked terrorist.they should all be locked up period

  62. Rich Cook Reply

    No one on this channel seems to know where Hunter is !!!!!

    • Dingles Reply

      Might have been his big mistake to show up in America. Trump probably put an ankle tracer on him so he could not flee the country and disappear. The Ukraine Courts issued a Court Order to formally name “Joseph Biden, former Vice President of the U.S.A” on the record as having unlawfully applied pressure to co-erce the Ukraine Government to fire its Chief Prosecutor. The Chief Prosecutor in The Ukraine is equal to our Federal Attorney General. So they’re one step away from indictments. Would Pres. Trump extradite Biden for a possible trial? An interesting situation. My guess is this is why Hunter Biden “fled” to America – conjecture though.

  63. Gregoryl v Reply

    Trump Pence 2020😀

  64. Ay der la Reply

    fake news

  65. Gordon Brown Reply

    Enemies of the past, he is the epic mind warrior. His people love the oldies.

  66. Jack White Reply

    MORE FAKE NEWS….. gotta love these morons…..if they were not so pathetic it would be funny

  67. Richard Seales Reply

    Beware America you might Instegating Civil Injustic & Unrest ; Human Rights !

  68. Kathy Martin Reply

    this guy is a psycho and another nutjob. lets hear it TRAITOR

  69. Dems CPOF Reply

    What a bunch of Cowards. Hey Cowards , See if you can get Joe in the hole , To debate Trump . It has been offered by Joe Rogan as mediator. You can’t get him to show up for this . Because he is not fit to be President.

  70. Druscilla Bridges Reply

    If Trump wins again we as the citizens of this country will not be free. It breaks my heart to see one man and his henchmen are destroying this country that people have died to keep it a democracy. The Republicans are not helping at all. God help us all.

  71. John Townsend Reply

    Despite the flaming corruption of this administration current polling shows trump still garners support from most white men over 55. And this while trump is determined to deliberately dismantle Obamacare and pre-conditions. Go figure!

  72. david greene Reply

    Well Joe Biden and pelosi said Trump was the cause of the wild fires how much you want to bet that Joe Biden and pelosi will blame hurricane Sally on Trump haha the sad thing is that people will vote for them stupid people I guess Trump 2020

  73. theuglykwan Reply

    If Trump retains PA, NC & FL but loses AZ, MI & WI, it is 269-269. It gets kicked to the house and likely Trump is elected since each house delegation has one vote and they have more house delegations at the moment.

  74. Mine Finder Reply

    I’d like to see Sleepy Joe actually take Trump behind the backstop and throw a punch. LOL
    He’d probably keel over before he ever got there.

  75. Christophe Breland Reply

    he would have sued if it wasnt true. I wish he would so we could get direct statement from who heard what he said

  76. David Holder Reply

    Hey tell the real Americans what has the Democrats done good for in the last 4 years tell us what they have done for the Americans that has help us and our country????

  77. David Holder Reply

    Nothing but wasted our tax money.

  78. Robert Reply

    FAKE NEWS! I am A Vet. We Love Trump..Have you ever served?

  79. Robert Reply

    EM3 Wheless USS Benjamin Stoddert DDG 22. Desron 35 7Th Fleet. Battle E ASW. Sea service Deployment

  80. Randy Deibert Reply

    You know your all going to gitmo. To late to be honest. Sorry but you guys bought into your own. End

  81. Randy Deibert Reply

    You sir are a lieing peace of crap. False news all lies going to getmo. QAnon patriots are comeing hilaerys dead march 28 she got hung bill got shot. Tell the true. Your boss is gone to give up the lives

  82. Randy Deibert Reply

    Bidens dead just a clone

  83. Randy Deibert Reply

    Press is devil worshipers

  84. albert castillo Reply

    We love the king trump white and rich….. 40% + all we need 12% of u loser poor people S.S. officer Miller.

  85. Robert Goss Reply


  86. TexMass1 Reply

    Cowards you people are, “anonymous sources”, Goldberg is a hack working at a losing publication! TRUMP 2020 landslide!

  87. Barb Schaefer Reply

    I feel sorry for the people that suPport him he don’t care if you get covid you notice he stays his distance in these rallies he don’t want to get it but you can all gather together to get sick wake up he just wants to get elected at your cost

  88. william rivera Reply


  89. Pete Ovidio Reply

    Trump =covid19 no more toxic president…🤔

  90. Jonathan McBrine Reply

    You radical leftists keep saying this, how’s your denial worked so far?

  91. John Hood Reply

    What comes to mind is the saying W.C. Fill, said “there a fool born everyday “

  92. David Little Reply

    God will reveal the truth soon and the den of vipers will be exposed.

  93. Patrick Baustian Reply

    What happened before the Woodward interview? Well…
    Jan 31 Trump administration declared a public health emergency.
    Feb 24 Pelosi encourages people to visit Chinatown.
    Feb 29 Trump administration announced a level 4 travel ban from Italy, South Korea, and Iran.
    March 2 De Blasio encourages New Yorkers to go to movie theaters.
    March 4 Trump administration announced the purchase of 500 million N 95 masks.
    March 6 Trump signed an 8.3 billion dollar bill to combat the coronavirus outbreak.
    March 11 Trump administration issues travel restrictions on foreigners visiting Europe in the last 14 days.
    March 13 Trump administration issues national emergency order to access 42 billion dollars to combat the coronavirus.
    March 13 Michigan sent infected (young) people into nursing homes.
    March 14 Trump administration issues travel ban Europe and UK.
    March 18 closed the US Canada border and planned to invoke the defense production act.
    March 19 Woodward interview.

    Up play the action, down play the talk and reduce panic.
    Trump did the right thing.

  94. David Little Reply

    Do people know that before Trump came to office trillions of dollars have gone missing or unaccounted for? This is hard-earned tax money being used by the so-called elitist aka bankers and so forth to do as they will. All these presidents fall inline to play their puppet parts. 6 major companies controlled by the elite are Comcast, TimeWarner, Walt Disney, 21st Century Fox, Viacom, and CBS. Their agenda or narrative is to follow directives from their owners. These elitists want to pull their strings but Trump has other ideas so they attack mercilessly on every level whether truthfully or false but it is very obvious that they all have the same agenda. And what about this COVID 19 which just happen to come out when things were starting to gel well with the economy as our military got stronger, unemployment dropped, and efforts were made to ease tensions between other countries like North Korea. Yes, the president puts his foot in his mouth quite often but he speaks what’s on his mind instead of reading a well-written script by staff members who are well-trained in deception and communication. The constant bombardment of attacks is too obvious, the COVID19 planned just in time, and the written books to be released before the next election is very opportunistic. The elitists want him out so they can continue to bleed the economy and control the world. I believe Trump is disrupting the New World Order plans and now he’s under the Gun. I pray that the Lord intervenes and that whoever is hurting America will be revealed. God bless you all and God bless America.

  95. Trent Bonebrake Reply

    The show should be called enemy of the people

  96. t heuber Reply

    Who are the True Americans? The vast majority of Americans will be voting for Biden..As much as they Pillory Hillary; What does that say about Trump who received less votes – even with Russian help than Hillary did in 2016. The vast majority of Americans will be voting for Biden…The rest are dwindling cult members of the Mar a Lago Swamp crowd – that is where the depravity began. Vote your conscience. ….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFX3YKlnop. Americans Are For Biden! Biden 2020! America for Americans.

  97. JoAnn Thomases Reply

    There seems to be a mis-construing of terminologies, regarding berth bonds. Lets get to this, language, and give the masses a fair-play, as we are looking at our parents, retirements being dwindled, blessings…being undone, as termonologies are completely, mis-represented, in langiage, contracting unconscienably and Notwithstanding, in any ethical practice in business. Let’s have a full disclosure immediatly, then get the work exposed to give our elder parents .fair play. Opportunity to have correction to this un-disclosed style of supposed contracts, at berth. We are too peacefull and together to have all of this fake havac pulled on masses of man-kind. What is it about, and let’s have valid claims on all assumptions pertaining to law….equity reciprocity, constitution, rights all being oddly dismembered with a strange 14th corporate citizen, none have had any knowledge of, as far as this research, many are finding. Let’s have all unscrambling and researching these concerns. Start with your research on lawyers in office, separation of powers. And lets hear what research you find, as police do not protect cirizens per Supreme Ct. Let’s get some straight talk, and credible, legal vs. Lawful research going through these news stations ! Speak with exact termonologies, must be spoken soon. This is the communication problem, at hand ! News should be the first ones,up explaining this, and yet they haven’t peeped any of this. All the mis-construing is disregarded in all reporting. We have tangents of personal private, or mob rule, anger issues, constantly overcrowding what should be a serious news to a people of 50 true states, with an established peace treaty. What do you have, lets have truth, as we have a far larger concern than what one does in a bedroom, or who dislikes who from childhood. Lets get to the meat of what these birth bonds are. What a SUR-name is…what is a District territory ????? And is it a 10 square mile, we have in court territories, and what’s foreign to whom ? Let’s ask about citizenship after an oath to FAR, and UN is taken. Is citizenship relinquished from the people running for an office ? Yet the people are put under scrutiny, without any clear terminology given ? The school system has eliminated critical knowledge, on purpose, as government us putting the controls on these books, that do not even disclose what is going on with this supposed corporate citizen, and “territory”, district court system. Define state…all definitions and report on what is what, and what peace treaty, is had in these 50 states united …are they true united states. Are municipalities contracted with Articles of Incorporation ? So, they are commercial companies, or corporations meaning they cannot be government ? What is being done, with disclosing to the people of a nation, what has been found ? I challenge your news to crack these books, of law. No state shall give a license for what….”exactly”? Please start there !! Most are actually innocently manipulated through massive terminology deception, in just about everything. We have serious work to do people. Lets get it done, lets start forgiving, and put a country back the way we believed it to be ..a people, with rights as men and women ! Equal in nature. A melting pot that must get along peacefully. And Not excluding any overbearing PUBLIC SERVANTS ….ONLY. No more massive, distructive Monopolistic Corporations that “all ‘peoples'” the stocks of,have ownership in. Lastly.may all see these, made in china mask tests, some day, since these people have them across their noses, yet washing their hands…they too, are out of China !!! So, what tests are on them ? It makes zero logic, here. None have asked this yet stick them right on their very face, with zero thought to it….Zero thought !!!! Not one question do they think of this. C’mon here. Let that sink in a minute !!

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