Warren Buffett on the best investment you can make

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Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Christoforous and Brian Sozzi speak with Berkshire Hathaway shareholder Bill Smead, CIO of Smead Capital Management, about what we can learn from Warren Buffett on his 90th Birthday.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Akash Sharma says:


  2. Avatar Yash Gondil says:

    Happy Birthday Sir🎂🎂🍰🍰

  3. Avatar Talking life says:

    The most important investment you can make is in yourself.

    • Avatar Jaxx Brat says:

      And the stock is cheap

    • Avatar MASTER FAZE Try hard gamer says:

      best investment is buffet

  4. Avatar Susil Gurung dfm says:

    Happy 90th birthday 🎂 mr. buffet.

  5. Avatar Adiel Santiago says:

    Buffett ❤

  6. Avatar HUNTER HAMILTON says:

    I don’t know, the best investment you can make is in selling premiums to (suckers)..

    • Avatar No More Femme Bots says:

      Haha amen! The best investment advice… “be at the top of the pyramid” 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Avatar MASTER FAZE Try hard gamer says:

      @No More Femme Bots best investment is build a time machine and play 100 dimension chess

  7. Avatar Deepak Kumar.J says:

    Happy birthday warren buffet sir you are inspiration of billions of people’s ♥️

  8. Avatar Ray Pease says:

    After outpreforming the major indexes already gold companies still have some of the best p/e ratios anywhere right now and that isn’t even factoring in higher gold prices! Awesome feeling knowing I was in before Berkshire! Can’t wait for everyone to realize most companies are WAY overbought and start buying mining stocks which are actually a good value and make profits!

    • Avatar Paul S says:

      Won’t last forever, once industries recover it will go down

  9. Avatar H says:

    Value investing = sounds smart, sounds intellectual. It doesn’t work.

    • Avatar An Intellectual says:

      What? You serious? Warren made a 20000000% return on equity. How much did you make. He beats all hedge funds and made a bet in 2006 that hedge funds cannot beat him or the S&P500 in a 10 year period . He won in 2016. Every hedge fund manager lost including Cathie woods. In fact she was one of the worst

  10. Avatar Antonio Aguilar says:

    It’s a new age of investing, this is just boomers booming

    • Avatar Sir Loin says:

      Antonio Aguilar it’s more like the exuberance of the Roaring 1920’s, when the public also went stock-mad. 🎉🎈🎉

  11. Avatar Phy Boeurk says:

    Hi bro

  12. Avatar Dino Kečević says:

    Happy birthday Warren.

  13. Avatar victor says:

    Did he bought his only stock?? Did I understand it right ??

    • Avatar An Intellectual says:

      victor , yes he did, it’s called buybacks

    • Avatar victor says:

      @An Intellectual Thanks friend

    • Avatar An Intellectual says:

      victor , you are welcome

  14. Avatar Lee Ann Hoffman says:

    Invest in HUFFY & TONY HAWK STOCK, all them skateboards and bikes the DEMOCRATS ARE BUYING THOSE TERRORISTS BLM/ANTIFA TO RIDE AROUND ON….. It will will sky rocket!

  15. Avatar Janegomes charette says:

    investments are very profitable if you are investing with the right person or firm, i never believed in it till i met a guy who helped me earn alot in very little time. i was able to earn thousands in a month, this was mind blowing.i had few friends invest too and they loved the outcome and thanked me for it. Guys i`m not trying to sell you anything or advertise for anybody or firm. i promise its 100% legit. you can write him(Mr Walter) on his mail(jameswalterjohn19@gmailcom) you wouldnt regret it.

  16. Avatar JVD 333 says:

    That gasoline comment was so off base with reality. I know middle class kids that are getting Tesla’s as their sweet 16 cars, and college kids that have been getting EVs since they could drive.
    – In 10 years gas cars are going to be relics.
    — Every major car company is starting their own electric car line. And this guy thinks what, they’re just gonna keep making Both? Because that sounds like a good business plan. 😂

  17. Avatar Philip Emanuele says:

    Or TSLA

    • Avatar D W says:

      Yeah right, Buffett correctly avoided th tech bubble in 2000, why would he buy into the second tech bubble with crazy p/e ratios from 100 to valuations like Tesla of over 1000, only a moron would buy Tesla, especially at these levels, competition coming shortly also. Tesla will implode in time, they are unable to make a profit despite being in existance for a long time + they have a nutcase CEO. But by all means, good luck in this crazy CASINO. I would never touch the stock, both long or short.

    • Avatar Eplugplay says:

      D W there is no second tech bubble. Back in 1999 it was a lot of promises of good ideas that could not come to fruition due to the lack of technology. This time we have the technology to achieve most of what is promised as there is proof of concept. Data science is highly needed for all Fortune 500 companies to increase revenue and as a software engineer this is totally true. It is transforming, do not let the dot com bubble scare you right now, you will miss out on the BIGGEST GROWTH of the next 30 years! Tesla is the most advanced tech company in the world. If you ask any brilliant people graduating from MIT to Harvard where they want to work, easy it isn’t google or amazon, it’s Tesla!

      Tesla has been trading side ways for 6+ years and most recent run up of the price is the true value of the stock (not done yet). Most analysts didn’t know how to value the company as they used the wrong metrics to compare against the automotive industry. It is a technology company no different than amazon or Apple. Amazons front business is the e-commerce and apples is the devices and Tesla is obviously their cars and soon to be solar/energy. I noticed bears are all salty against tesla because they’ve missed out, trust me after this split price it is not too late! It will have more splits in the future just like AAPL.

      The biggest indicator that tech is here to stay is that even Buffett made Apple (AAPL) 45% of his portfolio and Exxon was replaced by Sales Force in the Dow! Future is way different than you expect in 10-20 years.

    • Avatar D W says:

      @Eplugplay People can afford to buy a smartphone, very few can afford a Tesla. The Tesla cult is beyond pathetic.

    • Avatar D W says:

      @Eplugplay I will laugh my pants off when the bubble finally pops, and you fanatics go bankrupt lol. Let’s talk again in 2 years and follow up on how it went shall we.

  18. Avatar Music Motivated says:

    What course did he say he took?

    • Avatar Divinegon says:

      Dale Carnegie course…. I believe

    • Avatar Music Motivated says:

      Divinegon cool thanks

  19. Avatar Story Gordon says:

    His primary asset is moderation. He still lives in the house he bought in 1958.

    • Avatar Trip Shakespeare says:

      It’s worth about half a mil now…but yes, same house.

    • Avatar Story Gordon says:

      @Trip Shakespeare – He is worth 79 billion. How much is 0.5 million of 79 billion? Less than 0.0001%. Guess he doesn’t worry about paying the mortgage.

    • Avatar Alohababylove says:

      If he ever sold it he would make a fortune because it was his.

  20. Avatar Gemein Hardd says:


  21. Avatar Vivekananthan Vignesh says:

    Happy bday legend….

  22. Avatar Yllow Afryca says:

    Marry rich

  23. Avatar Kamal Dey says:

    Happy birthday sir. God bless.

  24. Avatar Oxazepam65 says:

    It’s risky to hold a lot of cash not invested when the fed is printing money and saying openly they want inflation greater than 2%. As much as I respest Waren Buffet, he is facing something at 90 years old that he had never seen before. He would be right if the government was to raise interest rate or stop printing money. Does anyone believe that?

  25. Avatar Ordinary Guy says:

    Bill Smead always seems uncontrolled and immature in his communication. He got invited today only because of his following WB otherwise nobody would have cared for him. It’s easy to talk crap but difficult to walk the talk. Discipline is the single most important thing in investment and trading. He is missing the critical point that WB don’t invests in stocks but in businesses that he understands. There is no difference in investing and gambling when you put money without understanding the business, and then if people make money is by luck and not by capability. One cannot play gamble when investors money is on stake and that’s a right approach to me. Nobody stops so called self-certified smart people to make direct investments and prove themselves. How many of such people could make to richest list? NONE as you can be lucky only once or twice without fundamentals and discipline but will lose money all other times. WB would have still have been richest person on this planet if he would not have donated so much wealth to charity!

  26. Avatar Professor Gamer says:

    Still hoarding wealth

  27. Avatar Sam Spade says:

    Oh yeah, he’s smarter than Buffett. 😝😂😂😂 not

  28. Avatar hhdjdjdjdj YyhhddjYyhhddjd says:

    Happy Birthday 🎂🎉🍁MR BUFFETT 🍁🎉

  29. Avatar S says:

    Who are these folks who give a thumbs down for this video??!

  30. Avatar Jung K says:

    He will be proven right, hes got smart people giving him advice and he has great insight.

  31. Avatar Asim Shah says:

    Happy birthday too you Mr Buffett

  32. Avatar George Maximus says:

    Everyone is doing net buying of stocks and Warren Buffett is doing net selling of stocks. Everyone is focusing on “greedy when others are fearful” and ignores the “fearful when others are greedy” bottom line is that everyone just likes stocks going up, cannot stop themselves from chasing the market higher, FOMO is full hyperdrive, no fundamentals needed. Law of attraction, people loves money and they want it as soon as possible.

  33. Avatar D says:

    Him buying ABX gold dropped my stock price make sense of that

  34. Avatar Gi Gi says:

    Massage to Buffet , don’t eat the cake from Bill. & Melinda Gates. He putt Covid 19 in it.
    Happy B day 👍

    • Avatar Hugo Campos says:

      You don’t eat SARS-Cov-2. You BREATH it. You inhale it, and it finds its way into your vital organs then.

    • Avatar Gi Gi says:

      @Hugo Campos
      U right .👍
      But ..I would not trust Bill & Melinda with a RAT . They will find a way. ….

  35. Avatar Shawn says:

    This Berkshire guy is a dinosaur. I agreed with him until he started spewing oil.

  36. Avatar Lewis Lemons III says:

    That means it’s over.

  37. Avatar Rai Nilima says:

    You are great sir

  38. Avatar Ken Yup says:

    Salute to warren buffet

  39. Avatar Stijn van de Ven says:

    I once hold Warren Buffet in high regard, but after the silver manipulation and one of his companies distributing large pallets of bricks around cities in the US as a clear provocation to make sure unrest continues is despicable, Warren Buffet is a despicable man!! He claims he’s modest and that he doesn’t care about money; but if so, why do all this. There is nothing wrong with making money; there is everything wrong with trying to cheat in order to get it! I hope he dies soon.

  40. Avatar Stijn van de Ven says:

    I once hold Warren Buffet in high regard, but after the silver manipulation and one of his companies distributing large pallets of bricks around cities in the US as a clear provocation to make sure BLM unrest continues is despicable, Warren Buffet is a despicable man!! He claims he’s modest and that he doesn’t care about money; but if so, why do all this. There is nothing wrong with making money; there is everything wrong with trying to cheat, manipulate and lie in order to get it! Who else do we know that have done that….. Oh Hi Bill Gates, wasn’t there a reason windows was first named windows-DOS; DOS standing for dirty operating system after you stole that concept from someone else, then got a monopoly on windows-DOS as a computer software! And what do you know, both guys are close friends…. sort seeks out sort.

  41. Avatar Darmaputra Gusti says:

    Have alots money will have alots idea too….

  42. Avatar I Will Become a Millionaire says:

    Happy Birthday Warren!!

  43. Avatar Hannah Stephon says:

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    • Avatar Jaylin Aileen says:

      I now see trading as a means to an end if i can put in more effort and resources

    • Avatar Jim Carter says:

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    • Avatar tonighianda says:

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    • Avatar harkenlaufer says:

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    • Avatar Paulos34 says:

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  44. Avatar Petra - wir uns kennenlernen says:

    1:29 ahaha )

  45. Avatar Đức Đại Nguyễn says:

    i like this viveo

  46. Avatar Peter Sampson says:


  47. Avatar Arc Anon Drum says:

    *Wow, so HERE are some Tips that Warren Buffet “forgot” to share with you:*
    1. Be 40% Shareholder of Wells Fargo Bank. Abuse the Non-Disclosure Agreement under the Taxpayer Bailout given to Banks after the Housing Bubble Crash. Have your Bank President claim that “you didn’t need the bailout” when in fact, you took the money and you DID defraud Home buyers.
    2. Since Banks cannot sell foreclosures for a profit (an obvious conflict of interest) well, found a Real Estate Business and call it Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate. Buy foreclosed Homes (you know, that Wells Fargo Bank took away) and use your Real Estate Business to purchase at well below Market Value to then sell at a profit.
    3. Have your Bank open accounts for customers that they don’t need and maybe don’t know about to Boost Account Fees. That Boosts Earnings and THAT Boosts Stock Price. Cash out some stock for Profit Taking.
    4. Claim to be for Taxing Billionaires.
    5. Found a company called Berkshire Hathaway Media Group and start buying Newspapers. That’s where all the media moguls started.
    6. Don’t tell people about the Wells Fargo Bank shenanigans, don’t tell people to demand that billionaires be taxed like the Working Class and DON’T TELL people that they are constantly being lied to by the Wealth Class and all for sweet, sweet profit.
    7. Lather, rinse, repeat and YOU TOO can become a billionaire, you pathetic loser.

    • Avatar harambe tidepod says:

      Wells Fargo preyed on low income families and referred to black people as mud people in internal emails.

  48. Avatar Isabel Richard says:

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    • Avatar Ernesto Beck says:

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      @Isabel Richard Thank you. will contact him as soon as possible.

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  49. Avatar marryson123 says:

    Winking at a girl in the dark LOLOL. Thats what I have been doing my entire life.

  50. Avatar harambe tidepod says:

    Millennials are ducked due to the greed of the prior generations.
    They will never own a home or stop working a mcjob.
    Bitcoin will set you free.

  51. Avatar Jason Andy says:

    The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

    • Avatar Patrick Walter says:

      You’re right sir, Thanks for introducing me to Mr Edward

    • Avatar Patrick Walter says:

      You’re right sir, Thanks for introducing me to Mr Edward
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  52. Avatar Olusola says:

    Happy birthday Dear Mr Buffet. Remember God loves you.

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  54. Avatar Joshua Bak says:

    Happy Birthday mr b

  55. Avatar Joshua Bak says:

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  56. Avatar NYMArts says:

    job Get the Credit…..S.O.S. ……….Great Karma :o)

  57. Avatar Denzel nicholson says:

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    • Avatar Excel Tiger says:

      Thanks I think I’ll give this Mr Robertson a try

    • Avatar Katherine bergman says:

      @Excel Tiger you should!

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      I’ve heard of many brokers I just hope can help me

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