Tesla price target raised ahead of battery day

Yahoo Finance’s Ines Ferre reports on the latest news on Tesla stock.
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104 thoughts on “Tesla price target raised ahead of battery day

  1. who create GOD? Reply

    And some idiot’s still call tesla just a car company 😂

    • E. H. Reply

      Everyone who thinks tesla is not going to have 1 trillion market cap in the next 3-5 years is just delusional

    • Phil Nguyen Reply

      That’s why they’re idiot’s 🙂

  2. Hoa Nguyen Reply

    raise it to the moon

    • Fionn Balfe Reply

      To Mars

    • Droid 007 Reply

      To Uranus

    • charlene jones Reply

      To the Mars

  3. J Boy Reply

    I remember buying TSLA at IPO. People bashed me saying TSLA is snake oil. I just simply say betting against Elon Musk is like betting against Galileo.

    • who create GOD? Reply

      And still flat earth religion’s exist😉

    • ReNto Quando Reply

      za world not galileo , giordano bruno

    • APT 69 Reply

      @who create GOD? 👍😂😂😂

    • J Boy Reply

      Years later Kennedy put a man into space and proved the world was pretty much round. And years later Tesla is still around, valued more than the next 11 existing legacy automakers.

    • Qwazy01 Reply

      @za world I think he faked his death and still parties with Elvis and Tupac

  4. RD 202 Reply

    The company is up 400% YTD, when the analyst raise there target its not on fundamentals its on hype. Battery day and hitting 500k has surly already been priced in.

    Its still $800+ up from the stock split which changed nothing fundimentally. I have no doubt that in 10 years tesla will be successful but this is just a price buble that will pop.

    • marco deo Reply

      @RD 202 So you think it is a good idea to buy a company growing at 100% a year ,at 2025 prices? This is what you are buying in Tesla.

    • marco deo Reply

      @Sekir80 by above 50 you mean a 50 PE right this is what I said 50 P/E ratio not $50 per share. I bought 1 share of nkla, not gambling a lot on it. NKLA has zero earnings because it hasnt sold a car yet, very speculative.

    • Sekir80 Reply

      @marco deo Yes, yes, I meant 50 PE. So, where does it gets fishy. I understand now 15 is the average.
      Nikola: I was joking. That seems like a total scam to me, I wouldn’t buy on a long term basis, just for speculative, as you mentioned.

    • Jason White Reply

      You can’t value Tesla the way you value a traditional company… you just can’t… that’s why you’re seeing the valuations that you see pricing in 5-7 years into the future. You literally have a company that is about to disrupt at least 4 major industries/sectors. Manufacturing, Software, automotive and energy. It’s looking more and more evident that in 10 years Tesla will not only be the largest company in the world but also have the highest annual revenue of at least $1Trillion collars.

    • RD 202 Reply

      @Jason White potential to disrupt and I’m not saying they won’t but valuation now doesnt represent where they are in delivering on that potential.

  5. marco deo Reply

    I suspect a new model priced at $20,000 will be announced.

    • originalComment 1 Reply


    • Mark Plott Reply

      Perhaps in 2 – 3 years, but NOT in 5 Days.

    • Marx Haven Reply

      Musk wrote in his letter that a $25k model will come in a few years when price of kwh goes down.

    • R Smith Reply

      20k? No. 29-33k? More likely

  6. Xongwen Lee Reply

    over price

    • Mark Plott Reply

      TSLA is Unervalued.

    • louie vasquez Reply

      For u

    • Keita Reply

      Your mama op

    • Idiot Assembly Reply

      @Mark Plott And the Earth is flat

  7. Ray Sald Reply

    Yujuu and the market down today like crazy!

    • Emmy Rose Reply

      Tesla was green 🙂

  8. Hiking Lang Reply

    Tesla battery day: better less expensive battery, Market: Yawn, price goes down, Me: buy more stock!

  9. K Kendall Reply

    Tesla hyping

  10. Sneezo Reply

    Do these people not realize that 7-10% days are not uncommon for Tesla

  11. Giannis Christopoulos Reply

    Tesla is destined to become the largest company in the world. Simple.

    • Duy Do Reply

      ReNto Quando the new S-class W223 can do just as many thing as a TSLA model S can do and even more. It’s a matter of time til the other auto giants deploy their massive capital into EV vehicles. I like Tesla because of SpaceX, Neuralink, and Boring Company, which I consider to be the true niches in the future. Tesla cars itself won’t be dominant in the auto industry for long.

    • John Smith Reply

      @Jason White elons musky taint sniffer

    • Jason White Reply

      Duy Do you’re wrong man… they are so far in the lead it’s not even funny… their manufacturing advantage over their competitors that have been asleep at the EV wheel is embarrassing just by itself… they are constantly improving processes and cost effectiveness. Not to mention the software autonomous side of the house with already 4 billion miles logged from their 1 million car fleet. No one and I mean no one is going to come close to Tesla for at least a decade and probably not even then.

    • Raphael Jacovani Reply

      @ReNto Quando Good one. Besides, people are talking as if Tesla were an automotive company. SMH

    • rvg Reply

      Yahoo finance doesn’t think so. As per Yahoo finance, there is no tech advantage of Tesla over GM

  12. Philip Ting Reply

    Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

    Generation, storage & consumption.

  13. Felipe Behrens Reply

    I’m hoping it will bomb so I can buy more on the cheap…

  14. King Baldwin IV Reply

    Tesla won’t go over 475 and drop back down to the 350 on battery day.

    • Andromeda Galaxy Reply

      420 is the magic number…buy at 420 and below and sell at 450 and 500

    • King Baldwin IV Reply

      @Andromeda Galaxy I actually agree with you even thought I was not thinking 420.

    • Matthew Davis Reply

      It’s already been to 498, i think it’ll go substantially higher than that just based on the hype. Depending on what they reveal it could keep going. It could be $300 or $700 in a month.

    • Sebastian Invests Reply

      King Baldwin IV Lol my average cost is $420.69

    • Monkey D. Lucy Reply

      @Andromeda Galaxy too risky. i don’t want to buy back in at 600+ if they reveal something juicy.

  15. Peter Helander Reply

    You seem utterly ignorant when talking about Tesla!!! Go learn about Tesla, then report, but a Flying Tesla is very likely in a couple of years, though it will mot be a flying Model S, rather a VTOL jet. Model V?

    • Alvin Tan Reply

      The anchor seems biased against Tesla from his tone. using words like “hope” and “flying cars”. very obvious he’s a tesla hater.

    • ReNto Quando Reply

      Be realistic! There will be no flying tesla.

    • W N Reply

      @Alvin Tan Yahoo finance! has always been bearish about Tesla. Most of the mainstream media outlets are. They are paid to be. Hit pieces are funded by Big oil, Koch Bros., auto manufacturers, US auto dealers association, United Auto Workers Union.

    • R Smith Reply

      @ReNto Quando maybe not this Tuesday, but in due time, you will be wrong.

  16. Richard Prat Reply

    No Hope.. It’s engineered

  17. Andromeda Galaxy Reply

    I”m selling at 500 and buying back on a dip

    • R Smith Reply

      @CharlesTron108 hold duh. All yall that are trying to play short term games with Tesla are going to get burned in multiple ways. First, you’re screwing yourself with taxes. 2nd, you’re gonna miss a run up, expecting a dip, and end up salty af. 3rd, don’t bet against Elon. If I listened to someone like you after I bought last year in the $200s and it ran up to 600, I’d not like you so much today for giving me such trash advice.

    • CharlesTron108 Reply

      @R Smith depends on what kind of strategy u have. Taxes, no matter what we will have to pay 25% for taxes,

    • lol lol Reply

      R Smith Looool Amen 🤝

    • Cruz Custio Reply

      Time in the market is a better strategy than timing the market.

    • Cruz Custio Reply

      @R Smith well said. The same happened to me when I sold thinking I’d buy the dip only for it to run up from $360 to $650.

  18. johnson noel Reply

    What if Apple releases an electric car?

    • Yonghyun Song Reply

      lol when? scaling is going to take a while and finding a supplier is going to be PITA

    • The Unknown Reply

      I’d laugh

    • Tito Sirj Reply

      If Apple releases an electric car, they will sell the seats as an option.

    • ReNto Quando Reply

      Releasing is easy,production is most difficult part. Its not like a releasing iphone and letting produce by Foxcon

    • W N Reply

      Then it will be missing a charge port!

  19. Ross Tessien Reply

    Yahoo, wake up your hosts. They’re brain dead. Tesla is absurdly undervalued and they speak as if the price is inflated. Ponder for a second, how could any legacy auto company survive the loss of the profitable sales of ICE cars? Simple. They can’t and won’t.
    Tesla will own the entire auto sector within 5 years. Use your brain.

    • Qwazy01 Reply

      @Jaskaran Diu good point. Apple is slacking on innovation.

    • R Smith Reply

      @Jaskaran Diu the funny thing about his & your comments is that there will be a flying Tesla.

    • Idiot Assembly Reply

      Stupidest comment I’ve ever read. Sure Tesla might do good long term but they are in no way undervalued. They’re barely profitable and have been priced for absolute perfection for the next ten years. And you are ignorant to believe they won’t have competitors. Lucid Air had an interesting car reveal recently with more efficient batteries than Tesla’s current line up. And then you’ll say “But they’re not just a car company”. Sure but Enphase has better energy products and is also growing insanely fast.

    • W N Reply

      @Idiot Assembly You seem to know very little about business. Revenue is all that matters. If any company breaks even, they are deemed a success story. Profit per quarter is inconsequential if revenue is rolled into CapEx. That’s what the strategy of Amazon was and they received the exact same criticism. Look where they are now. Market disruptions all follow a similar pattern. penetration, incremental growth, followed by exponential growth. The ten years ahead are in the black for Tesla when you have countries adopting total ban of ICE sales with those 10 years, and many cities individually banning ICE sales and operation. Cost of manufacture is the other elephant in the room. ICE have hit the law of diminishing returns in pursuit of improving emissions and mileage. Billions for fractional improvements. while BEV technology gets cheaper and also cheaper to manufacture. Tesla has cross a threshold of bringing production to scale. None of the others like Lucid, Rivian, or Enphase(?) are relevant compared to Tesla. Until they make it pass this phase they are inconsequential. Competitors all must endure the same development and growth pains as Tesla. A decade head start is just that. You are forgetful of the single biggest strength of Tesla, their Supercharger Network. The best investment of all. All other brands must rely on a hodge podge of scarcely distributed commercially owned charging stations. In the USA it’s the Electrify-America stations owned by VW that powers them with Tesla Powerpacks. Even the competition is improving the Tesla bottom line!

    • Ross Tessien Reply

      @Idiot Assembly 2 billion cars x $30k ASP / 2 DECADES = $3TRILLION PER YEAR AVERAGE SALES. At 10X P to S, market cap will approach $30 Trillion by 2030.
      That’s around $40,000 per post split share. And this is just the cars portion of the value once ICE joins the dinosaurs
      🦕 🦕 🦕
      Yeah, I’m the idiot. Good luck aging that brandy.

  20. mikehoang31 Reply

    To the Mars!

  21. Jake Baja Reply

    👎because of guzman. Content good, he’s annoying

  22. run teldat Reply


    • W N Reply

      Boy are you an ignorant one thinking Tesla is a Ponzi scheme. You want an example of a Ponzi scheme, go follow the news on Nikola.

  23. APT 69 Reply

    He demonstrated his ignorance with the last comment “yeah a million miles battery, who cares about that?’

    • George 674 Reply

      I think it was sarcasm.

  24. Glitch Matrix Reply

    The stock is overvalued atm, but in the future it seems very promising.

    • Overguard Reply

      What lol

    • Glitch Matrix Reply

      @Overguard read it again 🙃

    • Overguard Reply

      Glitch Matrix future is promising and saying the stock is overvalued? If the future is promising isn’t that saying the company will be doing much better including the stock? Yes or no

    • Glitch Matrix Reply

      @Overguard look up Microsoft at time of opening and later. You’ll see what I’m talking about.

  25. Terry Evans Reply

    TESLA go big or go home!!!!

  26. W N Reply

    Wall St. analysts believe they are legends in their own minds. Clueless mostly in the depth and breadth on any new technology disruption. Always trying to squeeze their square peg analysis into the proverbial round hole. Can’t do it so it must be a poor prospectus.
    Hubris is a cold mistress.

    Tesla will be revealing their next ‘killer app’. Those in the know, understand what a game changer is coming. Only fools like Chanos and the CEO of Ford (who just announced his early retirement) would claim it’s just batteries and it was a poor investment on Tesla’s part to vertically integrate battery production.

    Wasn’t it Yahoo finance! making fun of Tesla and Musk’s claim that Giga-Shanghai would be producing cars by the end of 2019? And chuckled about how all they had was a muddy field?

    • Cosmic Reply

      Well said.

  27. Investor Update Reply

    What do you think about Tesla’s increasing competition in the EV space? Ford is coming out with an all electric F-150 and battery plant. I think it will appeal to a greater demographic than the cybertruck. I covered the all electric F150 and new plant in my latest video.

    • Qwazy01 Reply

      I think in the very short term batteries (the biggest expense in an EV) will cost competitors WAY more (read: thousands) than Tesla. Turning the tables, and making the competition ‘nice to haves’

    • Joshua Mcdonald Reply

      F 150 supposed to deliver around September 2022 lot problems could delay them They’re giving Tesla a one-year Head Start that is a risky move.
      Who to say Tesla won’t make a traditional pickup truck to head that market.
      same problem going to plague all OEM’s battery constraints

      Tesla not only making their own batteries pop can size cells possibly only for the semi what could be implemented in buses Planes Trains Etc
      Also partner with LG , Panasonic
      Also we’re going announce that they’ve signed contracts with the raw materials supplier probably above 5 years
      After this Tesla will spin-off another company or will be in house that is making their own batteries when they start buying out these companies from mining to refining distribution cell Manufacturing they figured out all the problems give it 10 year they be battery supplier as well. if not on battery day that they are making their own battery cells different versions what if that warranty 250k 550k + 1 million mile more selection on range

  28. Qwazy01 Reply

    What a douche comment he made at the end of the interview.

    • W N Reply

      That’s because he is a douchebag! He’s always making condescending remarks in his reporting.

  29. cr7 hh Reply

    So here is my point of view… Like it or not. “Be greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy”. Literally everyone is greedy and is gambling on Tesla right now. I think the expectations are at a point, at which everyone is looking forward to see a Tesla airplane or something crazy in general. That probably won’t happen. So the stock will go down about 40% until the end of next week. And this could be the last step to cause a market crash, because the markets are weak already. It is like 2008, where the Lehman Brothers were the last catalyst for the financial crisis. Of course it is not the same or comparable in every detail to 2008, but the vibe could be the same. I am not extremely sure and bearish, and I actually bought Apple stocks on Thursday, just in case the markets will continue to go up, but I have the feeling, that we can see a crash next week 🤔

    • cr7 hh Reply

      That does not mean, that Tesla isn’t a great company. I will probably buy massively if the crash is coming

    • RollingStone Reply

      cr7 hh absolutely when Tesla’s goes on sale “IM IN”

  30. William Thomas Reply

    I buy Tesla stock every week at east one share. Thicker is going to 4400 by 2024.

  31. Amir Memon Reply

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there really was a flying VTOL announcement. Batteries were the bottleneck for that.

  32. Suherminmak Reply

    Its about time to shoot again, been sideways for 3 weeks now.

  33. Viral Clips Reply

    Y’all better be buying VALE, LAC, Giga Metals, and Glencore. You are welcome.

  34. Peter Helander Reply

    Tesla will likely be a +10 Trillion company in 10-15 years. Analysts just do not factor in all businesses and revenue streams Tesla has and will likely have. Energy alone is a $7 Trillion/year industry, so bigger than the vehicle market.

  35. R Smith Reply

    @2:06 you don’t even know the half lol 🔋✈💰💰💰

  36. Ivan Hidalgo Reply


  37. Nahiag Reply

    The flying model 3 comment is quite funny as the speculation is about a vtol jet 🤣

  38. G Wal Reply

    A flying model 3 !…. well who would bet against that now ?

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