Why reinvesting dividends is better than timing markets: Strategist

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The Oxford Club’s Chief Income Strategist Marc Lichtenfeld joins Yahoo Finance’s On The Move panel to break down why investors should focus on dividends.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar The Humble Hustle Show says:

    🤔 instructor unclear: just bought $1,000,000 in TSLA calls

    • Avatar Christopher Mccrea says:


  2. Avatar Educated Bot says:

    What dividends? I’m the unfortunate owner of GM and WFC.

    • Avatar J C. says:

      Uh, why? Gm is a sell imo. Wfc is probably nearer a buy for long.

    • Avatar William Penn jr. says:

      WFC is good in the long run. Dont sell or buy right now. Check where the overall market is.

  3. Avatar Chess Dad says:

    Good Stones comment with the Stones poster in the background!

  4. Avatar joaofelipl4k says:

    dividends are discounted from the price, so what’s the advantage?

    • Avatar J C. says:

      You don’t have to sell to get gains to compound in other positions. 😉

    • Avatar Game Poop says:

      Compound interest is the advantage.

  5. Avatar M Vasquez says:

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  6. Avatar Peaceful Sunsets says:

    Dividends are a joke. Just invest in a reliable growth company with a solid cash flow. I am going for the CRISPR stocks and my time horizon is around 10-15 years.

    • Avatar kokalti says:

      Why are they a joke?

    • Avatar Lennin Barrera says:

      You have nothing until you sell dummy

    • Avatar kokalti says:

      Lennin Barrera Wow youre the one who is a dummy if you don’t realize dividends are payed out to do. It’s past your bed time kid

    • Avatar Lennin Barrera says:

      kokalti talking to original post

    • Avatar Gdobie1 West says:

      @Lennin Barrera That is true, but dividends helps your money grow faster through compound interest. It’s all about managing your money over time. 🙂 $$$$$$$

  7. Avatar Black Vito - Moneyology says:

    They say time in the Market is better than timing ther market

  8. Avatar Richard Cranium says:

    This is why yahoo has the best economics. Yahoo Keep politics out of it for most part, and drop numbers- not far left doomsday theories. Bravo yahoo 👍👏🙌

    • Avatar OneNewHope says:

      If all the experts are “far left,” maybe they aren’t actually far left, but instead telling the truth you don’t want to hear 🤔
      hmm, food for thought.

  9. Avatar Ivan Smith says:

    Great video. Thanks

  10. Avatar Jung K says:

    Who has 10 years to wait.

    • Avatar Ancient Kid says:


    • Avatar Steve Steve says:

      Statically speaking, anyone living in the developed world under 70 years old.

      Seriously though that is the delayed gratification part of investing. Waiting for your money to compound and to make money on its own. If you don’t have patience and a long time horizon don’t be an investor.

    • Avatar Jung K says:

      It was a joke not intended to trigger day traders

    • Avatar William Penn jr. says:

      If you’re impatient you shouldnt be investing.

  11. Avatar TJ183 says:


  12. Avatar Phy Boeurk says:

    Hi bro I like your video

  13. Avatar cogen651 says:

    They should outlaw the market..It’s the biggest legal con game ever made for the rich. Now the government supports the stock market and these scumbags are good with that as long as they are filling their pockets. You see when a person buys a stock, they essentially give their money away in Hope’s a bigger stooge will give them more later.

  14. Avatar pollywanda says:

    Will markets stabilize under President Biden?

  15. Avatar Silver Talks Personal Finance says:

    Lol i mean if you want money when ur a fossil 😂 why not

  16. Avatar Daniel Wright says:

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  17. Avatar Caveman Origins says:

    Adjust 4% for inflation and you are left with less purchasing power than you initially started with 10 years prior. Dividends are for suckers. All the major exchanges trade at fractions of seconds to realize immediate gains… then they turn around and convince you that leaving your currency sitting around for 10+ years is in your best interest. That is financial marketing at its finest.

  18. Avatar Anonymous says:

    Please someone explain to me how is $6.00 A YEAR on a share valued at $256 getting any news time???$25,600 = $600 worth of dividends another 2 shares?? What’s the angle, leverage???

  19. Avatar Donavan Mcdabb says:

    Yeah the Drip is untouchable

  20. Avatar JasonTheWorldisYours says:

    I use DRIP for some of the stocks I own. I use the rest of my dividends to buy new stocks

  21. Avatar Micah Tokayer says:

    Neither DRIP nor high-risk growth is a good strategy. The best investing strategy is one that incorporates companies that grow their dividend over time due to their company’s growth.

  22. Avatar William Penn jr. says:

    I dont understand automatic reinvesting dividends. What if the stock is trending down? Can I set it so dividends will only reinvest as long as the fundamentals are good and the stock isn’t going down?

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