Raoul Pal discusses the phases of the recession and why he’s betting on bitcoin

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Raoul Pal Global Macro Investor Founder & CEO & Real Vision Group Founder & CEO discusses the phases of a recession, the bond market, the dollar, where markets stand, and cryptocurrency.
#crypto #coronavirus #monetarypolicy

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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar s r says:


  2. Avatar s r says:

    1 MORE TIME load the boat btc

  3. Avatar David Coursey says:

    Raoul, speaks to the yahoo group with patience and clarity. Short, and sweet.

  4. Avatar Thundercuck says:

    Raoul Pal can see further than most, there was no discussion… This was all hindsight and facts

  5. Avatar UnknownBoss says:

    60% ETH and 40% BTC 🚀🌖

  6. Avatar Jason Good says:

    I would just buy real tangible items that you will need or holds it’s value long term.

    • Avatar Bertrand Voltaire says:

      Cocaïne ?

    • Avatar Jason Good says:

      @Bertrand Voltaire Gold & silver coins guns and ammo or lead 😁

    • Avatar Nachannachle says:

      Yeah, like my boomer parents used to do.
      Look where they are now: property/land rich, but poor in liquidity/currency at a time when Real state is being sunk due to lack of buyers.
      Good luck with that sort of perspectives.

    • Avatar Jason Good says:

      @Nachannachle yeah my mom has lots of houses and property too but little cash or equity. Remember Gold and silver are liquid too just like cash.

  7. Avatar I'm Megan says:

    Yip, I’m from South Africa. I Had no choice but to use crypto, otherwise, I would be broke now if I kept my ZAR

  8. Avatar dan hug hes says:

    Wow RP on Yahoo. Go Real Vision

  9. Avatar Ryan M says:

    When someone mentions bitcoin they lose all credibility

    • Avatar Ryan M says:

      @Kezza Kez so what happened why was bitcoin trading at 20000k now at 13000k explain that to me explain how it lost almost half it’s value

    • Avatar Kezza Kez says:

      @Ryan M A dollar in 1923 is the equivalent of 4 cents now. Every single asset goes up and down. 10 years ago Bitcoin was $1 or so now aroun$13,000 Aigust 1971 Nixon broke the gold standard $38 an ounce of gold now $1900 so we know they are devaluing fiat currency so intelligent people put their fiat in an asset that they think will preserve it’s purchasing power. Bitcoin a few years ago and now is a different animal. Smart money now moving into crypto, laws changed to legitimise crypto more. 1st crypto bank in US this year, Mastercard paypal allowing purchase of bitcoin, fundamentals are amazing limited supply and the halving of bitcoin mining again this year means less available free flow of supply and Massive demand. Please read the development changes this year to crypto and see where we are going. I was anti bitcoin until earlier this year spent 3 months researching and now see it all so clearly. Yes there is downside but an asymmetrical upside in my humble opinion.

    • Avatar Ryan M says:

      @Kezza Kez like I stated before companies look to take advantage of fools. Visa and MasterCard don’t want to miss out on a opportunity to take advantage. There not in it to help you. And the dollar is already a digital currency I can make and spend money without ever touching it or seeing it. It’s all number on a digital system. So technically fiat money is crypto currency

    • Avatar Kezza Kez says:

      @Ryan M China has already trialled Digital Currency, the IMF and most countries going the same way. The aim to give MMT to the people, increasing velocity of currency, and inflate away the national debts with high/ hyperinflation.. Put in negative rates of -5% or more and people will want to spend what they have as soon as they get it. No wealth preservation in that Dinfinite digital currency. People will then think too late about buying rare assets like gold, silver, bitcoin but by then these assets will be significantly more expensive. That’s why they are trying to ban cash. That is the game that the smart money sees now. Worth watching the Great Reset video on the World Economic Forum, download the IMF App and read what is being planned, it’s all there, just jazzed up with bells on for propoganda to the sheep and dull and boring with jargon for those astute enough to dissect what they really mean.

    • Avatar Dustin Glossop says:

      Agreed! Unless you bought when it was 2-3 figures, it’s already priced to high. Second, btc won’t be a useable currency. It’s slow, expensive, uses lots of energy and is just theory of value. Investors, banks and we’ll known people are pushing it to pump the price. Once it explodes they will sell then start shorting it. All the while they have been putting their money where it will actually do something. Probably ones they are telling you not to buy to keep price down or don’t day anything. There are other crypto at pennies to invest in, that will last and yield much better returns. Do your research and diversify. There will be more than one winner..

  10. Avatar Ter says:

    Mr. Pal is so handsome!!! Good to see someone like him on this channel!

    • Avatar James says:

      He’s rich and cultured too

    • Avatar Ter says:

      @James and easy on the eyes.. what a combo!!

  11. Avatar Mike Walters says:

    Is this it? Is it the beginning of the end? How far will S&P fall? 2000?

  12. Avatar nonya biz says:

    CBDC’s are the definition of stable coins, they’ll replace tether and usdc, maybe xrp. They definitely won’t replace bitcoin or ethereum.

  13. Avatar John Munro says:

    digital currency …Hoping this does not become like communism?

    • Avatar matija92 says:

      What are you talking about?

  14. Avatar Kevin Heise says:


  15. Avatar Matthew Baker says:


  16. Avatar Matthew Baker says:

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    • Avatar kelly94maria says:

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    • Avatar Martin Luna says:

      I have tried 5 programs and pattern before reaching out to Frank Cole, I can swear his program is the best for Now

    • Avatar cmbusch619 says:

      So happy to see this, here in Florida, they adore Frank just because of his extraordinary trading pattern everybody uses to make gain.

    • Avatar yockelHammond ostrichFord says:

      100% Positive strategy, frank’s program is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen since I was in the crypto space

    • Avatar ReviewMan Walker says:


  17. Avatar pierre sabatier says:

    make your own research :
    1 bitcoin only cost $5000 USD to be mined in China …

  18. Avatar Ian Oyler says:

    Bitcoin and Ethereum are the future of all financial intruments

    • Avatar Denis Jerkovic says:

      @Matt Litecoin has 1 developer, and is still living of its OG status.

    • Avatar Matt says:

      @Denis Jerkovic All of the developers for BTC are developers for Litecoin if they like it or not. SegWit was added onto BTC because of Litecoin. Litecoin is testing and working on MimbleWimble for fungibility.

    • Avatar Dustin Glossop says:

      Incorrect. BTC has little use actually. The value is simply based on people wanting it, not it actually being used. Other cryptos are better to use technology wise. They actually solve problems and have usecases.

    • Avatar Matt says:

      @Dustin Glossop I’m not going to argue with your opinion.

    • Avatar GS 2020 says:

      Tezos is the real leader in the Crypto world! Do your research and see which crypto is making the most inroads with real world applications.

  19. Avatar midirok says:

    It’s taken a lot of companies to keep bitcoin from dropping. A pullback is going to sting like a wasp.

    • Avatar dixie normus says:

      Yea it will probably drop something crazy like 20 percent…..after it goes up another 100 percent.

  20. Avatar volvosan says:

    Raoul Pal has a great handle on it. The Central Banks are going to sanction the use of these existing well-established crytos & work towards a system of interoperability w/ their new digital currencies. Can’t wait! DeFi will also figure in, perhaps much more than they imagine at this point.

    • Avatar FV says:

      Any cryptos come to mind?

  21. Avatar Thinking Crypto says:


  22. Avatar dixie normus says:

    If your new to “crypto” i would just say be skeptical of almost everything but Bitcoin and maybe etherum.

    • Avatar dixie normus says:

      As far as polkadot being competition well thats been the story with every smart contarct platform. Doesn’t mean that polkadot doesn’t win. Just that it has to prove it. I would agree other than bitcoin its all speculation ETH just looks like the safest bet as of today. Subject to change as is the case with all speculations!

    • Avatar Matt says:

      @Death Disco
      It doesn’t matter who developed what first; What matters is how it is assembled, but more importantly the size of the network. It is a fact that Litecoin is on nearly every fiat-to-crypto exchange as Bitcoin. Litecoin is the same code base as Bitcoin, but with some important key differences that include: Number of Coins, Block Size, Block Time, with the most important being the Hashing Algorithm.

      Litecoin’s Hashing Algorithm uses Scrypt whereas Bitcoin Hashing Algorithm uses SHA-256. This means that Bitcoin and Litecoin do not compete for Hash Power from miners, and they both have majority of the Hash Power with respect to their Hash Algorithm.

      We’ve seen the relevance of Litecoin with SegWit. During the whole SegWit vs SegWit2x, it was on Litecoin that Charlie Lee Staked a $1 Million bounty to hack SegWit. This lead to SegWit being adopted into Bitcoin which has led to the Lightning Network and Atomic Swap Development.

      The Lightning Network and Atomics swaps has some very interesting implications for the two currencies. Also, Charlie Lee has funded Lightning Labs along with Jack Dorsey, Elizabeth Stark and many others.

      Another important development that’s taking place on Litecoin is privacy. Litecoin has launched MWEB test net to add fungibility to transactions. Listening to Charlie Lee and David Burkett talk to the Stanford Blockchain Club, development is going well and they plan to launch in 2021.

      To call Litecoin a test net is super bullish to my ears because I know how undervalued LTC is.

    • Avatar Death Disco says:

      @Matt sounds like someone got rekt exposing themselves in altcoins

    • Avatar Matt says:

      @Death Disco You obviously do noy have a rebuttal and have had to resort to a petty personal attack.

    • Avatar Death Disco says:

      @Matt ok that answers that. don’t worry you can still board the btc train bro

  23. Avatar The All-American Socialist says:

    Trump’s radical right-wing economic policies helped cause this depression. We must reverse course!

    • Avatar Corkfish1 says:

      Too bad for you. Im making a fortune.

    • Avatar The All-American Socialist says:

      @Corkfish1 too bad for America, they’re getting crushed.

  24. Avatar DYLTHEVYL says:

    Man, it’s so beautiful listening to intelligent people break things down (it’s like art almost). Call me a weirdo, but it’s one of my pleasures in life.

    • Avatar Alina Greg says:

      Because as I told you before I have my own crypto and I really want to know the updated persons who invset better to I can invest better if my investment partners are still lacking behind with the crypto investment, for me I invest with my husband’s friend Mr Martin Lawrence and I have been making great profit

    • Avatar Fusion says:

      @DYLTHEVYL you’ve just met a scammer. Be careful. I reported it’s last reply, so it might be gone now. Definitely a scammer.

    • Avatar DYLTHEVYL says:

      @Fusion Yep (I know)! Appreciate it. Thank you.

    • Avatar Tim says:

      compare that with Trump “speaking”

    • Avatar Denis Kristoff says:

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  25. Avatar Kenny Lienhard says:

    DOW falls while Bitcoin pumps…. are we witnessing the decoupling?

  26. Avatar David Liang says:

    Ripple is not a crypto currency, only XRP nut huggers say it is, DESPITE the fact Ripple labs even says it’s not.

    • Avatar Death Disco says:

      exactly, it’s not even close. It’s much closer to a central bank digital currency, but one that nobody wants, lol. The XRP army is dying off, slowly. Thankfully.

    • Avatar Tim says:

      Ripple is a Rip(off)

    • Avatar karl osier says:


  27. Avatar Cougars & Tigers says:

    Wow, RuPaul looking very different these days

  28. Avatar Huntley Goldburg says:

    Raoul is informing the 🌍 on Bitcoin 😁 🐂🐂🐂🚀📈

  29. Avatar Huntley Goldburg says:

    The example of Apple & Android makes crypo so much more clear. Lots of platforms integrating, co exsisting and working in there own space but still connecting different plateform of currency 💴💵💶💷

  30. Avatar Dyutiman Das says:

    Where are the dogs?

  31. Avatar Christopher Dennis says:

    Will the Fed ever have to cap bond yields?

  32. Avatar Mangekyo69 says:

    Raoul Paul is horrible in his bitcoin belief he has no clue because he don’t understand how tether work

    Tether will crash bitcoin to 0 when people realize they printing tethers to buy bitcoin and transfer it to their balance sheet assets

    Tether is not backed by cash people it’s backed by bitcoin wake up!

    • Avatar waTeim says:

      Ah, this is interesting, but we know where all the bitcoin was and is; it’s public knowledge, and the blockchain requires it must be correct. If tether had possession, then that would be laid bare for everyone to see.

  33. Avatar Satoshi Analysis says:

    BitcoinSV is the real bitcoin

    • Avatar waTeim says:

      I’m 51% sure you might be overlooking something.

    • Avatar Matt says:

      @waTeim LMAO. Where does jesus find these people?

    • Avatar pleasebringmeback says:

      Lol moron.

  34. Avatar Colin Hughes says:

    Buying cryptocurrencies is a vote for socialism and takes investors away from true hard assets like Gold and silver that represents freedom

    • Avatar Aengrod says:

      They will be able to tax people’s ‘wealth’ at source, as nothing is hidden in a blockchain. This will end badly, not now or in the near future, but eventually it will.

    • Avatar Leon Gaban says:

      Lol wtf was that psycho nonesense

  35. Avatar Thomas Khan says:

    Yes. It the new world currency

  36. Avatar No Name says:

    BTC is pumping!!!

  37. Avatar Brian Trieu says:

    What a time to be alive

  38. Avatar Morten Helle says:

    BTC and ETH are completely useless in their current form. The fees are obnoxious, makes SWIFT look reasonably priced. You can not onboard the unbanked with a system of currency if they have to give away half their money in fees, that is just a worse version of what we currently have. We have a few Bitcoin whales that would own basically 90% of the worlds wealth if crypto takes off now. The exchanges mostly do IOUs, they do not buy BTC until someone wants to move larger amounts of it.

  39. Avatar Cheap Laugh Kennedy says:

    Meanwhile what happens with all the old debt incurred.

    • Avatar Nachannachle says:

      Evaporated through inflation. Richs get even richer under the new system.

    • Avatar Cheap Laugh Kennedy says:

      @Nachannachle but wouldn’t that inflation create yet another continuing problem , perhaps leading to hyperinflation?

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  41. Avatar Mark Neilson says:

    Nice to see yahoo finance getting serious now and interviewing some good people

  42. Avatar Timi Ryan says:

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  43. Avatar Juan Luis Almonte says:

    Thats a good point that he brings up, Bitcoin isnt the only crypto currency with value. For people willing to take extra risk for great upside, there are other blockchain projects with coins as cheap as a quarter or 3 cents even. If you are new to crypto my suggestion is first educate yourself of the crypto universe and then invest, dont just fomo into BTC.

  44. Avatar Burkhard Dahms says:

    Gold 🥇 and silver 🥈 👆 😷

  45. Avatar Raquel Martinez says:

    This will be the best time to invest in forex based on current status

  46. Avatar Henrique Paula says:

    Is there a possibility that Governments (US, EC, etc.) would ban bitcoin and similar currencies? Would that be an argument against holding crypto?

    • Avatar Yasir Nizam says:

      Governments can’t ban crypto. At max, they can ask banks not to transact with Crypto exchanges. And even in that scenario, P2P exchanges will always work. In order to eliminate P2P transactions, government will have to discontinue cash transactions which would force people to transact only through banking channels. And I don’t see governments discontinuing cash. Governments will introduce their own Cryptos instead and embrace the new technology. Cryptocurrencies as a major asset class are inevitable.

  47. Avatar Necron99 says:

    listen up, wall street is not main street

  48. Avatar FxProNow says:

    Surprised he said all of this on a main platform like this. Lets see if he gets invited again lol

  49. Avatar M Shahid says:

    I don’t trust crypto

    • Avatar GodGoldGunsn'Golf says:

      Why would you when god gave us gold and silver

    • Avatar M Shahid says:

      @GodGoldGunsn’Golf – agree

  50. Avatar Alina Greg says:

    Wow really this got me a little confused

  51. Avatar FBI says:

    Yahoo? -_-

  52. Avatar Lisa Kendrick says:

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    bitcoin has been moving in a close range between $12,700 and $13,200 area and If bulls are able to push the Bitcoin price above this resistance level in the near-term, it will likely ignite an upwards movement that would send it straight towards $15,000 – $17,000 level. Well bitcoin has been one of my source of income even during this pandemic period and it’s been successful because i was smart enough to find the right strategy to trade with ever since the last bear market. Florian Koschat has been providing me with his daily signals and also guidance to trade, again i was able to grow my 0.9btc to 6.3btc within three weeks of trading with his daily signals, i must say no time is ever too late to buy and start trading. Florian can be reach via floriankoschat55 @gmail com for inquiries into profitable trading systems.

    • Avatar Diego Louis says:

      I have the feeling that bitcoin will hit $20k by December, so i’m going to accumulate as many bitcoins as i can now.

    • Avatar Carman Susan says:

      @Diego Louis The way it’s moving now, if the market keeps up that energy then it will get to that level

    • Avatar Lisa Kendrick says:

      @Diego Louis Yeah, i think so too.

    • Avatar Philip Damian says:

      Bitcoin trading is the way to the top as it has proven worthy of investing even a life savings into

    • Avatar Jason Silverman says:

      Mr Florian is very smart trader. Glad i trade with his signals.

  53. Avatar Matt says:

    Your homework for today, Google Metcalfe’s Law.

  54. Avatar GodGoldGunsn'Golf says:

    Why pick Bitcoin when you can have Gold and Silver which has NO counter-party risk. I can’t buy/sell Bitcoin without my smartphone and all the other third parties involved…

    • Avatar Fusion says:

      I would count theft as potential counterparty risk. And although I doubt you’ll be getting crypto anytime soon, please remember this if you do – never buy or sell or store any information on your phone. Treat your phone as your enemy… Cuz it is.

  55. Avatar Tom S says:

    Raoul’s exuberance over BTC lately and him putting half his money in it has actually reduced the credibility I give him. As a legit money manager you would never put half your money into any speculative asset. Imho

  56. Avatar Iloveyoutube says:

    Raoul Pal is the best!

  57. Avatar Rose Red says:

    Within these past few months of my reviews on stock trading and virtual investments I have come to the conclusion that it is another means of gambling I wonder how it is source of income for most people on here

    • Avatar berry cuddle says:

      Do not just venture into the market in these times without consulting a professional. Trading was quite difficult for me as well as a beginner due to lack of info on trade strategies and signals I took huge losses at the time.

    • Avatar Mr Tassapol says:

      @berry cuddle That’s true If you want to make the most of your trading, You should have the guidance and experience of an expert/professional broker.

  58. Avatar Robb holmes says:

    Its funny how nobody wants to talk about ripple xrp… at alll.. major conspiracy

  59. Avatar Amen Goldzkeen says:

    Crypto ,is by all means ,a great conception ,if only ,to wrestle the levers ,of wealth distribution, from the old hands ,that unfortunetely ,see today as if it was yesterday. I ,for one , being,not so ” internet and all digital concerns,SAVY” could never ,ever, float my stock in a sea of gargantuan frequencies.A BON ENTENDEUR ,SALUT.

  60. Avatar Phillip Carr Manchester Mint Crypto says:

    I’d bet on bitcoin… it’s just not big enough though to have as ones portfolio leading hedge asset class, no…? Best, Mr.COTTON 🐇🤝🧵

  61. Avatar Phillip Carr Manchester Mint Crypto says:

    Not very thrilled to hear about ETF’s. Institutional asset classes polite word. The strategy to back an etf.elf at will to access crypto… good look with that & your sting rash… it’s xag equivalents in crypto… pay attention or float

  62. Avatar Phillip Carr Manchester Mint Crypto says:

    Best in class etf like greyscale with hard capital protocol zzz

  63. Avatar Phillip Carr Manchester Mint Crypto says:

    I’ve not read a regulatory paper or note of anything remotely masquerading as being sophisticated from anyone yet. I’ve read a credit Suisse banking report that’s exceptionally sophisticated and will manifest into an entrance requirement for a bang to even wink at crypto participation at scale. NO VANILLA FRACTIONAL LENDING SO YOU KNOW. politely meant

  64. Avatar Cloudcrack says:

    central bank coins will fail, so will 99% of other cryptocurrencies

  65. Avatar Godlike Layla says:

    I propose that Bitcoin be the new World Reserve Currency

  66. Avatar Lee Kuia Singapore stock investment says:


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  67. Avatar Biff Bifford says:

    If Biden wins you will easily see the stock market drop by 50% — 60%, and in a full depression by the 3rd year. And that won’t be good for BTC.

  68. Avatar tom harvey says:

    Institutional dollars are going to roll in like thunder so yes bitcoin rises but other digital assets will outperform bitcoin is already a dinosaur too slow costs too much to use owned and mined by american enemies uses too much electricity and a few more bad ideas I forget

    • Avatar ZIIPPY PENG says:

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  69. Avatar tom harvey says:

    Xrp. Limited supply 100 billion. Fixed.

    • Avatar J J says:

      Yep Raoul Pal officially has no idea how crypto and the established financial system is interoperable. Bitcoin can’t do it and the dollar has to be replaced with a trust less, cheep, fast, and disinflationary asset. The only one that can scale and has the infrastructure is XRP and it will all be in the XRP ledger. I have lost respect for Raoul Pal and his ability to look big picture. Just because bitcoin was first it does not mean it is the winner. It simply is to expensive, to slow, chime owns most of the miners (51% attack) and can’t scale. At most it will take some market share of precious metals. But over time it will fail due to poor fundamentals.

  70. Avatar rRobert Smith says:

    what the hell is “granularity”? (at about time 2:00) A granular portfolio is an investment portfolio that is well diversified across a wide variety of assets, typically with a significant number of holdings. Because this type of portfolio contains a large number of positions in different asset classes and/or sectors, it is considered to have a lower overall risk profile. Conversely, portfolios that have “low granularity” have fewer positions or contain highly correlated assets. They are less diversified and have a higher overall risk profile.

  71. Avatar Be Nice says:


  72. Avatar Samurai Jack says:

    Bitcoin ;- Extraordinary delusions and the madness of crowds !
    Bigger than the tulip mania !

    China very easily becoming the largest economy in the world has banned it years ago. Stop an ponder for a minute.

    A fool and his money

  73. Avatar Yuk Wan says:

    Notice how Bitcoin (or any other asset) is quoted in how much it’s worth in USD, and not in terms of cattle, barrels of oil etc. Hint hint. Until the entire world accepts the alternative to the USD, the USD will rule. With no country (with nukes) backing the alternative, it’s going to have a hard life. Snake oil until that point (but at that point it may be too late for everyone).

  74. Avatar Martin Back says:

    I like her vampire look

  75. Avatar alberto f. Neumann says:

    This guy knows nothing about the history of central banks and why they where created in the first place. Criptocurrencies might be the future, but never bitcoin, for obvious historic reasons.

  76. Avatar E Holland says:

    Anyone that believes in crypto in the present form is a fool. Not a good currency nor a good investment!

  77. Avatar XRPLoso On Instagram says:

    Guy in thumbnail looks like he’s on good blow

  78. Avatar pettsnjam says:

    Bitcoin is a monetary policy the fed can inflate away. People will be jumping ship and the money printers in the US continue at record pace.

  79. Avatar Let ́s Fix It says:

    Bitcoin not crypto.

  80. Avatar Steve Mar says:

    They (governments) aren’t going to mess/compete with bitcoin….until they do… risk?

  81. Avatar GS 2020 says:

    Tezos is the crypto leader! Do your research and get beyond the press release hype👍🏼

  82. Avatar Ngo Xuan Loan says:

    Woo-hoo! Raoúl!!

  83. Avatar Friday’s are cool says:

    I’m still pessimistic about the government selling some agenda of how bitcoin is harmful and they are protecting us by banning it.

  84. Avatar SD Man Thirsty D.C. says:

    My God told me that silver will be the great transfer of wealth. I’m holding and selling 25% when were in the 75 dollar range. Then 150, 300, 600. I may be dead at 600.. lol

  85. Avatar ade spade says:

    theres no difference between cen5tral bankers controlling fiat or their own crypto, it will be designed for control over us, for their benefit, just like fiat is.

    • Avatar Loanword Eggcorn says:

      Agree. For totalitarians, Digital Currencies are even better than cash since they can be used to track your entire financial life. It’s all about control.

  86. Avatar ade spade says:

    before you buy crypto, research it, and learn how to store it securely.

  87. Avatar Tyler Cat says:

    Blockchain stocks ,Riot is interesting

  88. Avatar James Johnson says:

    The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

    • Avatar Dias Willian says:

      I just got recommended to him on tweeter and i invested, please how good is he?

    • Avatar Michael Leen says:

      @Dias Willian Hey you’re not far from making profits he has taking care of my accounts for months now I have 16 wins so far.

    • Avatar klam77 says:

      you should be a motivational speaker!!!! I’d say that line is worth $2.50 right there alone……gem!

    • Avatar Bernard Glaude says:

      absolutely… I’ve been saying it all year. There isn’t wealth inequality; there is wealth uneducation/ ignorance.

    • Avatar Jeremy Egan says:

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  89. Avatar FM. Alexander. says:

    Raoul, an interview with Richard Heart would be awesome. HEX has destroyed Bitcoin performance in 2020. ☕🎩👁️

  90. Avatar Hoang Nguyen says:

    invest in btc now and cry later. There are manipulation and scam going in crypto space. less than 1% of all the project has real business value. if you are new, do your research before going long on btc or you will be a big fat piece of meat for all the AI trading system to munch on.

  91. Avatar Maria Lapingcao says:

    Anyone know a Bitcoin exchange that lets you sell when the price of Bitcoin is dropping?

  92. Avatar Hannah Monroe says:

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  94. Avatar kathleen smith says:

    When Raoul says printing of currency is driving down the value of it — FALSE. Fiat’s value is NOT based on its scarcity and he knows this – we are not on a gold standard. Fiscal Policy can be used by govts to help their countries economies that have been devastated by Covid shut downs. HOW THE HELL DO YOU THINK WE GOT OUT OF THE GREAT DEPRESSION. Fiscal Policy and money printing —- Money must be used for industry and private debt forgivenes. People will have more money in their pockets and will be able to spend into the real economy. This is WRONG.

  95. Avatar Arslan says:

    Crypto is going to explode in these upcoming 2 years.

  96. Avatar Ryan G says:

    Seems no one can see that the IMF is allowing bitcoin to proliferate because they designed it.

  97. Avatar pc suntrade says:

    And 95% of the world still doesnt understand where digital currencies, crypto, digital ownership heading. It is so so early for this technology 🙂

  98. Avatar James Duprey says:

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  99. Avatar IAQA Toronto Chapter says:

    that is a very classy background you have. I like it.

  100. Avatar Jessy Wilson says:

    At this point in time, Bitcoin has always be a stepping stone for every citizen of the world, in business and organization been ran by dollar nowadays are been affected by inflation so its much better to move with crypto currencies that will engage massive income in return

    • Avatar Ricardo Oscar says:

      @Gabrielle Lopes I don’t advice people to depend on the government to bring money especially now that the pandemic is hitting economy pretty hard

    • Avatar Jordan Smiths says:

      @Julian Smith
      How can I get more information or guidance on how to trade

    • Avatar Jack John says:

      I believe the only way we can be a successful trader is by being patient and determine, But most important of all, trade with an expert

    • Avatar George Alex says:

      @Jack John Trading bitcoin must be engaged with cautious and a smart skill level and following instructions from expert traders is the key to a successful trading

    • Avatar Sofia Reis says:

      @Jack John Do you know of any expert I can trade with?

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