Alibaba sees record Singles Day transactions as China recovers from the coronavirus

China’s Singles Day this year will be a “key test” of consumer demand as the country’s economy pulls out of the coronavirus pandemic. CNBC’s Arjun Kharpal reports.

21 thoughts on “Alibaba sees record Singles Day transactions as China recovers from the coronavirus

  1. Kim Tan Reply

    Congratulations, Alibaba, on another record- breaking online shopping extravaganza. Wish you all the best for the future !

    • yjk5430 Reply

      That’s the loneliest number.

  2. gocolago33 Reply

    Robot delivery haha. Where I live it might get destroyed.

  3. Jane Chambers Reply

    America will never admit defeat. Let us remember, “Hating is like drinking poison and expecting the other guy to die.”

    • Jeff jj Reply

      @Phil Luiz hahaha look if you are not going to change with the times trust me you will be left behind in the dust.

    • Bear CD Reply

      @Phil LuizHuawei can’t survive?!!! It has been two years since trade war, is Huawei disappeared? You tell me…

    • Kelvin Zhang Reply


    • 宫翔 Reply

      @Kelvin Zhang 是的,世界上没有中国这个国家。

    • Kelvin Zhang Reply

      @宫翔 請繼續坐井觀天

  4. Andy Wong Reply

    Trump is going to be in for 2nd term. 🤣😂🤣

    • Subaru STi Reply

      Trump has lost the election for 2020. He could run again in 2024.

  5. PGK PGK Reply

    Never ever believe China

    • 刚板 Reply

      ye… we should believe you – a nobody instead? LOL

    • Jungle Chin Reply

      lol, oh yeah we don’t trust China, but all most all worldwide businessmen invested in China. So, who do I trust??

  6. Ced M Reply

    Indian trolls watching this will get heart attack.

  7. Adobo Those Reply

    Utopia in China, dystopia in the west!

  8. Gavin Reply

    No on in the west cares at this point. People all r watching the election. Actually, they never cared. Is it a sad thing or a good thing. idk

  9. YNG Reply

    Money flowing into China, orange man mad 🙁 Now he’s taking away Americans freedom to invest in Chinese company because “the money is being used to fund Chinas army to take over the world”

  10. AntonioR Software Reply

    A communist country with aging population celebrating consumerism and unmarried people…

  11. Mondrayish Reply

    Obviously Alibaba is going to go bankrupt now that Ant Group’s IPO was halted. Or at least that’s what wallstreet seems to think.

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