Georgia Secretary Of State Accuses Fellow Republicans Of ‘Making Bold-Faced Lies’ | NBC News NOW

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger, under fire by top Republicans to resign, spoke to NBC News’ Josh Lederman and accused his fellow Republicans of “making bold-faced lies” and spreading disinformation about the election’s integrity in Georgia.
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Georgia Secretary Of State Accuses Fellow Republicans Of ‘Making Bold-Faced Lies’ | NBC News NOW

110 thoughts on “Georgia Secretary Of State Accuses Fellow Republicans Of ‘Making Bold-Faced Lies’ | NBC News NOW

  1. Biker's for the west M.C. Reply

    All the changes the House of Representatives/ Democratic lead regimes in different states did to the elections before the election, is what’s creating the unmistakable mistrust of the Democratic Party.
    And using those computer programs that came from Venezuela.

  2. HeiBred Reply

    The Republican Party needs to be re-built from the ground up with decent and law-abiding people like Brad Raffensberger.

  3. Bishop White Reply

    Imagine if the news only reported and showed evidence backed proven facts.
    There is an institution I could respect.

  4. Carroll Jonnes Reply

    These are honest facts

  5. Murray Lewis Reply

    I hope John McCain is looking down on you Lindsey Graham.
    He was your friend but now he would be ashamed of your utter hypocrisy 🙈💩

  6. NewOldMusicVideos Reply

    It’s REALLY sad that a Honest republican has to be Attacked by the GOP (His own party) for speaking truth… This is why the GOP is NOT to be trusted… They don’t help the people, they sit in the senate collect a large paycheck paid for with taxpayer money.. When we need money to survive this virus, we get nothing… Yeah, what’s wrong with this picture…..

  7. John E Reply

    This is a good man.

  8. Brian SCHINDEL Reply

    Fact bomb when you admit you’re assuming what someone said. No excuse, you undermined your own “facts”

  9. Benedict_Arnold Reply

    It’s clear Trump wants a coup and the cowards of the GOP are enabling him. Lincoln’s party is spitting on the Constitution …

  10. STONESHOLO Reply

    thanks to Brad Raffensberger for telling the actual truth….i can’t believe how many lies are being told from the multitude of republicans…it’s sickening….at what point are they traitors to the country?

  11. NewOldMusicVideos Reply

    An HONEST republican senator is synonyms with an Albino… The are very RARE and very hard to find… Kudos to this HONEST republican.. He actually has a spine.. However, he is STILL a Republican…

  12. Roxane Reddy Reply

    Most of the Republicans( who see what, a fortune with Donald Trump with -215 Indictment just in his Adminstration). They are acting like fools, he’s absolutely right, people really should research what state process is. Along with real ID and Signature at the time of registration and they have their signature on voting ballots envelopes.

  13. Joseph Risner Reply

    He don’t look like he’s been sleeping well. I wonder why?

  14. Deborah Griffin Reply

    An honest good Republican finally

  15. Mitchel Slaton Reply

    Once you stop believing in fair and equitable elections, it spells the end of democracy and the beginning of tyranny.

  16. Douglas Wayne Reply

    My respect for this man. Integrity first.

  17. Joey Martin Reply

    An honorable Republican. The Truth matters.

  18. bentley1960 Reply

    As long as we have electronic voting machines we will never get rid of massive voter fraud. The voting system is broken. Those counting the votes can not be trusted. Those running the voting machines can not be trusted. Busing folks in and having them vote numerous times, shipping in truck loads of votes, letting illegal immigrants vote, letting dead folks vote the list goes on and on. NO ONE CAN CONSENT TO THE OUTCOME OF A RIGGED VOTING SYSTEM. If a vote can not be verified it is a void vote. The folks investigating voter fraud can not be trusted any more than any of the rest of them. This criminal organization claiming to be our government has had this system in place and rigged for decades. When will folks wake up and realize there is nothing but a bunch or rich criminals at the top. They are agents of the international and world banks. In the end banks, corporations, and institutions run this country and our sold out officials in the end do as they are told decade after decade by their masters and that ain’t “We The People”.

    Fraction Magic – Detail Version – VOTER FRAUD!

    Georgia would not be left out they are one of the states using the GEMS voting machine and yes Georgia’s officials are selected not elected. The Electoral College are the one’s who decide to use these machines instead of paper ballots. I have to wonder how many of them were paid off to make that choice. Also how many of them unlawfully hold some other government office? And on top of that Georgia has always had and been historically one of the most if not the most corrupt and crooked States and politicians/criminals in history. Your record and crimes speak for themselves.

    America’s Most Corrupt States
    1. Georgia
    > Overall grade: F (49%)
    > Public access to information: F
    > Legislative accountability: F
    > Political financing: F
    > Ethics enforcement agencies: F

    The link that showed this report from fox, no longer exists but you may be able to find it somewhere.

    Voting machines may change, officials may change, even those who buy them off may change but the corruption? It never changes. Their corruption is live and well in 2020. It always will as long as no one goes to jail for their crimes.

  19. DJRC Reply

    Governor is telling the truth!

  20. Saks EighthAve Reply

    At Least Republicans Love America.. the Dems Want to turn it into a Foreign Country..

    • Mike M Reply

      Trump and his cultists are communists. They use the same methods that Castro and Maduro used early on, in order to take power. Now they are trying to steal an election that they could not win fairly at the ballot box. Trump takes orders from Putin and Xi. He sells out our country to the highest bidder. His cultists hate America and spit on the constitution.

    • Saks EighthAve Reply

      @Mike M But Trump isn’t A Politician.. Biden Has Been A Politician Working With China Way Before Trump..

  21. wozzapoet Reply

    The United States has some terribly backward voting systems. Look around the democratic world and see how advanced nations manage their democratic processes and learn from them.

  22. James Kelly Reply

    This guy could not be a true Republican !! He is telling the TRUTH !!

  23. Cary Matthews Reply

    Now you see what Democrats have been experiencing. Republicans can’t handle the truth! Stop wasting your breath Mr. Raffensberger.

  24. Patrick Tolman Reply

    MSNBC; Overwhelming evidence of voter fraud continue to grow Tue Nov17, 4:19pm

    • Mike M Reply

      There is zero evidence of voter fraud. Trump’s lawyers have admitted that before the courts.
      Trump is putting his contempt for democracy on display for all America to see. He and his cultists are trying to steal the election they could not win at the ballot box.

      Trump is driving away yet more moderate republican and independent voters from the GOP.

    • Patrick Tolman Reply

      @Mike M you are completely brainwashed by by cnn/msnbc! Grab your tissues you dumbocrats are in for heartbreak! You allowed yourselves to be brainwashed by big money. Bad for America! Better remove all sharp objects from your home also!

  25. Live And Inspired Reply

    if you fact-bomb a republican with truth, they’ll assault you with their guns, as all they’ll hear is bomb. MERICA!

  26. johnpro2 Reply

    Refreshing to see some integrity at long last from the republican side.

  27. Hardstyle818 Reply

    Poor guy. The “Cult of Personality” is blaming him cause they didn’t get their way? I think the “cult” has forgotten that we still live in a democracy and some other networks are literally pushing dangerous toxic ideas on their networks for ratings

  28. J F Reply

    Thank God for this man… Fight against this crazy traitor cult, using the guise of “law and order” BS for the ‘GOP’ (sellout lying RINO scum), anti-American magats using any means to keep the ImPOtuS in power.

  29. Tyrone Cunningham Reply

    Lady G and the GOP getting fact-bombed by one of their own. You love to see it.

  30. Lauren Pegues Reply

    YEs, KeepCalling them out….its the job you were choosen to do, the cup an elected office has the honor and burden of that task. We are a Democracy God Dam and in return our elected polls who do their job (aside from the morality aspect) We Honor and have an avenue to begin to have trust restored. Thank you.

  31. Greg Reply

    Summary…….Republicans are mad that Georgia finally stopped voter fraud, ….and democrats win when there is an honest election.


    Republican(t)s = LIARS, CHEATERS, COMMYs, LOSERS, SEPERATISTS….shall I continue the TRUTHS? or ALL you Jim Jones Dumptrump Commys understand who you REALLY ARE.

  33. Suzanne Bryson Reply

    Thank you for being honest. This is what “We the People” expect from our elected officials!

  34. h5y Reply

    We must work towards canceling soldiers and all other army personal, they’re all trump supporters and deserve to be forgotten!!! The true heros are antifa and blm’rs fighting on the front lines against fascism. We are the heros, not the trump supporting soldiers. Democrats must unite!

    • Mike M Reply

      Nice try, Ivan. Our military personnel mainly voted for Biden.

    • h5y Reply

      @Mike M No they didn’t. Trump gave them endless cash to buy weapons and everything. They adored him. Please don’t disrespect the true patriots fighting in the streets on the front line. Without us yall would be living in a fascist state. We’re targeting shaky dems next, if you’re not aligned with our values your against us. A-3762 out.

    • Mike M Reply

      @h5y Yes they did, Ivan. A majority of military personnel voted for Biden. As did quite a few Republican and independent conservative voters. That is the main reason Trump lost the presidency. It is the best result for a challenger since 1932.
      On the other hand, down-ballot the Republicans did quite well.

  35. Vickie Clark Reply

    You shouldn’t have been trying to cheat

  36. Rychy St. Vincent Reply


  37. daniel nguyen Reply

    who is the guy with blue shirt and red cloth hanging over his neck? should he go to dentist and fix his teeth? look scary teethes and his eyes like panda bear eyes

  38. Barbara Nelson Reply

    We need more people like you in the senate Sir!!

  39. cpann2000 Reply

    0:54 He was almost going to say, “When I came into POWER”…. he corrected himself just in time. I commend this SS of Georgia, but that’s SO REPUBLICAN of him to almost say.

  40. Ryan Kennedy Reply

    This guy has honestly done his job. There isn’t any evidence of election fraud.. There will always be some voter fraud.. There’s a big difference between the 2. Voter fraud would be me voting 2x.. Election fraud would be the the fixing of the results or changing of them as a entire collective.. I don’t believe that our elections are controlled by some secret puppet master..

  41. Johnny Guy Reply

    What is Graham Hiding ???

  42. Anthony Verde Reply

    Georgian please 🙏 VOTE for Democrat Senator on January 05,2021. Thank you 💗

  43. Graham Turner Reply


  44. GALAXYKODE Reply

    Why is these fake news people made at this man doing is job

  45. unknown President Reply

    72 M republicans , don’t believe in FACTS as they LOST !

  46. BIG RED Reply

    This is about the integrity of this great nation. We must not turn the blind side regardless Democrat or republican. This is about our democracy and the future of this great nation. We must rise together and shine the light where there is darkness.

  47. Holly Stuart Reply

    You know I don’t who thinks that anyone in Georgia needs to be fired. That guy stood out there for the entire day. The only person that should be fired is lindsay graham . For calling and asking ya’ll to throw out ballots..

  48. kaywisseh Reply

    That’s my Secretary of State. So proud of him. Democracy first. America will be around long after Trump is gone. We must preserve that for our future generations.

    • Joe Upton Reply

      And like that , its gone. China said Debo

  49. abdenbi CHIKOUN Reply

    « The world is contaminated with the most perilous virus of all, the virus of single thought. »

    • Mike M Reply

      There is zero evidence of voter fraud. Trump’s lawyers have admitted that before the courts.
      Trump is putting his contempt for democracy on display for all America to see. He and his cultists are trying to steal the election they could not win at the ballot box. Trump is driving away yet more moderate republican and independent voters from the GOP.

  50. Richard Edwards Reply

    Your not typical republican. Ild love to ask if you feel Trump honestly a legitimate president. Due to knowledge of forgein interference in election he won

  51. brknhrt12 Reply

    There are people whose personal sense of integrity won’t be swayed. That is a man that sleeps easy at nights. And if he has kids, they probably worship the ground he walks on.

  52. Johnson Gibbs Reply

    This is great. Hope against an obvious coup. Demonstrated responsibility and foresight. ..and a happy holidays to you sir.

  53. Baby Teano Reply

    I’m sure after a day and he recant on what he said here, probably his family and vacation house are being stalked by proud boys.

  54. northerniltree Reply

    Hitting republicans with truth bombs. How’s that working for you?

  55. kimberly silva Reply

    Good for you !! Thank you for standing up against the lies ! And for all your hard work and to all the people working on the election votes great job !

  56. usb usb Reply


  57. usb usb Reply


  58. usb usb Reply

    God Bless This Man, True Republican, matter of fact true politician, much respect.

  59. usb usb Reply


  60. Santiago Escandon Reply

    Trump’s brainwashed cult followers will call him traitor …🤣

  61. R.F. Hopkins Reply

    Like that F$#@!^&* Lying piece of S$#@ scambag Lindsey Lying Graham. This guy is a True Republican and not some Fraud like Mc Connell , Cotton, Rubio, Scott, and others. Oh don’t forget the biggest Fraud of them all TRUMP !

  62. Mark Javier Reply

    Now the GOP hates him because he broke the cardinal rule: speak no truth.

  63. Concerned Patriot Reply

    This man is a Criminal ! The truth is A new report from OAN said the dominion servers that President Trump actually has won with 410 electoral votes !! Joe only got 128 !!! Seriously 😳

    • Mike M Reply

      LOL – OAN just peddles Putin propaganda. There is zero evidence of voter fraud, except by Trump and his cultists. They are trying to steal an election they could not win fairly at the ballot box. Trump despises democracy. His cultists hate America and spit on the constitution.

  64. Astrobrant2 Reply

    In other words, “Fellow Republicans, stop bugging me. We did everything we could to suppress the non-white vote and cheat for Republicans, but I won’t go so far as throwing out ballots.”
    Nah, I don’t think he qualifies for profiles in courage.

  65. Jordan Vas Reply

    Jesus God loved u died 4 ur sins n arose on 3rd day empty tomb is the fact,greatest Truth in history believe Him heaven is sure.c jesus n bible in google

  66. J. Daniel Reply

    Thank God for this man.. A true American patriot.. thank you Mr. Raffensberger

  67. Pete Crawford Reply

    Way to hit back at the liers.

  68. Johnny McMerica Reply

    Mic drop!

  69. Gregory Densmore Reply

    The repugnant party will try anything to stay in power!!!

  70. Phung Ngoc Quynh Reply

    This guy must be one of those rare left over Reaganites who are about as hard to find as hen’s teeth. The kind of Republican forced to leave the Nazi Putinista Trumper Party.

  71. D Lemon Reply

    Good for you Mr. Secretary of State! If we have to choose between you and LG, we’ll believe you any time.

  72. vincent maldon Reply

    It’s bad enough that Lindsay Graham has been leaning on him to toss out votes, but he’s also been getting death threats. Please be careful Sir and thank you.

  73. SKPjoe Coursegold Reply

    call it like it is.

  74. Eddy M Reply

    Not all republicans are crooks, we have some honest ones.

  75. Ben Mercer Reply

    This guy is who we need to bring the Republican party back from the cesspool

  76. Randy Marsh Reply

    The GREAt Reset

  77. J Reply

    One of the few true Republicans, not a trumpicans! Republicans used to be a religious conservative god loving pro-life group until–. They became Trumpicans who are mean, liers, combative, violent racist militia ready to take a life, who worships a liberal non-religious conman with no morals.

  78. 84moondance Reply

    Shame on South Carolina and Kentucky for re-electing Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell. Jaime Harrison and Amy McGrath were excellent picks. What occurred was simply deplorable.

  79. 84moondance Reply

    Please support Democrats Jon Ossoff & Raphael Warnock in their Georgia Senate bid on January 5th, 2021 with early voting starting December 14th, 2020. Please continue to support Blue. Thank you.

  80. Emery Coppola Jr. Reply

    Time to sick Rand Paul’s neighbor on Lindsey Graham.

  81. Mandy Becker Reply


  82. Lynette Dundon Reply

    Truth bombing them with the facts.

  83. Jim Fitzpatrick Reply

    Take note, GOP. This is what a real American is.

  84. allan john Petraello Reply

    He’s an endangered species. They’ll probably unleash big game hunter Don Jr to shoot down this rogue elephant. Probably need to turn independent to stay alive…..politically

  85. Garcia Galo Reply

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  86. Abner Rigaud Reply

    Trump could say that he is not leaving, he is not conceding.However, according the Twentieth Amendement to the Constitution, the candidate with the most electoral votes
    ( Biden, 306-Trump, 232) becomes president at 12:00 p.m. on january 20. The current president’s term is therefore over on that day, just before noon.
    And all of the allegiance of the government, of the military, of the civil service, switches to Joe Biden, the winner of the November 3 election, and Donald Trump will become a private citizen, regardless of anything Donald Trump does.

  87. Orisawumi oladeji Reply

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  88. אביעד כהן Reply

    We have sworn statements, in the status of “exposing corruption” (i.e. getting immunity) of how the forgery worked. We are certified in evidence in everything we say here.

    In the state of Texas it was proposed to use Dominion machines and smart-matic software, but they refused, because it is known that it is a system that can be deceived and manipulated. Trump of course won in Texas.

    Senior officials in the countries received bribes amounting to millions of dollars to their families, so that they could choose Smart-Matic. The software has also been adapted for other counting machines, in other countries.

    Through Smart-Matic you can control, via the Internet, the counting devices, including from abroad, from Germany and Venezuela. You can remotely control the results of the counting in the machine, see, and change results in real time, move voices from side to side in real time, we have the exact algorithm they used In it, make sure Biden wins. They can do from a distance, even from abroad, whatever they want: that the machine will not read stamps, read only Biden’s votes,

    And more. Everything

  89. crazyboy Reply

    An real honest republican who believes in the constitution

  90. Monkey Business Reply

    It’s not enough to call out lies anymore. Look at Trump. He lies at quick succession every day. Each time Trump lies, his team, the GOP like MacEnany and his prominent supporters like Fox will parrot the lies. It gets multiplied and spread very quickly.

  91. 7 years ago Reply

    We are living around 👽

  92. Everett Calhoun Reply

    Thank you Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger. You sir are an honorable man. We have 50 separate state elections for President, why another state senator is trying to coerce you into doing something illegal is a felony and should be looked into at the DOJ, but the DOJ is too busy looking into voter fraud and malfeasance.

  93. Connie B Reply

    What does he mean”we saw what happened in CA?”

  94. Charlene Vigne Reply

    Why they worry about trump JESUS can do more than trump Florida and Louisiana keep getting hit my hurricane and tornadoes JESUS trying to tell them something following trump and untruth not being righteousness..

  95. Peaceful Neecy Reply

    He’s fired…lol.
    Get a grip, Trump, YOU LOST!!! And most of us can’t wait for you to leave! ByeDon

  96. walinton Reply

    The Republican party is the SnowFlake party, they living in denial.

  97. cate dougherty Reply

    coming for you all

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