My Response To MeetKevin | The Full Story

Today I’m going to respond to MeetKevin and his recent appearance in CNBC Millennial Money – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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115 thoughts on “My Response To MeetKevin | The Full Story

  1. LocoDiablo9 Reply

    Kevin did an entire video about basically funding a realestate deal with his dads money as a hard money lender.

  2. Join the Journey Reply

    Jealous of Kevin

  3. Jackson Newlands Reply

    Did I see you on season 1 of selling sunset on Netflix? Or just someone who looks exactly like you?

  4. awesomedavid2012 Reply

    Lmao Graham I need a solid 9 hours of sleep. But I do enjoy waking up early so I comprise. I wake up at 6:15 or so and go to bed around 9

  5. kat cal Reply

    I like your troll imitation ; perfect.

  6. DudeIMaBEAR Reply

    Cocaine is the way he dos it.

  7. Christopher Alaimo Reply

    It always gets me when Graham does the mocking voice in his videos 😂😂😂😂

  8. Up Skill Or Die Reply

    I think secret to his speed is the treadmill. If he walks every day on it then naturally you’ll have an elevated heart rate all day and you couple that with coffee and you get “Kevin cocaine”.

  9. SDnative1993 Reply

    He’s 27 in San Diego on 80,000 a year. I’m 27 in San Diego on 40,000 a year.

  10. Mark Soberay Reply

    Wait till google caps the yearly income at 300k…welcome to corporate America

  11. Mark Soberay Reply

    Yea Kevin works too hard, you must leverage other employees efforts…running a business solo is risky

  12. Karl Turner Reply

    so are you next to btc craze? be cautious of the correction but its a up coming market

  13. Good Life Greenscapes Breckenridge Reply

    100% Kevin will make a fine millennial YouTube news reporter. Here’s to making more money in your home studio than being a major network talking head!!! 🥂🍻

  14. Michael Franzsolo Reply

    So hilarious how you guys talk about leaving California when you make $6 million a year.

    Biden says “come on man!”

  15. Roberto Blake Reply

    Meet Kevin has actually made me want to go back to daily uploads. He also makes me realize you can have that work ethic and have a family …

    • A Fulfilled Life Reply

      Agreed. Insane

  16. F Reply

    I can barely navigate a standing desk and the dude uses treadmill while he works?

  17. Misty Diablo Reply

    Bruh LOL

  18. sparcx86 Channel Reply

    this guy video is so naive.. omg its hard to watch this garbage!

  19. James Shriver Reply

    On a side note you know that if you mentioned your political affinity you’d have a ‘temporary’ subscriber loss.
    Or maybe they would just hide/make the like and subscribe toggles so small viewers could never find them.
    Never mind, just found out the ‘tube’ spoke with Pelosi and might switch to subscribe by mail!

  20. Adam Gronvold Reply

    I feel like graham is holding back on a comedy central style roast on Kevin for his hair.

  21. Johan Padmos Reply

    $20 on gas? That Tesla has a solar panel on it or what?

  22. Vamokuhle Ntshalintshali Reply

    I smashed the like botton on 17:17 when kevin reminded me.

  23. Flight Nards Reply

    Clearly you don’t have children. LOL. (regarding budgeting comments around 9:20…)

  24. Francisco Heredia Reply

    Graham : “ Then suddenly, he is Walter white “

    Kevin: “Real Estate. With an R.”

  25. Paul ClipMaster Reply

    Pure greed.

  26. ItsNerdStuff - Wil Sauls Reply

    The day that Graham has actual beef with someone is the day the earth goes cold lmaoooo

  27. PhotoGeorge Reply

    The combined Positive ENERGY of Kevin and Graham would power a small city…..These two are incredible.

  28. Daniel Minton Reply

    Do you do your own taxes?

  29. Solomon Capell Reply

    Hey Graham, I’m 16 and I really want to start a YouTube channel about finance and lifestyle starting young. What do I do if my family is very judgmental? Also how would I be able to get subscribers without real experience?

  30. Angelous Henderson Reply

    So who has any thoughts on SoFi for investing?

    • Graham Stephan Reply

      + 1 4 0 2 2 6 2 4 9 1 7
      Do well to tell him I referred you.

  31. Erin Reply

    What is this Apple Numbers spreadsheet he spoke of? Graham, please do a video on this! Budgeting is my jaaaaam <3 (but not Apple lol)

  32. Joker Reply

    i always smash the like button before you say smash the like button.

  33. WhiteBuffalo Designs Reply

    I want to see both you and Kevin do is help some people that do not have money to buy courses or any other connection to yout profit making deals.
    Help someone less fortunate get relocated into a decent home, make a move back to their home state.
    Can either of you do something like this without expecting to make a cash profit off those people?
    Somehow I doubt either of you even understand why you should be doing this on a regular basis.

  34. Sarah Reply

    you should have people call in to the Graham stephan show like ben shapiro does, you remind me of him. like a weekly segment answering questions, your voice is great for radio

  35. K. M. Reply

    Adderall is a helluva drug

  36. gary treefall Reply

    My personal investor Mrs Diana has made me alot of money in 1 months.

  37. Stanley Godfrey Reply

    I just made a research about mrs Diana Lynn serfass and she’s legit

  38. Jay Harrison Reply

    I just noticed that you got rid of the “Epic Sh¡t” placard — nice work! Thank you for dropping that. 👍

  39. HeinBakker Reply

    Ventura.. I remember that place from the book I read about the Golden State Killer. Hopefully it’s a lot safer then in the 80’s.

  40. NAWW Reply

    The title made it seem like an EXPOSED video

  41. quelindaa Reply

    Hey Graham! How do you feel about the bigger pockets podcast?

  42. Robin Crawley Reply

    You and Kevin do Awesome, I Love it and think it’s Great! Just Don’t Make A god Out Of It All, it’s All Temporal! “What doth it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul, and what can a man give in exchange for his soul”? The Truest of Riches are from within, Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Goodness, Kindness, Gentleness, Faithfulness, Self Control! That Is What Is Called Abundant Living!Don’t let money be your total focus! Blessings! Read John 3.

  43. r w Reply

    Lol. Yeah, kids are expensive.
    Worth it and not to be missed, but still expensive.

  44. Brandon Liao Reply

    *Works 12 hours a day*

    I know I too would need an alcohol subscription.

  45. Trap Longway Reply

    Lmfaooooo I’m dead at the Walter White joke 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  46. Create Capital Reply

    Graham, I decided to take the dive into YouTube personal finance world today and posted my first video. Thanks for all the amazing content and inspiring me to do this! You’re the man.

    • Graham Stephan Reply

      Your welcome.invest on cryptocurrencies too,..correspond to my administrator[carlson] on what§App to assist you to earn profit on cryptocurrencies or BTC🗨

  47. Eddie Franks Reply

    What do you think about the venmo credit card

    • Graham Stephan Reply

      + . 1 6 1 4 3 6 2 6 4 2 4
      Do well to tell him I referred you his strategies are top notch. His is the best broker I know…💯

  48. Milton Mota Reply

    Can you make a video on aggressive growth stocks or ETFs?

  49. Javii King Reply

    Meet Kev need to teach me how to spend $20 a month on Gas

  50. Fernando RuiZ Reply


  51. Anders Walker Reply

    This is not an Ad or an organized testimony. this is simply but an appreciation to Phillip Bolton Trading for always securing me profits weekly, the trading strategies are exceptional, alongside their upgraded insurance and security system and platform which maintains a transparent trading transaction between the trader and student clients, you can easily access and withdraw your profit after each trading session, That is wonderful!!

    • Trevor Johnson Reply

      I would like to reach out to this Phillip guy, I hope this is legit?

  52. TecnoBoca Reply

    You should also teach Hispanic dudes no from the country but living in the country how to make money and how to take advantage of knowing 2 languages. By The Way, I am a tech YouTuber and all Hispanic YouTubers are taking good things about you including me. Good Work , man!!!!

  53. Eddy Gonzalez Reply

    Lauren looks like she is going on a target run and Kevin looks like he is going to DC

  54. David Pena Reply

    @6:34 I see you in that shirt Kevin!

  55. Matt Woodward Reply

    $400 a month is a lot of money for a kids clothes…bro your clueless

  56. Matt Woodward Reply

    Tesla was never at $1000 a share. Your loosing credibility

  57. Derick Smith Reply

    I enjoyed a few of Kevin’s videos but over time found him annoying.

  58. GuysLifeHacks Reply

    Dude Kevin is an absolute machine

  59. Carlos Voices Reply

    Infinite monetization loop of reaction videos


    Listen, I respect the hustle, but he’s very click-baitey and some of it is off-putting. It’s a lot of awkward (sort of.. fake?) laughing and life insurance promos. However, I have found some of his videos to be helpful and I do watch every now and then. More than anything, I like that Graham is genuinely happy to see Kevin succeed, and keeps doing his thing the way he’s always done it.

  61. Adrian Montano Reply

    Short term Capital gains question. If you start with a 10,000$ account, and you make 5,000$, then lose 7,000$, and proceed to make back 2,000$, do you pay taxes on all 5,000$ + 2,000$ of your gains? within a year? or just the equity after your original 10,000$

  62. Justin Keller Reply

    FIrst of all, Ventura california is not in the middle of the state of California. Second, y’all are losing my confidence quickly and starting to think y’all just like all millennials, a bunch of liars. Fake it ti’ll you make it huh.

  63. liquidizer12 Reply

    gawd.. kevin seems soo slimy

  64. d34th56 Reply

    Don’t think he always spends 400 a month on kids but kids clothes are expensive and you forget they outgrow them really quickly. Put in some name brand items and it makes sense

  65. Ernest Pierce Reply

    Shave your head!

  66. fake Apple Store Reply

    Can someone help me wrap my head around this better?

    How does he make that much money on YouTube??

  67. Ali Madi Reply

    I need help;
    How to invest if i dont live in the US & am not an American ? I saw that i have to pay 30% tax!??! Is there a way around. Im looking to invest long term in etfs such as SNP500 for example. How to go about it?

  68. Dandy Finance Reply

    Kevin is a machine!

  69. CatsR Cute Reply

    Kevin is so good at news. Legacy media is trash. We need more news options 😊

  70. Dylan Katsch Reply

    Graham can I ask you a question

  71. B.O.T Reply

    I never smash the like button unless you say it

  72. Pat T Reply

    I can’t wait until Gram has kids!

  73. Joshua Samuels Reply

    I’m really happy for both of you guys and your success as well. I love how you both are willing to share your knowledge and be so open with millions of people on your business and personal lives. I can only hope to grasp at the crumbs of your successes (😂) but in all honesty you guys are awesome and congrats !

  74. Gloria Cabrera Reply

    You both are an inspirational!! It goes to show anything is possible

  75. Paul Escobar Reply

    Being a real estate investor and landlord is NOT easy work and most are not equipped emotionally to handle the stress. Unless you are willing to invest in sweat equity, do not invest in real estate.

  76. Dylan Troiano Reply

    Kevin isn’t that good at real estate investing. Owning over 20 rental properties in California is foolish especially if he’s highly leveraged. If he owns it outright that’s great, but if he’s leveraged, that’s so reckless. He doesn’t have enough portfolio diversity so far from this video. I don’t love the idea that people are using Youtube as their source of income, it’s only one platform. I want to see how much debt Kevin has on his books for his properties.

  77. melior Reply

    In addition to the 88% statistic of millionaires being self-made, 70% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the second generation, and 90% by the third. I’m sure a good chunk of that is through dilution to multiple heirs, but, paradoxically, it seems like having money struggles as a kid might actually put you in a better position to develop good personal finance habits!

  78. Yeg0r7 Reply

    Please debate Vaush on landlords and their place in society. He’s a completely out of touch anarchist/communist who thinks landlords are parasites who provide no value to society.

  79. Zach Dowdell Reply

    I think at 20 rentals id just hire a property manager lol

  80. dylanmcdanger Reply

    Damn Kevin, you guys have both grown so freaking much!

  81. VanGogh22 Reply

    Yes! The video Ive been waiting for.

  82. Guy Cooper Reply

    And both of you talk one hundred miles an hour. Interesting .

  83. HaileyME Reply

    OMG I almost had a heart attack I thought Meet Kevin did something and I was about to cry when I saw the thumbnail.

  84. Mouth full Of gold Reply

    Can you make more videos about real estate agents

  85. Adriana Mezhua Secretos de Panadería y mucho más Reply

    Kevin is a BEAST! But also, Graham how do you add all those adds in your videos? YouTube absolutely hates me with those midroll ads. What’s your secret?

  86. Rebecca Allyne Reply

    The market is really going crazy for an amateur investor like me, it is really scary, I have no idea what to do, should I sell or hold? Please I need suggestion guys, I’m starting to panic.

    • Shondrella Avery Reply

      It all depends on if you can handle current/future loss or not.

    • Rachael B Reply

      Investing has been really difficult for me due to the high rate of scammers but i ran into good fortune early this year by meeting a licensed investment advisor that works with WADDELL&REED, she has been handling my trade since i started working with her early this year and we have been able to make massive profit so far.

    • Rebecca Allyne Reply

      @Rachael B Please, I’m going through the same dilemma as well, can you recommend the investment adviser that helped you?

    • Rachael B Reply

      @Rebecca Allyne I’m currently seeking the expertise of Agatha Christine Robinson, you can get in touch with her online, just look up her name on google.

    • Rebecca Allyne Reply

      @Rachael B Thanks for the recommendation , you’re the best.

  87. Hello USA Reply

    meet kevin the scammer like Graham Steven

  88. Ilala Reply

    hes got the german work ethic lol thats how he gets things done

  89. Netanel Sajman Reply

    Kevin: wakes up at 5 am
    Graham: I need a solid 8h sleep, but its so good to wake up early.
    Me, a 15 yo who sleeps almost 12 hours day: 👁👄👁

  90. Jorge A Nunez Reply

    Y’all broke up?

  91. Joey Danahy Reply

    Not knowing that you two were friends, I read the title of this video and definitely thought there was some grade-A beef.

    • Graham Stephan Reply


  92. Michael Day Reply

    I have to be honest. I do not like Kevin. I won’t go any further, but his personality is just not my style.

  93. pascal kwast Reply

    Graham AND MeetKevin in one video?? The algorithm doesn’t stand a chance!😂

  94. Anthony Joshua Reply

    Progress they say shows when hard-work is put into a venture. I was experiencing lapses in putting enough work into trading, and my job made it nearly impossible for me to earn. Until I came across Agatha Christine Robinson , turned my life around, I’m so grateful!!

    • Rozay Nelly Reply

      Despite the Economic crisis, this is still the time to invest.

    • Elena Gomez Reply

      @Rozay Nelly I bet to disagree with you, in less than 4 months now i have lost more than $477,900 in stock market which is the biggest I have lost since I ventured into stock investment.

    • Anthony Joshua Reply

      @Elena Gomez you could be right or wrong depends on your expertise, I once made such lost after watching online YOUTUBE videos and invested.
      I was lucky to know Agatha a financial manager and stock expert, a Kansas based. I made a whooping sum in months under her supervision

    • Elena Gomez Reply

      @Anthony Joshua Hello how do i reach miss Agatha?

    • Anthony Joshua Reply

      @Elena Gomez no contact here pls, just google her, she is quite popular

  95. rwdplz1 Reply

    “Loan to Kevin’s Dad” Maybe his father gave him a small loan of a million dollars to get started?

  96. Judah Talks Reply

    11:48 it’s simple Cocaine, Lots and LOTS of COCAINE!

  97. Jacob Strauss Reply

    I dont normally post things like this but honestly between you and Kevin I have learned so much, researched more, and more and more and more. I can’t thank you both enough im finally moving to make my first home my first rental home.

  98. musicluv80 Reply

    I sleep around 2 to 3 am and wake up at 4:30 to 5:30 am and work.

  99. victor Igwe Reply

    Lmao! He has kids. It’s wise to take a step back and spend more time with family

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