Meet The Homeless Man Who Bought A Bugatti | TheStradman

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Today we’re speaking with TheStradman who tells his story about how he built his business, how much he saves, how much he invests, why he bought a Bugatti – and his advice to everyone watching. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan / TheStradman



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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar TheStradman says:

    It was such a blast to have you come visit me in Utah!! Looking forward to seeing you in Vegas or LA soon.

    • Avatar suresh s says:


    • Avatar elsa Frias says:

      Omg stradman omg im a huge fann!

    • Avatar Ace_legend443 says:

      The Bugatti do be sounding like an airplane

    • Avatar Cool Guy 99 says:

      I’m very impressed on how James improved so much in the past 8 years.

    • Avatar HardieHar 76 says:

      Your the most humble youtuber James ✊🏼🇬🇧🙌🏼

  2. Avatar Joe O says:

    That was COOL!

  3. Avatar Idin Hatam says:

    2 million in a year ..
    Sir, what do you do for living? Im a youtuber..

  4. Avatar NichoTBE says:

    How come he says he does everything himself then has a full film crew etc.

  5. Avatar Heather Smith says:

    Sending this to my son….. nope, won’t work, easier just to do it myself…..

  6. Avatar MIDTOWNE1 says:

    Don’t listen to the interview guy. Oh sure get in credit debt and lose all your money in the stock market. Come on Stradman be below average like most people. Man go Kick Rocks you went to interview him because he avoids all that. Where is your Bugatti
    genius? Stradman don’t listen to that guy keep with your plan.

  7. Avatar Hudge Pudge says:

    wait… he was serious about the pilots license? lol

  8. Avatar Dominick Rosa says:

    The interview was amazing the reason it hit me so hard because i can literally feel what he felt going through that. I’m still in the struggle and I’m still grinding. I’m going be in a graham interview hoping to inspire the next !

  9. Avatar Paul Sankan says:

    Woooow. Amazing story so humbling

  10. Avatar Kim jamal De castro says:

    I admire stradman so much. I think that law of attraction is existing. So I’m start dreaming and work for it.

  11. Avatar esther betzinger says:

    The world tells you you need credit. ITS NOT TRUE! If you buy on credit you are more likely to spend more. Facts

  12. Avatar Chuck Clarke says:

    What an inspiring story. Whenever I watch TheStreadman’s video, his enthusiasm is always off the charts and you feel better after having watched it.

  13. Avatar FeelingZesty says:

    i like this side of james more

  14. Avatar Antor Hasan says:

    Kudos for the video. I would have given you 50 likes if I could.

  15. Avatar Skyler Baird says:

    I like you.

  16. Avatar Jonathan Clark says:

    GRAHAM! music in the background is Clair de Lune….ugh. so much class…

  17. Avatar T Blanco says:

    awesome vid–what a humble man The Stradman…

  18. Avatar Woo Shawty says:

    So he chose to be homeless basically

  19. Avatar Steve s says:

    Great story and excellent job, I just dont like him having so much money in depreciating assets

  20. Avatar Nathan Edward Lee says:

    Most homeless people didn’t have parents that lived in Newport Beach, CA and gone to college. Just saying. I’m sure he worked very hard.

  21. Avatar Quart D says:

    Seeing TheStrandman get emotional just shows he’s grateful and thankful for everything he’s gone through and what he has 👏

  22. Avatar Gustavo Emilio Yallonardo says:

    What a great dude, such a simple but beautiful dream, it takes guts and resolve to sleep in your car but still stay the course.

  23. Avatar Djoel Tav says:

    Ooooooh man😂 Look at my boy Graham Stephan “Walters” getting out the tears from the interviewers!!!

  24. Avatar Dylan Hirneise says:

    Wait til he gets his new exhaust for the bug

  25. Avatar Josh Hartin says:

    Great interview! I have a feeling James’s journey has just began. Great guy.

  26. Avatar paul medero says:

    Hes not home less. Just lives in his car lol im jk.

  27. Avatar the living tribunal says:

    He is so homeless now that he own 3 lamborghini 1 buggati 1 nissan gtr 1 veloce raptor 1 6/6 jeep wrangler 1 ferrari .
    Me now ( i want to homeless like james)

  28. Avatar Sarah Nicole says:

    Why is everyone not looking at the other side? He’s interested in only buying cars. What happens to BTC AND METALS?????

    • Avatar greg john says:

      Wow!! I thought I’m the only one being concerned

    • Avatar greg john says:

      Bitcoin is really the future, people should get that into their heads.

  29. Avatar LIVE781REDRUM says:


  30. Avatar Nemisha Sharma says:

    I didn’t know who Stradman was but gotta say he seems like a good guy

  31. Avatar Hooper Clips YT says:

    Stradman should buy a dodge demon

  32. Avatar KingJarel1234RB says:

    He’s not poor, He’s a legend.

  33. Avatar Tien Trinh says:

    I was at DOT in 2012 and then 2014 while working for the city in Beverly Hills. Too bad we missed each other man.

  34. Avatar David Chillton says:

    Huh might be why he’s homeless, just a thought

  35. Avatar Carter Whittington says:

    excellently produced. keepin us entertained between talkin and bugatti scenes. Nice man

  36. Avatar CEPR says:

    Stradman: my parents tought me how to spend my money wisley

    buys like 50 supercars

  37. Avatar Robin Mood says:

    buy bitcoin, dont buy stocks man

  38. Avatar ZackTheMuffinMan says:


  39. Avatar zumiichi says:

    Had to get himself out of the situation all on his own, but stayed with parents for 6 months 😛

  40. Avatar Tony Nguyen says:

    Can you do more interviews with successful people? This video was very empowering and inspirational.

  41. Avatar Greg Morrison says:

    I’ve been watching the Stradman since 2015 and to title the video “meet the homeless man who bought a Bugatti” is a smidge of a stretch. Having said that it isn’t completely untrue. Keep up the good work my guy!

  42. Avatar SABIHE. AMIR says:


  43. Avatar Kinobody says:

    Great video! Remember seeing his claim to fame video. Was all over YouTube.

  44. Avatar Ethan McNeill says:

    He’s really such a great guy who has stayed humble even when he’s succeeded. You can say he deserves respect for what he’s been through, but I would say he deserves even more respect from how he acts after he succeeds.

  45. Avatar zumiichi says:

    Wait a minute…how is his car value right around 100x of mine, but his insurance is only like 5x more? I’m getting robbed XD

  46. Avatar Osarumwense Obasohan says:

    I love the HONESTY and emotion displayed in this interview. Good job Graham

  47. Avatar Jake McCulloch says:

    Awesome vid. Just comenting for the algorithm

  48. Avatar Sandor Fekete says:

    Terrific video! You two could not be more different but each very successful in your own unique way.

  49. Avatar Ryan DiParisi says:

    Great interview! I love watching both The Stradman’s videos (I’m a big car guy!) and Graham Stephan!

  50. Avatar Shamboozler says:

    I too understand how important it is to build credit but just like him, I can’t stand the idea of owing something. Whenever I have anything on any of my credit cards I pay it off right away. I financed my Civic and I am so peeved about owing money. Been considering just paying it off in full but always tell myself it’s better to do monthly payments of 1000$ (minimum monthly is 300$)

  51. Avatar Armed GAMER says:

    He deserves the 2million per year

  52. Avatar Caleb Oliver - Real Estate Agent - Personal Finance says:

    Such a captivating video Graham!

  53. Avatar Jon Focker says:

    Really great interview. Nice to see the real humble Strad. My friend’s dad was a CFO for a large hospital and was insanely frugal. They had 6 kids in a small house and didn’t upgrade anything for years. I remember holes in the carpet and he was a friggin CFO! When 2008 hit he lost most of his retirement savings. I’m sure he recouped as much as he could but i’m sure he lost a lot.

    With the Covid psyop I wouldn’t get near the stock market. They are talking about ending cash and going into a digital currency. If you are an insider then you could make huge gains but most of us aren’t privy to that kind of intel. We aren’t going back to the way things were. I hope we are but i think it was done on purpose and that will become more clear as inflation and a depression ravages the world. Look at what the IMF and World Economic Forum are saying. It’s in the open (as much as they want us to see at least). Its not a theory. Look up the “Great Reset” via the World Economic Forum. They say its about climate change but it was preplanned to coincide with Covid (flu strain). I could say more but i don’t want to blab too much.

  54. Avatar RoughPatchRoad says:

    I have 300 subs one day I’ll have 400 😂

  55. Avatar Reed Dagg says:

    Excellent video fellas.
    Open the borders sad 🙁…come see us, not just DDE but over in Ontario

  56. Avatar Finding Profits says:

    Loved the video, thank you. Stradman much taller than I thought…..

  57. Avatar TOP POINT TRADERS says:

    one of the honest story i ever heard in youtube

  58. Avatar Mac steven Kynjing says:

    His girl impression tho

  59. Avatar Tony says:

    when he said, the bugatti he filmed is the one behind him, I teared. He had a vision and it worked.

  60. Avatar Sir Galahad says:

    I found TheStradman when he had only 16,000 subs. I respect that young man for his attitude and work ethic. I’m shocked with all that energy he has, that he does not drink coffee. Man, can you imagine him wired on caffeine LOL ?

  61. Avatar Vyshnav says:

    I love you both 🔥🔥🔥

  62. Avatar Finance Veteran says:

    Graham I wish you would see this comment. My entire life has changed because of you. And truly only you. I started following you when you had around 10k subscriber and were mainly talking real-estate. I took your advice literally while watching one of your videos and called a lender about a property I seen for sale I wanted to own. I ended up buying that house. I now own 4 houses and am doing YouTube full time. And have become a great day trader after the success bug bit me. I was able to get out of the Army after 10 years because of the position I’m in now thanks to you. You’re a true saint In my life. If YouTube did you any good. It wasn’t money. It was the help you provided

  63. Avatar Sky Guy says:

    Saw the man grow from 600k from what he is at now

  64. Avatar Bumba_Clause says:

    58 days 1 shower

  65. Avatar chrismay1a says:

    Dam owns 9 supercars including a million dollar car and pats less per month to insure all of them then dde pays to insure 1 car crazy

  66. Avatar Ryan Way says:

    Stradman, You’re my hero! I need to me the Gen X version of you (me)

  67. Avatar thebestjaiser says:

    A bit too many ads if you ask me

  68. Avatar Justin Y. says:

    this vid has been popping around in my recommended and I just gave in.

  69. Avatar Bumba_Clause says:

    Advice of the day invest in spx500

  70. Avatar Miguel says:

    Never seen a 30 year old call himself a kid so many times and say he makes smart financial decisions but doesnt own any property

  71. Avatar Kadek Sudarwika says:


  72. Avatar Gandhi P says:

    God bless this man

  73. Avatar Alex Nair says:

    Lovely video

  74. Avatar Ryan Kyaw says:

    thanks for this amazing interview!

  75. Avatar Jack Manucy says:

    The Stadman is a inspiration for everyone keep up the good work bro

  76. Avatar Tony McSteven says:

    4:16 I just came to hear him say Audi TT over and over again…

  77. Avatar Rob Groove says:

    Nah forget the s&p
    Put it into bitcoin.

  78. Avatar Kieran Adams says:

    He is not homeless

  79. Avatar Zsolt Deme says:

    Really a great video!

  80. Avatar awwad abulhasan says:

    i like him because he dosent give up on life

  81. Avatar Panther Blazer says:

    Click bait title ….smh

  82. Avatar IrohsProdigy says:

    no way you guys know eachother!

  83. Avatar Yuqii says:

    V f f

  84. Avatar TorcheredSole says:

    Stock advice didn’t age well

  85. Avatar Tristan Xavier says:

    The zany turnip topically cure because chief inversely weigh an a aback form. abiding, devilish responsibility

  86. Avatar HardieHar 76 says:

    James is the man💯✊🏼✊🏼

  87. Avatar Merica Made says:

    very good video …congratulation on the interview

  88. Avatar Sadnan Tahmid says:

    i litteryly cried for him he is a legend the stradman

  89. Avatar Alexander Hilberger says:

    Stradman is the only millionaire on earth who was given the advice to goo all in on stocks with 360000$ and 2 Days later the advice to go all out of stocks…this means cash out faster than ever buy in…must be something wrong with owning stocks when cashing out is more important than going in…please give Strad a good advice if only if everything is running great in economy…the next financial system will be error free and gold backed and enough cash for everyone !

  90. Avatar Alex Stefan says:

    You have to risk it, to make it💯.

  91. Avatar Joost Online says:

    16:58 …no other investments? Buy 1 Bitcoin and buy another Bugatti in 5 years. 17:52

  92. Avatar Tin Rovic says:

    This story is so freaking inspiring, rags to riches, you dont see this very often, the drive, the ambition, this is gold 🔥

  93. Avatar Make Niek says:

    Self made is the best, I admired your work.

  94. Avatar Joost Online says:

    23:50 omg just imagine following this advise in the biggest stock market bubble in history… P/E ratio’s out of control. Tesla worth 2 trillion and not having any real sales figures, etc…. the only way stocks will continue to go up if central banks continue to inflate the monetairy system. That can go good for a while, but we all know what happens when the music stops….again like 17:10

  95. Avatar Best Home Real Estate /AL says:

    it is all about the bugatti haha

  96. Avatar Harsha.C says:

    Is it just me or does Graham look like Tom Cruise?

  97. Avatar Ploprod says:

    James i just wanna say, you are right to keep this a 1 man operation. There are massive celebrities that make so much but are bound by their “managers” and contracts and get almost no money compared to what they actually make.

  98. Avatar Sushant Mittal says:

    2:47 same

  99. Avatar Delusiox says:

    His goal is to live in GTA Online basically.

  100. Avatar Johnnyboy257 says:

    I love how James is so open about everything and that’s why he’s one of my favorite you tubers

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