House Votes To Raise Stimulus Checks To $2,000 | NBC Nightly News


After a reversal, President Trump signed the Covid-19 aid package, which provides aid for small businesses, extends two unemployment programs and sends billions more to states for vaccine distribution. The new House-passed measure will move to a vote in the Senate.
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House Votes To Raise Stimulus Checks To $2,000 | NBC Nightly News

111 thoughts on “House Votes To Raise Stimulus Checks To $2,000 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Northerners Reply

    Let MAGA Republicans senators look at Canada, Australia, European Union for example their citizens get $2,000 stimulus check a month since April also free healthcare and education 😎👍👍👍

  2. Kevin Gilmore Reply

    It doesn’t matter anyway if you pay child support you’re not going to see it checked at all your baby’s mom is so women or is going to be the only ones to benefit from this

  3. Guy Anon Reply

    What a waste of time! Rich say no. Starve! Bare minimum. 330 million people yes and 100 say no. Failure like in

  4. tam Tran Reply

    Please also raise the AGI so more people can receive the aid!

  5. Priyanka John Reply

    Trump is best and not corrupt like rest of all he is a super hero we love u trump

  6. False Positive Reply

    “Show me the money!”
    Less talk more action.

  7. Priyanka John Reply

    Trump is trying to make America the best and grate but u people stop him

  8. Bren's Cottage Reply

    Kennedy Center for the arts got like $1,500,000 in the last stimulus, and this one they’re going to get over 2 million MORE… and they’re not even open? Cancel the $ for all performing arts and give it to the American people.

  9. drumtwo4seven Reply

    Publicity stunt at the end of a failed administration.

  10. THE WINNER Reply

    Trump has had to deal with these lying, double crossing, back biting, word playing, mephistopheles for the entire duration of his Presidency.


  11. shawn thorsgaard Reply

    So are we gonna get some of the trillions our taxes are paying to the world? Or are we gettin the shaft from government as usual!?

  12. TaDa hiden Reply

    People should make Note on who Votes against this Bill, and remember when they are up for Reelection VOTE THEM OUT.

  13. I End of Time Reply

    If the Senate blocks the 2000 from people in need,GOD,WILL block them from heaven when they die (Mathew 25;35-40 )

  14. Tony Cervantez Reply

    Ima buy a truck load of Natural Light

  15. inkarupay Reply

    it should be 2000 for every month since the pandemic started.

  16. Phyllis Woods-Harris Reply

    Shut up Trump is the reason it is up to $2,000.

  17. RamZ Reply

    I pray the GOP controlled senate, will get onboard and pass this much needed legislation … economic relief … for the people of this nation. But in my mind and heart, I know they will not.

    As always, republicans provide for the wealthy and corporations … relying on those groups to trinkle down crumps, to the less fortunate. They preach limited government spending, when it comes to the middle class and poor, no matter how hungry, homeless, or cold they may be.

    And, when you are unable to pay them their taxes, they take all you have left or imprison you, until you pay up. To them you are a deadbeat, looking for a handout, not a handup. SMH.

  18. Heart_an_Soles Reply

    What about the other 400 billion u didn’t mention going overseas?? But no u guys wouldn’t talk about that

  19. Andre Myers Reply

    mitchy and the republicans are not going to pass this…. they never care about suffering Children andAmerican People

  20. Enos Lives Reply

    How much money is it to get us at +.5%? they should just do that again .. $600 is a strange number this whole thing is bizarre

  21. a HUMAN just BEING Reply

    vote for me=$3,500 per quarter til Dec 2021🇺🇸

    ill use the $ we usually send around the fkg globe to fix their bs

  22. American Scarelines Reply

    “$600 won’t pay my rent.” Maybe a job will?

    • I End of Time Reply

      Many jobs are gone !!!

  23. sing song Reply

    Only when criminals like Trump pay tax, $10,000 is possible!

  24. Save Our World Reply

    Remember the 2 Democrats who voted against the $2000 payments…..Dan Lipinski-Illinois, voted against because of the deficit and Kurt Schrader-Oregon, voted against because he needed a more bipartisan bill. VOTE THEM OUT along with Senate Republicans!!!

  25. afterwork art Reply

    So more stalling huh!!! Who saw that coming 👀🤔

  26. Adam Addams Reply

    It’s not going to pass in the Senate.

  27. Iris De La Rosa Reply

    Stop listening to sensored news. Check out Newsmax or NTD news or OAN news or even Foxnews

  28. staleprad Reply

    Not to be rude but if your life depended on the government giving you 2k, you really need to look at yourself in the’s been a year and you haven’t found another way of making a living?

  29. NukeSkywalker Reply

    Checkmate Mitch !

  30. Karen Hatfield Reply

    I do like Lester a lot. However, the reporter who gave the news 12/28/20 did a great job. He was more animated etc. Keep eyes on him. Kate Snow is not bad. Thank you..NBC News is still my fav. 😊

  31. James DeVries Reply

    2,000 and extended relief programs.. huh 🤔 trump might care a little??

  32. Mr. Zesozadfrack Reply

    Wtf is $600 after all this time! Cheap Republican scum!!!!

  33. Mike Reply

    umm so no one gonna talk about how trump was in favor of the 2000? this is total fake news.

  34. Renee Shapiro Reply

    Amen..give the American people what they need! There are people out here struggling that really need this. Happy After Xmas to everyone who needs it!

  35. Autumn Ly Reply

    For sure the bill will die at Moscow mitch hands… Americans famlies won’t get the $2000 to pay mortgages, rents, foods, and utilities

  36. Mark Lawrence Reply

    Americans $600 illegals $1800. American Taxpayers still want to play the political games (REPS & DEMS) while you are being fleeced by both parties while they are giving your money away..Politicians are banking while laughing at you IDIOTS..(we can do this all year long.. haha 🙂

  37. EL Reply

    We vote 🗳 pay our taxes & theirs and still can’t catch a break for 2G dammm

  38. robert desmarais Reply

    Thank you Trump for demanding 2000 to 4000$ the liberals could give a s—and only proposed 600 & billions to foreign countries for BS special interest

  39. Stephanie Drake Reply

    For everyone who apparently skipped economics class in school
    the $ sign goes BEFORE the numbers.

  40. nafstap Reply

    Easy, get rid of the stupid $300 boost to unemployment. It gives the lazy no incentive to work. Use the savings to give to the people OR give the $$ to small businesses.

  41. Willdo1951 Aldone Reply

    Thankful for a President like Trump. He stands up for the little man.

  42. Notgonna Wearamask Reply


    • Janet Cory Reply

      I can help you with good checks weekly but you have to work for it by sending checks to other people after you get your own check..atleast $1000 in 3days if you’re serious..

    • Notgonna Wearamask Reply

      @Janet Cory sure, HMU!

    • Notgonna Wearamask Reply

      @Janet Cory hello janey cory, hmu

  43. Cornbread DuryeaHozay Reply


  44. Cornbread DuryeaHozay Reply

    Bro they fear of losing everybody I can’t believe they using the 4 5s and 8s on people 😂

  45. Renold Hergenrother Reply

    They shut doen the country for a virus that has a 99% recovery rate. You lost your jobs, your business and your dignity! Yet you acquiesce.
    They say ware a mask and you acquiesce.
    You want to work – get your vaccine.
    Want to travel – get your vaccine.
    Want your kids back in school – vaccine.
    Want to buy groceries – need a vaccine, but it’s NOT MANDATORY!!
    and you will ACQUIESCE!!!

  46. Pineapple Jack Reply

    ugh.. people wanting “free” money. “$600 wont even pay my rent!” Well who’s problem is that? Freeloaders….
    These stimulus checks are a terrible idea. Stop giving people money! They need to work for it.

  47. Aida Mathews Reply

    I feel for this lady how she believes that she going too get a check
    My heart goes out too her. How could this president be so cold and the Republicans
    because I know that they know that’s not
    even going too happen
    because there going to
    be the first to VOTE on this bill all of them and say no to the 2000.00 for sure sorry too say it but so true just saying anything that comes out of Trump’s mouth every p**** should know that it’s not true come on 4 years of it
    that’s ok his days are getting shorter and he thousand so you figure you pull his last couple stunts out with his nasty grin…

  48. Queen of Quick Reply

    Trump tells the truth on our Covid Relief: 25 million to Pakistan’s Gender Equality.$86 million to Cambodia; $130 million to Nepal, $135 million to Burma, $453 million to Ukraine, $700 million to Sudan (to name a few) USA Citizens…$600 to cover your toilet paper/mask & sanitizer for last year! And seriously, why does the Smithsonian Museum need a BILLION right now?!

  49. 2345teeth Reply

    $30 Trillion in debt, currency rapidly losing value, but yes……keep printing that money so bums in New York and California can continue staying at home. Pretty soon it won’t be worth the paper it’s printed on. Enjoy the incoming high gas and grocery prices.

  50. Don't Do It Reply

    the senate will squash this so is this even worth reporting smfh

  51. Aida Mathews Reply

    His days are getting shorter and he knows it so he figured he pull out a couple more stunts for the American people before gone…

  52. Don't Do It Reply

    they send all of our hard earned tax money to other countries and these other countries can’t stand americans so cut them off and give us our money back

  53. Heather Page Reply

    Breaking news! You still ain’t getting a stimulus check! 😉
    Same headline, different day.

  54. Brighton Chou Reply

    make it 5000 in march

  55. - Brent - Reply

    If the Senate Republicans vote against $2K checks I’m switching to Democrat.

  56. jeremiah daniels Reply

    Unfortunately I think the senate won’t pass it.

  57. Craig Shaw Reply

    Gees you people have got some ways to go for a fair election and how your treated hy some old president he doesn’t give a crap about you all. Just his slimely family

  58. Mark Alford Reply

    Thank trump

  59. Tarot by Tatum Reply

    Good! Cause all I have is a tracfone

  60. JP .Young Reply

    𝙷𝚘𝚠 𝚊𝚋𝚘𝚞𝚝 𝙲𝚞𝚝𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 $𝟹𝟸𝟾 𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚒𝚘𝚗 𝚝𝚘 𝚏𝚘𝚛𝚎𝚒𝚐𝚗 𝚊𝚒𝚍 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝙶𝚒𝚟𝚎 𝙴𝚊𝚌𝚑 𝙰𝚖𝚎𝚛𝚒𝚌𝚊𝚗 𝙰 𝙼𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚒𝚘𝚗?

    • Blue Tab Reply

      Why did you fail math, kid?

  61. HilarityBribo Reply

    Cancel all foreign aid bribery and give Americans 5k

    • Blue Tab Reply

      And there is another person who already failed math in primary school.

    • HilarityBribo Reply

      @Blue Tab are you stu stu stupid, lay off those blue tabs

    • Blue Tab Reply

      @HilarityBribo So you also have untreated Tourett’s. Cool. 🙂

    • HilarityBribo Reply

      @Blue Tab do you mean tourette’s ? Fail more at spelling illiterate savage.

    • Blue Tab Reply

      @HilarityBribo See how easy it is to bring out your inner spelling Nazi?

  62. OLMEC THUGS Reply

    NBC still finds time to make Trump look like he didn’t make the right move ,this news channels stay throwing shade .

  63. Mark Van Dam Reply

    Well thank the lord Trump is on the case instead of golfing or something.

  64. Niel Langner Reply

    Why the Georgia Senate Race is critical for Democrats to WIN! If not, you will be at McConnels mercy for another 4 years!

  65. Kevin Mu Reply

    Pretty sure they can afford it. Wasted lots of money for stocks and Airline Bs…

  66. yodhangzien Reply

    Thanks 4 600$ i accept it

    • Janet Cory Reply

      I can help you with good checks weekly but you have to work for it by sending checks to other people after you get your own check..atleast $1000 in 3days if you’re serious…

  67. C C Reply

    GOP, denying desperate people this payment increase will be devastating to your party. If you block these $2,000 checks people will rally against you switching from Republican and Independent to Democrat out of spite. Look at the record-breaking turnout for Biden, things will get MUCH worse for the GOP if you’re responsible for preventing this extra $1,400 from reaching Americans.

  68. ______ Reply

    Keep your money. I don’t need or want it..🙄

  69. William O'Leary Reply

    Having been laid off due to Covid I am here to say our family needs the $2,000 and not the $600. If the Senate does not approve this desperately need money our family will not vote for any current sitting Senator. I will share this with as many people as possible.
    All the “Covid Relief Bill” money going out of the United States is crushing to this American family.

    • Janet Cory Reply

      I can help you with good checks weekly but you have to work for it by sending checks to other people after you get your own check..atleast $1000 in 3days if you’re serious.

  70. Mike Young Reply

    Republicans, yet again, voting against the interests of average Americans!!!

  71. Sheri Evans Reply

    Australia has been subsidising workers, $750/wk, via employers, encouraging businesses to keep staff engaged. Payments for the unemployed have been increased. Homeless have been housed in hotel accommodation to isolate them, which has also improved their overall health & wellbeing. It’s given the economy a boost, staved off a recession, improve the health of the most vulnerable. Testing is free, & widespread. Sydney had an outbreak of over a hundred positive cases in a beachside suburb, with isolation, & quarantine imposed, its down to just 5 new cases, in a city of 4 million. The trigger for the outbreak was traced to international flight crew members & consular staff flaunting isolation rules & recommendations – the virus strain detected was the same or similar to the UK strain. Lessons learned …. everyone needs to follow the rules, rules should apply to everyone, everyone, especially the weakest and poorest need to be cared for.

  72. Mr T Reply

    What a waste of time. A big fat scam. You wouldn’t hear that liar make a promise he doesn’t intend to keep if this was Jan 5th. Stupid con-artists but there’s suckers out there —– 70 million of them

  73. robert hillis Reply

    Fake news and Fake Biden’s.

  74. Mike Keene Reply

    Rand paul will block it he blocks everything

  75. Roger Nguyen Reply

    Shame On Trump😂😂😂😜😜😜
    You are fired 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😜
    Jail is waiting for you 😂😂😂😂😜
    You are a rot 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  76. Rob Donaldson Reply

    STOP claiming you “support Our Military”, and then you vote #demorat & socialism. #hypocrites

  77. Kevin Merendino Reply

    Not holding my breath, I’ll believe it when I see it.. IN THE BANK!

  78. Crypto Sherpa Reply

    COVID-19 KOOL AID The Unanimous decision to Boost the STIMULUS package this morning to $1200-$2000 for Millions of Struggling American Citizens that are in Deep Trouble Right Now.? Sorry Time is out. Inside word Mitch McConnell will approve the $1200 Compensation but $2000 may have to wait until BIDEN is Inaugurated in January 2021.😎🤗👻🍓

  79. Crypto Sherpa Reply

    COVID-19 KOOL AID: This morning All Parties Agree that $600 won’t cut it so $1200 Stimulus Checks looks like a Slam Dunk however $2000 is a Stretch until BIDEN is Inaugurated in January 2021.😎🤗👻🍓

  80. Mike Hunt Reply

    The bill was 6000 pages long!
    This bill also includes $10,000,00 for Pakistanun gender screening??? As per Pelosi! And a while want adding more hidden bullcrap.

  81. Chris M. Reply

    Not gonna happen

  82. W Smith Reply

    They should also cut the most wasteful things out of the Bill and the $2000 payments will be easier to make.

  83. ufoguyspaceman Reply

    Give money away to other countries and watch American taxpayers suffer.

  84. Alexandra Parra Reply

    Stimulus should only be given to those in actual need and earning less than the poverty level, Unemployed, unable to pay rent, etc.

  85. calvin meyer Reply

    Yea… send us citizens more money we don’t have but have to print. So that we won’t be distracted about this fake president elect Joe biden. Your lies are sick and evil msm!

  86. Roberta Hayward Reply

    Donald Trump through the Republicans under the bus

  87. Ryan Mohr Reply

    Unbélievable!! my whóle lífe ìs changed with Cryptó trádín. I was a débtor and almost kícked out of my hóuse but expért Daniel Chánged thát frôm hâppéning wíth his strätègies. I invéstëd $3,200 and gôt báck $13,700 jüst áftér sëven dâys of învesting wîth hïm. Thânk yôu so much Daniel Wright.. yöu cân côntáct hìm ön Télê.gräm @ .. Danielwrightfx

  88. RecoverFrom PTSD Reply

    Just what Americans need right now, Millionaire Politicians telling us what we need and should get. We are Americans, and again our elected officials have turned their backs on all of us. Every Senator, every Representative all get paid no matter what happens to us. But there is one thing they are not, they are not immune to the power of our VOTE. They all see how it was used on Trump, this will come back on them.
    Americans are Winners, these Losers or soon to be Losers just want to find the blame, but as Americans we will find the solution, that’s what real Americans do….

  89. 楊先生 Reply

    (YouTube)search Ava American brain-controlled victims Search and reveal the mind control


    #PSEi 000101190e1ed9ae2c770cba38fd3041c9186301[CDATA] “BANTA” #ANC #GMA7 #ABSCBN #DZRH #DZBB #UNTV #PH_LIFETIME

  91. Amy Amy Reply

    Indica Rice is one step closer to recovery.

  92. Daishu Yeah Reply

    Urgently appeal to all patriots: March ‪on January 6.‬ Prior to this, it is strongly requested that the state and federal members of the electoral district declare support for Trump’s re-election.
    这是共匪对自由世界的第二波生物战的攻击。This is the second wave of biological warfare attacks by the CCP bandits on the free world.

  93. ti0039a340 Reply

    wait wait just hold up.
    Are they seriously blaming President Trump for the stimulus check not arriving earlier…
    he was taking stimulus check in march in may and in july, last i heard him talk about stimulus check was in november so WTF

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