House Democrats Prepare To Make Impeachment Case | NBC Nightly News


Senior Democrats suggest House Speaker Nancy Pelosi could complete House impeachment but delay sending the article to the Senate for trial, which would give the Biden administration breathing room. Another Republican Senator, Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey, called on President Trump to resign.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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House Democrats Prepare To Make Impeachment Case | NBC Nightly News

98 thoughts on “House Democrats Prepare To Make Impeachment Case | NBC Nightly News

  1. Lee Kh Reply

    Why there is no voice from Republicans and what actions they’ll be taken against Trump? Are the Republicans still feel that Trump didn’t do anything wrong and is still functional? Time for the Republicans esp Mitch to speak up esp where do they stand. Staying sideline and remain silent doesn’t mean Republicans is not responsible for the recent insurrection against the government. Their leader incited it and collectively they’ll have to correct the situation. Republicans must own up to the crisis.

  2. Rose Janni Reply

    Please get trump out NOW

  3. Jessica Ribot Reply

    Ya know, I typically cannot stand Chris Christy however, he said something in an interview that made a lot of sense, “If the seditious insurrection that happened at the Capitol in not an impeachable offense, then idk what is”! I completely agree with that statement, I believe that had Trump been impeached and removed a year ago, we’d have been so much better off, even with Pence running the country!

  4. Cecilia Villalobos Reply

    He should be arrested on the 20 then held without bail

  5. Victoria Borzillo Reply

    He should not have post presidential perks. Pension ,medical and FBI protection and more I!parchment will take this away

  6. Rosa Esmeralda Reply

    América EE UU como puedes tener un presidente Loco Ruina AlMundo

  7. Rosa Esmeralda Reply

    Trump esta mal al manicomio

  8. Rosa Esmeralda Reply

    Trump La Ruina de. AMERICA

  9. CHAINE M D قناة م د Reply

    Please subscribe to the channel to receive all new updates and activate the bellllllll thank you

  10. Mary Jancsar Reply

    Will they be protected?

  11. Cecilia Rivera Reply


  12. Marsha Estep Reply

    While they are wanting to Impeach President Trump are they also going to Impeach Harris for bonding out Criminals this past summer and calling for violence during and after the election. She should be impeached.

  13. Leon Leone Reply

    ——————————- TERMINATOR !!!
    We ARE not Machines , We ARE — THE — People !!!
    We LOVE Donald TRUMP , We LOVE America !!!

  14. Tragik Times Reply

    Trump will be back in 2024. The only real question is will it be to run for the USA presidency or the newly seceded nation’s presidency.

  15. batalaale official Reply

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  16. richard baybusky Reply

    Lets go already. Jail awaits Trump!!

  17. Arnold Fletcher Reply

    Hate agree with this dude but yeah… This will make him a martyr and slow down Bidens agenda.

  18. Reinbold Philistin Reply

    Donald Trump is not qualified to do anything in America

  19. lineflyer1 Reply

    MAGA For Life

  20. rand wise Reply

    I have no problem with the democrats trying to impeach Trump what I do have issues with is when there govenors take the aid for small businesses and use it for something else. Right or wrong they need it more then anyone thanks Illinois your a class act. There’s bigger issues to deal with.

  21. DJEDJI Louis Wizzy Reply

    ⛅🗽I just wanna see the sun shine tomorrow diamond label vision of before life the source of success is illuminati face the new order de future not history EMEN! Mafia Life Dream Chases Washington D.C. United States of AMERICA is Loyalty illuminaty we some success God bless UNITED STATES. We bless être dad God #Baphomet Shemhamforash!… 🙏🏾#FreeMeekMill🤘🏾

  22. cesar lagares Reply

    ABC, CNN, CBS, NY TIMES, and others we are it is your rage About freedom of the press? Parle Is been shutting down by the giant tech And you guys not saying anything Sad very sad. This is the first pass towards socialism That is my personal experience. And Remember you going to be next.

  23. Husky Passion Reply

    Trump will have the best TV ratings ever at his trial.

  24. Sheila Fort Reply

    Okay… The American people should Always come First. Why is no-one Discussing the Stimulus in the meantime🤔 People out here are really Suffering. Does anyone Care.

  25. Brad Jackson Reply

    What a week! Meanwhile, here’s how easy it all was when Biden simply announced the count and promptly declared Donald Trump as the winner of the 2016 Presidential elections:





  28. Aurimas Simas Reply


  29. Jude Nwajide Reply

    Trump did nothing, freedom to assemble is given and if some bad elements take advantage, blame the security not Trump. We will never get out of the fall of the impeachment and the silencing of free speech by the big techs
    Just the beginning…..lets play the game.
    No one can take away Trumps achievements even under tight and constant attacks from the media, the Democrats and big techs.
    The world will realize very fast why they fought him, impeached him ,crucified him and yet again trying to impeach him again. Only time will tell…..Congratulations to Trump and Pence.

  30. huuuuu Reply

    Why is Pence so loyal.. To him?

  31. Cap Kolor_Indica Reply

    Yes! Impeach or remove DJT NOW by any means & for good! #byebyeDon

  32. Charmain Killoran Reply

    It was all a plot. Watch Maria Zack… you lot are barking up the wrong tree. Its not Trump who should be impeached

  33. Stoop Troup Reply

    NBC fake news

  34. Ramona Martinez Reply

    I m
    Just heard the the best reason to do the impeachments
    Hold back the vote till after the 20th
    That way Pancd can’t Pance can’t pardon trump

  35. Dumb Farmer Reply

    The American people will impeach Congress and rid our nation of the DNC tech company fascists. Leave Amazon, do not buy from Amazon, sell all Amazon stock. If you know someone who uses Amazon, tell them to stop now. Destroy the company immediately without pause 😡

  36. supercalebman 09 Reply

    They can ban together in one day to impeach the president again with only 9 days left in his term ! Why? But the entire year went by , Americans killing themselves , businesses going out , people losing everything they have and more and congress doesn’t act to do anything to help and the demon possessed speaker of the house by her own mouth withheld help because she hates the president and let all these poor people die and suffer, that’s wrong no matter what side you’re own but she won’t have to deal with the president much longer but not in the way she hoping , I just have a feeling.

  37. Wainda Youngthain Reply

    The liberation is not the same way of the exception running 🙏🏻, since brain 🧠 lost of control and the 25 armed rights laws in now for everyone 😔.

  38. John Wickerchair Reply

    News flash.Democrats and Republicans are garbage.If you truly believe in god you don’t place your faith in politicians.No side is better than the other.During the summer Mobs burnt entire cities,,defaced federal buildings,tore down statues,murdered innocent people.This mob at the capitol was no different.You’re all hypocrites.TRUTH.

  39. Tammy S Reply

    Ridiculous, petty, children.

  40. Robert Bruce Reply

    Rioters hid behind masks bc they were scared of being caught. Oops, can’t hide DNA of cigarette butts left behind. They where photographed in place and cataloged, now being analyzed for identifixation/persecution.
    PS. Did I forget to mention their egos to go to Facebook to launch their stories. “These were Amature coup fighters.”

  41. PeterPeter Pumpkineater Reply


  42. Gilbert Lugo Reply

    The more you go against Trump the more stronger he gets. democrats are putting the noose upon their necks. they will fall.

  43. Meme Reply

    25th Amendment will never work. Pence has no spine, and Trump’s cabinet only knows how to fall in line. Impeachment is the only solution, and since you don’t really need to call witnesses, this could move pretty swiftly.

  44. roy ordway Reply

    Time to lock you up, Pat. With a quickness!

  45. Jesus Love Reply

    Yeah remember he’s a brick so next to vote for him everything might fall back to the rock age.😂😂😂😂 tow impeachment’s in tow yrs wow

  46. Francois Askamp Reply

    TRUMP Forever

  47. dennis coates Reply


  48. D S Reply

    Why he has 9 days let it go

  49. 5 flapjacks Reply

    Well, whatever happens in the near and distant future with all that’s going on, make sure your eternal salvation in Jesus is secure. Trust with confidence and understanding that Jesus removed ALL of your sins when He died & rose. Simple! If you need some teaching on the matter, the bible teaching site teachingfaith com is a good source of info. All of their ebooks and streaming videos are free. The teaching series titled, ‘change of mind’ has all the basics..

  50. D Legionnaire Reply


  51. "Cancer What Is It Good For ! Making Friends ? " Reply

    ……………………………SCAPEGOATS ………………………………

  52. Max Smith Reply

    TRUMP 2024

  53. Art Speakman Reply

    The Democrats are so filled with hate they cannot function rationally. They have made themselves irrelevant to the American people.

  54. Plauge Doctor Fragrance Reply

    I have a solution to this Bring back the 22nd amendment it will be used to force Trump out of Power

  55. Darryl Williams Reply

    And you worried about Black Lives Matter? You might want to take another look .

  56. Darryl Williams Reply

    And you worried about Black Lives Matter? Hmmm, you might want take another look. Law and Order !! Right.

  57. Dan Acri Reply

    Dems are axx holes.

  58. Lostund Gefunden Reply

    they’re wasting time for this lost cause?

  59. m wong Reply

    Comments: 202-456-1111
    Switchboard: 202-456-1414

  60. Rick Evans Reply

    Remember how much criticism that officer got for not rushing into a school shooting?
    I watched officers gather outside the Capitol, for about a half hour. The first ones there should of rushed in with shotguns! Not strap armor, stand back, and wait for more numbers.

  61. Andrew Hogan Reply

    Its not a protest its a no knock raid on the fed boys.

  62. CLAUDIA C Reply

    “America! God has shed his grace on thee”, Dolorously, The Capitol,
    symbol of our nation faith has been desecrated, every session of the
    House and the Senate begins with prayer. WE ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD,

  63. Khadijah Ali-Bey Reply

    Rupublicans confirmed Amy Coney Barret in 8 days before the elections. But now we dont’t have enough time to impeach a President that started an armed and bloody insurrection.

  64. curious one Reply


  65. Jason Bourne Reply

    I did not have sexual relations with that woman Nancy Pelosi, I was going in undercover ! !

  66. on the rocks with salt Reply

    Pelosi wasting my tax dollars already. SMH she will be the first one to go.

  67. Tony Dinh Reply

    Donald TrumPutin Dickhead supporters are traitors to this country and domestic terrorists. These lunatics low IQ morons rather worship a con artist loser than country!

  68. Kevin Burdeshaw Reply

    Jail all the traitors – from the President down.

  69. Cynthia Kelly Reply

    Just drag him out

  70. Martin Stepanek Reply

    Ya so do you believe the GOP dotards that say “I don’t think”? The second you turn your back Trump will be on the 2024 card.

  71. Joann Anderson Reply

    I hope he ets barred from ever running again. Get him out

  72. Paolana a Reply

    donald trump is the most hated man in the country ha

  73. Jason Thomas Reply

    Nasty Nancy needs to go

  74. Steven Mccullough Reply

    Biden doesn’t need 100 days of breathing room, he needs a secure country to run. That will happen when Trump is no longer a viable political figure and in some kind of custody. Impeach ASAP. Clear the way for criminal charges.

  75. Mike Manners Reply

    Do you REALLY think they could not stop these people storming the Capitol? They LET IT HAPPEN!! This all was planned to get you conditioned like Pavlov’s dog to react in the manner THEY want you to react. You are all being led around by the nose through your Emotions. NOW they can take away more of our Liberties and Constitutional Rights. IF you own a gun, go to Church, vote Conservative you are NOW considered a domestic terrorist, nazi, insurrectionist criminal. The Tyranny has only started folks. RIP America.

  76. Darlene T Reply

    Pat Too my you are wrong and you know it..We all see the truth

  77. Eric The Great Reply

    We all know that absolutely nothing is going to happen to him…… nothing

  78. Andre Ali Reply

    No problem.  You will be responsible for me reporting Andre Ali to the authorities.  He is in the U.S.

    Sent by Siri from my iPhone 

    Pastor Jonathan Smith, MPH, MA

    Tucson Sharon SDA Church

    Certified Marriage Counselor


    Show quoted text

  79. Andre Ali Reply

    Fwd: Library of Congress (.gov) › septem…

    September 11, 2001 Web Archive, Religious | Library of Congress

    Results 1 – 25 of 186 · Seventh-day Adventist Church Adventist Church Official …. Aryan Nation Aryan Nations, a Web Site produced by………Wikipedia › wiki › Aryan_Nations

    Aryan Nations – Wikipedia

    Aryan Nations is an anti-semitic, neo-Nazi, white supremacist terrorist … was changed to the Church of Jesus Christ–Christian, which is used today by Aryan Nations churches

  80. Tina Clark Reply

    Pence Is growing aback
    Bone its about time somebody
    In trump’s camp
    Needs to stand up to trump s
    Sick mind

  81. Donna Davis Reply

    Pelosi’s laptop was confiscated by the White Hats Special Forces when Antifa infiltrated the Capitol mentioned by Lt. General Mclnerney at the White House. McConnell, Schumer, Pelosi and the mayor told the Capitol police to stand down for their orchestrated agenda to try and impeach President Trump. It backfired in Pelosi’s face. President Trump has already signed the Insurrection Act. Chinese Communist Liberals want to take away our freedoms. This had to be done.

  82. Who Cares Reply

    Too much talk already!

    Terrorism – Treason
    Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000…….


  83. Jessica L Gomez Reply

    I received a payment of 30,000 pounds to my bank account through maskoffweb,com website

  84. WarlordWoody22 Reply

    Lol before they agree on the date he will be out.. just put him in jail with the rest of you criminals and let’s install a new form of government already

  85. angel jackson Reply

    Please for the American people’s safety get rid of this so called president

  86. Wanda Baileyer Reply

    The uneven daffodil gully trouble because poppy connoly rhyme sans a sore pollution. demonic, quizzical satin

  87. Bear Yogi Reply

    Wow!!! Just remember this the America people vote for Trump !!!
    What message are you saying to all of us ???!!!

    Concentrate on bringing the job back ??? Wait ?!!! What about the coronavirus!?????! Don’t we forget this ????

  88. rex Cameron Reply

    They shall fear the Patriots for we will take our country back

  89. Robert Bruce Reply


  90. Steelz MB Reply

    Democrats starting to sound like Hitler and SS, read your history books kiddies. They have no idea lol

  91. Robert Bruce Reply

    Penalty: U.S. Code Title 18: Death, or not less than 5 years’ imprisonment (minimum fine of $10,000, if not sentenced to death). Any person convicted of treason against the United States will lose the right to hold public office in the United States.

  92. pink winter2929 Reply

    He threw you under the bus 🚌

  93. Raden Bahagia Reply

    Impeachment are double standard – why now – almost met the 5 years term .

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