Grant Cardone on the real estate outlook: The middle class will get priced out of buying homes

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The number of homes for sale hit an all-time low, according to’s December housing report. Entrepreneur and Author Grant Cardone joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss his thoughts on the outlook for housing in 2021.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Sebastian Lassus says:

    what does this guy know? ponzi schemes and stupid courses is what he does and yeah obviously a copycat, 1% returns LOL

  2. Avatar Mark Kravitz says:

    👌 Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. Keep that @evenkingsfall (His insta name) THINK BIG approach to life! Don’t stop the hard work 🔥

  3. Avatar Jun Pak says:

    Kevin, please react to this video!

    • Avatar Tyler S says:

      If you own crypto get to me directly for guidance.

    • Avatar Tyler S says:

      W. H. A. T. S. A. P. P
      +. 1. 2. 0. 1. 2. 9. 2. 5. 5. 1. 5.

  4. Avatar Life's Good says:

    😅😅😅 what middle class? We now have either rich (employed) or poor. If you have maintained so far. You are rich. The working poor are homeless hungry or about to be.

    • Avatar Adam Man says:

      lol what?

    • Avatar Mike Deering says:

      Employed is not rich. Employed is maintained. Rich collect ROI, employees are the ROI

  5. Avatar JTG G says:

    He’s right about the wealthy snapping up the real estate and many people being further priced out of the market. He is wrong and way off on his numbers on the California market though. He is not a West Coast guy though and more knowledge/expertise in other areas of the county.

  6. Avatar Max Cho says:

    Uncle g

  7. Avatar Liberal Elitist says:

    Why is this scammer on here shameless

  8. Avatar Maidy Lopez says:

    Real estate broker are the one that’s driving the prices.
    Alot of the house has alot of hidden information about the house quality of the property

  9. Avatar M B says:

    Where are these wages/income coming from, that support these really high real estate prices over a 30 year mortgage?

    • Avatar sky watchers says:

      Overseas investors

    • Avatar Tutt Tutt says:

      Plenty of people in the US still have good, high paying jobs.

    • Avatar Nathaniel Singleton says:

      Rich people and firms buying wholesale. Retail buyers coming in the market and low inventory. Simple supply and demand situation going on.

    • Avatar 777jones says:

      Ask around in tour area. In my area, the biggest sources are university and healthcare jobs, with corporate and tech next in line, followed by trades, which also do well. Not to mention the government jobs.

  10. Avatar Mã Khoa says:

    Thanks to you all for your testimonies, it has helped me greatly I thought she was not real but I will now boldly testify …her strategies is awesome

    • Avatar Grace Matter says:

      Nothing much

    • Avatar Prince Jack says:

      So how can I Dm her

    • Avatar Prince Jack says:

      Because I can’t wait to earn huge profit from her platform

    • Avatar Grace Matter says:

      Okay you can message her via her official watsap

    • Avatar Grace Matter says:

      Tell her I referred you

  11. Avatar Miguel Rico says:

    Why is the crypto guy here and wanting people to Whatsapp him

    • Avatar Tony Mart says:

      LOL that is a fake Grant channel trying to get some of Grant’s suscribers to buy into bitcoin. I always report them.

  12. Avatar Chris R says:

    Going to be a very hard time the average working Americans.

    • Avatar sam chump says:

      They wanted Biden they got Biden…….
      Wages go down expense go up.

    • Avatar Bill Bill says:

      @sam chump no one wanted that corpse.

    • Avatar sam chump says:

      @Bill Bill do you know anyone who is excited about Bidet taking Over..

    • Avatar Bill Bill says:

      @sam chump nope. Race communism isn’t exciting.

  13. Avatar Raya Koth says:

    If the powers that be really cared, the first home for a family should be tax free, with heavy taxes on subsequent homes.

    • Avatar Tomas Hopper says:

      Exactly, little to know taxes on primary home then heavy, heavy taxes on any second, third, etc home. The answer is so simple! Also any car over 22 or 23k should be taxed very heavy. You have to start taxing luxuries, the rich can still have them but basic needs for people come first!

  14. Avatar Juan Lopez says:

    “You will own nothing”

    • Avatar Hydross 77 says:

      Already there…

    • Avatar J M says:

      “And be happy”

    • Avatar Hydross 77 says:

      @J M not there yet =P

    • Avatar Daniel Stadden says:

      The less you have the less you have to worry about

    • Avatar Jim Rr says:

      Glorious revolutionary humanist socialism. Great Helmsman Chairman Bei Jing Biden will lead us to Strong Red Victory over counter revolutionary capitalism. Support The Party!

  15. Avatar Juan Lopez says:

    Botox botox botox!!!!

  16. Avatar David Liang says:

    Cash is trash? Talk to me during a recession. Can’t buy a dip without cash moron.

  17. Avatar ice water says:

    The wealth has left the country with the jobs. Foreigners have the wealth now, and come here and buy homes. then use the infrastructure our tax dollars paid for.

  18. Avatar Luis Rodriguez says:

    This guy might be a little shady from time to time but He’s right on the money on this one !! Especially here in the NYC / Upstate and sorrounding states like jersey and connecticut!!!
    I’m seeing it first hand 👁️👁️ they know a depression is coming within the next months or winter time of 2021…

    • Avatar sam chump says:

      Biden for the Win….. 😂. Do people even realize what they voted for.

  19. Avatar Luis Rodriguez says:

    Guys with lots of cash are buying assets right now like gold real state and available lots of land !! This is kinda scary to see

    • Avatar Hydross 77 says:

      Its out of control

    • Avatar Dee BROWN says:

      Those of us who saved and saved since 2008 crash.

    • Avatar Logbia7k says:

      Chinese buyers.

  20. Avatar David Yadegarians says:

    Grant you only survived 2020 because you received part of the PPP package. You spoke the truth in this one middle class will be priced out of homes permanently

  21. Avatar Trevis Hornsby says:

    He is on point with this one.

  22. Avatar Mark Williams says:

    Successful people don’t become that way overnight, what most people see at a glances of wealth is the result of hardworking and hustle over time

    • Avatar Lincold Newton says:

      Fear is a dengerous components, hindering us from taking bold steps we need in other to reach goals

    • Avatar Grey Perry says:

      Yeah your right, I personally spend more than six month doubting Mrs Annabella Ryan investment platform.

  23. Avatar Liberty Springs says:

    How do you know local governments won’t raise property tax to equal the monthly rent. What is the point of owning property then? Some states have laws to keep the tax low but laws can change.

  24. Avatar Andy A says:

    Guest quality has suffered I see

    • Avatar digitalservice ths says:

      He’s a billionaire.

  25. Avatar Michael Phuey says:

    MAKES NO SENSE. I thought it was cheaper to own than to rent. If the poor and middle class cant even afford to own right now, what makes them think they could afford to rent?

    Sure, shelter is needed but now a days shelter for many has transformed itself from a residential building into a car, tent, tarp, box or simply nothing at all as they roam hopelessly down the streets of many broken dreams.

    • Avatar hedge hog says:

      Yes I agree with you. Terrible situation. I guess this guy loves people being homeless but nothing is more dangerous than people with nothing left to lose. This movie does not have a happy ending. Maybe it’s actually better for the people to let the government confiscate all the real estate away from his grim smile.

    • Avatar YT SD says:

      No. When you rent you don’t have to worry about property taxes, maintenance, home owner’s insurance, or repairs. You just call the land lord or property manager. Owning a home is more expensive.

  26. Avatar John Wick says:

    Smart money doesn’t tell you where they’re putting their money, they tell you where they want you to put your money.

    • Avatar HMH says:


    • Avatar Kevin Anderson says:

      Só with inflation around the corner, what’s the better option? Stocks ? Commodities? I’m genuinely curious but even investment bankers I’ve asked couldn’t advise me on how to hedge it ?

    • Avatar Daily Future Trades says:

      What is the percentage chance of alternative housing such as tiny homes, portable houses and trailers to be allowed an easier access to a permit and thus change the housing market pricing?

    • Avatar Kandece Roberts says:


    • Avatar Moustapha Diallo says:

      This comment aged like fine wine and I don’t even know what fine wine tastes like.

  27. Avatar John Alley says:

    I’m out of cash give me yours

  28. Avatar John Alley says:

    Wow this is my new jet in my garage tail Lopez tomorrow. Scientology to the moon.

    • Avatar Timothy Platt says:

      😂😂😂 I’m telling you… in every media decision, what they say, who they BRING on… Has click rate and viewer traffic in mind smh

  29. Avatar apd907001 says:

    REITs should do well, interest rates low means more people likely to try and take out mortgages to buy homes if they can. Demand is high, supply is low, so prices are high, but if house building picks up, demand stays high, supply grows, prices can drop back to reasonable range. One item to take into consideration is there are a lot of people being negatively affected by covid, and estate sales could occur. Additional as mentioned is that eventually rates will rise, and what’s maybe less understood is that when interest rates rise, it usually BENEFITS REITs rather than hurts them, and that’s because when rates rise it usually coincides with more optimistic economic outlooks. That said, make sure if you’re investing you’re doing due diligence, and diversifying properly. REIT ETFs are a decent way to play, ones that are in Mortgage, Equity and Hybrid REITs have more broad exposure to the REIT asset class, and if you want additional diversification, going with ETFs that have US and Global exposure limits your geographic risk. Lastly, make sure the ETF has good fundamentals, PE, PB, AFFO, etc. For my money, I’m going with SRET. REM is a good secondary option, but is heavy NLY and is limited to US exposure. SRET has great fundamentals, exposures, and weighting among its us and global constituents, pays a monthly dividend, that currently is 7.5%, but is off it’s pre-pandemic levels that if factoring in current asset prices would be near 14%. Given SRET is reconstituting end of January, and its indexing methodology is to select the top 30 dividend payers globally in the REIT space, we could see a return to those yield levels sooner rather than later.

  30. Avatar sam chump says:

    Middle class already priced out.

    • Avatar Bo McGillacutty says:

      Don’t be middle class be wealthy. Being normal is being STUPID with money.

    • Avatar hedge hog says:

      At this point there is no middle class anymore….

  31. Avatar Suizo kukan says:

    Keep going man I support you man❤👍

  32. Avatar ultrabaron says:

    How he shows off his richard mille watch

  33. Avatar Johnny McKeon says:

    Grant Cardone’s comment saying you need 20% for a down-payment is incorrect. i just purchased in December a $550k 4-Plex at 2.25% interest rate with an FHA 3.5% down-payment loan in Arizona.

    to buy a single family house to a 4-Plex there are loan programs from 0% to 5% down-payment along with down payment assistance and first time home buyer programs.

    • Avatar tony dark says:

      What’s the cap rate on your 4-plex?

    • Avatar RealJoel says:

      First time home buyers only

    • Avatar Johnny McKeon says:

      @tony dark I’m a value-add investor and i don’t buy properties strictly based off of a cap rate because I necessarily don’t care what the properties past or current performances is/was because I look at the potential of what I can operate it at and if I can improve the income. 1- 4 units are primarily valued based off of comparable sales. whereas 5 + apartment buildings you take the NOI ( net operating income) and divide it by the market cap rate that properties are trading at and that will give you your new value. I have a 6 unit apartment building that I’m currently repositioning and taking the monthly average rent from $447 to $900 per unit after renovations. when I go to do my Cash out refinance I will be doubling the value of this building $900 x6 =$5,400 x 12-months =$64,800yr gross minius 20k in expenses = $44,800 in NOI. now divide that by the market cap rate that properties are trading at. I’m going to use a 6% capitalization rate to be conservative even though other properties are trading below a 6 cap. $44,800 ÷ 0.06% =$746,666 in value. I bought this six unit and one acre piece of land zoned for $385,000

    • Avatar YT SD says:

      That’s the point. So more people can participate in the market.@RealJoel

  34. Avatar hedge hog says:

    Can’t wait to be homeless!
    Great news!
    Not sure if I prefer this over the governments confiscating all the real estate to be honest.

  35. Avatar TheCanMan Can Since 1990 says:

    IMRa easy squeeze
    Gonna double

  36. Avatar Mr. FourtyOz says:

    What middle class ?

  37. Avatar Scott Johnson says:

    Grants been telling people homes are.a bad investment for the last 10 years. Our value has doubled over the last 5.

    • Avatar ballatician10 says:

      Investment means you are generating a return on an asset such as rent on a house. Buying a home in order to front-run rising real estate values and falling interest rates means your are a SPECULATOR.There is no productive capacity to owning a home and living in it!

    • Avatar Marc Minicuci says:

      @ballatician10 yup ur 100 percent right. If it cashflows now, or has a high probability to cashflow 8n the future and its in a good growing location thats a great investment. Same with a company and its stock.

    • Avatar John Samos says:

      Exactly and you’re going to hold onto it for more than likely a time frame of 20-30 years . Wow 50% of your life to scalp a few hundred thousand at the very most in profit if you’re lucky , such a great investment right? PLZ keep doing that I want you stuck in a dumb house when I’m ready to buy. 🤣🤣

    • Avatar Scott Armstrong says:

      Always do the opposite

    • Avatar Mike Deering says:

      He means ones personal home is a liability not an asset. His real estate holdings are over a billion dollars. He is pro real estate investing. In this video is talking about the access to purchasing power; which will begin to tighten for our safety and security. But I think people will still get their $600 checks 🙂

  38. Avatar Mark Brown says:

    I would NEVER purchase a viewed home on-line. Don’t do it people.

    • Avatar Devin Spiering says:

      Why not? If the technology allows you ?
      If you have a trusted agent on the ground ?
      Not disagreeing, just curious why you think this

  39. Avatar Robert Lewis says:

    My Manhattan brownstone has been on the market for a year with little interest but this week 7 people came to see it. This is a turnaround

  40. Avatar ERROL M says:

    In the market of buying my first home…. WILL NOT be buying in this market…. Waaaaay over priced! I’d rather get a huge deal on the home price and pay a slightly higher interest on the loan than to pay premium dollar on an overpriced home with a really low interest

  41. Avatar Charles Frost says:

    The guy is a star. He’s got fish

  42. Avatar Donald Harlan says:


  43. Avatar Know Body says:

    I don’t believe in a no win scenario, if the price of a home costs more the construction go into development of real estate

  44. Avatar Uncle Asian says:

    This doesn’t make any sense. Rich aren’t going to buy all these homes. Starter homes are still out there and middle class can definitely afford those unless I am missing how he defines “middle class.” And Cardone said a few months ago, as he was firing people and worrying about his own “assets” cuz people weren’t paying their rent, something carodone says never happens. Then he said it was time to stock up on cash.😂

  45. Avatar Samuel Andre says:

    Great, inviting a known scam artist to talk about a critical topic. What a joke.

  46. Avatar sparcx86 Channel says:

    This guy is a fraud why interview this clown

  47. Avatar jfish147 says:

    Grant Cardone is spot on about wealthy buying up 2nd and 3rd homes. I am buying up nice new construction in southeast and about to buy another new construction. I am just sitting on them and rent back to my businesses LOL….. work from home dawg….

  48. Avatar The Battle Report says:

    What happens when deflation sets in? Because if the cut the government water taps, that’s what’s coming.

  49. Avatar DAVID HERNANDEZ says:

    The people calling Cardone a scammer are the same broke people playing the lottery due to their stupidity.

    • Avatar Philip Emanuele says:

      Aren’t you that dude on IG who paid for all their followers and still has garbage reach?
      Grant is a frustrated man who doesn’t have charity in his heart so he’ll always be poor.
      I recommend you stop trying to emulate him, you’ll look back with regret on a life wasted.

    • Avatar DAVID HERNANDEZ says:

      @Philip Emanuele duh go read a book. You are definitely broke.

  50. Avatar W Wright says:

    LA has been a move in, price increase, buyers go to suburb’s even 90 miles outside for affordable housing. Prices fall, people sell and buy. Happened for decades. However due to left allow crime policy, many leaving city.

  51. Avatar Clayton Brito says:

    is this girl blind? People from NY moving to California? hahhahah She might be leaving in mars.

    • Avatar Clifford Waight says:

      People are moving from New York and going down south with cheaper they’re not moving to California

  52. Avatar larry demonte says:

    We better not have a Meltin breakdown on housing, his funds back by real estate would be more to the market lower and if people want it out he won’t be able to sell that property at the same price, he better hope there’s not a run on his real estate funds

  53. Avatar RLD Return of The Consciousness says:

    Grant is the king of projecting… Tiny homes are not going anywhere boo.

  54. Avatar TDK says:

    Thanks boomers.

  55. Avatar DiGiTaLGrAvEDiGGA says:

    Grant Cardone Modern Wolf of Real Estate!!!!

  56. Avatar Joyce Barnett says:

    Governor Newsome will tax rich people big on their vacation homes watch.

  57. Avatar rickydavis1051 says:

    Is now a good time to buy or wait until a potential recession?

    • Avatar Brandon Kornaker says:

      If covid didn’t cause an unwind only the fed losing control will. Literally the only thing to watch at this point is interest rates. Like grant said cash is trash at these interest rate level and he’s right. Big money will not hold cash or buy bonds at these rates. An uncontrollable rise in interest rates which would save our dollar and prompt investors to hide in cash or bonds is the only thing that will crash real estate and stocks. My opinion

    • Avatar Easton M says:

      I’d buy. Cash is trash and interest rates are low and will stay low.

  58. Avatar IAAD HAQ says:

    wahab preffers chad wild clay

  59. Avatar Miguel says:

    Not according to my home price. And I just got in!

    • Avatar SourMelonGaming says:

      You only make money when you sell! Meanwhile people with actual investments are running circles around you. A house is not an investment. It’s simply a product for the banks

    • Avatar Miguel says:

      @SourMelonGaming Duh! What are you like 12 years old? I also only make money when I sell my stocks. Based on your same premise, using margin to buy stocks isn’t investing. Go read a book! What is Grant doing by the way? Is he putting all cash in to purchase multifamily units??? Guess he isn’t investing either, according to your “logic”.

    • Avatar SourMelonGaming says:

      @Miguel he’s get cashflow every month from those apartments. Your house pays you zero every month, in fact you pay it. Don’t throw that crap at me. A house is cool and all to have but financially isnt’t the place you should be putting your money

    • Avatar Miguel says:

      @SourMelonGaming I”m not throwing crap at you. You are the one saying using leverage to purchase an appreciating asset isn’t an investment. Purchasing a large cap growth stock with margin is essentially the same thing. Investing in income producing properties is just another form of investment. Unless you have the ability to buy income producing assets with cash, then most are using leverage. Even people who have the cash don’t pay with cash when interest rates are low. Check your ego bud!

    • Avatar SourMelonGaming says:

      Read this, learn something. Houses are cool and all dont get me wrong. But purchasing them to own is an old idea in this ecomony. You are either renting space or you’re renting money. So get out of the whole rent vs own mindset. Not trying to be mean but there’s a reason this last year we are at the lowest point in 40 years of home “ownership”.

  60. Avatar JeremyKosiba says:

    GC! ultimate badass!

  61. Avatar Eric S. says:

    I can’t wait till the Feds throw Grant in prison. 10x years

  62. Avatar Bakery Miami says:

    When anyone keep saying I think !
    Don’t believe them

  63. Avatar Wee Wee says:

    He takes advantage of middle class

  64. Avatar Luis Duarte says:

    You are asking Cardone? Lol

  65. Avatar Kirk State says:

    This guy wreaks misinformation, he does this on purpose to push people into the rental market. He makes his money from rental properties and it benefits him to voice scare tactics.

    • Avatar zerohecks says:

      Home affordability is at an all time low, and there is a migration out of California and New York. Only misinformation is your comment.

    • Avatar SourMelonGaming says:

      Your comment is misinformation. This guy is right👍

    • Avatar Euro Jay says:

      You are clueless lol 😂

  66. Avatar Brett Baker says:

    5 percent loans though navy fed

  67. Avatar Matthew SCHROCK says:

    “Average house price 295,000.” ” LA average house price, probably 500,00″ Wow I wish the average house price in LA were 500,00. That might be the average price after a crash here in this hopeless hole we call LA.

    • Avatar Circle Tech says:

      One of my Teachers from high school made a good analogy about statistics and how averages can lie in one of my math classes:

      Imagine you are trying to measure how well cooked a burger is from a sample size of 100. I burn 50 of the burgers to a Crisp, and I leave the other burgers totally raw. If we take an average of our 100 burgers, then on average my sample size is cooked medium well.

      The same rules apply to housing. The reason housing prices are an “average” of $500,000 in LA while everywhere you look they seem to be far more expensive than that is because there’s a bunch of tiny old garbage houses in undesirable areas of LA for $200K (that you never see) offsetting the million dollar houses.

      The fix for these anomalies is standard deviation, which tells you the average difference between samples from the mean. Sadly, I don’t know of any real estate agencies that report those more advanced metrics. But if they did, it would tell consumers (who even know what that is) far more than a single number ever could.

  68. Avatar Dewon Trades says:

    Median home price $310k. Median income $34k. Unemployment near a million week over week. Ill bet against real estate or the dollar.

  69. Avatar Danny says:

    Lol so they cannot buy a home but can they still invest in the scam that is Cardone Capital? I heard he was going to make it a 1 Billion dollar business with 10x returns

  70. Avatar Hamza Malik says:

    Smells Fishy lol

  71. Avatar Modern Alchemist says:

    This guy is a confidence man (conman). Be carful with anything he is pushing

  72. Avatar Mike Anderson says:

    Phoenix Arizona is great market!!! .7 months of supply

  73. Avatar Victor Ledezma says:

    I bought a house and I’m middle class

  74. Avatar k. ly says:

    Dude is an active fraud… Look him up and do some actual research mates

    • Avatar Devin Spiering says:

      He charges people massive fees for “teaching services”

  75. Avatar Young Finance says:

    Hey grant are you still got fish?

  76. Avatar ISI GLZ says:

    I’m a mortgage broker, I can confidently tell you down payments are not 20% down. I am offering clients 3% down conventional, and 3.5% for FHA

    • Avatar Mohammed Moqbel says:

      Do you offer 3% down in California?

  77. Avatar joshua weston says:

    Scam alert 🚨

  78. Avatar B one 1 says:

    I didn’t know yahoo was still a company.

  79. Avatar Benjamin Maciel says:




  80. Avatar S D says:

    Dude is full of it.

  81. Avatar Overly Compensated says:

    Tell me why there is no limit on how many residential houses you can buy…

  82. Avatar Jeff Nasser says:


  83. Avatar sodbuster says:

    That is one smart man.

  84. Avatar D B says:

    In highly desirable it’s always been. The middle class can’t afford Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Upper East/West Side, Montauk, Rye, Greenwich, Miami Beach or Flagstaff. However they can afford Trenton, Nassua County, The Bronx, Springfield, Mass, Hartford, Tempe, Pompano Beach, Waterloo, San Antonio etc..

  85. Avatar Verne Fits says:

    what guest is next? Tai Lopez?

  86. Avatar Thailand Prepper says:

    “I got fish!”

  87. Avatar Mrwmg1 says:

    You really don’t need 20% down and they still sell PMI. Comercial real estate is in trouble especially Airbnb owners with little travel, as evidenced by the car rental places going belly up. Being a land lord in a good economy with low and stable unemployment is desirable. We don’t have that, every other month COVID is shutting business down not good for rental markets.

  88. Avatar Frank C says:

    Why anyone would take Grant Cardone seriously is beyond reason.

  89. Avatar Jeremy Parvin Real Estate Investing says:

    Great discussion!

  90. Avatar benz806 says:

    As a millennial I’ve given up, the government has utterly distorted markets and artificially propped up the economy to the benefit of the already wealthy and has created this divide. The system is broken, middle class is hallowed out and the great reset is coming. Let it all burn!!!

    • Avatar Corkfish1 says:

      Don’t buy now. I saw the exact same thing in 1986 and 2005. People who bought those years were screwed.

  91. Avatar Corkfish1 says:

    Ultimately it will force people to migrate to less populated, less expensive states.

  92. Avatar Mark Brown says:

    Don’t purchase a home on-line. Come on people.

  93. Avatar Domingo De Anda says:

    That was pretty damn good

  94. Avatar Jonathan Blood says:

    It will be interesting when someone is able to buy a house with 1 bitcoin. When that happens, that will be news…

  95. Avatar Sensible Mind says:

    I don’t understand why folks are so concerned about when to buy a house, like they are house dealers and don’t own anything. I don’t see how anyone with a job can justify throwing away money on rent. Especially when on average it’s more than 25% of their income.

  96. Avatar GerrysPlace says:

    I like this vid. Good insight

  97. Avatar A says:

    He’s spitting out facts that aren’t true

  98. Avatar Todd Akes says:

    As usual, the BS is deep. You can still get a 5% down conventional, 3.5% down FHA, and $0 VA. By the way, VA just removed their lending cap recently.

  99. Avatar Bo Rerun says:

    Scientologist are all evil

  100. Avatar Oliver W says:

    retirement in america is a myth

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