Tesla analyst: Will traditional automakers be able to catch up to Tesla?


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Ark Invest analyst Tasha Keeney weighs in on Tesla earnings with Yahoo Finance’s Adam Shapiro and Seana Smith.
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65 thoughts on “Tesla analyst: Will traditional automakers be able to catch up to Tesla?

  1. wild zubat appeared Reply

    That my girl

    • Patrick Reply

      You are going to have to fight me for her bro. (We are both probably too dumb for her 😉)

  2. wild zubat appeared Reply

    Buying more

  3. Palm Tree Reply

    No way they’re leaders in autonomous systems.

    • Mister Big Reply

      @Palm Tree How about Chinese Nio?

    • Stingy Fortnite Reply

      @Palm Tree stfu

    • Palm Tree Reply

      @Mister Big you have some nio?

    • Palm Tree Reply

      @Stingy Fortnite why?

    • Mark Plott Reply

      Palm – TESLA has the WORLDS only LEVEL 5 FSD System in a Production car.
      can take you Door to Door with ZERO Interventions and TRAVEL 525 miles in one go.

  4. tanorax Reply

    Make 10 k dollar cars and bulk sale

    • pixel fairy Reply

      Batteries and safety stuff still more expensive than that. Robotaxies should have a better cost than owning one by the time they could do that

    • tanorax Reply

      @pixel fairy y expensive there r no parts 🤷🏼‍♂️ 👉🏻 we need china now to make 5k diy cars 🤙🏻

    • Mark Plott Reply

      tanorax – ROBOTAXI will replace Customer owned cars in 2025

    • not really Reply

      @Mark Plott no way…not even by 2040

    • Mark Plott Reply

      @not really – ” TESLA is Already LEVEL 5 ” – ELON MUSK said at a Conference.

    • tanorax Reply

      @Patrick they r censoring and hacking 👉🏻 and that’s not a mad face 👉🏻 I don’t care about musk i just want to drop energy prices 🤷‍♂️

  5. Mister Big Reply

    Is Tesla a religion?

    • max Maxie Reply

      Yes El on talks to the army of Tesla Cars.

  6. Vanessa Reply

    Buying opportunity…

  7. alabamafbfan1985 Reply

    Do a story about Nancy polosi buying Tesla stock days before the government announced they would be moving to battery powered vehicles

    • Patrick Reply

      Oddly enough that announcement didn’t do anything for the stock. I think politicians should not be allowed to trade but that’s me.

  8. Dave Froman Reply

    Anyone who does not believe Tesla will have level 5 autonomy in the next 12 months? Has not been watching the video’s of the beta testers in the wild….

    • David Watson Reply

      As a 35 year master technician I would cool your jets about full autonomy. Lot of legal hurdles besides the hardware and software

  9. kavern Reply

    If you look at the big picture, it is way overvalued.

    • kavern Reply

      @Mr Spliffstarz then tell me what is the ‘new’ formula..

    • Mr Spliffstarz Reply

      @kavern Tell me how that P/E formula worked out for Amazon. You can’t use traditional formulas on unconventional businesses. We’re in a different space with these tech companies.

    • Cyrus Adam Revilla Reply

      Calculate the potential revenue of the Robotaxi business part of the company and tell me if it’s still overvalued.

    • not really Reply

      @Cyrus Adam Revilla No, you calculate it, and tell us. Robotaxis are a joke.

    • Thorny Reply

      @not really If you think Robotaxis are a joke, then consider a car you can drive to your office downtown, pull up, get out, go into your office and your car drives itself 2km out of town and parks in a cheap car park. You just saved a $20 in downtown parking fee and didn’t even have to go find a parking space. Considering the people who work in downtown offices are the sort who can afford a $10k addon for a car (that likely is a license they can transfer to their next car), ALL these people are going to want this feature. Or; Imagine you have kids and your teenager needs to go to school/karate class/friends/etc and you can just put them in the car and it takes them there, and picks them up. It is a priceless feature, crazy profitable to Tesla especially if it is like a yearly license.

  10. Richard Shelton Reply

    I see Tasha or any ark analyst, I click. Even on Yahoo (perfect name) “finance”

  11. Juuso Kuikka Reply

    Yes. Also, TSLAs market cap is a laughing stock or at least should be. Still scratching my head on why they didn’t raise 50bln instead of 5bln on the last stock sale. Why not build 10 gigafactories instead of just one. Everyone can grow revenue with unlimited access to finance.

    • D S Reply

      Momentum towards trillion revenue. This is not a gimmick.

    • beBackLater Reply

      Have you ever tried to build ten giant factories at once, when you’ve only ever built two? Don’t bite off more than you can chew. They don’t have the human capital to do 10 factories at once. Plus, they will learn a lot from TX & Berlin and will improve upon the next iteration of factories.

    • Mark Plott Reply

      Juuso – TESLA 2020 = 500k, 2021 1.3 MILLION Vehicles per year, 2022 = 4 MILLION Vehicles per year……….game over.

    • not really Reply

      @Mark Plott still way valued at 4m cars per year. There’s 10 companies that build 4 to 10 m cars per year now.

    • Mark Plott Reply

      @not really – but GAS cars are ALREADY in DECLINE , who in 2020/21 is going to buy a GAS car going foreward ? when a TESLA model 3 saves you over $25,000 in FUEL.
      not Incuding Super LOW cost of Maintanance.
      TESLA has 1 MILLION mile Drivetrain,
      500,000 mile Battery pack,
      and 300,000 miles to FIRST Maintanance.
      JAY LENO has a TESLA and has done ZERO Maintanance on it since he bought it in 2014 !!!!!!
      LEGACY car Company are BATTERY Constrained and some can only Produce 10k per year , and others 60k per year with only ONE model Supported.
      TESLA Produced 500k in 2020,
      Tesla 2021 = 1.4 MILLION Worldwide,
      Tesla 2022 = 4 MILLION Worldwide ,
      and is Accelerating both Battery CELL production and Vehicle Production.

  12. Mark Kravitz Reply

    👊 Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”! A rich young dude @evenkingsfall (his insta) says the key is you have to THINK BIG to WIN BIG! Always keep that vision! Keep up the good content 🎯

  13. eddiewawa Reply

    Tbh I’m surprised with how the stock prices are that Tesla didn’t go fully vertical and just buy up mining firms. Vehicle manufacturing wasn’t ever the real constraint, always been the batteries. I know they were looking into that with the salt flats but every year Elon demands the mining firms to produce more materials and theyre not. Nothing like taking destiny into your own hands I say, plus… Mining… Boring company… Has interesting synergy hehe

  14. Grímur Grímsson Reply

    Man, I’d simp so hard for Tasha’s analyst opinion

  15. Real Eyes Reply

    I have 40% of my portfolio in TSLA, 30% in AAPL, 20% in AMZN and 10% in NASDAQ.. From November I’ve been able to make $370,000 from an investment of $160,000… While I’m a huge fan of stock picking, I have made a few rather modest investments in individual companies like BRK-A…I use a financial advisor/broker who handles my portfolio…I’ll never stop buying TSLA stocks…

    • Superman Cody Reply

      that’s quite impressive, you surely made a good bit of money, I myself invested in warren’s BRK-A stock quite pricy but totally worth it.

    • Angelo D Great Reply

      nice picks..you’ve got great stocks, just started a few weeks back , I’m going for long term, i’m still trying to wrap my head around it. can you do a referral to your F.A ?

    • Real Eyes Reply

      @Angelo D Great sure!..her full name is Bonita Justine Cefalu , she’s quite known so she has a website and everything so you can reach her from there..

  16. Tom Brown Reply

    Tasha Keeney is amazing. We are lucky that she shares her perspective with retail investors.

  17. Max Lelew Reply

    Tasha keaney is king.

  18. Knights Ferry Reply

    Tasha finally got some color in her webcam background. Nice.

  19. beBackLater Reply

    5:30 did the Yahoo analyst just imply that Growth is not a part of a companies fundamentals…?

  20. Mark Plott Reply

    Yahoo Finance again Completely CLUELESS when it comes to EV’s and TESLA.

  21. Stellarspace Reply

    No because traditional automakers are behind in technology and behind in motivation. They lack the will to change. Tesla is barely passing by quarter to quarter, but traditional automakers were in a similar position in 2009 when the stock market went belly up as the result of playing games with the stock market.

  22. Florencio Vela Reply

    I’ve ordered my CT tri motor fsd last April & may also order the S Plaid +…

  23. Vanta Performance Reply

    Teslas are underrated right now. Made the jump from v8 Mustangs and could not be happier.

  24. Peter Helander Reply

    Tesla at 50% CAGR for 10 yeas would be a SHARE PRICE OF $3,200.00.

  25. Grant Guy Reply

    Yahoo is junk.

  26. Sergi Medina Reply

    Short answer: Yes.
    Long answer: Without a doubt and sooner than later.

    • Thorny Reply

      They are both short answers.

    • Sergi Medina Reply

      @Thorny OK.

  27. Alfred Capasso Reply

    I’m glad that Apple just announced that they are getting into the autonomous EV business, they understand that Tesla is the leader in this sector and way ahead of all other automakers.

  28. golaizola Reply

    Tasha is way sharper than all those Yahoo hosts.

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