GameStop hearing: Keith Gill aka Roaring Kitty opening statement before Capitol Hill lawmakers


#GameStop #RoaringKitty #KeithGill
“I am not a cat, I am not an institutional investor, nor am I a hedge fund,” Keith Gill (@TheRoaringKitty) tells the House Committee on Financial Services. “I’m just an individual whose investment in GameStop and posts on social media were based on my own research and analysis.”

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122 thoughts on “GameStop hearing: Keith Gill aka Roaring Kitty opening statement before Capitol Hill lawmakers

  1. Sir Lord of Derp Reply

    LOL IM NOT A CAT🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Pie Reply

      Wow, thought that was a joke until opened the video. Amazing!!!

  2. Eric Griffin Reply


  3. Ryan X Reply

    Imagine being scrutinized by the House Committee because YOU LIKE A STOCK

    • Moon Brown Reply

      That’s ridiculous, Jim Cramer BSs all the time in the air after he got paid from his clients. Why SEC never go after him? ?

    • Valentine Sunday Reply

      Imagine being scrutinized by a “house” full of crooked politicians that have probably never made an honest dollar.

    • Norbert Reply

      This is what you get, when your degenrated population decides to vote a geriatric deep state puppet into office.

  4. Daniel Reply

    Where’s my fucking money hedgies

  5. oXXo Reply

    I wonder how many people bought at 100, 200, 300, 400. The stock is now $40 only and keeps declining. Indeed this dude made a fortune because he bought first at less than $10, called people to get in, and then probably sold it to them at $300+. I hate hedges but also this is insane because many people lost nearly all their money.

    • Darvin Espina Reply

      I don’t think even Gill knew that the price of share would increase substantially. And with the short float percentage past 100% , This was an opportunity that probably wont happen ever again. He had every right to sell and lock in profit

    • K H Reply

      oXXo That’s how the dice rolls but nobody forced you to play.

    • Christian Knight Reply

      DFV was unaware of the massive squeeze initially. He simply saw that Gamestop was undervalued at around $5 a share. With or without a squeeze, DFV was most likely going to make money. Turns out the stock was absolute money, shorted out the ass and ready for a giga-squeeze that will rarely be seen again in the market. Had trading of the stock not been halted, the stock could’ve potentially broken $1000 a share. There is still short interest and the possibility of another squeeze, but the whole ordeal has dampened its potential.

    • Darvin Espina Reply

      @Christian Knight you explained it a lot better than I did lol.
      I like the stock

    • Christian Knight Reply

      @Darvin Espina Thanks bud! Wasn’t trying to do any better I just like the stock!

  6. Roman Hashon Reply


  7. J G Reply

    Boss! “I like the Stock.”

  8. Fernando RodrÍguez Reply

    4:57🚀🦍💎 “I like the stock!!!” 💎🦍🚀4:57

  9. peteMickeal33 Reply

    If he started it all, this guy is a fucking genius for engineering, with so little resources, a huge market movement in his own benefit using social media.
    It is genius.

  10. Kribothegreat Reply

    I like the stock

  11. The Casual Front Reply

    “I like the stock”

  12. Evan White Reply

    I like the stock.

  13. Tim Provau - Finance Made Simple Reply

    That had me lmao. I am not a cat. 🤣

  14. Graulr Reply

    It blows my mind how little congress understands mute courtesy.
    Clearly their lives haven’t been affected enough by this pandemic.

    • Daniel Borst Reply

      These are the same people running our country.. cant even figure out how to do a proper zoom call. Its appaling.

  15. SP Reply

    0:24 “I am not a cat, I am not an institutional investor, nor am I a hedge fund”

    • muffemod Reply

      @Matteo L robbed the millennials of their life savings. well done.

  16. uv.vibes Reply

    Bless him he deserves his fortune and he’s such a valid well spoken human he❤️

  17. Treblecyde Reply

    Stonks only go up

  18. DrTyee Clutch Reply


  19. Phoenix Rising Reply


  20. Colin Veres Reply


  21. Thomas Reply

    Lock him up and throw away the key! These small guys are clearly the root of the problem with American capitalism. 😂

  22. oldgrinchyclaus Reply

    One cool cat

  23. fanypack Reply

    Now that is one mischievous cat

  24. Sonicflower Girl Reply

    All the power to him! How much has he made?

  25. Taesu Reply

    what a hero

  26. therulerzigzagzig Reply

    Roaring Kitty is officially the Hero of the People

    • Tyler Stacy Reply

      Let’s write him in in 2024

  27. Hospitality State Reply

    The elites just can’t stand for us “beneath them” to prosper can they? They’ve had the upper rigged hand for far too long. Things are changing…. watch and see

  28. Joey Mayson Reply

    Because of that poster, diamond hands are back on the menu

  29. Gabriel Alvarado Reply

    This guy robbed you blind and a smart talker. lol gg

  30. JOJAPIPOSA Reply

    Well done! Well said!

  31. benjamin sacchetti Reply

    Well I, for one, would trust him with my money over Gabe Plotkin all day every day.

  32. Wall Street Jon Snow Reply

    Brilliant. Every single word and detail. Fucking legend.

    • Moon Brown Reply

      He outsmarts the entire wall street trashes.

  33. Give it up for Jackson Heights own, Mr. Randy Watson Reply

    He’s a legend.

  34. Bearded dragon Reply

    To the moon🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

  35. Chris Reply

    Fucking Legend!

  36. Sergio Munoz Reply

    I will tell my kids this was Warren Buffet

  37. tesla_dave Reply


  38. Jake4rmStateFarm Reply

    a true American, this is Capitalism!

  39. Evan Fernandez Reply

    When you watch his youtube videos, you will see how much research and time he poured on GME. Bro was using value investing and talking about it like how Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham finds value companies, lawmakers should scrutinize how and why hedge funds were able to short the stock more than 100%. Take an elastic band as an analogy, anything that is stretched to the extreme on the other side would slingshot to the opposite direction with almost the same force.

  40. Tyler Stacy Reply

    Oh my word, this guy has a similar background to me. Good for him.

    • Ryugu Rena Reply

      Pls tell me which stock to throw my savings at

  41. Canada Canada Reply

    As long as there’s no insider trading, he’s free to buy any stock at any price with his own money as he wishes. What’s the point of investigating him?

    • K H Reply

      There is neither a fair nor logical point, and that in and of itself is the actual point.

  42. Jonathan Gray Reply


  43. Mannix C Reply

    What the is wrong with you government officials, don’t you have better things do? He’s not a cat. He just likes the stock. Get it?

  44. BrainsAbroad Reply


  45. Kenjuudo Reply

    He looks just like Vlad Tenev but with a little more Saul Goodman.

  46. Ally White Reply

    Legend status.

  47. Nick D Reply

    Huh, isn’t this the guy who is Mr. Robbinhood, who stopped the buying while continuing to allow the selling of GameStop?

    • Ozgur Sahin Reply

      No, he’s not.

    • bigheadrhino Reply

      Lol, they look like alternate reality versions of each other

    • BeckyBnyc Reply

      No the sweating every answer was 🙄

  48. Tyler Ludwig Reply

    What a legend

  49. Cassie Jeremias Reply

    I already shop at Gamestop for myself, my husband, and my kids. I will shop here even if they aren’t the cheapest if they somehow sign this guy. This guy represents more of America than Biden, Harris, or Trump. I like the stock too

    • James Reply

      But what about your boyfriend?

  50. Alexey Vorobyov Reply

    I am not a CAT

  51. Philip Kim Reply

    What a fucking legend! “I like the stock” – DFV

  52. SterrShow Reply

    The woman looks fucking gross

  53. Diamond Magnusson Reply


  54. paul nodalo Reply

    Why is he reading his lawyers words off autocue?

  55. mike Reply

    I’m sorry why are they questioning La Champione Del la Gente?
    where are the multinational corps who routinely short stocks such as Gamestop?

  56. Mr Kush Meister Reply

    This dudes balls are huge

  57. YvesSaintLaurent chin Reply


  58. swatdiver1 Reply

    Hedge funds lose money. Calls their paid for politician. We need investigation as to how our own tactics were used against us. We contributed to your election fund now you need to stop us losing money.

  59. Quiet Jagung Reply

    I can see people wearing “I am not a cat” t-shirts soon.

  60. bigheadrhino Reply

    These meetings need moderators who can mute people. That being said flawless statement by DFV. He came off way better than any of these other polished turds.

  61. carlos Reply

    Him For president

  62. Gavin Butler Reply

    Phucking Legend

  63. Santanna Gutierrez Reply


  64. Random Reply

    Had to look up “legend” on wikipedia to catch if someone’s altered the article by chance

    • BeckyBnyc Reply

      Value should be altered

  65. Demon 1800 Reply

    Ima not a cat

  66. Daniel Zhang Reply

    What a legend

  67. Epic Failure Reply

    STONKS STONKS STONKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  68. Mrs. M Reply

    Imagine being questioned about investing into a public stock and succeeding while not being a millionaire/billionaire!

  69. Melanie Penn Reply

    who is going to play him in the movie? I mean it WOULD be john cusack but who do we think?

  70. Lei Wang Reply

    I already suggest my classmate write theses about the whole story and time line of Wellstreetbets and GameStop stocks.

  71. JustSaiyanSteve Reply

    i just like the stock.

  72. Socwok cyber bully Reply

    Sorry for your loss Keith

  73. Leo Du Reply

    The picture on this back showing is he get caught. Haha

  74. Shufan Ge Reply

    He got sued? like WTF? its not enough he got robbed by hedge funds playing dirty and he gets a lawsuit afterwards? like do you have anything more useful to do with tax payers’ money?

  75. TheZarric Reply

    Great job opening up a official criminal investigation with plajorism.

  76. Michael Reply

    Maxine tWatters? Why hasn’t she been arrested for incitement. Kudos to the non cat guy, Keith Gill.

  77. LummyTum Reply

    Fucking legend

  78. Wuhan-CCP Virus Reply

    他说的越多 起诉他的证据越多

  79. diy Reply

    Well said, well said …

  80. Hugo B Reply

    Guy said I am not a Cat, fcking legend…

  81. Claudio Rodriguez Reply

    The dysfunctional receipt concordingly call because heat italy shrug via a high-pitched surname. pumped, hideous high yogurt

  82. wpf312 Reply

    How do I invest in Roaring Kitty stonks?

  83. ZxSkyLineKidxZ Reply

    This guy…he’s not a Cat…he’s a G.O.A.T. in 2021 because the SEC don’t want more normal people like him 😉

  84. Moon Brown Reply

    It is so funny that loser Melvin CEO Gabe P pretended that he was born from poverty.during the hearing . same as Robinhood CEO, Val, who helps the hedge fund to cheat.

  85. Jedakiah Roper Reply

    That was AMAZING

  86. GGGG1040 Reply

    Well don’t Mr I’m not a cat 🐱 kudos for you but now I’m loosing money big time with GME — hopefully soon we can sell for a profit but at this point I feel hopeless 😞

  87. Ad Vert Reply

    I’m not a cat: 0:25
    I like the stock: 4:57


  88. Qdilly Reply

    This really is such a great story unfolding

  89. Alphabet Song Reply

    I’m sorry for his loss. Must’ve been tough to lose a sister, being unemployed and struggling to support your family. And then he succeeded and gets rewarded by being treated like this while hedges are sending an army of lawyers after you. So sad. I just want him to win this.

  90. Dentarg Orc Reply

    And then he bought 50K more share. Truly the best.

  91. Dimitris Reply

    Σας γάμησε μεσ’ στο εξοχικό! Φοβερός.

  92. Giaccommander Reply

    I don´t get it… Why are you people talking like talking about the kings invisible clothes ???
    IT IS A RIGGED UNFAIR GAME FROM THE GET GO…. it destroys the planet because it´s just a meta-numbers game that tries to mirror the reality.
    it would be same as if i would ask you to build a model of the world climate with cottonballs.
    Centralized Markets are British gamerules …. that´s how you know that the game is rigged…

  93. Json Reply

    Honestly if gamestop had a pc gaming section. Id be more willing to visit and spend money. Hope they pivot.

  94. al san Reply

    45 million after…… good job man! you are the GOAT

  95. DesignMy Reply

    I am not a cat! 😂🤣

  96. Shamlam lol Reply

    0:25 4:55

  97. Kyle Kenny Reply


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