There’s reasons to be worried about inflation: Jeffrey Gundlach

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Yahoo Finance’s Julia LaRoche spoke with DoubleLine Founder and CEO Jeffrey Gundlach about the Federal Reserve, inflation, stimulus, cryptocurrencies, and the economy.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar JC * inc says:

    These non-tax-paying billionaires always wanna count the pockets of the working class.
    So what people are getting stimulus checks. What about the GIANT TAX CUTS people, like you, Gundlach, have gotten since the Reagan administration? Shut the բuck up.

    Did he really say “… money that they don’t really need”? God damn.

    • Avatar SUNNY D says:

      Clinton put an end to the Reagan tax cuts. Obama put an end to the Bush tax cuts. Biden is putting an end to the Trump tax cuts. It doesn’t matter because the rich will always have a myriad of tax loopholes. Democrat voters believe that increased taxes for corporations and the rich will force the wealthy to pay their fair share. Corporations simply increase their prices and pass off the cost to the consumer. The increased profits go back into the pockets of the shareholders, the very people that were supposed to be negatively impacted. The middle class will continue to get eaten alive by inflation over the next four years while continuing to blame Trump. 😆. Biden’s handlers know exactly what they’re doing. The gap between rich and poor over the next four years will continue to widen. You haven’t seen nothing yet. Say goodbye to the American dollar 💵 as we transition to full digital currency.

  2. Avatar steve d says:

    Raise savings interest to 12%!

  3. Avatar Frank DiLeo says:

    Ethereum crypto -> the Blockchain of the future. Decentralized Finance, including VISA, will be on Ethereum. Goldman has a partial ETH backed fund, as does Greystone and Eurobanks.

  4. Avatar Frank DiLeo says:

    The US is selling (and buying) its present debt to pay interest on its past debt. Real estate and stocks are booming, yet goods and services have remained stagnant. The US has earned inflation

  5. Avatar David Hidalgo says:

    Gundlach uses all of the Peter Schiff analogies! Then blocks Schiff on Twitter 😆😆😆 great interview for once Yahoo!

    • Avatar Ant Poo says:

      What cos he mentioned Bernanke. and sub prime? you can’t put a patent on analogies even though a greedy egomaniac like Schiff definitely would if he could

  6. Avatar Alexander Petrov says:

    Gundlach sounding alot like Schiff

  7. Avatar Dman772 says:

    You should check out Commercial Rare Coins & Precious metals. Just a Florida coin shop guy educating people on precious metals

  8. Avatar Dan Ziffle says:

    The casino…is just for the rich…right

  9. Avatar Dan Ziffle says:

    Do not worry unlimited market support coming

  10. Avatar Toufic Hamdan says:

    Funny money ? You wanna talk about synthetic shares ??? What the hedge funds are up to & why GameStop happened and what’s going ok with $amc. This guys a snake 🐍

  11. Avatar Dan Ziffle says:

    PPT…..will work over time

  12. Avatar Dan Ziffle says:

    No one gives up on the last few feet of climbing Everest

  13. Avatar Robert Gryn says:

    What a kind and soft spoken gentleman. No fear mongering just laying it out calmly.

  14. Avatar J Hsieh says:

    Self crowned bond king stole lines from Peter Schiff, line by line. Another pretentious expert.

  15. Avatar Jesse says:

    This guy is a breath of fresh air. Very cogent. New fan.

    • Avatar Jacob Adelman says:

      have fun staying poor

  16. Avatar Reagan Westlake says:

    Gundlach sounds like peter schiff

  17. Avatar San Andreas says:

    Jeff Gundlach is a macro extra ordinaire. Amazing. The bond king. When he speaks I truly listen. To me one of the very best. Great interview.

  18. Avatar Trawlerfly says:

    So what’s gonna be the new reserve currency?

  19. Avatar The One True King says:

    Ok I’ve had it – four of four “random videos” with girls dressed in skin tight outfits. Some of us actually want to pay attention to the NEWS and not the girl in the dress looking like she’s going to the club.

  20. Avatar Maria C says:

    Why wasn’t Ethereum listed at 14:10 min?

  21. Avatar TheMaster says:

    Interesting he does not mention why inflation is high, is all on the supply side or better put lack of supplies. That’s all due to the pandemic. Once those supply chains even out goodbye inflation.

  22. Avatar Esteban Angel says:

    I don’t know if anyone else noticed the chuckle at 7:19 , he knows so bad how inflation won’t be transitory,

    • Avatar craig rodriguez says:

      He knows as much as the next guy.

  23. Avatar William De La Pena says:

    Funny money. House money . The house always wins

  24. Avatar Haary Jing says:

    This guy always wrong…. 😂

  25. Avatar Ant Poo says:

    Peter Schiff has been stealing Gundlachs analogies. Schiff needs to compensate with physical Gold

  26. Avatar Willard Chi says:

    Tax the rich.

  27. Avatar Freedom and Liberty says:

    Excellent info. 🙏

  28. Avatar Yannick B says:

    @ 9:00 on the CPI: same as for the way the ecb mesure inflation. They justified QE in the past 5 years by lower than 2% inflation, but they mesure inflation in an absurd way. Meanwhile housing price have doubled in most big metropolitan areas and it’s a massive subsidy to export countries..

  29. Avatar Peter Richards says:

    Ha, Pelosi and Schumer want to create a realm of addicted subjects. There’s another word for people liking stimulus payments: “laziness”.

  30. Avatar john Mycroft says:

    Inflation is skyrocketing. welcome to the Biden economy .

  31. Avatar emma jade chew says:

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  32. Avatar Alex says:

    Isn’t it strange that all these funds are buying commodities for speculation, funds that obviously will not use those commodities for their real purpose, and just for making profits? Clearly inflation is driven by funds’ speculation on commodities as well.

  33. Avatar craig rodriguez says:

    The amount of times this guy is wrong will boggle the mind. He is a bond king, what do you think he is going to say.

  34. Avatar Justin Bailey says:

    price the stock market in gold or silver, not US dollars. otherwise it will always be at all time highs regardless of its value

  35. Avatar Rachel Woodruff says:

    No overpaid suit complains when banks and the super rich get government money and tax breaks. But when the guy that has worked his ass off his whole life gets a few bucks back they whine like its the end of the world. We are tired of slaving for a capitalistic system that can’t even give us basic needs , (health care, good schools, jobs that pay a living wage.) without crying socialism.

  36. Avatar Optimistic Future says:

    Now you see why we “need” endless immigration. How long will this house of cards last?

  37. Avatar Matt ward says:

    Funny how he ALWAYS COPIES PETER SCHIFF. Peter Schiff been saying what he’s saying 6 months ago!!!

  38. Avatar gobuybl says:

    What about the all the UBI for the Banks in 2009 and the corporation in 2017 to 2020? Dropping the Mic here.

  39. Avatar 9Times says:

    Two sides to every coin. Some people don’t even know they are heartless. The world we leave in today is the most dangerous.

  40. Avatar Felipe Silva Moldes says:

    He steals all his ideas from Peter Schiff, what an ugly person

  41. Avatar Let's Talk About Money says:

    Easy for billionaire to expect low income people to work at a $7.25 hr job even if it risks their lives

    • Avatar Christopher Greyson says:

      Many billionaires are around because of the state’s corporate welfare. Fascism. The state distorts the economy and causes unintended consequences. Inflation is going to increase as the state hands out fiat out of thin air.

  42. Avatar mr mc says:

    Is this the guy who keeps ripping off Peter schiffs work?

  43. Avatar No name says:

    Gundlach will talk to anyone these days

  44. Avatar Henzo says:

    Everyone needs to read or listen to The Creature From Jekyll Island. Free audio book available on Amazon if you sign up for 1 month. It will tell you all about the banking criminals who have manipulated us for centuries. Wake up and buy gold n silver! Fiat is fake!

  45. Avatar Justin Strange says:


  46. Avatar p pot says:

    Why doesn’t the interviewer ask if tax cuts for the top 10% that trump made was a good idea and helped all Americans? This asshole hates poor people and regard them as cheap labor for investors to take advantage of

  47. Avatar p pot says:

    This idiot has been wrong more times than I can remember. Idiot dumblock said there would be a double dip in April of 2020. He went on CNBC and said 40% of his portfolio was short!!! Good job dumblock. Please give us more predictions now.

  48. Avatar Yves Le Goff says:

    Another billionaire complaining about being impoverished and blaming social safety networks. So predictable.

  49. Avatar Alessandro says:

    Thought the thumbnail was Mika hakkinan

  50. Avatar MrDayinthepark says:

    the short story, is that globalization so damaged the US economy, that monetary stimulus had to be used to attempt to revive it. The monetary policy caused stocks to soar, real estate to soar, rents to soar, and now, the rest of the economy is beginning to see the resulting inflation. And the economy, is still weak. Honestly, when you’ve shipped your manufacturing base abroad, Capitalism is attacking itself. That concept is something people will continue to argue about. But it is, what it is.

  51. Avatar Bush Man says:

    It’s funny you mentioned the businesses hiring situation because I worked all through the pandemic and I received for my hard work…no pay raises yet inflation is going up.

    I wonder why they can’t find people to work for them? 🤔

  52. Avatar Andrew Hart says:

    People like this guy – sound soooo fucking entitled as to DEMAND that dishwashers go back to dishwashing jobs…most jobs that PEOPLE LIKE HIM left as scraps in our country are crap….if he wants to keep using the term “distortions” how about talking about the people and the wages that the ELITE have allowed the majority people to make….ridiculous to then complain about the landscape the rich have created together………………I’m not mad at a specific person but I am concerned about what GROUPS have done

  53. Avatar Anthony E says:

    Smart guy

  54. Avatar Russ Watson says:

    Smart guy

  55. Avatar Karl Larsson says:

    Great interview, thanks!

  56. Avatar Christopher Greyson says:

    Buy gold and silver and protect your wealth from the devaluation of the dollar. A Federal Reserve note is debt created out of thin air. Gold and silver is real money.

  57. Avatar s zylak says:

    The median home price is up 30 percent year over year here in Canada. Insane.

    • Avatar Kirstin Strand says:

      What goes up, must come down. It’s all planned. The big question is when?

  58. Avatar Ryan A says:

    Rich people don’t like it when anybody but them gets money from the government. Handouts for the wealthy are the only acceptable answer. Our debt and deficit are large because the wealthy refuse to pay even when they bleed everyone dry. If the republicans rejected trickle-down clown-show economics and agreed raising revenue doesn’t constitute socialism we would be better off.

    • Avatar Ryan A says:

      We don’t have UBI, end of story. We don’t have a wealth tax either. US citizens weren’t given much of anything compared to rest of the western world.

  59. Avatar David Barnett says:

    Jeff is always a high quality interviewee. Tones of knowledge, and keeps it real.

  60. Avatar Net Worth says:

    Intelligent interview teeming with common sense and reality. I guess the SEC will be paying a visit soon.

  61. Avatar Iwo says:

    Just wait to see DXY below 85

  62. Avatar bkjetsfan1 says:

    The gov’t needs to stop these damn free stimulus checks, and extended weekly unemployment checks. and the market has been horrible since February. Bring TRUMP back damn I may actually vote in 2024

  63. Avatar Robert McIntyre says:

    That’s getting like communism when used trucks cost more than new ones

  64. Avatar Blackjake Crull says:

    New topic,nobody will work.Really

  65. Avatar Blackjake Crull says:


  66. Avatar Andy Master Carpenter says:

    Respectfully I think you need to understand what Bitcoin really is

  67. Avatar F E says:

    BS, Like; Quantitative easing trillions on taxpayers, Blank check corporate bailouts trillions on taxpayers, corporate regulation cuts billion for tax payers, corporate subsidies billions/trillions, 2 trillion tax cuts for the rich/corporations… CORPORATE WELFARE/socialized capitalism ( privatize gains and socialize loses) AND THAT BROUGHT NO INFLATION UNTIL AMERICA STARTED INVESTING BACK INTO TAXPAYERS.. What a coincidence, IF CORPORATIONS IS ALREADY CRYING/TROWING A TANTRUM (a tit for tat) for a 9% increase, if this is how they r going to behave. THEY SHOULD RAISE THE CAPITAL GAIND TAX EVEN HIGHER. 18%

  68. Avatar Are Rer says:

    hey Yahoo, thanks for interviewing Jeff. You guys keep going like this, I’ll become a constant viewer!

    • Avatar Julia La Roche says:

      Thanks for watching.

    • Avatar Simon O'Brien says:

      I’m happy that you like It. I hope you’ll watch more in future

  69. Avatar Jacob Adelman says:

    make him poor! to the moon! guy makes all his money selling 5% returning funds… hes a scammer

  70. Avatar J P says:

    wow. this is so insightful. I am amazed by this guy. The 1.7 trillion dollars includes million millions of dollar funding to the foreign government, now American people bear the consequences of highest inflation ever in centries. And the never ending stimulus check only create laziness and entitlement, without hard working.Crushing small business. I am so disappointed by those democratic mentality.

  71. Avatar Jacob Adelman says:

    fire him

  72. Avatar MY TIN FOIL HAT says:

    Jeffrey for president

  73. Avatar Stephen Emerson says:

    Haha what about modern Monetary theory and how it want cause inflation

  74. Avatar Ray Bod says:

    Federal Reserve pours dollars into the economy by buying bonds, prices rising, dollar dropping, shortages of goods, government paying people to not work, record Federal deficit spending… what could possibly go wrong?

  75. Avatar brennan mcfarlane says:

    Jeff is awsome 🙏

  76. Avatar Pork Bones says:

    Why do they say that people are staying home watching Netflix when half are watching pornhub?

  77. Avatar James Mutscheller says:

    She has incredible hair. Good lord is that genetic or herbal essences?

  78. Avatar Car Pete says:

    Well if you business’s money thats not being profitable whats the difference of giving individuals money for not working?..Looks like the government is being logical too me.

  79. Avatar J Sullivan says:

    How about….Gundlach in 2024!!!

  80. Avatar Connie Fu says:

    Can shortage of chips be blamed for lack of new cars on the market? Could that be the sticker shock on new cars are too great, manufacturers don’t want to make more. According to bond king, the used truck he got is $1k less than new one. This doesn’t make sense. When countries lack of products in stores in Latin countries, it sometimes is due to price control.

  81. Avatar A.R. Gentum says:

    How can Gundlach concentrate in the face of all that cleavage?

  82. Avatar Jerry R says:

    Bitcoin is a Drug.. producing delusions of vast riches and utopia!

  83. Avatar Jerry R says:

    Bitcoins other Pet Names.. Blood Coin, Drug Cartel Coin, Human Traffic Coin, Extortion Coin, Hackers Coin, Gun Traffic Coin, Endangered Specie Coin, China Coin, Coal Coin, Slave Coin, Prostitute Coin,…

  84. Avatar Anonymous says:

    The lady reporter is always stunning

  85. Avatar Master Stacker says:

    Did I hear the guest say he would worry about inflation this summer. Why wait?

  86. Avatar Guy Marcos says:

    if opportunity doesn’t knock, build one for yourself. A motivational speaker ones told me

    • Avatar Harriet James says:

      am very certain she’s the best account manager, that’s why many are giving good testimonies about her platform

    • Avatar Wilson War says:

      Most intelligent words I’ve heard.

    • Avatar Delight Bones says:

      Yeah, my first investment with Jasmine m frankie earned me profit of over $25, 530 US dollars, and ever since then she has been delivering

    • Avatar Kelly Anns says:

      She has really made a good name for herself

    • Avatar Jane Andy says:

      She’s really amazing with a amazing skills she changed my 0.3btc to 2.1btc

  87. Avatar Linus Wilson says:

    What a smart analysis. AAA+ guest.

  88. Avatar Patrick Burke says:

    Jeffrey Gundlach, OK reason housing prices went up is lack of supply because no-one including myself wants a covid non-believer to enter our house that we may have listed. When vaccination rate rises to over 60% the economy will start coming back to normal. We are in hospitality and will require proof of vaccination to protect our other customers. Also, maybe he should realize that the baby boomers are now retiring which would contribute to the deficit in available employees. Oh and the US’s anti immigration policies of non white people over the Trumpster years well that might have done something too do with not having enough workers to fill low end jobs. Commodities have spiked because the market has almost bankrupted these producers over the past 10 years and no one will invest in or produce commodities in these conditions. So, as demand rises those with the most money will be able to purchase them. When the price rises high enough new commodity sources will come on line. But most may take 5 to 10 years to start production.

  89. Avatar Anaestereo says:

    I can sell ya my used truck…2.6billions. Comes with new carpets and ill throw some 2×4’s pieces of lumber in the back.

  90. Avatar susan wolf says:

    Biden wants to destroy this country and on China’s side!

  91. Avatar susan wolf says:

    I think he had hair transplant with some hilites, look good.

  92. Avatar Acheson Trading says:

    if bond buyers dry up,
    does that mean explosive rates,
    or do you mean a major default?

  93. Avatar Josh Rickards says:

    Great interview

  94. Avatar Josh Nalder says:

    And the FED just announced not yield cure control has begun. What dose that tell you about really inflation and interest rates.

  95. Avatar Shahar Ben Barak says:

    This man knows what is coming. The only question is how much QE and funny money left in the tank. Let’s see what”s happening with inflation this summer.

  96. Avatar Marvin Favis says:

    Most people venture into Crypt0 to be a millionaire meanwhile I just want to be debt free.

    • Avatar Ben Lambert says:

      @Andrew William I’m 21 years old, can I still venture into Cryptocurrency investment?

    • Avatar Andrew William says:

      @Ben Lambert yes! Age doesn’t matter when it comes to trading.

    • Avatar Fifi Finance says:

      Who’s this professional broker everyone keeps on talking about and always see recommendations to him on top highlight comments on almost all YouTube channels I watch. Hope he might be a source of help to me!! let me give him a try

    • Avatar Bassem Zahili says:

      I wonder where he got his analysis from. It’s very hard to find good brokers. Mr William Jayden have proven to be good.

    • Avatar Derek John says:

      No doubt Mr William Jayden trading services is very good, I invested $1,500 and crashed out $4,500 profit after 14 days. I still wonder where he got his analysis.

  97. Avatar Kevin Cameron says:

    4:20 whose getting 57,000 a year? This sounds like fear mongering.

  98. Avatar Teds World says:

    Gold & Bitcoin +1.8% pa money increase
    EU M1 Euros    +12% pa
    UK M1 Pounds +22% pa
    US M1 Dollars  +350% pa <-- wow! BoA coined it "Transitory Hyper Inflation"

  99. Avatar Teds World says:

    “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks” – The Bitcoin genisis block.
    Bitcoin is the free market trying to restore capitalism it’s not just about speculation.

  100. Avatar DynamicWave says:

    Yes, so if we move on to Decentralization then it should be access to everyone in the world with reliable partners to guarantee the Crypto network’s functionality and reliability to low running costs on all continents and (Space): So if the Key is not Hedera/HBAR then what is it?……….. One or more persons or companies that are running a crypto network; may not really be considered as decentralization and may not give a fair and equal global reliability.

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