American Airlines Employee Boots Passenger From Flight

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An American Airlines passenger was booted off a Texas-to-Florida flight after allegedly refusing to wear a mask. The video was taken by another passenger and has gone viral on social media. In a statement, American Airlines said a customer was not allowed to travel after failing to comply with the federal mask mandate and addressing one of our team members using profane language. NBC News does not know what actually happened on the plane.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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American Airlines Employee Boots Passenger From Flight

この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar Asian Indian says:

    Karen’s always apologize when they find their feet in fire. Till then it will be trump2020

  2. Avatar Simone Schultz says:

    Good for AA and perhaps if more were willing to launch immediate consequences for non compliance with code of conduct. Airlines really should insist passenger sign conduct agreement in order to fly IMO. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. Avatar Sammy says:

    Actions have consequences!!

  4. Avatar Myo Ama says:

    Finally a manager that stands up for his employees…if more managers were like him, Karen’s would stop asking for the manager.

  5. Avatar Mortano smith says:

    God bless this man for sticking up for his employees

  6. Avatar biz4smitty says:

    That’s pretty Amazing!

  7. Avatar Jemela Jiminez says:

    She defended that lie to the very end.

  8. Avatar latinworldexplorer says:

    Go home, Karen.

  9. Avatar Rodger says:

    Liberals are the new Nazis

  10. Avatar Monica X says:

    I’m glad he held her accountable!!!!

  11. Avatar pinecones.pixels says:

    When he suggested she fly Spirit instead. 😂😂😂😂

  12. Avatar Cee Cee B. says:

    So hard to have to school other adults at your job. This man did it with class.

  13. Avatar SANITIZED, INC. says:

    Well done.

  14. Avatar bobcat bigpaws says:

    This virus sure brings out the crazy in some people. How many times is it going to take people to realize they can’t get on a plane without a mask. Just that simple. To ask someone to wear a mask is like asking them to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. Yeah I don’t think its that bad.

  15. Avatar Eli M. says:

    Great work! I think he listened to her BS too long. I would’ve told her what I needed to say and walked off. He went back and actually entertained her for longer than I would’ve expected.

  16. Avatar Adam Taylor says:

    Massive applause for standing up for his employee. And also for the shade he threw at Spirit. lol

  17. Avatar topnee says:

    Enjoy taking bus home.

  18. Avatar Will Martinez says:

    Bye Felica. And put a mask on.

  19. Avatar Tawney B. says:

    YAY!!!!!!!! Give that man a RAISE!

  20. Avatar TexasPoonTappa says:

    “I suggest Spirit.”

    What a savage lol

  21. Avatar The Light says:

    Given the rise in problems/incidences on flights, it makes me not want to fly for years to come.
    Think I’ll stay put.

  22. Avatar Tloc103 says:

    But I’m white!! Please make an exception I’m white

  23. Avatar Valerie Gatto says:

    Honestly I’m getting so sick and tired of hearing the airline’s having trouble with the passengers I mean aren’t airlines working for the passengers the passengers are not working for the airline’s I mean what is wrong with these people

  24. Avatar J T says:

    She is ulcer inducing, omg

  25. Avatar lover man says:

    american air lines is so rud dont know why anyone flys them

  26. Avatar Reyna Hernandez says:

    This guy is an mvp 👍

  27. Avatar jay Drummer says:

    Is this why the rest of us have to still deal with masks so you elites can travel and be miserable get over it ban all air travel

  28. Avatar Hagan Chan says:

    Covid is still here. You still have the Delta Variant here in the US. If you want to travel by plane, train, or bus you must have a mask on. Whether you are fully vaccinated or not.

  29. Avatar Dagh_Inc says:

    Well done sir! Well done!

  30. Avatar King Reese says:

    These Karen’s need to stop…its getting old and sad

  31. Avatar Lah Body says:

    “I’d suggest spirit” 🥴🥴🥴🤣🤣petty af

  32. Avatar Lar Bear says:

    LIKE A BOSS! Dude say, “I’d suggest Spirit”. 🤣🤣🤣

  33. Avatar Micah and me says:

    Haha. Put on a mask or stay in your unvaccinated red state.

  34. Avatar Jerry Wickens says:

    LMFAO 😂😆😆😂 you called my employee a bleep. American Airlines snowflake.

  35. Avatar Crucifix says:

    Good! Dont treat people rudely especially if you wont follow the rules

  36. Avatar El Pichichi says:

    Bravo 👏🏼
    Customer service jobs are hard because of people who feel entitled.
    The industry needs more managers like him and less people like Karen

  37. Avatar Teddy Ruxbin says:

    Good! 👍🏾

  38. Avatar junkmail1203 says:

    Karen and her patriotism

  39. Avatar Anoop Singh Gill says:

    Just levy a penalty of $1000/- for not wearing a face mask and you will find ALL passengers properly wearing a mask. This is a Covid safety protocol why are some people trying to violate it. Kudos to the AA employee in expertly handling this argumentative lady.

  40. Avatar Grace Nails says:

    She would get literally skewered and roasted by the passengers on Spirit. Good.

  41. Avatar S R says:

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 so good to see her be held accountable

  42. Avatar Jeremy Bonewitz says:

    Tell that Trump supporter she’s a Nazi

  43. Avatar Mr. M says:

    It’s good for our own security

  44. Avatar Alex 35 says:

    Why don’t these selfish people just stay home.The reality is Covid19 has not gone away and it won’t until more people take it seriously and get vaccinated or it will continue to mutate possibly into a version that the current vaccines can’t stop.Again,it is not a freedom issue.It’s a public safety health issue.

  45. Avatar Google Smells says:

    Karen: But I’m not a racist

  46. Avatar Linda McGough says:

    THIS IS WHAT’S NEEDED IN America 2021! Made my day!

  47. Avatar Luvly Cee says:

    Good Bye Karen!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  48. Avatar Linda McGough says:

    Karen thinks she has a “Trump card”. She has an empty hand.

  49. Avatar Joey Badass says:

    i fly frontier often
    never had any issues what so ever

  50. Avatar Mo Butter says:

    Glad he handled the situation! ❤️ Boundaries ❤️ People need to learn how to pack their manners as well!

  51. Avatar Steve Rodgers says:

    Screw travelling, it’s for pansies!

  52. Avatar Duke Lee says:

    That’s not helpful

  53. Avatar Rick Affinitee' says:

    NBC and especially Holt is a WOKE JOKE SIMP BETA group of “monitor reader’s “.
    Incompetent and ignorant is their badge of dishonesty and dishonor.

  54. Avatar Brando Westhafer says:

    If you listened very closely said you’re being booted because you called my employee a b i t c h not because of refusal to wear mask we don’t have that on video we only have on video employee saying you can’t go on the plane because you called my employee a b i t c h and he said that that was unacceptable and that she couldn’t fly.

  55. Avatar Pete Burns says:

    Airline employee drag queen angered for being called “sir” vowed to have business man put on “no fly list” for life. Really SIR? Panty wad.

  56. Avatar Elizabeth H. says:

    That’s right! Stop the crazies before they actually get on the plan, start assaulting the flight attendants and other passengers.

  57. Avatar Hugo Cardenas TV says:

    I’m not really sure what happened BUT American airlines is a horrible company. I traveled 1st class to Europe and I got treated horrible , of course I woul never curse to a employee, because I know she is ignorant , underpaid , and over worked. My fly connected with fin air , last year with Delta , previous with British airways. The difference in service and employee education Is HUGE. It made seem like AA is hiring people straight from the ghetto.

  58. Avatar Jose Valladolid says:

    I’m glad she got put in her place.

  59. Avatar King Mazda says:

    I wish more places would treat employees like this.

  60. Avatar Saleemah Winters says:

    Good boss

  61. Avatar g A says:


  62. Avatar Stop Communism says:

    What a snowflake. Lols. You said words to my employees hahahaha

    • Avatar I AmLegend says:

      No he isn’t a snowflake.

    • Avatar Stop Communism says:

      @I AmLegend oh no! Not words! Rofl

    • Avatar I AmLegend says:

      @Stop Communism 😆😄

  63. Avatar Carlos P. Jr says:

    American Airlines needs to show this as a training video. This was great. 💯

  64. Avatar LASHK001 says:

    “You can fly with another carrier. I suggest spirit.” BUUURRNNNN

  65. Avatar McArthur Tolbert Jr says:

    I find it so amazing just 2 years ago it was okay to talk down to black people. The Bible said what will be last will become first and what is first will become last

    • Avatar I AmLegend says:

      It’s amazing how quickly things have changed. I love it.

  66. Avatar Michael Katetei says:

    Well done

  67. Avatar Robert Esteban says:

    Good job guy

  68. Avatar Marietjie Hildebrandt says:

    About time. Kick them off on the ground. Good job.

  69. Avatar CHR1S says:

    I think before we fly we should all have to watch a video a couple days before the flight showing people acting like fools on planes who have been banned from flying. I think this would solve a lot of problems cuz crazy people and anti-maskers will risk getting arrested for their crazy beliefs but they might think twice about get banned from flying for life.

  70. Avatar JC says:

    The gate attendant is having a power trip! From the woman’s tone of voice and volume of voice, she is already apologetic. And look she is already wearing a mask. The guy is having a power trip. I bet you he is passive aggressive bully!

  71. Avatar Laura Dos Santos says:

    Good! These nasty entitled people need to be taught to RESPECT others!

  72. Avatar Samuel Thompson says:

    I love when white people try to use white privilege with other white people lmao!

  73. Avatar john smith says:

    She is wasting her time !!! Decision was made .

  74. Avatar PeacefulCrescent says:

    It’s above me now

  75. Avatar Soozee Law says:

    Good for him!! Enough with these people that think it’s ok to an a***hole! Put on the mask, show some respect and sit the F down! In this case, get another flight!!

  76. Avatar Brian Long says:

    Give my money back.

  77. Avatar L S says:

    Did not know they could do that

  78. Avatar Aaron Nance says:

    “I’d suggest Spirit” is probably the best line in the whole video (because spirit has no standards, which is why I refuse to fly spirit) 😂 lolol

    Maybe let’s let spirit become the airline that accommodates the anti-vax racist asshats, so we can let them all fly around by themselves without infecting the rest of us.

  79. Avatar Mr. Honesty says:

    Good day now Karen

  80. Avatar AC Spirit says:

    Must have been another Karen.

  81. Avatar Snowie Puppy says:

    Sir i’d love you to be my boss/ If only managers were as professional as this guy. Kudos to you Sir!!! Teach that Karen lol

  82. Avatar ARLENE HUTCHINSON says:

    He could give lessons 😅😅😅😅💯🙌🏾

  83. Avatar SIDEWAYS HAPPY says:

    F*** American Airlines

  84. Avatar Polaris Thunder says:


  85. Avatar Julie Ramirez says:

    Good ! Job!
    For supervisor!
    Protect his company n employee !
    Very cool n calm

    He should teach others how to handle situations

  86. Avatar AL- BOT says:

    If I see someone being rude, selfish, entitled, or hypocritical, I assume they are a Republican.

  87. Avatar Ronald Thomas says:


  88. Avatar Brooklyn Brohat says:


  89. Avatar Count Chocula504 says:

    This is exciting to watch.

  90. Avatar B S says:


  91. Avatar Kimberly D says:

    The rules are simple and clear. If you bought the ticket you agreed to the terms and conditions.

  92. Avatar 409Adam C says:

    Wow are there ever a lot of dumb and ignorant people. He handled it very well.

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