Elizabeth Holmes trial: Key takeaways from day 1

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Yahoo Finance’s Alexis Keenan reports on the Day 1 of the Elizabeth Holmes Theranos trial.
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  1. Avatar Keyboard Dancers says:

    Funny how she now presents her wholly feminine appearance now that she’s been cut down from her false pedestal. The court won’t be impressed with that *”anchor baby”* either!

  2. Avatar Ortal Har-Paz says:

    It’s simple: she knew the technology doesn’t work. she lied to inverstors and to the world that it does. she also lied to people and got them a wrong diagnosis. how do you call that? – ohhhhh yes, a fraud.

  3. Avatar john hud says:

    Guilty of defrauding patients is more serious than defrauding billionaires of millions

  4. Avatar john hud says:

    What’s funny is that in 2021 other companies are closing in on nano blood technology

  5. Avatar Marutan Ray says:

    She will be found not guilty. She is well connected and she has Clinton Democrat support. No way she will be convicted. The FDA have her a free pass for fraudulent diagnostic tests. Any normal person would be convicted for just the fraudulent medical tests which impacted hundreds of thousands of people.

  6. Avatar Antoinette Penny says:

    She didn’t give a dam about affordable blood tests for the masses, for those who couldn’t afford them. She didn’t give a toss about her uncle “who died too young” – but he became her reason why – it made a good story. She simply wanted to be the biggest name in Silicon Valley and also the richest. It’s par for the course that people that ambitious are sociopaths. She is a malignant human being and they should lock her away for the maximum sentence. She put peoples lives at risk, f#@k the fraud and other stuff, she should be up for endangering people’s lives.

  7. Avatar Andtp Fack says:

    She knew exactly what she did. She deceived and lied at every turn without shame or remorse. Just a disgusting woman. I hope she gets jail time but i know she wont.

  8. Avatar andrea pothoven says:

    But what about taxes and the IRS?
    So far I have not heard that they wanted money!
    Does that mean that for more than a decade she never missed or avoided that? It must be a job on its own and it’s it clean slate? Payed in time and all was in the right amount?
    Also all the other things, paychecks, utility bills etc. Nobody complained, or sued ? That’s so unbelievable….
    Or am I missing something?

  9. Avatar ken tam says:

    Who is better, Holman or Trump?

  10. Avatar SnoopyDoo says:

    Judge: “We’ll let you off the hook if you admit publicly – using your real voice – that you effed up.”

  11. Avatar Devraj Ray says:

    “She spent the last 15 years on this work”

    Dude, Bernie Madoff “worked” for 50 years – still a criminal 🤦🏾‍♂️

  12. Avatar Lone Tinaja says:

    Ol’ Tex says she loves to lie more than a hog loves slop.

  13. Avatar 🇺🇲 GIULIANI - The "Man" who sold his soul says:

    “Worked herself to the bone”. Little Miss is doomed!

  14. Avatar Tanny k says:

    So this 19 yr old high school graduate with no science background convinced these rich morons that she invented this complicated machine and they believed her…interesting.

  15. Avatar Valerie S says:

    Even if she was abused by her boyfriend, that has nothing to do with defrauding investors and putting patients at risk.

  16. Avatar SanFranciscoBay says:

    But, but, but…but what about “The Baby!!!”

  17. Avatar La Ars says:

    Oh well…a few billionaires lost a few millions. She should serve time

  18. Avatar johnny lee says:

    She is a con artist but someone should explain exactly what law she broke since buyer beware rule is common in biz and in itself is not prosecutable.

    • Avatar J Nagarya says:

      Lying for money is fraud.

  19. Avatar Sam Sam says:

    Anyone else as excited as me to hear her real voice for the first time?

    • Avatar David LaValley says:

      I’ve heard it… In a interview she switch out of it accidentally and immediately switched back

    • Avatar Domino13334 says:

      In 2005 for 4 words she talked in her real voice.

    • Avatar Sam Sam says:

      Alright, I’ll have a look at it. 🙂

  20. Avatar negatron says:

    why is she no longer wearing makeup? 😏

    • Avatar Mike Hersee says:

      To look more vulnerable and less powerful. As Tesco’s advert says, “Every little helps”

  21. Avatar Gypsyfirefly says:

    Lock her up‼️

  22. Avatar SinistaN says:

    yes she’s guilty of fraud. but on the other hand anyone that sticks it to murdoch, larry snake oil ellison and vulture capitalists is something of a hero

  23. Avatar Gypsyfirefly says:

    I wonder which voice she’s going to use on the stand 🧐 She’ll probably go with the little girl voice like the Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford. Hopefully the jury will see through this entitled brat’s theatre performance‼️

  24. Avatar Euryale Music Journey ♪ says:

    I´m just glad Henry Kissinger was Scammed…LOL

  25. Avatar Ashley Giron says:

    The enchanting jar centrally repair because museum postsynaptically sigh below a awake facilities. makeshift, faithful swiss

  26. Avatar Namrata says:

    Holmes lied to investors and misrepresented the state of her tech. But it’s possible she also was suffering in her relationship, while projecting confidence. It doesn’t excuse her actions, but I don’t outright dismiss the possibility. It can happen. It happened to me.

    As a Bioengineering PhD student, I was supremely confident in my skillset, abilities, and perspective on what I could accomplish as a researcher. I was also emotionally and psychologically manipulated by my advisor who marginalized me from my peers, gaslit me, and constantly reiterated that I was a bad person. When I tried to get help within my department, I was questioned as to how it was possible I could have been subjected to this treatment while still coming across as confident in my knowledge and technical abilities.

    The answer is that — people compartmentalize and try hard to project strength even as they are breaking down inside. You start to lose mental clarity and start making suboptimal decisions (or become just completely indecisive). You lose hope, drive, happiness, optimism. Whether or not this happened to Holmes — I have no idea. I just know from my experience there is some chance of a kernel of truth there.

    • Avatar Mike Hersee says:

      I’m sorry to hear of your awful experience and you are correct that people can compartmentalise to some extent and appear confident in one area when things are going wrong in another. Actually, I’ve been in a similar situation in a personal relationship, where at work everything was going fine. However, there is a persistent pattern of clearly deliberate and wilful dishonesty that appears to pre-date Sunny appearing on the scene, and she was in the top spot after all.

  27. Avatar Taco Lover 🌮❤️ says:

    She needs to pay back everyone, before she gets out of Prison.

    • Avatar G. W. says:

      That’ll never happen.

  28. Avatar Larry Larry says:

    She got Larry Ellison and Rupert Murdoch to invest millions in theranos. That is talent even if it’s a fraud.

  29. Avatar Zaid says:

    Crimes = mistakes made by people. Saying mistakes not a crime is stupid

  30. Avatar Jacob W says:

    Another white liberal woman will get away with with a hundreds of millions in fraud, but will blame the dark-skin indian ex-bf. Ever notice when sh*t gets real liberals are the biggest Racists? This should be interesting.

  31. Avatar Kevins World says:

    Betty f’d em all. Up Theiranus…

  32. Avatar Pete says:

    Her ex abused her into running a 10+ year scam? Wow

  33. Avatar Alex Knox says:

    Your Honor what I did was not a crime, it was a mistake when I robbed that old man to feed my crack habit!

    • Avatar Anita Hamel says:

      It’s not the robbing of those old RICH men (& woman) that bothers me. It’s the endangering of all the patients, who are already paying top dollar for medical care. MALPRACTICE.

  34. Avatar wolfen244 says:

    The more you find out about Holmes, the more you want her to go to prison. She’s a rotten human being with no redeeming qualities. Imagine giving her $13,000,000 and then having her blame you with abuse and blame for everything that went wrong with that scam. Strong chance she’ll get O.J.’d or Casey Anthony’d. It’s always a crap shoot.

  35. Avatar wolfen244 says:

    …her husband…what a laugh. As soon as his cash runs out so will she.

  36. Avatar Anthony Peterson says:

    She had to stick to the facade she created…..that domed her as there was not wiggle room. Had she perhaps pursued the feasibility of 1 vile of blood and the Edison precusor being a refrigerator size unit, still able to ship to her contract with Walgreens contingent upon an eventual microwave sized unit, she’d b a billionaire. Walgreens, assuming not an exclusive arrangement, would b the proof of concept and self marking avenue. The takeaway…..dont fake it to take it, and dont f the help.

  37. Avatar Indian Scud says:

    Judges final ruling………..

  38. Avatar Code Deb says:

    “Mistakes do not equal crimes…” Therefore we must eliminate the crime of involuntary manslaughter, eh?

    • Avatar Furlough 2020 says:

      Good one! Lol holmes is disgusting

  39. Avatar eric heine says:

    There’s so much money in innocence. If I could just fake sincerity I’d have it made.

  40. Avatar Sunrise Sunrise says:

    She’s not going to jail because of her $. There’s no real “justice” in this corrupt system.

  41. Avatar bluto212 says:

    I too have a box, it can turn lead to gold. Any takers?

    • Avatar mulemule says:

      (If its replacement cartridges cost less than HP’s then sign me up!)

  42. Avatar Solosaur says:

    I hear she cornered the market on Shirley Temple voice coaches prior to her trial

  43. Avatar Spiritv says:

    So disappointed cameras aren’t going into the court room.

  44. Avatar Spiritv says:

    will there be a jumping castle for morning and afternoon tea

  45. Avatar Song Yang says:

    She should know there is consequences about lying on the fake technology, to profit herself

  46. Avatar easy street says:

    Holmes is such a dedicated crook.

  47. Avatar Esuper1 says:

    The female Bernie Madoff. She’s gotta burn.

  48. Avatar Samantha Conn says:

    Baby or no baby, we are coming for you Lizzy, regardless of how fast you can solve a sodoku. 😉

  49. Avatar Ad Astra says:

    It was not high risk of investments if the value proposition was fraudulent…it was fraud…there was no possibility of success

  50. Avatar Natasha Dickson says:

    It’s notable that the lies are not the crime here…it’s the wire fraud. She’s charged with fraud, not lies. It comes down to the money.

    • Avatar mulemule says:

      (The judge gutted the prosecution’s original indictment. Frankly, I’m surprised he even allowed the remaining ones in.)

  51. Avatar theebeegees says:


  52. Avatar Cosmic King says:

    What a mess she got herself in. Complete and utter disgrace!!!

  53. Avatar David LaValley says:

    She worked tirelessly for 15 yrs on creating Theranos since she was 19 yrs old!?
    But the company only existed for what… 3 or 4 yrs? So does that mean she’d been working on the “Scam” for all those yrs? Sounds like premeditation to me!!

  54. Avatar Joe Booth says:

    Just out of curiosity, how much push back would there be against an unknown woman that claimed that her Pakistani Hindu boyfriend abused her? I am not saying Pakistani or Hindu’s are abusers. I am saying that in this country any woman is taken at her word especially if the man is from a country or religion that “minimizes” women.

  55. Avatar kwai shiu says:

    A lier will always lies, she will just keep on lying and cook up bs excuses in the court to get away from her ugly crimes

  56. Avatar Furlough 2020 says:

    She commited a crime. She is testing on patients giving them illegitimate results. Thats crime enough

  57. Avatar Johannes Halberstadt says:

    Dedicating yourself to something does not mean that’s not a fraud scheme and money grab. A Psychpath could very well dedicate all their time and effort into this “game”, where he/she tries to acquire millions while simultaneously painting them selves as a savior or hero.

  58. Avatar Jency John says:

    I want to hear her now

    • Avatar Stevewílldoít says:

      Bitcoin is really the future, hit up my trusted broker

  59. Avatar Johnny Doggs says:

    She look like mah azz 😷

    • Avatar Johnny Doggs says:

      @Stevewílldoít are u obama son?

  60. Avatar nothing works works says:

    “All the World’s a Stage” is taken too seriously by Holmes. Costuming from Steve Jobs now to “Angelic Mother”. Yeeesh.

  61. Avatar kbmarines 99 says:

    From billionaire to having a vacation in prison!! Who could have known lol

  62. Avatar Ras mania says:

    we all know that justice will not be done and she will get away with it

  63. Avatar Tom de Byser says:

    OK wtf is wrong with the voice of Holmes?
    Is she on steroids??

    • Avatar Stevewílldoít says:

      If you’re interested in profitable investments y’all could text my trusted broker Mr John.

    • Avatar mulemule says:

      Something far stronger than mere steroids: the unquenchable desperation, greed and gullibility of insanely wealthy old Republicans.

  64. Avatar PFG666 says:

    I don’t believe her intention was to deceive nor to harm people. She stubbornly believed the product was good/would come out good. Unfortunately, it never did. If it did she might have been the next Steve Jobs and none of this would have happened. Some people are like that, very determined yet stubborn, unwilling to listen to others’ opinions or to analyze the evidence. These traits, along with the product not delivering lead to her demise. Since she put people’s lives at risk I think she should get some prison time. But I am unsure about her being deceitful.

    • Avatar mulemule says:

      “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions (and peroxide)!”

  65. Avatar G. W. says:

    Money truly is the root of all evil.

  66. Avatar Maximus Decimus Meridius says:

    A lot of the hype come from the fact she is good-looking.

  67. Avatar Maxwell House says:

    How about some criminal charges on some the heavy handed illegal tactics she used to silence and ruin the lives of whistleblowers.

    • Avatar mulemule says:

      Sunny made her do that!

    • Avatar Maxwell House says:

      @mulemule Sure. Hopefully, you’re joking.

  68. Avatar Kimo Andrews says:

    Well at least she started combing her hair. Baby steps…

  69. Avatar Jake Smith says:

    It looks like she will use Freemasonry as part of her defense.

  70. Avatar PK Collins says:

    Listen to her Elizabeth playing the innocent young girl card – blaming the big bad man – she is a typical piece of work! I worked for 10 years in my own company too – but I didn’t steal peoples money _ I didn’t have a toxic working culture – She was not abused…she was a lying narcissist with no care about anyone but herself!

    • Avatar Mike Hersee says:

      Yes, and the big, bad, foreign, dark-skinned man with a foreign name, probably a different religion and strange culture, no less. Clearly he was guilty of making her commit all those crimes. (Note to Americans: Set ‘irony’ flag to ‘ON’)

  71. Avatar PK Collins says:

    Sorry – her defense sucks – Joe Public is over the ‘cry wolf’ this might have worked 4 years ago during the big wave of the Me Too movement – but….it’s a little too late for her to jump on that band wagon at this stage of the game – terrible tactic…..and it is too late to pivot – .they are gonna lock you up Elizabeth –

  72. Avatar tiffsaver says:

    Doesn’t she look innocent in her no makeup look and fashionable face mask?? This is what she will look like behind bars…

  73. Avatar aries0028 says:

    “Dedication” does not equate to integrity. I can dedicate my whole life to a great cause that is at the expense of others. If I am a certified doctor but my patients die after seeing me, can I still argue that I am a dedicated professional?
    Absolutely, disrupt normalcy but not with lies and hiding-the-truths.
    Abused (with the guy)?? Seriously, nobody could see that in the making.
    Sounds like she is still trying to “fake it till you make it”.

    • Avatar Stevewílldoít says:

      Bitcoin is really the future, trust me

    • Avatar Stevewílldoít says:


    • Avatar Stevewílldoít says:


  74. Avatar u1234567890u says:

    don’t trust anyone that can change their voice.. unless they’re an actor..

  75. Avatar huppdaddy2 says:

    She is hot ~ let her go

  76. Avatar Richard Rutgard says:

    O most pernicious woman!
    O villain, villain, smiling, damnèd villain!
    My tables—meet it is I set it down
    That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain—
    At least I am sure it may be so in Denmark.

    • Avatar mulemule says:

      “Out, damned drop! *Out* I say!”

  77. Avatar Dragan M says:

    How the mighty have fallen.

  78. Avatar Anita Hamel says:

    Were there articles & columns praising Balwani’s vision, innovation, etc. I must have missed them. I did see her picture on some magazines, missed the ones of her boyfriend or the photos of both of them together.

  79. Avatar Mac Wacha says:

    She’s gonna lie through the end of the trial. She thinks that will absolve her.

  80. Avatar Steven Graham says:

    This woman needs to spend 15-20 years in jail so no other people steal 700 million in investment money by making up equipment that does not work. Unreal and refuse to admit it when everyone saw behind the facade

  81. Avatar Star Traveler says:

    Mistake along the way? No. This was a lie to investors and patients that could have cost lives. If her lawyers think this is a valid defense and that it will hold up in court, they are more stupid that she looks. Same goes for her constipated ex BF. Stupidity, egoism, narcissism, and sociopathy are not going to hold up in court.

  82. Avatar Koalaspuked says:

    I’m not saying he abused her, but she did talk like she was throat punched.

  83. Avatar Butch Jones says:

    Oh my God, Elizabeth you’ve say you’ve been “Svengalied” for 10 years, you with a quite impressive academic record, that is to say you’re highly educated, and now that you’ve been caught lying, cheating, and stealing, the BEST lame defense you can muster is that you were “Gaslighted” and under the Svengali hypnotic spell of your boyfriend?! One of the main shortcomings of intelligent people is they much often make grave mistake of thinking and acting as if everyone else is simply stupid and a moron. After she was caught and charges filed, it’s ONLY because she has money that this has turned into another media circus, however the ‘Big Top’ is coming down very soon.

  84. Avatar icemanhunter1 says:

    Her arrogant attitude at the time of this conspiracy (can’t touch this) is a testament to her guilt. (break it down)

  85. Avatar Christi from Indy says:

    She absolutely deserves jail time.

  86. Avatar J Nagarya says:

    She was an free and independent woman, the boss, and couldn’t be told what to do or not do — until she got caught, at which point she switched to being a “victim,” all responsibility shifted onto others.

    Where have we heard that before?

  87. Avatar PMS13 says:

    Where is this trial being held?

  88. Avatar watsis buttndo says:

    Is she still putting on the gruff voice?

  89. Avatar Daylin Lott says:

    Alexis may as well be on Holmes’s payroll, and is a dream juror for her defense. Keenan’s documentary is pro-Liz and shrugs-off the corruption endemic in business in general & the valley in particular. These updates are slick, sophisticated, but slanted. Folks–see from comments–arent buying it, Alexis.

  90. Avatar lordrobert12 says:

    Elizabeth is hot!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  91. Avatar Blaster Elforg says:

    She said she wanted to be mega rich when she grows up when she was 8. So she got rich defrauding but never quite grew up. She pretended she did with her voice and it resonated with some. She got rich selling a fantasy backed by nothing, putting on an act that she believes in magic. At McDonald’s they’re still hiring.

  92. Avatar Mary W says:

    Let’s see how far money talks in this trial.

  93. Avatar Karen Abrams says:

    Quest and lab Corp are decently run companies following our laws and regulations. They have not been compromising patient safety. She needs to go to prison. STAT.

  94. Avatar Putri says:

    Even her appearance is a game and statement. Bare face with frizzy hair

  95. Avatar log 2112 says:

    “Lord Fauci” and HIS actions are CRIMINAL. all Holmes did was fool some wall street money grubbers. fauci helped destroy a national ECONOMY. MUCH worse, yet HE is hailed as a national “hero”? y’alls priorities are fouled up BIG time.

  96. Avatar Skip Bo says:

    INTENT, eh? Well then it’s pretty obvious how this case is going to go down. I don’t think anyone believes she INTENTIONALLY set out to defraud powerful investors of a billion bucks. Sounds like the law says defrauding people of money isn’t illegal as long as you didn’t INTEND to. Madoff intented to. Holmes did not. Big difference.

    • Avatar Brie Lynn says:

      You are 100% incorrect. She told investors she had a working product. Meanwhile she was using Semens machines. She defrauded ALL the investors. Additionally, she diluted blood samples so, all testing was useless. She had zero testing from her Edison box.

  97. Avatar Kiara Lyshell says:

    WHY is her hair always a hot mess??

  98. Avatar Richard Di Bernardo says:

    Dizzy Lizzy.

  99. Avatar Kevin Luo says:

    Just listened to Thicker than Water by Tyler Shultz. It has great into the psychology and relationships of some of the people involved.

  100. Avatar MJ C says:

    Ponzi scheme. Got caught. Case closed.

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