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The monkeypox virus has been around for years. But recently there have been hundreds of cases in countries where it’s not usually found. What’s going on? #AJStartHere with Sandra Gathmann explains.

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  1. Avatar Dee Dennis says:

    China again! Globalism is going to BE the end of us.

  2. Avatar dorcas njeri says:

    God is angry just like Sodom and Gomorrah and the worst is not yet to come

  3. Avatar ChapmanoTV says:

    just another scamdemic. don’t fall for it again folks

  4. Avatar ChapmanoTV says:

    0:48 not when the vax has already damaged it😂

  5. Avatar Robert Stiles says:

    Bio terror spread by WEF and Bill Gates. See the video of Gates and his ex-wife where he smiles at hearing of this virus spreading. Pure evil.

  6. Avatar Ebu Qble says:

    It’s gay pox

  7. Avatar Charis ChodeMaster says:

    Does infection by the MP virus confer resistance to small pox, as the cow pox virus does?

  8. Avatar Annie says:

    Excerpt from Matthew Ward’s June 2, 2022 message: 👉👉 ”And, nothing at all in Earth’s energy field of potential indicates that monkey pox could become the newest “pandemic.” ” So absolutely fear NOT folks!

  9. Avatar Ulfric Njord says:

    So what I’m getting from this, is basically that a bunch of gay guys bummed each other in the Congo and created a new virus, as if them creating HIV wasn’t bad enough already.

  10. Avatar The Sun says:

    If there’s a mass Monkeypox Outbreak, it’ll be an Epidemic and not a Pandemic. Less Infectious than COVID, so probably won’t spread as far or as fast from initial outbreak sites; but the increased Mortality Rates plus Visible Infection Indicators may make Public Reactions worse and Riot or Crowd Control more Problematic if Civil Unrest occurs.

    • Avatar pax und peace says:

      Not as simple like that.
      An epidemic is a locally limited and contained outbreak.
      At this point we have more then 900 cases in more then 25 countries without those were it is endemic. Total number of cases almost double over one week.
      Technically it is already an pandemic even when it is not declared yet.

    • Avatar Divyansh Bagga says:

      Not really

  11. Avatar Old Movie Watching with Rob says:

    So if I understand from this, monogamous relationships are not likely to spread this disease. Good to know.

  12. Avatar Sudipto Shyam says:

    Such precise information!…Truly discernible!!

  13. Avatar Bonz says:

    who cares about monkey disease while inflation knocking on the door.

  14. Avatar d Bass says:

    imagine leaving your apartment to meet these humans everyone talks about

    • Avatar Coastrider711 says:

      What are you talking about??

  15. Avatar Darren Gall says:

    Has mRna jabbing/ covid changed our immunity

  16. Avatar The African Honeybadger says:

    Monkeypox, the next trend! 😀

  17. Avatar Avion Job says:

    You could do a viedo about what is russia soliders doing in africa

  18. Avatar LUX INTERIOR says:

    i have Biden Pox red ash raSH

  19. Avatar LUX INTERIOR says:

    interesting , culling the population using bioweapons..

  20. Avatar John Smith says:

    This is COVID 2.0. The deluxe version. This time with scabs potentially appearing on your rear end.

    • Avatar John Smith says:

      @Michael Stagar Valid Indeed.

    • Avatar John Smith says:

      @Arafat Hasan Interesting Indeed.

    • Avatar John Smith says:

      @Divyansh Bagga I know. But….. IT COULD DEVELOP INTO A WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC>!

    • Avatar Angela Ross says:

      @John Smith lol it will.

  21. Avatar Kulit Kulit says:


  22. Avatar World Peace says:

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️pakistan save india♥️♥️♥️

  23. Avatar World Peace says:

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️india save pakistan♥️♥️♥️♥️

  24. Avatar World Peace says:

    ♥️♥️♥️♥️pakistan india japan save tibet taiwan xinjiang hongkong♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  25. Avatar Keith J. Nelson says:

    Another Fear to be Pushed on people…!

    • Avatar twinklinglicin says:

      you scared, bro?

  26. Avatar Joseph Figueira says:

    It’s spreading by these countries who are doing research on the virus. 😱

  27. Avatar Nilufar Karim says:

    Why dont you say what rare countries are ? like you always say about Africa with no hesitations.

  28. Avatar Nilufar Karim says:

    Monkey pox came from homosexual behaviour they are telling directly.

  29. Avatar Ang R says:

    The first symptoms of moneypox are the strong desire to swing from tree branches and throw pooh.
    If you have the second symptom please ensure you aim at politicians, scientists, so called medical people and corrupt MSM employees. Aim well.

  30. Avatar Greyskull McBeef says:

    Remember two years ago when officials were saying covid wasnt anything to worry about? Remember how not worrying about the problem actually made it unstoppable?

    • Avatar Manchester United Club says:

      l have never been worried about covid. Not taken any precautions since it began. Thats 3 years of living like normal hug people, handshake, sit in close proximity.

      Not heard anyone around me who has fell ill or died from it.

      Think the death % is so low that no one needs to worry. Although would depend on immunity that’s your natural defense and it really does work.

  31. Avatar MILKE & says:

    Yes country getting monkey virus have never had cases.
    But you look at country getting it have been most vaccinated.
    What animals do they test vaccine on.

  32. Avatar Hadif Jamalluddin says:

    The proverb in Malaysia is “Prepare an Umbrella Before It Rains” to be ready to avoid past stories such as the curfew error during the Covid 19 pandemic. May Allah guide us. And, Monkeypox was diffrent to Covid Viruses.

  33. Avatar Field and Stream says:


  34. Avatar Field and Stream says:

    What about petri dishes….filled with sugar?

  35. Avatar Field and Stream says:


  36. Avatar Field and Stream says:


  37. Avatar Field and Stream says:


  38. Avatar Field and Stream says:

    Expose yourself to chicken pox…prevents zoonotic.

  39. Avatar Peter YO Kahuii says:

    Made in a lab

  40. Avatar Fida Husayn says:

    I M missing you COVID 19 😂

  41. Avatar Fida Husayn says:

    Rest in peace Covid 19

  42. Avatar Kelly says:

    some people are going to think, oh good, i’m not gay so it can’t spread to me. i think what they mean is that it can now spread to anyone. like it’s always said, keep your hands clean, don’t touch a lot of things and then your eyes and face etc

  43. Avatar Kordgram App says:

    do a US guns episode

  44. Avatar Maria says:

    “Nooooooo” in Michael Scott’s voice…can I please just graduate in peace.

  45. Avatar agayguy says:

    Hiv, Ebola, Leprosy, Hepatitis, Yellow Fever, Malaria, Meningitis, Tuberculosis, Smallpox, Anthrax, Zika, West Nile ETC all have come from Africa. So this monkeypox thing kind of scares me.

  46. Avatar kaferere says:

    Monkeypox was actually first discovered in 1936 but largely ignored until now. If you start with any symptoms, drink lots of dark Grape Juice as this can support the immune system with Vitamin C and D, Flavinoids and potassium. It was originally called the “Megillah” Virus. the word itself meaning “Long and Confusing Story”, as it behaved in a more complicated way to the other pox’s known at that time. (Cow and Chicken)
    Pustules can appear first in the armpit and scalp causing itchiness and scratching reminiscent of Simeon behaviour, hence its name. At the first sign of symptoms, higher doses of potassium are recommended.
    If you don’t like the idea of tablets, the best available and digestible source of Potassium is found in Bananas and Peanuts. Sunlight is the best way to treat the pustules, the UV in natural Sunlight has a sanitising effect, so even sitting behind a Sunlit window, will really help the healing of pustules. Taking the Potassium at the same time as sunlight exposure has a much better effect on the Virus than eating Potassium alone.

    The Peebles Research Foundation is currently being set up in the UK and donations are expected from most major corporations, Tesla being the first to offer its generous support. Any Corporation willing to follow suit will have the legal title “Monkey Business” conferred and added in law to allow subsequent marketing to include all registered Logos in much the same way as the “Recyclable Plastic” logo has been implemented and marketed. Any Donations to the Foundation will of course be largely Tax Deductible.

    We can all crack this Virus if we remain calm, work together and donate together.

    Thank you and please watch for the official launch of the Peebles Foundation Fund. You really can be the difference.

  47. Avatar The Greatergoode says:

    So, it’s been around in humans for over 50 years and during that entire period it’s been almost exclusively contained to Central Africa. But suddenly, it’s now popping up all over the globe with no explanation as to how or why?

    • Avatar pax und peace says:

      Western and zentral african clade got mixed that’s why

  48. Avatar Mert Gilgil says:

    It probably came from Lgbt community then not animale 🤢

  49. Avatar King African says:

    Oh stop pretending
    Primary cases were of Gay men at gay bars and SUANAS in the 🇬🇧

    Read 🇬🇧 health officials report and others
    Jus facts
    Similar other places

  50. Avatar oi sho says:


  51. Avatar Tahlah Aku says:

    Next pigpox

  52. Avatar Mudane Yegbicadaan says:


  53. Avatar S Niyut says:


  54. Avatar King Festus says:

    I need Igbo and Shayo

  55. Avatar Shehla Khan says:

    It was decovered in Denmark lab.. So they created in 1950and now they have unleashed it… For their money greed… When will true honest and just people come in power at the moment whole world is under oppression of all kind.

  56. Avatar Richard Obiekwe says:

    Monkey pox is from Europe. Where are the evidences that the out breaks in the west are from those who travelled to Africa??? A lot of ambigous and unclear info and has been like this since HIV. The outbreak started in Europe this time but they want to push it on gays because there are no Africans to blame this time.

  57. Avatar ACTS 2:38 says:

    this is not monkeypox this is cancer cells of the C19 vaccines welcome to reality.. Acts 2:38

  58. Avatar Corey 1time says:

    But it started in a lab in Denmark somehow got to Africa???? Amazing…..

    • Avatar ᜇᜓᜋᜒᜈᜓ says:

      Discovered first in monkeys in Denmark. First human transmission is in Africa. There are also monkey and rodents in Africa, you know

  59. Avatar Idris Baba says:

    I sincerely appreciate you Dr Obulor on YouTube, I wonder what could have become of me if you weren’t the one who handled my case.thanks for curing my monkeypox with your herbal medication, am grateful Dr

  60. Avatar Qwerty says:

    cancel pride month for the sake of public health

  61. Avatar Bernjun says:


  62. Avatar Raju podiyan says:

    WHO care when people suffer.

  63. Avatar Clo says:

    It’s sad to see that after 3 years people are still being contaminated and dying with covid 19 and now with mpox even with vaccines.
    Urging since vaccinated and unvac pppl to rub regularly some drops of a m l a oils on hands, forearms ans face well masked when going out and proper washing with s and w and changing clothes once home. This will prevent contamination from covid 19 and mpox as virus become idle in such oily medium.
    God bless.

  64. Avatar Julie Urich says:

    No wonder the world has no money most of its workers are dead can’t make money from your labour if the mule is dead. how’s that beneficial for anyone?

  65. Avatar Cp Yew says:

    Worry it might get mix up with covid

  66. Avatar Steven Batuma says:

    Thx for Educative research, in Uganda we hv enjoyed it.

  67. Avatar Paiva Jr. says:

    As of now, this is by far the BEST video on the matter available on the internet. This lady in particular has got such a talent when it comes to how she communicates, her tone and pace is exquisite. Thank you so much.

  68. Avatar Ramil Cruz says:

    Hahaha 😂

  69. Avatar Dean Mohamed says:

    If WHO want to declare it as another pandemic, then they should advise those countries especially Africa to closed down for FULL QUARANTINE and not the entire world. Period!

  70. Avatar Clo says:

    What’s about China, Russia and India? Any cases of mpox there?

  71. Avatar Utnapishtim says:

    I love this program 😻

  72. Avatar Geo says:

    In 2019 the FDA announced the approval of a live non-replicating Smallpox/Monkeypox vaccine for adults 18 and older…curious
    In Nov 2021 Bill G warned governments to prepare for a bioterrorist Smallpox (Monkeypox?) pandemic by investing Billions in research and development….curious
    In March 2021 the Nuclear Threat Initiative partnered with the Munich Security Conference to conduct a tabletop exercise simulating a deadly monkeypox outbreak. In the scenario, the initial outbreak was caused by a terrorist attack in May 2022 “using a pathogen engineered in a laboratory with inadequate biosafety and weak oversight.”…curious

  73. Avatar b 0zo says:

    who says this is a monkey business

  74. Avatar Angela Ross says:

    And eventually the human race goes extinct. Well that’s been the devil’s plan from the beginning.🤔🙊 Was it not! Also there is more animals in the world than humans so we are pooped. And anyway how have we lasted this long if that’s the case 👍🤔🙉🙊🙈I’m thinking another splicing and dicing mix. If you know what I mean.,!!! Anyway my opinion.

  75. Avatar ꧁Natus Iterum꧂ says:

    This is all made up by the democrats. Looking to push fake vaccines. (Sic)

  76. Avatar Good Shepherd says:

    Your full of BS that’s why the lord will punish you all 👉🥼👿🩺🩺⚰🪦🧖🇺🇲and,Bill Gates 🇺🇲every disease👿 you point,back Africa not focusing on those 10 horrible diseases, 🇺🇲🇺🇲🩺💊🩸🩸⚰🪦⚰you,brought from 🇳🇴🇬🇧✝️🇨🇰🤧😷from farign🤧😢⚰ countries But the lord is about🪦 to make you Anglo-Saxon😢 back and make you pay for 👉your lies 👉and sins ⚰🪦⚰🇺🇲and 👉🧖✝️🐀🐿🇺🇲pointing fingers ok 👍👺💉🤯

  77. Avatar Harry Fire says:

    This is Fauci and Bill Gates biggest money grab yet because the moneypox was synthesized in the Wuhan lab and this one will cause autoimmune deficiency like HIV so you’ll have to buy medications from Pfizer just like AIDS patients do…..

  78. Avatar David Gordon says:

    I think it’s a little misleading to say around 4:40 that it first “emerged” in the gay male population. That may be true of this particular outbreak but there have been previous outbreaks without any gay male link. Since it’s been endemic in the general population in parts of Africa for 5 decades it stands to reason that many more heterosexuals than homosexuals have suffered from this disease. As a gay man, I resent the continuing association of disease (and criminality) with male homosexuality. Yes, this video makes clear that this disease is not connected to sexual orientation, but describing it as “first emerging” among gay men is untrue and plays to the trope of gay/bi men as vectors of disease into the wider population. In this case you could as easily say that it started in the wider population and spread to gay men. You can see how quickly some people jump on the chance to blame and stigmatise gay men – they are looking for a convenient and as it were “justified” peg on which to hang their prejudice and hatred.

  79. Avatar Harry Fire says:

    So it’s squirrelpox

  80. Avatar Jean von Pickartz says:

    so when the next round of covid 19 comes around and you have the monkeypox and covid 19 what is the chance it would spared like nuts. adding that covid is airborne and spreads with droplets and so can monkeypox spread with droplets, now covid 19 lowers your immune system and if the 2 combine in the same droplets. what then? is the vaccine for covid still going to work? is no one thinking of this play book?

  81. Avatar BD Express says:

    When it says don’t that means DON’T.
    More you try to be outraged more deceases you will get. You will live depressing life.

  82. Avatar Ali Hassan says:

    Monkeys are innocent, I used a monkey like a pet at home many times, it even bit me Many times, some people use as food for thousands of years and no records of spreading viruses. Most viruses are engineered viruses that poses threat to humans.

  83. Avatar Garry Balkin says:

    I heard that there was an instant vaxx created 3 days after announcing its presence. This “Trumps” the covid19 vaxx invention within a few months of the CV19. Isn’t modern science a miracle manifestation of human creation. I think overall that NO VAXXS is the safest way to play this game with these global elitists. I naturally wonder if Dr. Fauci is contributing to the financial costs of this viral release…the Gain of Function Syndrome. In the past 3yrs the amount of created viral contaminants by this globally sponsored research from differing sources, thus developing these viruses in order to release them over most Nations. The intent is guaranteed, and the outcome is assured….there will be more, many more.

  84. Avatar Let the deed shaw says:

    There have been deaths…

  85. Avatar Marter Juicko says:

    How does monkeypox virus spread? Deliberately, by the sound of it.

  86. Avatar Antonio Alvarez says:

    So THAT’s why Dr. Fauci experimented on monkeys – to apply gain-of-function ( make it worse ) to monkeypox ……………….

  87. Avatar J-TV says:

    Nobody else noticed they made it a point to mention groups conservative white males hate? Blacks and gay men! It’s not an Accident. Neither groups needed to be mentioned. They could have just gave the facts on what MP is. How to avoid it and how to get treated. But they didn’t. They went out of their way to mention people they didn’t need to. Ask yourself why.

  88. Avatar Baker Kawesa says:

    STOP MAKING DISEASES IN LABS! Diseases don’t discriminate or limit themselves to specific countries and regions.

  89. Avatar Emad Genede says:

    I just hate this lady,stupid

  90. Avatar supra supra says:

    Homophobic virus?

  91. Avatar 中华脊梁 says:

    England monkeypox

  92. Avatar SiriusA* says:

    I love this host. She’s very good with her delivery

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