8-Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide After Being Bullied | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/16
8-Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide After Being Bullied | NBC Nightly News

Newly released video showed Gabriel, 8, being assaulted by another student in a school bathroom two days before the young boy took his own life.
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8-Year-Old Boy Commits Suicide After Being Bullied | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (108件)

  • Verdax says:

    they only care when your gone

  • Stephanie Siegel says:

    We were talking about him in reading class

  • Sydney The gamer says:

    It’s so sad how this baby gat bullied, in the third grade, those kids deserve to be punished. 😔

  • Jenz says:

    what’s wrong with bullies? do they even have a heart? why can’t they think about others? do they think that they’re so cool?.. just stop. i can’t stand watching innocent people committing suicide because of those stupid actions. i just hope for them not to exist. you know, karma is always coming for you.

  • Ljgotbannd-_- YT says:


    • Wacky says:

      Ya know he would if he could

  • Harwin Hutahayan says:

    Heiii bullyer u are a DEVIL and your mother is Satan

  • ishi_gho says:


  • Lenzie Hunter says:

    This is my cuz I love him em and I have proof😭😖❤️ I love you Gabe

  • Faith Fernandez says:

    1:14 Jesus Christ this part broke my heart

  • David says:

    Kids this is why WE DONT GO TO SCHOOL

  • bananensmoothie says:

    Prolly due to that gap

  • wittafa says:

    It look like he passed out

  • lakt 213 says:

    Dam this satan devil ! Dont you have anything else or something better to do !

  • Irelavence Man says:

    To that bully out there, ars you happy? Are you satisfied that a kid who had a lot of things ahead of him pulled the plug? I hope you commit step on lego.

  • Stephen Fermoyle says:

    HORRIBLE and this should have been stopped in the old days they would bring the parents into the school and all would be they have videos and it is worse

  • C Riethmiller says:

    This is really sad and all and my prayers go out to his mom but thinking of hanging yourself in 3rd grade? There had to have been something wrong going on at home. I hardly even knew what suicide was until middle school.

  • Maya Kee says:

    That is so sad😥😥😥

  • Lamar Brown says:

    My movie is about abuse suicide family comedy

  • Jamarion Martin says:


  • Rozetta says:

    This is why the human race is the worst out of all species.

  • Yelling Hayfire says:

    That school needs to be shut down

  • Secret Encounter says:

    Whew.. this is too much. Where is the teacher watching this child?

  • Tootie White says:

    Omg this is why they need sercurity to not only high schoolers

  • Alina Medina says:

    Where are the parents of the little animals that bullied him. That’s who you should sue. If you start suing the parents and then maybe their little animals will learn to curtail their behavior. Most likely the parents are animals too, no wait animals are kind and smart creatures, they are probably beasts too. Those bullies should be sent to child detention centers to send a message and the parents sued and sentenced. Since they won’t raise their kids then society should educate everyone the hard way.

  • tracey yeoman says:

    What about the children who made him feel unloved unwanted and the teachers abandoned him. How would you feel at eight, this school and the children should be dealt with severely and punished. Such a beautiful soul with a smile like an angel, this makes me so angry. Every child matters, why did he not? To the mother my heart goes out to you he was beautiful, may God bless you with great strength get up and fight for his life it did matter.

  • ScottyOShow says:

    Should be a Lawsuit

  • A F says:

    kids can be evil i still have memories

  • The Godfather NFG says:

    I think it’s time for us to start shutting down schools

  • Worrx says:

    Stupid school cant even realize when some one is knocked out.
    I would sue the school and the bullies mother

  • とまとぷりん says:

    I genuinely pray for his happiness in the next world.😢

  • Julie DeFee says:

    I have two grandsons, ages 5 and 7. Bullying is one of my greatest fears. How can we, as a society, miss the signs that something is off with a child? I do know that children can be Academy Award winning actors. Still, this is too tragic for words.

  • Muura says:


  • Mini Quan1991roblox says:

    This is getting out of hand… an eight year old?

  • Yeeter Get yeeted says:

    They freak out about hoodies but not this

  • Adolfo Sandoval says:

    Bad school hate that school

  • Khalil Ward says:


  • Bobby Hill says:

    Wanna know the wrong doing? The fact that the TEACHERS weren’t present smh. What happens to the buddy system or the class trip to the bathroom in elementary schools??!?


    Wow that’s just mast up

  • Kyle Nana says:

    Just a third grader😔

  • Destiny Leyva says:


  • Its Frosty says:

    Hiii is the time of

  • Mega Molina says:

    Kid gets bullied:
    School: eh it don’t matter
    Kid get assaulted:
    School: whatever
    Kid kills himself:
    School: meh
    Kid chews gum in class:
    School: WAIT DAS Illegal !

    • Panashe Mudzudzu says:

      So true

    • CodeBlox says:

      Kid: *wears hoodie*

    • DDking12 says:

      Mega Molina bruh who down when killing is involved the teacher don’t give a dam but when u wear a hoodie or chew gum then they give a dam

  • David AR says:

    Teachers freak out when you leave one minute before the bell rings!!!

  • Fo xy says:

    I would kik the bully

  • Mrs. Potato Head says:

    If someone bullied my child like that I would take his bullies and hang them and let them suffer until they die idc how young they are

  • ToyFreddyFan 2007 says:


  • Clarissa Kintner says:

    God this made me cry. What’s happening to our world! My brother is an 8 year old and I can’t imagine losing him. Our world is so messed up that there is now 8 year olds learning how to take there own life😖🥺😭

  • Keyan Mendoza says:

    It’s hung

  • lisa_ love says:

    we really need to tell our mom or dad if we got bullied because they are the who will protect and care us pls. stop bullying,i got bullied by my classmates wen i was grade 4 they keep on calling me bulldog but i am scared to tell my mom cause when she knows they will still continue to bully me i almost lost every thing i almost comitted suicide but i didn’t continue it because i know god is here to protect mei was 8 years old that time too i am just sharing my story because i want to stop bullying.

  • Tiny Nash says:


  • autism boi says:


  • Corona sucks tbh says:

    May he rest easy 🙂 He must be in heaven telling God not to send his bullies where he is at now! He’s in much better place with angles protecting him day and night!:D

  • sophias vlogs says:

    this is so sad, he was just a baby 🥺

  • Lesbian Cookies says:

    The children are bad cuz they think this is ok… the adults are worse because they know it’s not ok

  • your friend says:

    Why the teacher never did anything!

  • Mysterious Coke says:

    Just imagine.Leaving your kid at school, thinking they will be safe?Thinking that your own son will be alright?Thinking that your son will not go through the things you went through in school?Also, you thinking that you can trust the school board, and thinking they would tell you if your child gets bullied at school?

  • floraシ says:

    I wish I could help him tho 😫

  • Mohamed Elsadig says:

    Who else came from reddit

  • HaloBlake says:


  • Joni Baptiste says:

    Who puts the idea of suicide in an 8 year olds head? Can they even fathom what that entails?? Poor baby and poor Momma..this is occurring more and more and I can’t understand why?

  • iiFrxchie says:

    this is why carson is the worst school i live right by it and it has an f grading and alot of people i know went there and they see everyone bullies everyone and everyone is terrible and disrepectful and the teacher dont care

  • King Beef says:

    These kids are soft!

  • PDKJXG says:

    What was he being bullied for he definitely was a short little boy very good looking so what was going on

  • kittenpawsbb says:

    He was knocked unconscious, that trauma to the head could have killed him as well. Since the school was negligent in reporting to the Mom, she wouldn’t have know if he a had a concussion. Follow up with a Dr. I really hope she sued and won.

  • Altered-Reality says:

    Ok but why is there a camera there?

  • Hugo Quintero says:

    They told the mom he only fainted but the mom said they busted his lips and nose wouldn’t that be a warning for the mim??

  • Financial Game says:

    I am still deeply hurt by this story and hope the family gets justice

  • Brenda says:

    He was so cute

  • The saw cage experience says:

    I didn’t even know what suicide was when I was 8. I was just watching spongbob all day. Bless his mom.

  • Kim Branch says:

    Oh wow this is horrible.. Lord Jesus watch over this lady..
    I’m coming for heads behind my kids..

  • GeraldTheBusDriver says:

    well school shooting happen for a reason and this is one of them I guess school shootings are payback for that worthless place and worthless staff and worthless people to pay

  • Sarah_ Kate says:

    This Is so sad like 8 year olds do this

  • Olivia Adkins says:

    This is the saddest video 🥺

  • 「Your local Rat」 says:

    He looks so cute 😭 that’s just sad

  • Ava Gunn says:

    People are cruel

  • Logan DeMott says:

    At least my school does something about bullying since it has a anti bullying program -_-

  • Sally Williams says:

    It is sad how people kids bully for no reason

  • Noah The cool kid says:

    I never thought a EIGHT year old would do something like that

  • Maximum Walker says:

    At least he is safe from those rude bully’s

  • Charley'Roze Cummins'Comesatnight says:

    Man this breaks my heart.

  • Recking says:

    Dang I coulded taught lil bro how to fight

  • Adrianna Dawn says:

    A 8 year old. Knowing how to commit suicide. Terrible what kids can make people do. Such a handsome young boy. May he rest in peace. Poor baby. He had such a great life ahead and these kids made his take it. Rip 💙😭

  • ninja awsome says:

    This needs to stop kids are getting bullied and comitting suicide

  • Ahmed Mansib says:


  • Logan malough says:

    An 8 year old hanged himself?! Oh god!
    Satisfied, bullies?! Or is that not enough for ya?!
    This is awful!

  • Azalynn Corren says:

    Sue that school…so they check the cameras to see god knows what but doesn’t see a child getting bullied ON CAMERA

  • Radio 4Men says:

    *The sad outcome of not having a alpha Dad.* (single mother)

  • BigBeaferHead says:

    My last name is Reynolds my family is small
    I’m just gonna say he was apart of my family
    We lost a great man

  • Scoutpower1 says:

    See just why homeschool is better?

  • Kathy P says:

    This makes me so upset…also Gabriel has the same name as my little brother 😢

  • J. Mejia says:

    We need Anakin Skywalker to have a little talk with these younglings

  • icing sugahh says:

    If i took my own life my mum would still blame me lol

  • ThegreatestRacer says:

    8. Wow. How does he even Know about death yet. R.i.p 🙏

  • 誰でもいたくないのさ says:

    I guarantee if that kid had stood up for himself and knocked that kid out instead he would have been expelled and possibly charged

  • Sherie Dickson says:

    Teachers just don’t take bullies seriously

  • Erkhes Nadmid says:

    sue the school system lady

  • TheBlizzard ofeightythree says:

    I’m ready for the savior to return! Ive had enough of these humans and this evil world. To his momma, there are no words I can express fro my broken heart because of her broken heart

    • Kiara Sealey says:

      Amen agree 100000% with what you typed

    • TheBlizzard ofeightythree says:

      @Kiara Sealey together we shall stand. Facts

  • Tsubahi says:

    Kids are degenerating and so are the schools. 😐

  • DDking12 says:

    To be honest it’s the schools fault he died they didn’t even tell the mom he was bullied they just said he fainted this could of been prevented if they told the mom

    • The Minnie mouse clubhouse says:

      DDking12 They didnt try stopping the bullying

  • Kiara Sealey says:

    The thing is the people who bully him are around his age so you can only blame the school for not punishing them so they won’t do it again because if they aren’t punished they will continue and think thier doing nothing wrong or that they can get away with it🙁😪😪