Chinese business models will win in emerging tech markets: MSA Capital | East Tech West

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Ben Harburg of MSA Capital says taking Chinese best practices and applying them in the Middle East could create “regional winners.” He also says there’s a “massive pivot” in the Middle East toward Chinese technology.

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  1. Avatar EX DUECE says:


  2. Avatar Kabu G says:

    Should keep him quite, president Trump doesn’t need this kind of voice at current critical trade war moment.

    • Avatar KiatLeong Len says:

      No problem. Even if Trump’s team knows this, they are too arrogant to change anything. They only want others to change. So, no worries.

    • Avatar SONS OF DRAGONS says:

      The world is “woke” now when it comes to the US! No one trust them anymore! Too many betrayals in too many areas!

    • Avatar Supreme Kim Jong Un says:

      But trump is the chosen one!

    • Avatar Spectral lim says:


  3. Avatar nayanmalig says:

    Africans do not have democracy because they got Huwaei – LOL

    • Avatar Alfred Hayford says:

      Are for real?? Hahahahahah.
      Damn the west is naive!

    • Avatar everythingisfiltered says:

      Africans under Western Colonialism have nothing except the Western worlds garbage (3rd hand clothes, cars etc…). Africans are not stupid, they want results and China is giving them tangible results they can see with their own eyes.

    • Avatar Carlos Juan says:

      @everythingisfiltered the west exploited Africa and kept it poor, Cheaper to buy resources from warlords than an actual government where there are wages and taxes.

    • Avatar CHNW says:

      That is why ameriCUNTS get so fed up with China for educating and bringing prosperity to the African

    • Avatar Key Agent says:

      If Africa develops with China’s help, it’ll look very very bad on the west. And that’s the last thing the West would want to happen.

  4. Avatar Charles Huang says:

    handsome guy…

  5. Avatar Rswa Vroo Gein says:

    These two reporter just scratching head when he said china , china ,china , and no US

    • Avatar Joel M says:

      That’s because most of the Americans are brainwashed by the media. And yes, the reporters are bias and has been brainwashed too! Just look at FOX and you will pick that up right away.

    • Avatar looes74 looes74 says:


    • Avatar andtam008 says:

      @Joel M Murdoch is behind Foxnews. He is also the biggest media player in Australia, and UK.

  6. Avatar BluesCreation09 says:

    The sceptism of Chinese technology through fear and lie comes from the US government. The woman in pink dress should ask Mike PimpooAss : Do you lie, cheat and steal?

  7. Avatar Matthew Ng says:

    Americans are going to feel so stupid in a few months/years they even thought/discussed about decoupling like it was a real thing. How do you decouple trillions of dollars of trade between the two superpowers exactly… total lunacy. Shows you how far peoples minds have been fucked with by the right that they cant even think logically at this point

  8. Avatar Lam Par says:

    Developing country believe they can receive “free goodies” from China in every aspect of their economy development.

    • Avatar Lam Par says:

      All those private companies in developing country are no match to Chinese state owned telecommunication network. They are out done by in every aspect of business facing challenges from a giantic state financing enterprise.

  9. Avatar B K Lau says:

    Security risk? America? Feeling left out? Do I feel like a tantrum coming?

  10. Avatar Remo Gaggi says:

    China has a superior model of government. Unlike the fake democracy/ plutocracys on the west.

    • Avatar KT Chong says:

      I would not say China has a superior model of government. It is a relatively new system. Any model of government is just a system, and all systems entropy over time. When a system was new, everything was a blank slate, and there were plenty of opportunities for everyone. The US system of government and institutions is over 200 years old, and it has entropied for that long: powerful families have built up wealth to protect themselves, companies and corporations have set up rules and laws to enrich themselves, establishment has had over 200 years to entrench themselves into the system. The US system is breaking down due to old age. The Chinese government is a relatively new system, and in its early years it went through a few bloody revolutions do erase/kill off the old establishments, old monies, and old power brokers. And then everything restarted from blank slate. That is why the Chinese system is almost brand new. Give it some more time, and it will entropy as well.

    • Avatar Paper Cat says:

      I’m a Chinese no government is the best. Just needs to work for what it does

    • Avatar Remo Gaggi says:

      @Paper Cat Didn’t say best. Said superior.

    • Avatar Heather Larson says:

      China: Technocracy & Meritocracy.

    • Avatar The God of War says:

      @KT Chong it’s not a new system, its a corporate system, that of command and control top down economy and it’s destined to doom, gloom and failure.

  11. Avatar Kay y. Hong says:

    China security “concerns”is just an american fabrication to slow down the Rise of China. American technology security concerns is REAL, ask Edward Snowden!

    • Avatar ensteffo says:

      @Heather Larson You must be ironic because that is just to stupid to be a real comment.

    • Avatar The God of War says:

      China’s security concerns exist because they have to save themselves. They will run out of food, resources, energy, clean air, clean water, agriculture, land, a demography that’s not reproducing babies and families. They are straight up in trouble, that’s why they are on the move externally in the south pacific, belt and road and so on. I just wish they took a more peaceful, honest and amicable approach by cooperating with existing powers to help them solve their problems.

    • Avatar Kay y. Hong says:

      @The God of War — Fear Mongering at its worst. Basically you are advocating China kowtow to America (put nicely cooperate with existing powers). Forget AIIB and BRI, just go a.long with the American led order. Don’t initiate any National Policies, just be a stooge of America and all will be well! Forget It!

    • Avatar xox says:

      @Heather Larson lol germany would appreciate it hahaha.

    • Avatar Y Z says:

      @Heather Larson GOOD ONE

  12. Avatar Supreme Kim Jong Un says:

    But China is collapsing for the past 20 fucking years according to American “experts” like Gordon Chang?

  13. Avatar LST says:

    Ooooh, the world is collapsing. China, China, China, …….. where’s USA in all of these ???? This can’t be happening. But, USA is supposed to be the world best, world first !!!!!!

    • Avatar Aramsa says:

      US has morphed from American to Americunt. Everyone is trying to help it from turning into a wicked step mother, but she insisted to be, and now it is too late. Its irreversible. The only way is to die and reborn. To die, americunt need civil war 2 or a revolution 2.

    • Avatar looes74 looes74 says:

      The problem of having too many filthy rich bastards in USA. Time to squeeze them for funds

  14. Avatar Breezy Breezy says:

    This is a strange headline coming from CNBC, are the opinion patrols on holiday?

  15. Avatar wisdom Samateh says:

    America hate Huawei because it is China it is a Racist act if Huawei is best don’t hate but Compete

  16. Avatar VibeX MaTxeMa says:

    RIP silicon valley..

  17. Avatar Spectral lim says:

    LOL ….. still in denial. Skeptism……. rotfl

  18. Avatar The God of War says:

    Chinas economy is fake and destine to collapse

    • Avatar Warren Mundell says:

      Been saying that every year for last 20 years. The world is starting to move East, that leaves the US isolated. Look at a flat world map, Europe to China, Russia to Australia, the East in one big block, with most of the World population. Africa, India, China, has nearly half world population.

    • Avatar The God of War says:

      @Warren Mundell have a look at Peter Zeihan’s geopolitical world view, I think he’s spot on. A command and control economy is what we see in China, nothing real and lasting can come from such a model over time. Sure, in the short term it looks strong but not long term, companies fail, change or reinvent themselves and China will have to do the same. They are doing what they do now because they must, they are running out of resources; capital, energy, food, water and even demographics, they have to move out. Though they don’t seem to be doing it peacefully or with peaceful intentions in mind. I’m a Westerner living in Taiwan and I don’t think you understand that population is nothing if they have no jobs, food, water, clean air, clean water, reproducing or energy resources. And that’s the future for much of these places if something doesn’t change fast. Again, that’s why China is doing what it does externally, to save itself rather forcefully if you ask me. Just tune into Peter Zeihan, read his books and watch a few of his presentations! Peace on you…

    • Avatar Indian Toilet speaks says:

      @The God of War US is in decline dude! It is in last stage of cancer. Death is certain

  19. Avatar smai Cool says:

    Racism will bring Americans super power down like a shit hull

  20. Avatar Michael Loo says:

    the presenters are completely brainwashed by main media

    • Avatar Y Z says:


  21. Avatar JEventures says:


  22. Avatar Shawn Li says:

    the only American technology that middle East consistently gets are American bombs

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