JPMorgan Chase bank engulfed in racism scandal after ex-NFL player speaks out

2020 5/18
JPMorgan Chase bank engulfed in racism scandal after ex-NFL player speaks out

Former NFL player Jimmy Kennedy discusses his allegation of facing racism at JPMorgan Chase.

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コメント一覧 (101件)

  • Gina-Lou Jean Baptiste says:

    Jimmy Kennedy sounds intelligent and level-headed!

  • hersheL says:

    We need our own. Black owned everything!

  • Summer Breeze12456 says:

    J-E-A-L-O-U-S-Y. They are all jealous.

    • warpnin3 says:

      Try: C-ON-T-E-M-P-T and D-I-S-D-A-I-N…

  • Patience Curtis says:

    JPMorgan is a Reaganite organization. Steeped in racism since the early 1700s (i.e. colonial slavery) . Take your coins ELSEWHERE brother.😣

  • edward sanchez says:


  • Ranee Albert says:

    Come on now they called a BLACK MAN to tell them if what one of their WHITE RACISE employee said was wrong, there is always a sell OUT!!!!!!!!!!! They felt all black man or people don’t plain for the future. And spend money like the rest. If this is the way they feel about us then we THE BLACK PEOPLE NEED TO GO ELSE WHERE WITH OUR MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SURE YOU FIND ANOTHER BANK THAT DON’T SEE COLOR !!!!!

  • Mar says:

    Jimmy, also change your name.. To an African one. Put the middle finger completely up. The intervening you and saying your name, is bothersome.

  • Babylon says:

    I’m done with Chase

  • Phillip Upton says:

    The said thing is this isn’t going to impact chase one bit

  • Greg Height says:

    Jp Morgan one black man doesn’t speak for all black people! That’s racist for you to pull a move like you! So I do believe your practice are racist!

  • O G says:

    Intelligent man. Wealthy people don’t put their money in banks.

  • Gab rielle says:

    I believe every word he is saying

  • Charlotte Smith says:

    Very intelligent man..well spoken!

  • Big boy Sean says:

    Dez Bryant dad

  • Royce Nelson says:

    That bank drug cartel too

  • Royce Nelson says:

    You can look up JP Morgan get caught drug load dock in New York

  • Opinions are like assholes, Everybody has one says:

    I wouldn’t of been trying to bank with them anyway w/ having a ship seized of 1.3 billion of cocaine.A credit union is always the best bet.

  • Erica F says:

    Interesting, racism and bigotry affects you no matter your socioeconomic status. They will rip you off and take your money in the process

  • Mo Getit says:

    Damn I just opened a vanguard account! They’re owned by chase ☹️

  • robert imani says:

    He’s a wise man. Too bad JP Morgan Chase was blind to that.

  • Carlos Soler says:

    Racism is alive and free

  • Sabrina says:

    America’s second biggest bank, JP Morgan Chase, has made a rare apology for its subsidiaries’ involvement in the slave trade 200 years ago, admitting that it accepted slaves as loan collateral and ended up owning several hundred. 

    …Of course they are racist!!!

  • O Paul says:

    *Success is the best revenge.*

  • Richie Ricky says:

    Well move out of ny city an the money goes way way further

  • King Paul says:

    Take your money out of the bank and put your money in a federal credit union

  • demetrius henderson says:

    He looks like Dallas Mavericks Michael Finley

  • S Lawson says:

    Story sounds sketchy and with lots of missing information. America is getting tired of all the fake cries of racism. Two sides to every story, I’d like to hear JP Morgan’s side. Color had nothing to do with this. Whoa is me

  • King Paul says:

    JP Mc Morgan has lost over $10 billion in stocks and now this is their reaction.

  • King Paul says:

    Watched Dr Boyce Watkins on YouTube video .🌍🌈

  • Truth Today says:

    40??? He looks 20😊

  • Natasha Campbell says:

    Good on him on aiming to get his Doctorate!

  • deputy dogg says:

    He just got his wake up call the hard way. Look at jp morgan ensnaring
    Him and his concerns like he is
    A prey to them. Right to his face too. Black am institutions black ppl!!!!!!!! Let them service u!.

  • Leon Henry says:

    They were pissed that he still had money instead of squandering it away.

  • lichvod hashem says:

    Just about all bank employees stereotype people.

    Watch your money like a hawk and make sure they’re not stealing from you are giving you the very worst way for increase the amount of money you put in their bank.

  • M有 says:

    And watch out Chase Bank in San Leandro gives out fake hundreds at the ATM

  • Charles Williams says:

    This is why athletes at a young age needs to be taught finances.,not just techniques for their sport.Why would you want to be a member of a bank who gave help to slave owners?

  • ctaylor960 says:

    Good to know I will NEVER use Chase

  • FREE RADIO says:

    I had a racist encounter at a Chase bank, I came-in to open a personal bank account but i also inquired about a business account; The asian lady a supervisor immediately said i couldn’t open an account there without checking my SSN or taking-down any of my info. I have a online store and she cited some BS about the business not being big enough, So i disregarded it and pushed to get a personal account; She then said that at this time they arent opening new Chase personal accounts and asked me to come back later. Since when does a bank stop opening personal accounts? They dont – I ended up leaving a Yelp/Google review, I don’t doubt they’re discriminating against folks.

  • Wit ever says:

    Grand Cayon University? That is a fake University!

  • ronald call II says:

    Wasting your breath take your money somewhere else brother

  • Len Smittey says:


  • CWAT says:

    See, if they left us ALONE when we were building OUR OWN they would not have to lie and treat us like this. We would be able to support OUR OWN and say screw you! Successful Brother doing it right and……Still N… (circa Jay-Z).

  • Eros Escoffié Gladiator Arms inc. says:

    A perfect example of someone who isndoingnthe right thing
    And the wrong people doing him wrong
    God bless you brother I hope you find a good solution and I hope karma hits those people the way they treated you.

  • incendie21 says:

    No one likes black people, not even other black people.

  • ZhanaZee says:

    I stopped supporting Chase and Citibank a long time ago when they were bleeding me over bank fees.

  • Daniel Brown says:

    Racism is is everywhere, and minorities catch the brunt of it! Most whites don’t understand it or just chose to ignore it!

  • Samil101 says:

    There are black banks everywhere look them up, come on people! And sthu Jamie Devil Dimon, you know what your employee’s are doing you taught them.

  • Harry May says:

    They’ll take your money then CHASE you away…

  • Roy Gentry says:

    Yes this is very very true this bank does not try and hide it …i was not given account information ….this bank is no good for blacks point blank……

  • joseph jones says:

    Chase Bank is trash. Customer service is the worst. Jamie Diamond is Jewish and sets the policies for this bank.

  • joseph jones says:

    I had a 32, 000 line of credit on my Chase Saphire Reserve. I called in because they put a hold on my account for an attempted 1200 purchase. The put a hold on the card. When I called in to verify the purchase they cancelled the card after I hung up.

  • TeamYELLOW17 says:

    I’m so sorry that this even happened to Jimmy Kennedy and I don’t even work with JP Morgan nor am I’m associated with the bank.However, I think this situation is saddening because I feel like young African American men and women who actually DESIRE to save their hard earned money and want to utilize investment instruments (that white people have used for years to make them money) will be discouraged to do so because of discriminatory treatment they could face. I wish more African Americans of high wealth would share their stories and have this conversation that I believe is so worth having. While I appreciate him telling his story, I doubt he’s the first person to hit this road block.

  • Prtty Blck says:

    Wasn’t JP Morgan ships found with millions worth in cocaine? Not dealing with chase

  • greeneyes92061 says:

    He lived off $250 a year???? Would that be $250,000 per year?.. Yeah, most of us wish…..

  • Yolonda Hie-Babers says:


  • Clarence Sanders says:

    Stop investing with them and I as a customer will think twice about finding a more business like organization to do my banking.

  • Alexandre Pereira says:

    God bless you… you make America big… you going back to school is an example for us all

  • Divine says:

    Sue them for discrimination period!!!

  • Divine says:

    You want them to mk you 50% owner of the company tht is what You want. Imagine how many ppl they doing this to? How many black & Hispanic ppl are paying way more on their mortgages, or Auto loan & how many ppl are not receiving the same service as their White accountant holders? That’s easy All None Whites!!!

  • Pamela Foreman says:

    Why?? Please keep in touch ❤

  • Pamela Foreman says:

    Thank you for revealing the TRUTH❤

  • Ronald Higgins says:

    What, you surprized???? Institutional racism and white superiority complex is REAL in America.. Some of us black folk assume because we have $, that they wont call us out our name or worst yet kill us for no reason! Wake up my brothers and sisters!!!

  • Irene Clingmon says:

    Y do people stereotype black athletes to be dumb wen most have attended and graduated college h never see them say this about or to white players

  • Jedwing Jay says:

    Chase has a history of this.

  • doc callum says:

    Wait until Trump gets his negative interest rates…the banks are going to steal your money bigtime…a savings account cannot grow with negative interest rates in fact you will have to pay the bank just to keep the account…I suggest people seriously take their money out of banks and put it in crypto assets like XRP

  • Francina Wilson says:

    I don’t believe anything Jamie Simon says. He don’t even believe that you should retire from his bank.

  • Jeff Jones says:

    If you’re Black, BANK BLACK

  • Vertubenflugen says:

    So the reporter goes on to ask an ignorant and presumptuous question about how athletes spend their money. What does that have to do with the constitutional violation by the bank? And why Jimmy Kennedy answers and has to explain about his finance is part of the problem. People need to be viligant and know when a narrative is faulty to begin with.

  • Eric P says:

    A lot of white people think racism isn’t as rampant as it is, because shocker, THEY RARELY FACE IT.

  • Eugene Murphy says:

    Makes me think of wealthy bimbo Sonja Morgan from Real Housewives of New York. Enjoying the high life gained off white privilege and racism.

  • Lady Melanin says:

    All the money u ballers have, could collectively created their own brokage firm. You would rather fund the Vanessa Bryants of the world. Boy bye.

  • Young Grizzly says:

    Sadly the use of white proxies in business is still necessary. Whether it’s a permit runner or a lawyer. This is why online trading platforms like M1Finance and even Coinbase are like the Sears catalog for black people.

  • Da Cleva 1 says:

    A few bad apples?Why is it one apple?

  • NC Styles says:

    JP Morgan used to sell slaves & insurance policies for slaves.

  • Leticia Reid says:

    I had a troublesome situation to take place at my locale Georgia Chase with a latino female in her late 20’s in 2019. She told me if l could not prove l was a Veteran, she would have to remove the Veteran status from my bank account. I was furious and let Abigail know, my service in the Army defended all races, and told her she was out of order. NONETHELESS l had my DD214 in my car and showed it to her. I am still disappointed Banks and other institutions get away with such foolishness. I provided proof in 2007 when initially requested!

  • squarebiz71 says:

    Woul not allow me to open a brokerage account with them because I owed them 9 cents from a savings account I had closed years ago that I wasnt even aware of.

  • Leslie Moguel says:

    Im waiting to see whats New…nothing changes but the weather. White supremacy is setting itself up for the NEXT 500 yrs bc no one KILLED IT in the last 500.

  • Crown Nxt says:

    Chase? Really I thought it was only Wells Fargo. Thank God I DON’T have an account with Chase. I should probably put my money under my mattress I don’t care about a house fire.

  • Paul Malhi says:

    That dude looks like an older Dez Bryant.

  • Jacqueline Waiariki says:

    It’ll be a beautiful day WHEN AFRICAN AMERICANS OPEN THEIR OWN BANKING INSTITUTIONS TO SERVICE THEIR OWN PEOPLE. Perhaps CREDIT UNIONS that will also service low income earners… Just an idea.. I hope this young man😊 encourages other African American Atheletes who have experienced this unacceptable behaviour to follow his lead into becoming AFRICAN AMERICAN FINANCIAL ADVISORS💯✊🏿👍🏿

  • Anthony Seward says:

    Now,400 plus years later….this is still a issue, but there are some that would argue that racism is a thing of the past and get over it…hmmmm,and here we are at a crossroads…with an athlete nonetheless…successful or not….

  • Jamaine Down Da Street says:

    Screw it Brotha. Bank Black. Period

  • SuperKwame1 says:

    yahoo got my subscription !

  • gortex1us says:

    This isn’t only in the branches ,it’s in corporate as well.

  • KD NOFYUDBN says:

    Jimmy JPM sucks as an AF put your money in gold, silver, and buy blue chip stocks ( defense, aerospace, and tech)

  • Ravdeep Barring says:

    If this guy met with us, he would have a bad ass account that would trounce anything the banks would have to offer.

  • Kaynon Hurd says:


  • Fitawrari Fitness says:

    Black Americans have to deal with being locked out economically, brutality & profiling from the police, poor education, the worst health care and on top of that white people who believe they must police Black people. All this and they still manage to keep their sanity.

  • suzanne quashie says:

    Fight the to the end, to let them know we are not going to take that garbage!

  • tony wilson says:

    Credit Unions are always the way to go.

  • missmsquare says:

    They let a black man listen to it …..mmmh….like the black woman in a company I worked for…..I decided to leave…. some black people are the problem who contribute to continuous discrimination. Education is the key so nobody can use you anyhow.

  • Senzenia Mang says:

    Trust n me the real problem here is that one is a real child of Yizreal and the the other is an impostor and scared for his own future

  • Edward Delgado says:

    Boycott Chase

  • mom molette says:

    This, white people , is why we pull the race card. Because its A THING.

  • Nura Bakr says:

    I’ve had an experience at a Wells Fargo Bank when I ask for help they refuse to assist me based on how I looked so they do stereotype and have racism in Banks

  • tony wilson says:

    C’mon….is it REALLY racism?? Black people in this country see racism in their soup!! What it sounded like to  me is the bank dealt with athletes before, who opened accounts with large sums of money…..only to withdraw it a short time later to buy cars, jewelry, etc. Most athletes go broke within 5 years of retirement from whatever sports they’re playing….sometimes they go broke even before they retire.

  • Ms. G Sims says:

    This guy is smart, setting a good example for other athletes coming alone. The education of what you need to think about, when you’re out of the game. Who are you?

  • Pat James says:

    I dont do banks period

  • Pat James says:

    Their not the only one

  • WellDamn24 says:

    I admire Jimmy Kennedy’s mindset and hope to follow him in the future. I just didn’t like that he was so specific about his money. It’s about comfort levels, and clearly him being so transparent might benefit someone. Nevertheless, the interviews didn’t deserve to know. They seemed a little condescending.