Men Known As ‘Central Park Five’ Speak Out 30 Years After Wrongful Conviction | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/23
Men Known As ‘Central Park Five’ Speak Out 30 Years After Wrongful Conviction | NBC Nightly News

In our series Justice For All, Lester Holt sits down with the men who were labeled the “Central Park Five,” and also interviews critically-acclaimed director Ava DuVernay, who is retelling the story of their wrongful conviction and the aftermath in the new Netflix series “When They See Us.”
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Men Known As ‘Central Park Five’ Speak Out 30 Years After Wrongful Conviction | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (104件)

  • Maureen love says:

    the movie messed me up 😭😭😭😭

  • K Y says:


  • Bellevue Rejects says:

    Why live in america if you’re not planning a revolution?

  • Barr3LtoURdome says:

    they should receive all of donald trumps net worth and belongings and he should be put in rikers island, nothing makes me more sick than the fact he was elected even after this was brought to light

  • Elegant Crime Junkie Hernandez says:

    I love you Ava!!! U are my inspiration!!

  • turtle man says:

    Central Park Five are guilty…..

  • Angela Hicks says:

    Five awesome and amazing men…love and peace to you all…❤️🙏

  • athena says:

    this was honestly THE most powerful and most defining piece of cinema i have seen in my life. i will never be the same after watching this.

  • Maria Rita Viegas says:

    Can we please do something for making the people who did this pay?

  • K Deloris says:

    They should put that prosecutor in prison

  • Chanel Williams says:

    They are telling the truth they did not say no lady she was running she got hurt and ask that after that I don’t know I hate this movie I hate it I hate it

  • Aaron Humphrey says:

    And the P.O.S. in the White House still hasn’t apologized or admitted he was wrong…

  • Topher Karn says:

    Atheism is Unstoppable [Devon Tracey] is doing a 7 part series on this case:

  • LifeWithJD says:

    I just now got done watching the series I literally cried I can’t imagine the pain they felt

  • kankam bernard says:

    i’m so down after watching the movie and the hardest part for me to deal was with korey wise

  • Afri Media says:

    America has no soul ! Why the fcuk did Christopher Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci sail to “discover “ this tragic land ? Built on the deceit, swindle and massacre of the Native Indians and on the back of brutally enslaved West Africans, America is truly a land of hypocrisy, treachery and corruption! What a sick country indeed!

  • Brandon R. says:

    Why she sound like that? If she were to direct me I wouldn’t be able to understand her omg

  • Cudaman2 Formula says:

  • Guci Rolex says:


  • koces koco says:

    *WHY NO ONE LOOKED OUT FOR CHANGO*💯💯💯💯💯❓❓❓❓❓❓…did he get a thank you..ija..🤷🏽‍♀️

  • lixieluna says:

    I spent the entire last episode of the series crying my eyes out. Korey was just being a good friend and he got it the worst because he was 16. Thankyou so much for creating this show so I could learn about their story. I wish this was the kind of thing we learnt about in history class.

  • Mildred Daradal says:

    Wait, uhm, “with DNA matched” with the real murderer? Sooo they didnt undergo DNA testing then with the five of them? Just put them in jail? Hmm. Good job.

    • Good Fella says:

      Dna was in its infancy asset the time and they guilty

  • Mr Meeseeks says:

    I’ve never heard of this, i never learned it in school and no one ever brought this up. Only reason how i know this is because of Netflix, this is a horrible event that should have never happened to those 5 men and ive been blind to how corrupt our system is…thanks Netflix

    • Good Fella says:

      Now go look at the facts and see how that woman is a liar in how and represented the case

  • Macwebb msk says:

    Americans are so easy to be brainwashed by fake media.
    For us/outside of America, it feel something fishy this story.

  • Hannah-Gayle Alexandra says:

    Let’s be honest. This is straight up racism call me annoying or whatever but this is exactly what black people complain about and want changed. But no one cares

    • Good Fella says:

      They are guilty and sent to prison over what they did. Fact

    • Hannah-Gayle Alexandra says:

      Good Fella and then they found the real person who did it and let them go. Fact. And waste of time. Lmao

  • Mountain Dew says:

    this linda nofairstein must be sent to jail in north korea 👿

  • Бауыржан Койбагаров says:

    Respekt brother’s✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼

  • Boogie man says:

    The only thing wrongful is their getting out of jail. They are guilty as sin. In there own words.

  • Good Fella says:

    Letting out guilty mfrs because they are black and that woman made that Netflix special is a straight up liar

  • Delaya Karaca says:

    i cried every time

  • Doomsday 1017 says:

    I have a luv hate for this movie and white people wonder why blacks feel how they feel about them such evil cold hearted people sad.

  • On Your Face says:

    This is USA in a nutshell and everything wrong with USA.
    The whole situation from 1980’s till it’s showing on Netflix!

  • Arthur Roberts says:

    Ava is full of something obviously lol

  • Arthur Roberts says:

    Don’t watch Netflix watch the AIU videos on the case before making up your mind.

  • Kleber Orellana says:

    I’m just glad there still alive

  • Nora Tallberg says:

    I was just crying during the whole series, these men deserve so much more, I can’t imagine what they were going through.

  • Christian Garo says:

    Trump only said that because of FAKE NEWS

  • Dina B says:

    I’ve known about this case for years already. This was prob one of the best films I’ve seen. It was amazingly acted and heart wrenching.

  • perry gorissen says:

    When I see this I am truly happy that I don’t live in America. That legal system is just messed up.

  • Che Roo says:

    USA is a country build on hate that Will never change.

  • DearLife101 says:

    I so badly want to watch “When They See Us” but I can’t do it. My heart hurts and I hold back tears just watching this video and the trailer.

  • William Denman says:

    So criminals are heros? WTF
    Isaiah5:20 woe to those who call evil good and good evil, that dark is light and light is dark, that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.

  • MR MEMEZ says:

    No amount of money can make up for wrongful imprisonment

  • Robert Guevara-Amaya says:

    They really got lucky that guy confessed to the murder or they might have never gotten out….crazy stuff….

  • Phil Benninger says:

    Were they unjustly persecuted & prosecuted?? Most def…yes. Was it a grave miscarriage of justice?? Most def…yes. But did they have an intent of creating mayhem that evening?? Most def…yes. These guys were NOT “choir boys” staying at home & watching an episode of “Friends.” C’mon now folks…really! The sad travesty of this entire cluster f**k was that it set a dangerous precedent for what is a LEGIT case here currently…that being the horrendous knifing murder of Barnard’s Tessa Majors in Morningside Park.

  • Tron_23 says:

    You’re guilty all of them DNA evidence proved it

  • peggy france says:

    You are 5 of the most extraordinary young men. Just amazing men. I educated my daughters on your story and its gripped our hearts in such a matter. I give you my strength to add to your own. Xo live live as you should with love.

  • Mawada Gaber says:

    كنت دايرة امشي الزفت امريكا بس اخير اكسر الحنك و اشوف طريقة لكندا “اتمنى انها ما بالسوء ده”

  • Brynn Chowder says:

    I really want all these racist stories to be turned into Netflix series like
    The stories of Lena baker
    Scottboro boys of 1931
    George stinney
    Claude nael
    Will brown
    Emmett till
    Let the world know what happened

  • E. K .O says:

    Y’all should also check out her documentary ’13th’– it’s about how the thirteenth amendment literally prohibits slavery *except* as a punishment for crime. And there began the prison industrial complex and the police state being utilised to reinstate slavery as an economic system using black people as capital once again

  • Boogie man says:

    This documentary is a farce. They were and are guilty as sin. Don’t take my word for it. Take theirs. @t

  • Laufield says:

    When they see us really good. Lawyers and judge was an idiots if they won’t believe they’re an innocent

  • Y A says:

    Fss – I read Central PERK 5

  • Tiba Succubus says:

    korey, we are so sorry 😔💔I’m just speechless about what happened to you

  • 03 AI says:

    USA is a trash country👎👎👎👎

  • Timefliesbye says:

    Bunch of rapists got off on a technicality. Will be amazing to see these scum do the OJ thing and cash in on that confession story “fiction” book when they wasted all their money.

  • Caroline Greenan says:

    Just in tears 😢

  • vierloup27 says:

    Justice de merde

  • Silke Turner says:

    This whole court system in the states is so broke , I’m glad I’m not living there. Death penalty like in the middle ages…what’s wrong with those people , are they not educated to see that this is the wrong thing to do ??

  • E. says:

    My fellow brothers and sisters. With this in mind. I beg you to try to vote this term for people that believe in a change in the prison system and who are against the corporate media. The way Donald Trump influenced media mobs during this case is disgusting. The rich have too much power and influenc over media that still holds today. We should be embarassed as a nation with how the system works. Sure some of us believe that our voting wont change anything. But when people get together and rise we can create waves of change. Our ancestors did it so let’s continue to do it for the future.

  • Judgment Proof says:

    Depending on the situation, you should be standing up for your freedom and don’t let them take you nowhere! If you’re innocent, then disappear if you’re picked up for something you didn’t do. Stay running, hiding and never surrender. Let these guys story be a warning to you: Stay out of reach

  • Love You says:

    Omg I cried like a baby watching this movie. That Feirstein woman needs to be in jail.

  • endo gamer says:

    I have never cried as much as I did watching this series, it hurt my soul to see the injustice these kids went through, it is not fair.

  • pleiades says:

    I remember the day I saw the ad in the newspaper from Trump. The police and that blonde woman should be thrown in jail for their crime of putting these innocent children in jail.

  • pleiades says:

    This was horrific. Whoever was in charge of this should be thrown in jail.
    The media sucks. The movie was so hard to watch.. could not stop crying for the injustice done to these children. 41 million is nothing for the treatment they received. I have no respect for American justice.
    Cops are pigs.

  • Ginger Cook says:

    I’m still crying from watching “When They See Us” 😪 If you haven’t seen it watch it and you’ll understand. Hope they all live in peace and happiness now.

  • Kenith McIntosh says:

    This is what oppression looks like

  • Noah Nancoo says:

    Great movie love those guys💯🔥🔥

  • Axe Battler says:

    Rightfully convicted

  • Mayra Gomez says:


  • Jack Johnson says:

    This was the saddest limited series I have ever seen but the ending was wholesome asf

  • anmol ahuja says:

    I just hate those detectives and female police officer. Their way of finding out truth was brutal..sometimes, you should listen those innocent peoples.😔😔

  • Roger didit says:

    YOU NEED TO WATCH “The truth about the central Park five” on the LARRY ELDERS SHOW, HERE ON YOUTUBE. You will then want to roast Sarah Burns over coals.

  • Hassan Abdullah says:

    White man system what do you excepted ?

  • BrizzleGamingAndGreek says:

    I feel bad for Kevin because he’s the one who got slapped by the cop, and the people who disliked have no heart

  • Tawanna Wilson says:

    This movie Bring tears to my eyes just seeing them that young kid in jail getting beaten and going crazy that I broke my f****** heart

  • Aoki Jannick says:

    they are guilty

  • Muhamed Touray says:

    I am sorry for all u been through because you’re ppl of color

  • Kyra Dunston says:

    They need to put the people in jail that changed all evidence times and moved the body.

  • Joe Chand says:

    these guys should have a talk show together

  • KIDDA LOVE0 says:

    Thanks 🙏 to god and Netflix everyone in the world 🌍 know this sad ☹️ story.

  • woahh woahh says:

    bruh raymond looked hotter on netflix-

  • Gary Hunt says:

    Thanks Ada. I’m from the UK. Finally the film told the truth.

  • T. Davis says:

    Tears.. I am in shock right now. Came up on this story on Netflix and I cant believe. Lord bless these men forever.

  • Denali Gm says:

    You can’t treat ppl like that and expect them to be nice to you after all that

  • BAHAR says:

    late justice is not justice.

  • Kirankumar Paraskar says:

    I wanna thanks to that Director👍🤗

  • Julien Carew says:

    The real reason those guys are all free is down to a guy known as Chango who funnily enough has his own videos on YouTube he was part of a gang called the YTC crew you can find the doc on him and his gang on here. He met Mathias in jail and he confessed to him and Chango chased his lawyer Martha Stewart to chase it up. If it wasn’t for him none of this would of happened. Not one of the CP5 acknowledges him nor gave him a penny for his help. It’s wrong how they did him.

  • Bam Fam says:

    The 5 kids lied about it. Evidence was on them. Their Parents was there. They had food n drinks.

  • Crystelle Dylan says:

    while i was watching the last part where they show the 5 real people i was hugging myself and telling them on screen that i was so sorry for what happened to them, i was heartbroken :<

  • Joshua Shorter says:

    Im so happy they were given a voice and could be heard

  • Akrem Amara says:

    In my opinion, every person who played a role in putting these 5 gentlemen behind bars should pass the same sentence at a prison so it would be a lesson for everybody. Humans could be very cruel and inhuman to commit such atrocities and destroy innocent people’s lives!!

  • Anna Ivey says:

    I’m only 14 and too think that boys my age had to go through this kills me, after watching the series I felt sorrow for them

  • conseil__couple Sénégal says:

    Korey wise ❤❤

  • GRËÉËÑŃ LŁiGHt says:

    41 million ain’t gonna bring back all those years of their life’s waisted in jail

    • richard alvarado says:

      The hypocrisy in this case vs Trump sticking up for General Michael Flynn and Navy SEAL war criminal Eddie Gallagher………..THEY’RE BOTH WHITE MALES!

  • Natalia Hernandez says:

    How do you make this right? Prosecute those who did this to them. The state of NY is paying them a settlement with tax dollars- meanwhile the ones who are responsible get off scott free. This is why they can get away with it to do it again, to someone else.

  • Ernest Butler says:

    Praise God for New York City Crying out for The Death Penalty For Guilty Criminals Responsible for those Young Americans Attempted Modern Day Lynchings.$41 million A Piece cannot compensate them For the possible contributions they could have made to America had Everyone involved were qualified to do the jobs that That the American Tax-Payers Trusted,Payed and Believed they were Doing.IN GOD WE TRUST.🖤😎🤘💙✌😁luv ya byo eJ

  • Adam jr. says:

    i hope they put behind the bara to those corrupted racist detectives