Jerry Seinfeld Interview: Behind The Comedy | NBC News

2020 5/23
Jerry Seinfeld Interview: Behind The Comedy | NBC News

Brian Williams catches up with Jerry Seinfeld, who is back behind the wheel for a fifth season of his web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”
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Jerry Seinfeld Interview: Behind The Comedy | NBC News



コメント一覧 (45件)

  • Marie Just Marie says:

    Seinfeld is not autistic. He shouldn’t come on national t.v. and self diagnose. Maybe ADD, but he is not on the Autism Spectrum. Many comics are literal. They use words to get their message across. That is what a stand up comic does. They also pay attention to everything around them. That is how they get new material. Human observation. Joan Rivers and George Carlin, were two of some of the best. They observed and retold the story in a funny way. Lewis Black and Chris Rock are two good stand up comics. They observe. I wish I could say I thought Seinfeld was funny, but I don’t.

    • Aaron Moreno says:

      Bag Obeans You can’t diagnose people from a far and most people born after the diagnosis became official in the DSM as a spectrum outside for mental retardation weren’t given the opportunity to find out earlier on. He may be high functioning and lucky enough to have learned enough healthy coping skills on his own to become successful in life.

    • Marten Dekker says:

      Marie with an E : He might definately be somewhat autistic. Look at his “acting”. I agree with the rest of your comment . 👍

  • Billy Mays says:

    He’s still one of the greatest comedians of all time and you can’t deny that.

    • Jeremiah Hays says:

      That’s not true

  • Lars Ekman says:

    “Imagine him trying to tell us how to make television.” Brian Williams, you can be funny at times.

    • Bernt Sunde says:

      Are you the brother of Tor Ekman? The genius Holistic Healer that made George’s face purple? 😀

    • Nelson Robert Willis says:

      👍😆 L.O.L.!!!

  • Ra's Al Ghul says:

    I’d like to sit and chat with Jerry in that exact same bar

  • Zandous says:

    brian williams is lying. its all a joke.

  • Mike Adams says:

    bullshit. you see those tits on Shoshanna? He also lives in a mansion. Since when did people with autism poke beautiful teenage girls with big titties and live in mansions counting their millions?

    • Vebjørn Sandvik says:

      +Mike Adams There’s a scale for how autistic you are. Say from 1 to 20, Seinfeld is maybe a 7-9, while most people is around 1-3. But you have a point none the less. His intelligence see’s through that little autism he has in himself, he’ able to analyze it and sometimes counter it on the go, so it’s not very noticeable.

    • Mike Adams says:

      that’s bullshit and you know it. Jerry is just neurotic. I’m not on the autism scale and look good but I’ll never fuck a girl like that. Jerry was smart enough to hustle his talent that made him a fortune. He also had the charm to get a gorgeous young girl with killer big tits. Jerry Seinfeld does not have autism!

    • Weaver Kris says:

      Vebjørn Sandvik he needs to be diagnosed prior to declaring that. a lot of people “feel awkward” in varying circumstances. It doesn’t make them autistic. I know there is a range but he should not be self diagnosing. autism is devastating for those who truly suffer with it. We can all cherry pick elements of disorders that we exhibit. that does not mean that we actually possess the disorder. I have felt “depressed” at times in my life. I do not have clinical depression. there is a difference.

  • Derek Clarke says:

    What a cool guy!

  • afterpodcast says:

    2:05 the prove God exists! How can THAT be a coincidence?! “What are the odds of that?”

  • tjpm says:

    Thats such a good sixty…

  • Slothrop 47 says:

    Autistic! Just like me.

  • Dmytro Picky says:

    this clip got unexpectingly funy at the end lol Jerry would lough his ass off, but the presenter was serious )))

  • Rixxy Colonel says:

    loved the end

  • Weaver Kris says:

    enjoyed the clip until he mentioned being autistic. he needs to be diagnosed by a professional prior to declaring something like that. autism is a devastating disorder that goes beyond “feeling awkward” in certain public situations.

    • Aaron Moreno says:

      Weaver Kris Thankfully it’s a spectrum and so is not always devastating. High functioning autistic can live wonderful benefits and rewarding lives achieving incredible success. I was diagnosed by others before diagnosiing myself and then getting an “official” diagnosis from a psychologist. I think its great that he said it.

  • Mike Sanchez says:

    love that show comedian drinking coffee

  • KG says:

    Not autistic, just introverted.

  • John jon says:

    Since NBC news is a joke you ought to let Seinfeld tell you how to run it.

  • Rob02150 says:

    I heard after the interview Brian Williams got into a huge brawl with some street toughs, needless to say Brian took care of them all. He then thwarted disaster as he was being shot upon by enemies in the area. His chopper took some fire, but he got out just as the airstrike hit. True story. I heard Brian say it himself.

    • Ben Ancona says:

      Rob02150 great comment lol

  • Richard Monaghan says:

    Comedians in cars getting coffee….. is making me thirsty!!!

  • Luke Tahoe says:

    Absolutely phenomenal comedy and tact on the anchor, and especially the editors of this 5 minute piece of news. That last second was great

  • Anna Kcmb says:

    he wasnt telling you he was suggesting, big difference nbc

  • guitar man says:

    Seinfeld had a great show if not the best! But hes not a great stand up comedian.

    • Robert Fusco says:

      Ah, but HE thinks he is. The problem to me with his stand up is that, before he was hugely successful, he was relatable. Now his bits seem condescending.

  • Chad K says:

    New spin off idea: Bowlers in Bow-ties taking Bong-hits. Banjo players in Boats eating Bananas

  • Girls in Nottingham says:


  • Kruppt808 says:

    He didn’t become a comedian to make money and be ultra famous. That’s obvious as he still does the purest form of comedy:stand up. You can see other great comedians and how they are now that they’ve made it to the top, Eddie Murphy, one of the funniest guys of all time started out so hot and gradually got less and less funny as time went on…….

    • kawaiiafangirl says:

      I love Eddie’s comedy more than Seinfeld’s but I have so much respect to Jerry Seinfeld for never giving up stand up even though he easily could’ve made millions more through his show (while guys like Eddie Murphy and formerly, Steve Martin, retired). He’s the richest comedian ever but continues to tour the country to play theaters and try out new material in small comedy clubs. Nothing but respect to Jerry Seinfeld.

  • William F. Henry says:

    So that’s why he asked David Letterman to show him his entrance!

  • William F. Henry says:

    Can he see a perpetual rainbow also?

  • Moon & Stars says:

    This was so good! Jerry, I told my mom the other day, I have acute autism. I am a 45 year old successful woman and I always new there was a little so something there. Jerry we have similar personalities!

  • George Michon says:

    Jerry where’s your hair?
    I don’t mean wears your hair. its not beware your hair.Anyware you are losing your hair
    it’s not funny anywhere🤭

  • Azriel Hopkins says:

    God made
    Him special
    For the love
    Of humor.

  • TW33N13 says:

    “Not one for big introductions…”
    *makes video mostly introduction*

  • trueorfalse3 says:

    i Think he has ADHD – He can only do what he loves.

  • celtic ray says:

    Was just crying * Need laugh

  • James says:

    Seinfeld is stupid. Not funny. There are thousands of people more funny than he is. I call it luck.