Tour of Stefan James Luxury Panama City Apartment | Multi-Million Dollar Homes

2020 5/23
Tour of Stefan James Luxury Panama City Apartment | Multi-Million Dollar Homes

Inside this video is a tour of my luxury Panama City apartment. If you’re ready to design your dream lifestyle, take my FREE quiz to find out which online business is best for you: utm_medium=social&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=quiz-promo&utm_term=tour-of-stefan-james-luxury-panama-city-apartment-multi-million-dollar-homes&utm_content=lc-youtube-description


In this video, I give you a tour of my luxury Panama City. My fiancée, Tatiana moved to beautiful Panama City two years ago.

Panama is the perfect destination for Tatiana and I. It’s an ideal place for international business and banking. On top of that, it is a cheap city to live in while being gorgeous and fun.

I want to give you a tour of our luxury Panama City apartment so that you can see what it’s like to live here. Let’s dive in!




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Stefan James from Project Life Mastery reveals his very best strategies to mastering and living life fully; everything from how to be motivated, his secrets to success, how to make money online, making passive income online, how to change your beliefs and mindset, being healthy and physically fit, being happy and productive, life management, cultivating relationships, spirituality, and much more!

The Project Life Mastery YouTube channel contains Stefan’s best strategies and principles that has now helped millions of people around the world. This YouTube channel is designed to help you make continual progress in each area of your life, so that you can have lasting growth and fulfillment.

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  • eliana santos says:

    That’s amazing, it inspire me that everything is possible!

  • Tatiana James says:

    Casually sitting in the living room… totally not posed 😉 This was fun! We love Panama, it’s truly been a blessing to have this experience. I love what you share at the end of the video, it’s so true… we can enjoy these nice things but never be deluded into thinking they will bring happiness.

    • Jarin Xeno says:

      There is a chapter in Jeff Olson’s book, “The Slight Edge,” where he talks about how most people who become successful are already happy with their lives. Too many people fall into the trap of thinking that once they “make it” then they will be happy. It’s really the other way around. You need to learn to be happy and then try to make it.

    • Hussein Hakim says:

      Tatiana James power couple 👫

  • Crystal says:

    Loved getting an inside look into your space but most importantly I loved the message about gratitude and staying humble! Thanks 😊

  • Trending Topic - Self Development Tips says:

    Amazing Stefan!..Very inspiring and very nice 👌👌👌

  • Josh Giersch says:

    Good work! Success and hard work pays off and that allows you to pay it forward as you’re doing.

  • Prathamesh Wagh says:

    Beautiful home Stefan.You are doing a great job of inspiring people

  • Lauryn Lavish says:

    I think that will be my first trip

  • Starchildfrom 90s says:

    Omg i love when you addressed that you were posting this to inspire and not ignite insecurity. Love that you included god in your message god bless you all.

  • Md Mohiuddin says:

    you are such an inspiration…

  • Walter Mercado says:

    Panama City looks reminds me of Vancouver.

  • Rajesh kanaparti says:

    Very cool on how you ended the video about how success and happiness are two different things. I am finding it for myself that your connection to God and your relationships and your contributions to this world are some of the things that will make you feel happy. Success and money are more like icings on the cake. Thanks for sharing your lifestyle and inspiring us with your words. You rock!!

  • L. Murray says:

    The views are great! Thank you for sharing!

  • Alex K says:

    Sweet crib bro!!!

  • None of Ur Business says:

    Hey Stefan! I’m going to Panama City in a couple weeks would be awesome to see you!! I’ve been following you since well before you moved to Panama!

  • Raven Shelby says:

    Love how you shared the importance of putting god first! It’s not our money, it’s gods. We got to treat ourselves and others as well.

  • CRYSTAL line BR says:

    I found myself watching this video without any reason and I was about to close it just bc I thought it wasn’t adding anything to my soul but then you said meditation and bible so I was curious to see what you wanted to do with this video and I’m glad that a person like you have this success and is inspiring other people! 😊 thank you for the video! Have a happy a blessed life!

  • Zuriel Bravo says:

    So inspirational, thank you for opening up to us like this!

  • Warsy Berki says:

    Wow great video I always watch your video I’m inspired chase my dream 💯

  • Stephen Dev Sales funnels / Make money online says:

    Great tour but most importantly , great message !

  • Creative Rising says:

    Great view, great message, and an awesome home!

  • Lazarre Ismael says:

    So speechless! God bless you man!!!

  • QBTheProducer says:

    Happiness is just as important as success 👍, also nice video

  • Lazarre Ismael says:

    What I do love most is when you say that happiness don’t come from external world but from the internal… that shows how humble person you are!!! And you are right people can have plenty materials stuff and money but stay poo… me I m very rich and happy because I have health, I trust in myself… despite the situation of my country Haiti 🇭🇹
    So thank you for sharing!🙏🏽

  • Mario Plushies and Gaming says:

    Beautiful home and measage

  • Sebastian Rehrl says:

    Wow, great apartment!

  • ATARi _HMB says:

    I love how you speak on the mental, spiritual, and external health. And a relationship with God, that is awesome I love this because it inspires me. God bless you.

  • Sehadete Bajrami says:

    This was reaching for the stars but still staying grounded, one of the best messages given by you Stefan 👏👏
    Keep up the great work your doing by sharing your message/knowledge.

  • Ralph Ervin says:

    God gets the glory. Love it!

  • ImJJ says:

    Hi there just wondering what your Pemf mat is called? Looking to get one cheers. 😁

  • M Z says:

    Respect … loved the message too and nice home

  • Romila Agard says:

    Form the heart/Capital of America Panama Rep of Panama🌎

    In contact, to learn from you, what has made you success in life.☺👍

    Thank thank🙌👌

  • Greatness Every Day says:

    Stefan, it’s been really inspiring to follow your journey. I love what you’re doing and I appreciate all that you do for your community, brother!

  • zhiany sarhang says:

    I love you my brother , I wish you nothing but health an joy an happiness, and lord Tatiana looks amazing , you are a lucky man , love to you both

  • Melina H. says:

    Please make more travel vlogs

  • אמא אונליין שיווק יצירתי says:

    Love this video and the inspiration you always give me. I follow you for the last 3 years and so thankful for your videos.
    B.T.W I am originally from Israel, and also lives in panama for the last 6 years(next to you guys) ,really hope to achieve some of the success you achieved. Also really hope to meet you guys some day. Hopefully it will happen soon now that I know that you are so close.

    Thanks a lot from Linor Be

  • Cynthia Sanchez says:

    Thanks for this video. It is very inspiring and motivational. As a wife and mother of four, I still am grinding and believing for the freedom lifestyle for me and my family. Jesus is King. 🙌☝️ Amen. Relationship with the creator, family, friends, and health is #1.

  • Tom A Hawk says:

    Nice Bro !

  • Basile Edmond says:

    It’s so funny Stefan but what you said in the bedroom resonated with me at my core and was exactly what i needed to hear….Thank you so much!

  • Tyrone Chiu says:

    WOW!! Amazing!

  • John Daniels says:

    Simply Amazing!

  • Jamiku Gee says:

    Such a nice apartment and view. Thanks so much for sharing. Most importantly, I loved hearing you acknowledge God.

  • Lindsey Hodgson says:

    Wow this is absolutely beautiful, Stefan! You really are living the dream. I hope I can get to your level one day! <3

  • Manifest Freedom says:

    Amazing place! Congrats on your success! That’s motivating me to grow my business even more. dddddd

  • Real Life says:

    thank you stefan this video motivated me to live good life.

  • HealthE LivingZ says:

    I love Panama. Im working on moving back. I stayed around Calle 50 and Cinta Costera. Im working on starting a business and relocating there. I was in military there years ago. Ive got to make it. I cant quit or settle. Love your vid. Inspired me Gringo en 🇵🇦 God Bless

  • Emprendedor Actual says:

    wow cool, you’re living in Punta Pacifica. Awesome, maybe i’ll go to visit you. Wonderful inspirational message. Blessings to both of you Stefan and Tatiana !

  • Harris 05 says:

    That view expands your consciousness so you can think big picture. Love it

  • LifeVersity says:

    Wow! I love your life. Your positivity is on another level. Most importantly, your love for God. I am inspired.

  • Sutasinee Tongwan says:

    Congratulations for your new apartment.

  • marygrace bautista says:

    Wow, this is so inspiring. 😍😍

  • Akshay Sardar says:

    luxury apartment very awesome your home look like fresh

  • Joy Orji says:

    Truly Happiness comes from within and not all the Luxury you’ve got but from within. Thanks for the Tour really inspiring.

  • RadicalPersonalFinance says:

    Stefan, really enjoyed seeing your place! It’s beautiful. And thanks for such a clear and positive message about the tough ordering of life. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself in Panama!

  • Baby Girl says:

    I pray that you and your fiance will keep shining your light in this dark world.

  • Adil Ta says:

    Hi from Morocco brother, powerful video as always. U deserve what r u in. Thanks a lot

  • Daniela Rossi says:

    Amen Brother!
    Love seeing the apt. but most of all, how you make faith your STARTING place, not your last resort!

  • Penny C says:

    Wow amazing beautiful home! Very wise and inspiring words. Thank you for sharing this.

  • Miss Flower says:

    He’s sooo lovely…

  • Claudia Myers says:

    Winner! A man who evokes God in is meditation is worth having as a partner. I was delighted to see the Bible in the video and to hear you say putting God first. I am more inspired to watch your channel. My dear Tatiana, you got yourself a good one!

  • Mindless Crafting says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! It has been awesome and inspiring to see your journey. Blessings, Tracey

  • Paul Beriault says:

    Very encouraging. Thank you Stephen

  • Christos Orphanides says:

    Stefan is one of the realest and authentic guys in the Internet Marketing Space

  • Mistah AC says:

    Amazing place Stefan. I noticed them gains too!

  • Sandeep Barmecha says:

    Loved your choice of words like Gratitude, always thank GOD, Love for GOD love it ! you are truly an inspiration Stefan. – from 10k miles (India). Pls do come in this part of the world once.

  • Babongile Nyoni says:

    You and Tatiana are rare character s. You really inspire me a lot. You are just so humble and down to earth. Above all, so honest. Keep up the good work.

  • Rebecca Muñiz says:

    Really nice

  • Janeila Daniella Allen says:

    Wow! This is amazing and you have a breathtaking view. I enjoyed the tour in it’s entirety. What truly impacted me was when you digressed and talked about your faith and the One [God] to whom you owe everything. I recently passed through Panama City on my way to Guyana from New York. I will visit for a longer period one day. You are truly an inspiration, Stefan. May God continue to bless you and Tatiana as you impact the lives of others.

  • Will Walsh says:

    You both look healthier than ever Stefan.

    Would you do an “tour” on your mind / body / health routine?

    During your last tour you sort of merged the two and I learned more in 20 minutes than any other video.

    Seeing your progress since your first penthouse tour is really inspiring. (what a view)

  • Tinker 205 says:

    Happy for you bro. I love seeing success 💯

  • Eckingtonwashdc says:

    Wow! Now that’s nice. And beautiful.. my goodness! 🙂

  • New York New York says:

    You guys are inspired me a lot and I know I will be somewhere one day. I love your connection to God.

  • Adam Jacobs says:

    My favourite youtuber inspiring again.

  • Ashley Elizabeth says:

    What a beautiful life that you’ve created. Thank you for always inspiring me to dream big.

  • Charles Rolland says:

    You’re so Epic man, thx for your tour and wise words.

  • RJ Martinez says:

    Bad ass man! Thanks for sharing

  • Everything Mom says:

    Jeez you are incredible. Thank you!

  • websbestsource says:

    I like people like you,Stefan … God Bless.

  • Nishen Fernando says:

    So pls sir if you don’t mind select me as the winner of the iphone giveaway ❤😊

  • Hannah Townsley says:

    Man this message just made me realize how much I’ve backslid with God and how I should be putting God first in everything especially during these troubled times.

  • i am TV says:

    Amazing 👍⚘

  • Mauricio Valencia says:

    Love it! Great talk, Stefan! You’ve got a winning mindset and aren’t shying away from God/the Bible. This was interesting for me, because my dad’s an immigrant to the US from Panama, but it’s a shame I’ve never been there. Thanks for sharing this. So inspiring!

  • Tee Chanakira says:

    Beautiful home but thank you for the tip about finding your happiness in God. That spoke to me..

  • raydrann says:

    you have a good heart bro thank you fr everything

  • Sonia N. says:

    Thank you for your continuous transparency, motivation, support and love that you both show.


    Thank you Stephan for showing me what is possible, I live, here in Panama City, in a way more modest house, I hope one day you an I could meet here in Panama, and you and Tatiana be my mentor for me to accomplish at least 25 % of your success. I wish you the best bro!

  • Guillermo Zeigler says:

    Hard work pays off bro! Keep crushing it!

  • kav P says:

    So true it’s an illusion that’s easy to fall into
    Super well said!! 💯

  • Marcos H says:

    Congratulations Stephan.

  • Andrea Walker says:

    I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for your true message of connecting ourselves to adding value to others. I have been watching you and Tatiana for a little while and I find myself learning new things all the time an i can feel my spirit growing. I now have things like a life plan and business plan and also a better understanding of where I have not developed financial skills and areas for growth. Thank you for always reminding people that you do this for growth and changing mindsets and not for bragging or trying to make anyone feel bad. Bless you both for making the world a better place.

  • Jhalisa John - La Forest says:

    Wow! That office is spacious and gorgeous! I always love your penthouse tours because it never feels like you’re showing off but rather, simply trying to inspire us other entrepreneurs out here. 💛

  • Irakli K says:

    Incredible, so inspiring!

  • Nhlakanipho Sanele says:

    Man , your such an inspiration

  • Dave M says:

    What a guy, I like what you said towards the end of the video. It really clicks.

  • Sheldon's World says:

    Great that you remind everyone that it’s the inner self that’s matters most. Love the video. God bless !

  • Wellington Azevedo Silva Junior says:

    You seem to be a good guy. I like you. Congrats for your success.

  • Nurul Islam says:

    Keep your good work brother ,and thank you for your inspiring videos 🙏

  • Nadia Dubinina says:

    Life is like a hotel, enjoy everything without attachment as you can’t take anything with you when it’s time to check out. The only thing that counts is how much you’ve given to the world 🙂

  • Online Income Linc says:

    You inspire me so much Stefan… I will be great. You are one of those great ones who make it seem possible.

  • jeff snow says:

    Very inspiring and the transparency is informative. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you put your mind to it!