Chobani CEO Giving Employees an Ownership Stake in Yogurt Empire | NBC Nightly News

2020 5/29
Chobani CEO Giving Employees an Ownership Stake in Yogurt Empire | NBC Nightly News

The man who built Chobani yogurt into a multi-billion dollar brand is giving thousands of employees the financial surprise of a lifetime.
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Chobani CEO Giving Employees an Ownership Stake in Yogurt Empire | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (109件)

  • ElSmusso says:


  • Hank Terreros says:

    So many endings……

  • sors says:

    i never thought i will say this `when i grow up i wanna be like you’ and im 36.

  • Modified Chimp says:

    employment is a business relationship. the worker should get a fair percent of profitability over their wage when times are good because of their efforts.

    • rawstar says:

      +Moby Trice Capitalists would shoot you for this and so would communists. Interesting.

    • poposisa says:

      +rawstarmusic ikr

  • Pivotal Film TV Scenes says:

    Yogurt sucks

    • Kendrick Da Silva says:

      +Chucky Justice You prob say that cuz you can’t taste the goodness, you weak lactose intolerant

    • Kendrick Da Silva says:

      @Chucky Justice
      yeah thats the kind of thing you would know 😀  time to sleep ow, you had ur attention

    • Cafe Sportster says:

      +Chucky Justice first 6 months mother milk is important brain and body development

    • Pivotal Film TV Scenes says:

      +Cafe Sportster Coffee

  • AKP Star says:

    He is Kurdish

  • agkuramedia says:

    Why do you need to tell me to subscribe at the end of every video?  Lester is annoying.  Chuck is annoying.  It adds at least 15 seconds to the clips which forces me to have interact with my device to move to my next clip.

  • Cream Y says:

    Compassionate Capitalism?

    • 82boulou says:

      +Cream Y I would call it Wise Capitalism .

  • Chris Wakeford says:

    Changemaker…….the day of the COOP can today work.
    Get the GOVtake OUT and the sharing their time and focus.
    Its Time

  • rawstar says:

    Way to go Chobani. Very noble and cool, better than cashing in and handing out some as “charity”.

  • RassBrass says:

    In a time where American companies are going overseas, here is a man who comes from half way around the world, get a loan, build a successful company, put 3K Americans to work and then surprises them by making them business partners with a 10 percent stake in the company. Good job man!

    • Syed Abdul Quddus says:

      +RassBrass Hope Donald Trump agrees with you, may God bless us all !

    • Drew H34 says:

      this man sold his soul to the devil,,,tell me what s a good thing about that? Hes got about 20 years and then nothing

    • Solid says:

      Drew H.
      alex jones fan detected

    • Drew H34 says:

      yeah buddy,,,,hope he counter sues the yogurt company,,,,teaches that muslim some humility

    • Solid says:

      @Drew H.
      So do you believe that lizard people are controlling the world?

  • Syed Abdul Quddus says:

    Chobani CEO gives away his employees 10% ownership of his multi billion company. Religion Islam says, as I had read while doing my masters in economics, employees should have a share in the ownership of the organization. Chobani has done it ! Well Done Chobani, may God bless you here and in the hereafter. You are a practicing muslim therefore a true human being.

    • keyvet says:

      Please don’t bring religion into this. He is a very decent man from a decent family. He does not practise islam. I know his family.

    • Dilshad korg says:

      he is technically not Muslim he is kurdish alevi…… alevi have another faith not like muslims

    • artemis gümüş says:

      Dilshad korg you are technically Right. But If He is alevi. He can not be Kurdish. Because alevi faith is Thé belief Of Turkish nomadic tribes. His family May in time assimiliated to Kurdish.

    • Marcus Melton says:

      Why should they? If I run a company and consider giving up some of my ownership up. It will be an extremely small amount in ways where I don’t lose control of my company. I won’t sell it nor give half of it away, ever! I’ll give some to my employees but will eventually get it back but will never give up huge portions away to anybody. I will keep huge portions of my company all the time.

  • urmil gohil says:

    only in america 🙂

    • _M0S says:

      +urmil gohil too bad hes not american

    • Dilshad korg says:

      wrong he is american long time ago

  • Jameisha Alexander says:

    God bless. this is awesome.

  • Andrew Donohue says:

    WOW that’s all i have to say. i work in dairy myself but i work for greedy ass people. i cannot imagine my company doing this, it would change my perception of them 100%. unfortunately i really believe they do not think the way this wonderful man thinks. the CEO of the company came and visited the plant. he wouldn’t even introduce himself to us, just walked by us like we do not matter, perhaps in his eyes we are just un-educated bottom feeders. i have nothing but disdain for him. he makes his millions we struggle to get by. more companies should take this as a hint take care of your goddamn rank and file employees, they ultimately are the ones making your rich. filthy stinking rich. stop being greedy assholes.

    these employees deserve what they are getting, but so do the rest of us…… as a fellow worker in the dairy industry i must say congratulations. i actually get chobani wash tickets on trucks that i load and unload, i am no stranger to seeing that name. now i want to buy some of their products as the employees now own part of this company.

  • Murat Kekec says:

    Great example.

  • LYB Rebel says:

    And they tell you that Muslims are anti-America! He’s American Muslim millionaire boss gave a 100z of 1000z to his American workers! Who the hell do thats?!

    • Dado Selimovic says:

      +cambodiansavage IF he would do something bad you wouldnt have problem with mentioning that he is muslim.

    • Bluemoon says:

      Actually he’s a Kurdish Alevi.

      Alevis are nice/smart generous people.

    • Kaan Kural'ın Telefonu says:

      rasit basak hamdi ulukaya is originally from Tunceli too,so what about this?

    • Kaan Kural'ın Telefonu says:

      rasit basak actually i say same thing people is matter not the city or country

    • barisy58 says:

      LYB Rebel he is NOT a muslim

  • Shoaib Asif says:

    You sir.. are an inspiration! Thank you

  • Jonathan Ortiz says:

    any job offerings there?

    • Al To says:

      Too late now! :))))

    • Nishchay Srivastava says:

      Michael Marrone lol with that attitude you aren’t gonna find a job anywhere

  • Dilip Mutum says:

    Fantastic news

  • bruce Lee says:

    god bless u,u r so kind

  • ferat zava says:

    Good on you mate.well done

  • poposisa says:

    He could have just kept that money and say “WHAT?! I worked so hard! I DESERVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” of course he is better than that and gives back.

  • Age of Reason says:

    This should serves as an example to CEO’s raking in $100 million a year. There is no justification for accepting so much. Capitalism would never have allowed for this to happen. We stopped having a Capitalist system long ago.

  • Nadile Özbay says:

    A kurdish alevi big boss.

    • Cengiz Söğütlü says:

      from turkey…

    • bambi bianca says:

      Cengiz söğütlü aaaahhh illa ki milliyet…etnisite değil tabii…insana kimsin dediklerinde kürdün bir karşılığı yok tabii..pkk vs terör örgütleri dışında…ama Türk dendiğinde ya da fromTurkey,bir karşılığı var;)! kapiş!??

  • Creatrix Trodler says:

    Respect to this man in world full of corporate assholes.

  • Adrian Borna Bašić says:


  • adnan memedovski says:

    He is a Turk, it is in our blood to share what we have, in Turkey almost every wealthy family help the city in which they live and work, this way they help a lot to the country. but the act of this man is amazing.

    • jay says:

      no he is not Turk ,he is Kurdish man also your turkish government jailed him when he was student after they released him he left turkey ,so don’t get credit from this man not you not your country

    • HASSPREDIGER20/Wurst-Achim says:

      kurdish not turkish

    • Cengiz Söğütlü says:

      zaten bi bok becerince kurd oluyorsunuz….

    • Ozan B. says:

      Cengiz söğütlü zoruna mı gitti it?

    • Ozan B. says:

      Cengiz söğütlü işine gelince Türk, gelmeyince kürt. adam kendisi kürt olduğunu söylüyor, ne diye zorla Türk ettin adamı?

  • Old Grumpy says:

    Greed build this country and greed will destroy it .. Who is going to save it then ? Turkish people ?

  • Abdulghani Abdo says:

    This businessman is a Muslim from Turkey, if he was refused entry into this country this business and these job would not have existed. Which corporation in America gave 10% stake to their employees? Did Trump corporation share ownership with his employees? No, Trump sees himself in a different class from ordinary Americans and therefore he is not willing to transfer his wealth and share it..

    • Mohammed Abdul Ghany says:

      & now he is president. let’s see how he gonna at least create jobs

    • xuchilbara21392 says:

      he is an alevi, not a muslim. thats different ^^

    • Erky _ says:

      xuchilbara21392 are you stupid ? alevi or sunni they all muslim

  • Aliza Vignale says:

    And he is an immigrant, Mr Trump!.
    He is an example of entrepreneur but more important, an example of human being! Nobody needs 3 billion dollars to be happy. He is happy sharing them! That’s great! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart

    • SideAI says:

      Trump is fine with immigration. He doesn’t like illegal immigration.

    • My Word says:

      Trump has an issue with illegal immigration. Chobani immigrated legally.

    • jhon doe says:

      legal immigrant moron

    • Rashed Hossain says:

      @SideAI His name is not chobani 😂

  • Martin Ciriani says:

    0:49 Heisenberg

  • Adi A says:

    he deservse e Nobel prize, i don’t know in which field, but for sure deservse it, not shimon perez who won it for Peace by killing for many years innocent civilian palestinians

  • Bobby Robertson says:

    i hate yogurt, but i bought some Chobani today just because of how baddass this guy is..

    • Marco Garza says:

      Bobby Robertson this is the reason why I buy it lol. Not bad at all.

  • Mike Marrone says:

    boycott this yogurt….. the hired hundreds of refugees that do not belong in America there is no way to see if they are Isis or not

    • tarikovic tariko says:

      +Michael Marrone get some history lessons narrow brain,not a surprise

    • R J says:

      Sir, You might never know what time God All Mighty makes ANY people in any country on HIS earth a refugee, so hear it from a pro, smaller your ego.

    • Nishchay Srivastava says:

      you are just jealous that he is a billionaire, and you have done nothing with your life

    • Meric Ekinci says:

      Michael Marrone He is a Kurdish Alevi. The Kurds are Anti ISIS.

    • Besim Selimovic says:

      Michael Marrone Get out of ur mom’s basement u racist coward lol

  • Mohammed Abdul Ghany says:

    That is my dream for the whole earth. that every human and every living creature has their share of earth, live work produce contribute to the family earth while their feet on their share feeling like a partner not slave

  • Erin says:


  • Mo Aoun says:

    oh, the irony of a Turkish man becoming a billionaire off of Greek Yogurt

    • Mo Aoun says:

      farraz younus It is ironic because Greeks and Turks hate each other. That’s the irony behind a Turkish man making billions off of Greek yogurt. And second, if you watched and listened to the video, he’s “an immigrant from Turkey”.

    • Mo Aoun says:

      HASSPREDIGER20/Wurst-Achim lol don’t get a hemorrhoid. He’s from turkey. It’s not hard to argue

    • Said Seyda says:

      Hes kurdish.

  • Homosassa-Tellico Bound says:

    He hires refugees

  • D Storm says:

    Does he use E-Verify to assure that he is not hiring ILLEGAL immigrants?   Is Chobani himself even a US citizen?

  • Drew H34 says:

    this yogurt sucks .

  • Safe Nabors says:

    If NBC promotes Chobani then I will BOYCOTT CHOBANI for sure–never bought it anyway. All CHRISTIANS should BOYCOTT this Muslim-owned company. (Muslims DENY Jesus is Messiah and they follow (Allah) Satan. Their Mohammed was a mass murdering pedophile.) This CEO Hamdi Ulukaya recently brought in hundreds of WAHABI-SUNNI throat-cutting Muslims to work at his Idaho factory. It’s not even the GOOD yogurt for your stomach.

  • Xeno Blast says:

    I bet the factories are not so clean. Boycott chobani and buy real authentic greek yoghurt like fage, the original and best. Chobani has zero connection to Greece, don’t waste your money on this garbage.

    • N. Heart says:

      Sofocleous Steve the Kurds also make this kind of yogurt, it’s not just from Greece. So I guess he took what he knew and made a company 🙂

  • Israfael D. says:

    Of course. trump wants to ban people like this.

  • Anti Singh says:

    Deport Chobani. Make America Great Again.

  • Cengiz Söğütlü says:

    thank you turkish guy

    • Ozan B. says:

      Cengiz söğütlü by everybody known: he is kurdish, please don’t put him in any other cases

  • AHMET İZMİR Türkiye says:


  • gece gunduz says:

    0.49 breaking bad actor:))

  • فلان بن فلان says:

    True Muslim

  • Navy47 says:

    Unbelievable. who does this > ???

  • Zimulinda Zimmy says:

    I like this boss…I love the way he operates

  • 893097011r says:

    Respect to the Muslim businessman. This is true Islam. Respect.

  • Howard Davis says:

    There are no self made business’s. Without employees, corporations don’t make a dime. Without taxpayer infrastructure ther is no business. Lets hope chobani is a catalyst for future corporations to make employees true shareholders

  • Peter Brennan says:

    this guy rocks!

  • jhon doe says:

    “we are partners” oh really cause “partners” means 50/50 in stock ownership! 10% of what the 10% non voting stock? owners like him are such liars and deceivers

  • M D says:

    That’s right, the Kurdish Mercy and Appreciation his mother thought him has returned to his employees in an amazing way!

  • Good news all the time O yes says:

    Good heart good mind is good people