Senator Lindsey Graham To Mark Zuckerberg: ‘You Don’t Think You Have A Monopoly?’ | NBC News

2020 5/30
Senator Lindsey Graham To Mark Zuckerberg: ‘You Don’t Think You Have A Monopoly?’ | NBC News

Sen. Lindsey Graham questions Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg whether or not he things his business has competitors and why he should be allowed to “self-regulate.”
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Senator Lindsey Graham To Mark Zuckerberg: ‘You Don’t Think You Have A Monopoly?’ | NBC News



コメント一覧 (106件)

  • HanimeTv says:

    Mark Zuckerberg: *Buys Instagram*
    Senator: “Why did you buy Instagram”

  • Dwayne Mondragon says:

    I could not have been in the same place as mark zuckerberg watching this video alone was stressing me out trying not to scream at the bombardment of questions without being able to fully answer a question asked

  • raj mohan Dutta says:

    Google Twitter Instaram Facebook are the hidden enemies in the society. They are like prostitutes who take money from any one to further their business even from the enemies of America.

    People around the world are coming to know this fact during this pandemic..

    Don’t use them.

  • El Chapo says:


  • zlaty markov says:

    Ah yes, a conversation between an AI and a pensioner. Exactly what YouTube was made for

  • Tomas Neshoba.holba says:

    Tell us about the banking monopoly that does not allow for flat rate loans instead of charging interest rates .

  • Island Breeze says:


  • Nick Pastellas says:

    Sweet lord, lots of facebook fanboyz in the comment section. Fun fact, your private infos will be violated whether you like it or not.

  • Mr11ESSE111 says:

    Facebook are under govermant /fbi,cia and other scavengers control

  • ya sha says:

    Facebook will fade out in 20 years.
    Monopolies are often crushed by cheap products.
    Blockbuster and Netflix
    Fortnite and Call Of Duty
    Microsoft and Apple
    America and China

  • FrEdDiE says:

    He’s social media a kid in middle school can create a social media site…. Cable has the Monopoly Spectrum needs competitors

  • Daniel C says:

    Yeah this is definitely an NBC comment section.


    Old people have no expertise on this subject they should bring in tech employees of the fed government and have them help investigate

  • Shivshankar Thakur says:

    Well ..mark has mastered the art of diversion of question.

  • Juan Medina says:

    Just like Amazon, Facebook is a monopoly but no one really cares 😂💀🤣

  • The Jew says:

    Let the man speak.

  • Fantastic _Bea850 says:

    Fr they need to get rid of the boomers and put millennials in

  • Random says:

    this will be a movie scene one day

  • Shuhaib Cp says:

    Senetor….. uninstall facebook, instagram, whats app…. soon 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Angel o says:

    Fuckerberg and his fakebook

  • D M says:

    Monopoly? I still have not pay a dime to Facebook.

    • mikaku says:

      You pay by viewing their adds, dude.
      If you are not paying for a product, it means you are the product.

    • D M says:

      @mikaku I know that advertisement is how they get paid. Even platforms I actually pay for has ads.

  • Shay Givenchy says:

    Im sorry.
    What are they grilling him for???

  • Dylan Mason says:

    This is why only having old rich people in politics makes some things hard for them to understand. Lol

  • Eric says:

    I can’t stand how they continually cut him off while he’s trying to give them a detailed response, like he’s literally trying to explain the different services that Facebook provides and the competition in each service, but no graham cuts him off and wants him to give a less detailed answer.

  • K. H. T. H. says:

    Of Course Facebook has a monopoly, nobody uses Twitter to connect with their friends and the Zuccbots in this comment section frankly need to calm down.

  • Jai P says:

    He compares buying a Ford car to using a social media platform.

  • Scott Carlson says:

    Lindsey is the definition of ‘worthless’ in this video. He literally asked Zuckerberg to “propose regulations” to the government.

  • sexy monkey says:

    What we saw here was the government accessing the peoples information. They saw the platform as a valuable asset and so they infiltrated

  • sumarianson says:


  • Thanh Ky Quan says:

    ok boomer

  • Petter says:

    Everyone acting all funny in the comments. The senator is asking very important questions though.

  • William Sholly says:

    Mark Zuckerberg you’re a thief and a schmuck

  • tdwwxyz says:

    Mark really screwed himself over giving over-extended answers.
    “Do you have a monopoly?”
    “Who is your biggest competitor?”

    • Omar Siddique says:

      1. Namedropping a main competitor is bad business 101. 2. He essentially did say no

    • tdwwxyz says:

      Omar Siddique I agree, but in context, being declared a monopoly by the feds is a worse fate than the subtle detriment of naming a competitor. And naming a competitor, again contextually, is also the only real proof that you don’t have a monopoly. Which is why “Twitter” was still said for him. With Congress as your interviewers(interrogators), you don’t get to *essentially* say no lol

  • Spencjon says:

    Lindsey graham showing how little he understands what Facebook is.

  • Hug Ma Nuts says:

    Leningrad Lindsay look kind of stupid in that conversation…… didn’t he?

  • Vanilla Guerrilla 505 says:

    Delete Facebook it brainwashes you don’t believe me just uninstall for a few hours and tell me you don’t feel better

  • shammus O’Malley says:

    Zucky face is being controlled (literally) by the guy right behind him

  • Josh Simpson says:

    If he didn’t have a monopoly before getting him to help them make regulations sure will

  • Justin Miller says:

    Elderly people grilling someone about modern technology is painful. He has no clue what he’s talking about.

  • Juza Delle Nuvole says:

    Jesus Christ politicians are so ignorant

  • aesean says:

    For real questions, replace this donkeys with guys from NSA…
    What a question “how did you buy instagram” with money idiots

  • Gianluca van den berg says:

    Why would you ask a question, when you’re not having any intention to let someone answer your question

  • Jan Dohrmann says:

    Well, Zuckerberg wants money, and politics need influence.. When you have data, and money, you have influence.. I dont believe any of them..

  • Jonathan Zirbes says:

    Facebook is a monopoly, corona virus is a scam.

  • Theodora Simanu says:

    He look like a robot.😆

  • Dino 666 says:

    Facebook Cia Washington

  • Kintario says:

    Facebook is definitely not a monopoly as it isn’t the only social site out there. There are many alternatives. People have the right to choose what they want to use – people love Facebook so why would somebody blame him?

  • dame z says:

    Definitely a monopoly

  • mr Snankill Mr says:

    would you expect any thing else from a C.I.A agent and a member of the Rockafella family

  • mr Snankill Mr says:


  • Justin Moore says:

    Another Joe Exoctic that will be replaced by another Joe Exoctic

  • Armiof Ghad says:

    Why all truth important message informative with sense… & why Facebook management interference and deleting this … do you think this is so professional way of management or stupid management how come you do this we are in the freedom speech democracy, let’s say on your side will do same with you? What did you feel now? you might be feel provoke and angry… So Mark Zuckerberg you do this because is not favor to your co member Cabals illuminati globalists group’s? is not fair and good I tell you you’re a selfish man & not understand what is right…

  • JBW says:

    Hes not actively inhibiting other social media.

  • fek beb says:

    Wow so lindsey graham can think critically

  • Tracy Davis says:

    He was exposed!!

  • Ricardo Corea says:

    Tell everything about my Facebook

  • Ricardo Corea says:

    Tell everything about my Facebook Ricardo Corea

  • RW Ripper says:

    Turn on your captions

  • Bella Blanchard says:

    Hop-scotch. Zberg sure knows how to dodge answering a straight up question. I would like to know who his competitors are actually because if he’s self regulating, which he is, and also censoring, then perhaps its time for people to take their friends elsewhere.

    • Random Loser says:

      there really arent any lol

  • The Crow says:

    And these morons run your country Lol. Say what you want about Mark, but you cant deny these idiots shouldnt in charge of making laws.

  • Kurnia Lim says:

    What monopoly? People have the right to choose any social media platform they want.. If it happens that most people choose FB, then we can call that monopoly? If it happens that most people use google as their search engine, so we call google is monopoly? He asked if there is any other platform like fb? Let say if I invented something new no one ever created or made before, I launch my product, so since no other product in the market like mine, that is also monopoly?

  • Juan Tjuk says:

    Bruh, let him talk, stop cutting..

  • Stanley Shieh says:

    The old guy was trying to be smart but came off ignorant.

    • Tusher Zaman says:

      You don’t know jack

  • youngbuck0911 says:

    Yeah lets have dinosaurs ask questions about technology. You could tell they werent there for answers but more to ask their questions.

  • Multiple Gamer2862 says:

    1:01 woman laughing behind the senator lol 😂

  • Martin Vincent says:

    Why are all you Dems for big business when it’s Mark Zuckerberg? You’ve ALWAYS been against it.

  • Ishmael Kuduza says:

    I love mr Graham

  • Martin Kelloway says:

    Jacob Greenberg

  • Andrew says:

    I don’t see anything wrong with the questions

  • Tusher Zaman says:

    Zuckerberg is a piece of crap

  • Enrique says:

    These people are irritating me

  • Ernest T says:

    He literally tried to answer every question but he kept getting interrupted lmfao.

  • Darren Spohn says:

    It’s a free market. As far as I know he is not actively trying to quash any competition. There is nothing stopping someone from making a competitive company. But he has a good hold on things because he is providing people with a product they want.

  • kabaddiify says:

    Lindsey stfu

  • Suhaib knx says:

    So what’s the point of this question?

  • ToxicGoss says:

    I feel so smart when they talk about the internet

  • Avenida 13 says:

    what a liar

  • david williams says:

    Who is the biggest competitor. Simple answer

  • david williams says:

    We welcome regulations as long as we agree with the regulations and can then get round them, we welcome that regulation.

  • Chen Yang says:

    This senator spittting facts!

  • Minhazul Islam says:

    Lindsey Illiterate Graham

  • jay gwilym says:

    Move datacenters to SC and he’ll shut up

  • Peter Waihape says:

    If I was Zuckerberg. I would of said. Can you computer program, if no, then no you can’t regulate what you don’t know

  • A Peppermint Candy says:

    This man is a huge criminal,supported and protected by every crook in this world .Corruption as never seen before.Why should he be above the Law?He is a notorious THIEF.

  • Jack Barry says:

    Break them up

  • Gerardo Formoso says:

    Great Senator and Great CEO, both outstanding people, America needs them both.

  • Umbrella Corporation UMB Gaming TV says:

    And in the next few weeks he works in Guantanamo, turning big rocks into small rocks

  • Nazeem Toffie says:

    Gauging from the comments …the point is missed once again.

    Listen carefully to the old fart…he want to protect you.

  • Charles Byrne says:

    Facebook is a monopoly. It needs to be shattered.

  • Rd Rz says:

    There asking questions while risking being delusional

  • bill yockey says:

    How does graham self regulate? He does’nt What a wanker!

  • Hello There says:

    These congress people give the worst analogies

  • Ricardo Corea says:

    Videos 1732

  • Mohd Zulkanien says:

    Can you let him talk? Ugh

  • E K says:

    Who is here where Trump signned the the executive to median social…👌🤣

  • Jack Dunlavey says:

    I hate when someone asks a question, then interrupts you halfway through explaining the answer.

  • cooper c says:

    Well there is one senate don’t y’all think you have a monopoly

  • Chris Slater says:

    That Jew behind Zuck is shifty

  • VAGA Official TV says:


  • Chad Kimberley says:

    a billionaire and still cant get a proper haircut