Stress, Uncertainty And Unanswered Questions: Laid Off Workers Cope With Unemployment | NBC News

2020 5/30
Stress, Uncertainty And Unanswered Questions: Laid Off Workers Cope With Unemployment | NBC News

Unemployment claims hit record-breaking numbers with the Labor Department reporting nearly 17 million job losses in a three-week period. We asked workers across the country to share their unemployment stories.
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Stress, Uncertainty And Unanswered Questions: Laid Off Workers Cope With Unemployment | NBC News



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  • Saroja Krieg says:

    All the rich people and politicians this people were supported are ready to fly if the economy crush.This people should have well prepared because they must know that our economy in the brink of collapsing.
    Don’t listen to msm and trick you in believing everything is fine and trick youll to buy properties cars and other it s using loans.They even encouraged people to go to college eventhough there is n o jobs.

  • khan hotak says:

    The demand for two things will never go away and thats food and prostitution. Alot of women will start getting into the prostitution once they cant find food on the table. For those who stil gets their paycheck safe some in Gold it will outperform stocks.

  • Sultan JakSeL says:

    sure am thankful for my current office job even tho pay is no good.. at least i still can get income…

  • jricherts99 says:

    Hey NBC you are a piece of corn in a 💩

  • YoniNadi says:

    Look like the poverty rate is going to spike?

    • Aloewells says:

      Did u watch the stock market. MAGA. No problem.

  • Anita Malloy says:

    You all need to watch V for vendetta and the dead zone by Stephen king, just saying

  • Dora Williams says:

    I hope things get better for all of us, the government can help GM and the Banks, but the American people get crumbs, they don’t care about us, we have to start looking out for each other.

  • TheLiving Darkness says:

    This is really scary to think about. I’m fortunate to still have my job and there won’t be any layoffs anytime soon but if this continues on idk what’ll happen

  • Akil Jahra says:

    Well it’s about 2weeks I haven’t shave…3 weeks no driving … eating 2 meals per day

  • BBD Design says:

    The world’s nations need to collectively sue China.
    This is ridiculous beyond reality.

  • FurryFace says:

    its times like this i’m lucky to be on Welfare being able to pay my rent and get some food but i feel for yas , its still bad for me too , i used to rely on Dumpster Diving for empty cans and bottles to turn in at shops to get the refund to be able to buy rolling papers to roll cig butts i’ve collected to be able to smoke , but now shops are refusing the cans and bottles so no longer can do

  • Kelly Emmanuel says:

    Love the guy that said I’m applying at Costco, grocery stores, anywhere that is hiring. He reminds me of my husband who came here from Nigeria. You are NEVER TOO GOOD FOR ANY JOB! That is the truth. My husband is a healthcare worker now, who works with COVID patient’s, but when the recession hit last time he was going to school and we had just bought our house…we almost lost EVERYTHING. He wasn’t too good to do what it took to take ANY job that would put food on our table and keep a roof over our heads. I feel for what everyone is going through. But there is work, and there is help. It isn’t hopeless. If my husband could it then, you can do it now. Have faith, we will get through this.

    • Chic Noir29 says:

      Kelly Emmanuel SMH yet we have tons of people calling the virus a hoax. Some even being outright disrespectful to healthcare workers. I suspect many health care workers will develop a form of PTSD in addition to anxiety and depression as a result of battling the corona virus.

      I hope you and your family stay safe during this epidemic. God bless you❤️

    • Lin Z says:

      Your husband sounds like a good man. I also came from outside the US and my #1 aim is to pursue a stable, well-paying job in healthcare because I know everybody gets sick and everybody requires meds as they age or develop diseases. Everyone eventually needs to see a doctor unless they can’t afford it.

    • Corey Smith says:


    • annette lathan says:

      If you have a drivers license a car and insurance you can find a variety of jobs fast like a home care aide, door dash delivery driver, and Lyft.

    • WithThisFace by Austin says:

      There is no work. I live in California, millions of people are out of jobs. There are not millions of jobs available- everything is closed. Something you should take into account. It sounds all great when you say it. There’s no child care, public transportation is shutting down. Nothing is open, understand. It’s not that easy. People are desperate. I have not heard one person mention anything about being ashamed to take any job. They are scrambling to grab anything they can.

  • Sheldon Cooper says:

    Couldn’t have picked a better time to play the lottery.

  • Andreas Jacovides says:

    God bless America .

  • S. Holliday says:

    If it’s this bad now I hate to say that it will be even worse in July when unemployment benefits run out and there are even more people hurting for money.

    • Chic Noir29 says:

      S. Holliday Yes me too. We could potentially have millions of homeless people in this country. Then the USA will become a “shithole” country.

    • Amber Wallace says:

      @S. Holliday Oh wow I hope everything work’s out for you. I feel bad for those I hear about on t.v. still waiting for their unemployment benefits! 📺 💰

    • Amber Wallace says:

      @Chic Noir29 Do you think they will all be homeless? I hope the government would help all those people out & not just put them on the street! 😥

    • Chic Noir29 says:

      Amber Wallace-Goldberg – Not all. Those who have reliable family and friends will not be homeless.

    • Amber Wallace says:

      @Chic Noir29 What will the homeless people do? Do they wonder the street’s or look for more affordable housing?

  • Ayluna Putri says:

    It is completely sad to see this news, but at the same time, I saw news coverage about Americans who insist to have spring break party and refuse to do social distancing, including Vanessa Hudgens insensitive comment about corona.

  • barock Obama says:

    Well HOW many of THESE PEOPLE VOTED FOR TRUMP REMEMBER 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔Ask that question.

    • DARLA NEWCOMB says:

      They will be fine

      I lived 8 years in motels that was 3 motel’s in eight years I have folios to prove it, if I could do that eat out of an ice chest 8 years my family lived in motels October 2006 – march 2014 and I was able to pay my rent we moved to 2200 Valley View Parkway they evicted my family on purpose just to hurt us I was able to pay my rent never late mailed my cashier’s check to them they mailed it back with a letter we cannot accept your payment we are in eviction with you come October payed my rent again mailed in my cashier’s check they sent it back we cannot accept your payment we are evicting your family, that’s what’s going to hurt them because when you’re in the middle of an eviction they cannot accept your payment stimulus check or not, so tables do turn. While living in those motels I faxed letters to every political official even President Obama every political official that was in office received my fax letter about what they had done to me and what was done to my family ( want to talk about quarantined we lived in a square box tiny motel room. ( THE WHEELS OF JUSTICE TURN SLOW )


    • DARLA NEWCOMB says:

      What hurt was my husband came in from pulling a 16-hour shift to pay for the motel which prisoners were being released 2008 with motel vouchers l we had to pay for our motel he pulled a 16-hour shift and went to take a shower I heard a crash in the bathroom I went in my husband was laying in the bottom of the tub, felt for a pulse there was no pulse I started screaming blood-curdling screams and crying out oh God blood-curdling screams not one human not one flipping human came to the door to see why a woman was blood-curdling screaming then God said there is no one coming you’re going to have to do this so I turned off the shower and started CPR so I know when there’s nobody and it’s just you and effing humans don’t care you find out real soon that they don’t give a crap about you, when you’re crying out to God blood-curdling screams then it gets real not one human not one f****** human came to the door to see why I was screaming mind you this is a small motel room the walls are thin.

      I love the humans but I don’t have to like them.


  • Keepit Ahunnid says:

    Ker Zhu is a robot.

  • 23zchris says:

    Americans need to save like Asians….

    • Amber Wallace says:

      My husband & I get unemployment & disability. I’m in a wheelchair with a few disabilities. I save much money

    • dachicagoan says:

      They should have started doing that after the last recession. I guess keeping up with the Jones was more important

    • Jaime Alonzo says:

      @Amber Wallace but jews always save.

  • Chui siew loong Loong says:

    if this drag on ,many will back to hoovervilles during great depression 1929~1932.

  • Isaac Annan Jr says:

    Definitely once this is over it will create a divide as to what is deemed essential and not especially with the immediate rise of AI not that far away…💯💯💯

  • outside yang says:

    Need to save money for rainy day!

    • D Marc says:

      outside yang For some, the rainy day was in March and they’re in the midst of a metaphorical Flash Flood Warning because it hasn’t stopped raining since.

  • Rob Kennedy says:

    Really hope that one guy doesn’t work at Amazon. Amazon is a terrible company to work for .

    • chocmilk10 says:

      Rob Kennedy It’s terrible not to get a regular check.

  • Ken Sturm says:

    I would love if one day i could get through unemployment. I will run out of money in less than a year and lose my place and have to sleep in my parent’s basement.

    • JayFast says:

      If you need a year to find a job thats your own fault.

  • Juan Miguel says:


  • Four Horsemen says:

    Real people real stories. I like hearing from them. The truth is the corona period will feel like a holiday in comparison to what is to come.

  • Cute Dumplings says:

    I like how they postpone eviction and you have rental arrears, but once this is over, you’re expected to pay everything off at once. How are people going to find that type of money once it’s over?

    • A B says:

      Cute Dumplings if they can’t afford the rent , and it’s keeping them from saving …. maybe they need to move somewhere cheaper….? Instead of making it someone else’s problem to finance a lifestyle that they couldn’t afford in the 1st place …. there are genuine cases though

    • Peaceful Daizy says:

      I think the idea is to give people a chance to get their stimulus money or for unemployment to kick in.

    • A B says:

      Peaceful Daizy some people are getting it but still refuse to pay their landlords because they believe the law is protecting them …

    • Peaceful Daizy says:

      @A B : Well that’s crazy.

    • A B says:

      Peaceful Daizy I know … it makes it harder for those that are genuinely affected by this to get some relief …

  • St St says:

    For the men, become male escorts

  • Haylie Cullimore says:

    It sucks when you apply for unemployment and it’s been a month and you haven’t received anything

    • Will Blaze says:

      Im on 7 weeks waiting. Yikes

    • Jaime Alonzo says:

      @Will Blaze you’re going to get a bunch of money at once! Yey for you!

    • WithThisFace by Austin says:

      Jaime Alonzo she will owe past due bills and rent, there’s nothing to celebrate.

    • Haylie Cullimore says:

      @luminouscali I did lol there’s nobody you can talk to you on the computer or the phone

    • Jaime Alonzo says:

      @WithThisFace by Austin may God bless her, and keep her.

  • ܐܵܕܵܡ ܒܘܼܟ݂ܪܵܐܐܘܼܓ̰ܵܓ݂ܡܠܸܟ݂ says:

    United States of America Corporation. Glad I am not American.This is a big company, thats it.This is the process of eliminating the middle class. It will be Wealthy and Poor that’s it. No more middle class no more rich. I suggest you Americans prepare for a massive depression. Shlama

  • Emperorick2 says:

    University at Buffalo anyone?

  • Joe Joe johnson says:

    It happened all in a week..If you see signs you prepare. You cant…

  • Elmo Bolan says:

    I took a job that was way below me but it was a job and payck, it got me to the job I have now, very grateful…

  • C Longstreet says:

    Yet media and democrat governors want to prolong the lock-down

  • B R says:

    We waste trillions on the military ultimately this is way more deadly than any human adversary. We were unprepared because we are wasting all our resources planning on a nuclear ww3 that would effectively end all life on earth. Its time to end the military industrial complex and put humans first.

  • BLueSun says:

    Anyone have luck getting there job back after being laid off?

  • Tamara Henri says:

    I feel sorry for the people who’ve lost their job and are looking at homelessness but you need to remember you are not the only ones in this predicament every country is suffering right now.

  • Shen Grant says:

    Been unemployed years only started working at 711 3yr and was going to quit this yr for something better. … is strange and God exist .my point is ive been suffering for 3yr straight i am a nobody and my message is. Not one that end in happy hugs and kisses people all around the world be strong and survive if still alive you can bonuce back even from nothing like a big bang you can make possibilities so with that said just take care of each other moneys is just honor points to. Buy time and value is not life.

    • Gracie Grapes says:

      words are powerful…thank u,these words are so uplifting.

  • Kowalski says:

    BOOMERS: Quit your bellyaching !, you need to work harder!, In my day we worked without welfare and benefits and we didnt complain.

  • Synthetic Future says:

    lexi Cullen has more than one face, both red and brown hair. Fake nEWS

  • adam says:

    Pain and uncertainty will build character ,if you dont control yourself someone or something will.

  • Mike Pict says:

    Better red then dead . But as you grapple with long term poverty and crushing government abuse . I’d like to remind you that quality of life was built on competition, equal rules , and unequal results. Sexual selection, racist labels to get selective collectivism ” power ” , feminism of the self serving or pimping variety, or my favorite accusations of mental illness to enslave….. got you nothing but more vulnerable

  • D' Essay says:

    Good video of real life consequences of competition, free markets, austerity.

  • Aaron Ramirez says:

    This is the best time for you guys to go on vacation, maybe a cruise.

  • Águila701 says:

    Pretty soon UBI is going to become a national policy whether people like it or not.

  • break chainz says:

    American bombs cause uncertainty in Muslim lands. Now we are experiencing the same in our country. Stop the rich

  • JayFast says:

    You can thank the sheep that want to continue the shutdown.

    • Peaceful Daizy says:

      The economy was doomed the minute the Fed was created in the US in 1913. The complete collapse was an absolute certainty; the virus just hastened its demise.

    • WithThisFace by Austin says:

      This is just like the Great Depression. Everyone with a brain seen this coming 2 years ago. So unfortunately- it’s not just covid-19.

  • Gb Bg says:

    Cuckold president failed you! There’s nothing you can do about it.

  • Krizx600 says:

    Poor americans 😭 they are suffering
    Rest of the world: Lol Nice joke 😂

    • dachicagoan says:

      Most countries around the world see at least 20% unemployment on a regular basis

  • Krizx600 says:

    Hey americans living in paradise how does it feel to be struggling? Let me remind you that the rest of the world were struggling for pretty much ever. While you guys need your haircuts and going to gyms everybody else around the world REALLY do not have not even tuna or beans to eat.

    • Pj Durkin says:

      And let me remind you that us Americans have paid taxes which in turn has helped many people all over the world who are hungry and struggling so save your preaching

    • Krizx600 says:

      @Pj Durkin haha paid taxes to bombard and destroy other countries to rob them of their resources you mean? Also don’t forget to overthrown other governments like what your king trump is trying to do right now?

  • Cash Orass says:

    :50 go ask the guy that pumped that hole to get you pregnant for support, oh wait he vanished..

    • Diva Kim says:

      Cash Orass well that’s a horrible thing to say. Maybe he’s laid off too! She said she’s 2 months pregnant, she didn’t say she was single. Geesh! These trying times have brought out the absolute worst in people! Shame on you!

  • O’Brien Ortega says:

    I’ll say this, by watching this video, I’m blessed, fortunate, and grateful to have a job. During these difficult times, makes me think and realize to be even more humble with the things I have.

    • Galen Joyce says:

      I lucked out too. I’m very VERY grateful.

  • leonardo cangiano says:

    Florida is the worse


    My family lived 8 years in motels 3 motels in 8 years October 2006 through March 2014, we ate out of ice chests then got the fancy motel around Thanksgiving that room had two stove burners and a box refrigerator we lived eight years in motels we got evicted 2006 paid our rent on time never late they hurt us on purpose, we cannot accept September’s rent we paid in a cashier’s check we are evicting you, went to pay OCTOBER’S 2006 rent they sent the check back with a letter we are evicting your family we cannot accept your payment, stimulus check or not they don’t care , October 2006 through March 2014 even when you pay your rent on time you get evicted while living in those motels I wrote Every political figure I wrote
    Obama and every political figure in the White House about what they had done to my family they received my letter text from the front desk of every Motel.


    • Galen Joyce says:

      What was their reason for evicting you if you paid your rent and how did they get away with it?

  • Herbert Rodriquez says:

    It’s time for the working class to take this country back from the ultra rich and CEOs in big corporations making millions for doing nothing. America needs to wake up before we become like the totalitarian governments around the world. Trump and his cronies need to go. We are heading towards total disaster if this goes on much longer. This should have never happened if Americans stuck together to promote unity in this country.

    • Dacia Sandero guys says:

      …. CEOs making millions doing nothing..
      Those words can’t be truer. This is how the world focuses on the less important few neglecting the important majority who are the bulk of the nation

  • Geo MS says:

    I didn’t just lose my job, I also lost my girlfriend 🙂

    • second wave says:

      You’ll save money alone, trust me girlfriends are a liability

    • Anthony Isgro says:

      @second wave….. maybe she died. Ever think of that? 😠

    • Geo MS says:

      @Anthony Isgro ex-girlfriend did not die, she found another one

  • anonymous an says:

    in spite of large scale unemployment how america is hiring foreigners in large nos to work there .

  • Kumbo V says:

    It sucks to be an adult right now…😔

  • Aphoresis says:

    Are you sure these people just don’t want haircuts?

  • h_hill-mzy says:

    dont worry, corporations got billions in taxpayer money and still laid off thousands. america the great!

  • rayner 8334 says:

    welcome to american Dream, first is a lie 🤥 second we are controlled by huge companies and people with a lot money 💵 and politicians they are serving who pay more.

  • TEXMM ALR says:

    Hiring Mechanics!!!!

  • jason royale says:

    take a good look. half of these people will have committed suicide by 2021

  • motorman1017 says:

    invest in rosetta stone

  • Peter Hedlöf says:

    Its just One of THE biggest stress factors of life pay THE Bills. A rich nation like USA can not have all its bank securitys in realeste. Realesta dont follow THE natural laws becuse the market are manipulated. IF you buy a car the value of THE car gets lower for each Day you drive it. In realeste THE value of THE toillet gets higher each Day THE consumers use it. ( Almost like Ron Jeremy) every economy are manipulated .

  • mns ta says:

    Have these people ever questioned to themselves ?!! Why did they get fire from job ??? !!! The answer is simple, they did not create a value for their organisations during good time. Never be amongst those bottom 20% workers for whom job is just a 9 to 5 affair. I have faced two melt down but my employer never even dared to lay me off. Well for me, this melt down also does not bother me. Come on!!! Fight like a tiger….Always try to make difference…

  • Julius Moore says:

    Everyone struggling out there, I encourage you to stay strong and never give up. I believe that we will all get through this difficult time.

  • William Dieffenbach says:

    The Greatest Depression.

  • Iglesias Byron says:

    7 weeks waiting got penalized because I didnt want tax withheld. I all ways got the extra 10% why make it a question if EDD uses it as a loophole to not pay you?

  • UL R says:

    Stay strong things will get better.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Texxx-Man Cosplay says:

    I feel for these people. This video made me cry. I’m disappointed in the government and these governors for not being sympathetic enough toward the plight of us hard working Americans. Healthy people who can work need to do so and the sick can stay home. Why punish those who want to work by forcing them to stay home?

    • Inu says:

      People can be asymptomatic and pass it to others. Those that are healthy can get it and maybe die, as shown by the stories from families that lost a loved one – a healthy individual suddenly taken. It’s a gamble. You never know how it will affect you and it takes 2 weeks after exposure to even find out. I understand we cant live in fear but knowing I could pass it to someone and even though I never had symptoms but a healthy person that got it from me died — I’d feel so guilty.

  • second wave says:

    If you’re not that %1 that’s taking all the money. In their eyes you’re a peasant. No matter race,religion, or career

  • Albert Teng says:

    Just a question, arent america’s big companies pitching in to help in the relief effort? I mean like apple, google, g.e. microsoft, walmart. In many countries including ours, big corporations and even medium sized ones are all donating money, resources and everything in between to help the daily waged workers and the most vulnerable. There is a big famous liquor company in our country who stopped making liquor and shifted to making medical grade alcohol and sanitizers and gave them for free. The local McDonald’s company donated $5m and 500,000 lunch packs to give to the homeless. In this time of unprecedented global crisis, everybody needs to pitch in. This is no time to be greedy

  • Renee Electa says:

    Every one is essential

  • Rosalba hamer says:

    Unite w family or friends pay bills together do chores,babysit kids etc…

  • Patrick Skelly says:

    We’ve strayed from morality. We’ve become greedy. We exploit weaker nations…Vietnam, Central and South America. Iraq, Afghanistan…long list. Abortion, pornography. Did we think we’d get away with it?

  • Ghost Rodriguez says:

    Hey but stay home safe lifes….the rich say..not everybody have a big savings account like some people

  • Ame DeVITA says:

    God is calling everyone to trust in Him. He is the provider.

  • Hero Of Bukit Padang says:

    Don’t worry trump sez all gonna be OK. Get rid of the virus by drinking clorox and jobs gonna magically reappear. Right now it’s all who and China fault

  • Brooke McKay says:

    My phone doesn’t stop ringing. Sale after sale. Please lay me off…

  • Emu Riddle says:

    “Just get a job.” Right?

    No. That’s why you re-balance the economy. And start being realistic, to our current situation.

    A general worker can’t fix poor management. No matter how much effort they put in.

    That’s why some people end-up getting Anxiety.

    An actual medical condition, where the Nervous System is shorted out (like a bad wire).

    And it’s harder to turn-off your Fight or Flight response.

    I know all this from first-hand experience. And this cliche is getting really old tbh.

    Also: There’s nothing cowardly about Welfare. If you need it, you can still give back to the economy.

    And for those who want to work, they can put-in taxes. Everyone wins…

    People who have never been traumatized or disabled wouldn’t understand.

    Our country had to go though years of Red Tape, just to get that for our soldiers, retuning from World War 1 and 2.

  • Miss T. Fletcher says:

    “You’re never too good to take a job that pays”. I love that!

  • Jason Zhu says:

    My heart goes with these amazing people who worked so hard for their profession. The cloud will eventually be away so don’t lose hope. Hope the gov could do more to help them.

  • Breton Bell says:

    Americans have been living in a debt ridden dream world. Now they have to wake up to reality.

  • Rob Ortiz says:

    What’s up with that piano music so annoying as heck 😂😅🤣

  • Diana Bowder says:

    Our government needs to make it a law that landlords can NOT raise rent for at least 5 years…Rent is outrageous, way to expensive

  • Bryan Ryan says:

    Some of these people can get unemployment and it is currently paying much higher than what they make at their job so not know what they are complaining about.

  • Anthony Isgro says:


  • Elijas says:

    Welcome to capitalism..

  • Polly Sey says:

    We don’t know what’s going to happen next because we’re not united.

  • Alberto Garcia 333 says:

    The new poor! Just like that!


    Why the background music? Isn’t already dramatic ENOUGH?


    If ANYTHING this is a HARD lesson for N. Americans to start living like the REST of the world! LESS IS MORE! Why the latest iPhone? Why the 60″ flat screen when you already have a 55″ screen? Why the $2,000 apartment when a ROOM is enough as a SINGLE person, no kids, etc?

  • Mike If you know you know says:

    My prayer for myself and my fellow Americans is that we NEVER forget this moment in time. On the other side of this, let’s do more saving than “contributing to this economy.” Save, save, save your money.. Period the end.

  • roachndacukyjar says:

    That one girl said it all you didnt want to support it now you need it…eating with your feet and ignoring your hands….see you need it now….we been saying it forever living from pay check to pay check isn’t going to work if something happens😞

  • Benji Francois says:

    All will be well…just have hope folks

  • purple jade says:

    Well now I suppose everyone knows what it’s like to exist at the bottom permanently, hold that thought!

  • otcx31 says:

    Agenda 21 & 2030 been planned by the Globalist Elites since 1992 Earth Day summit in Brazil. It will get even worse because they want us all to be enslaved where we will except the green new deal and the lost of the American republic.