Explaining Trends and How to Draw Trendlines

2020 5/31
Explaining Trends and How to Draw Trendlines

In this video, we give examples of how a downtrend shows lower highs and lower lows and how an uptrend shows higher highs and higher lows. We also introduce trendlines and demonstrate how to draw trendlines to identify both downtrends and uptrends.

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  • Anunobi Maxwell says:

    Love your videos

  • Bobby Pabla says:

    Best channel! Watch your videos religiously

    • Trading 212 says:

      Appreciate the love, Bobby!

  • R Eniyavan says:

    Sir new strategy videos

  • Nottingham Event Production says:

    Hi, is it possible to loose all your deposit and still owe money on your losses after a series of bad trades?

    • Trading 212 says:

      Hey there, short answer is no. There isn’t a way for you to end up owing money as a result of how your trades go.

    • Nottingham Event Production says:

      @Trading 212 Hi, can you explain the leverage you allow traders and the potential risks of losses due to leverage amounts, you are saying that if I deposited £1k and all that could buy with leverage that the maximum I could loose is £1k and not end up owing more money following a series of negative trades as I need to clarify this point.

    • Trading 212 says:

      Sure! The standard leverage for a regular CFD account goes up to 1:30 and 1:300 for Pro accounts respectively. Invest accounts are totally free to invest with and also commission free, allowing you to buy the actual share too.

      Also yes, that’s correct, your account value can never go below 0, regardless of which mode you choose to trade with.

  • Christian Ekipaser says:

    You have a nice, clear and professional way of explaining. Well done.

    • Trading 212 says:

      Thank you, Christian! We’re thrilled to hear that you’re getting value out of our videos.

  • Tony Hughes says:

    Thanks Peter, great content as always.

  • Syazwan Hadi says:

    Learning thanks

  • Christus Terran says:

    Quick questtion, does this technique can be applied regardless of timeline? Im looking at daily chart

    • Dirty Dan says:

      Need to know as well. Should I be looking at a timeframe of a week or a day

  • Arturo Thomas says:

    Can I trade with real money using 212? Mega trade is complicated but everybody recommended it but to be honest I loveeeeee 212 better but ima from USA .

    • Trading 212 says:

      As much as we’d love to have you with us, Arturo, US residents are currently not able to register for a real account with us due to regulatory conditions. We’ll be sure to notify you, however, should that change at any point in the future.

  • safety condensate platform says:

    Clean and clear presentation.

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  • Monique Roberts says:

    Thanks you very much…. This is so educational 😊

  • Forex Trader says:

    Make a video about stop losses it would be helpful

    • Jingle YaBombz says:

      Try putting it just below a support resistance if you are buying and just above a support resistance if you are selling.

  • Pooria Shahnamood says:

    Love your smile and hand writing.

  • Chad Bennington says:

    This is the best trading channel on the tube. Thank you so much! This information is invaluable👍👍👍

  • John Louise says:

    Amazing content

  • Urban Set Holdings says:

    A big thank you for this

  • Tayyab Barakzoi says:

    the most understandable video so far but still got something left il watch it over & over to get it fixed

  • Codename EnVoR says:

    You explained this so throughly thanks for the knowledge

  • Kakkad pareshbhai says:

    Thank you Mr.Peter your trends lain video

  • Dan W says:

    If I close my eyes and listen to you speak, I imagine Philip Schofield.

  • A Overton says:

    I have been trying to learn how to trade off and on for years and this was the easiest understanding video. I really appreciate it because I now feel like I understand the basics of trend lines.

  • Desert Rivers says:

    good explaining

  • Eric Keeneth says:

    Thank you for a very simplified way to explain trend lines for beginners!

  • ahmed bashiir omar says:

    thank you so much

  • Chandler says:

    Been watching all your videos, great stuff!

  • Orizzonte Trade says:

    Thanks for the clear explanation you are providing but can I know please which frame is the best to be considered?

  • Jay Jay Ngcai says:

    whats a trough?

  • Gary Scoggins Sr. says:

    Very food and clear instructions. Can you show how and where to put Support Lines?

  • Ottawa Investor says:

    Thank you🇨🇦

  • Jason Hutton-Mills says:

    What time period should be used when drawing trend lines, ie 5m, 15m 30m

  • anant shaktivardhan says:

    Great clarity in ur explanantion…Can u post a video on how to trade the trendlines please.