Liftoff! SpaceX Launches First Crewed Mission To International Space Station | NBC News

2020 6/01
Liftoff! SpaceX Launches First Crewed Mission To International Space Station | NBC News

SpaceX and NASA launched their historic first crewed mission to the ISS from Cape Canaveral, Florida.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Liftoff! SpaceX Launches First Crewed Mission to International Space Station | NBC News



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  • AshLeigh Chand says:

    Wish it crashed n BURNED😡😡😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈666 frm devil 2 ELON MC SQUARE BOY

  • jose Martinez says:

    OMG , of course Trump ruined it, his speech….. shm

  • joemac84 says:

    Amazing, one part of humanity launching to space while another part burns their own community to the ground

  • L9ves says:

    Where’s all the Flat Earthers at 🤨

    • J Big says:

      @L9ves Grab some books by Edward Hendrie if you would like some TANGIBLE material to get your hands on. No one wants be a flat earther, but it’s where the science, history and bible lead.

    • L9ves says:

      @J Big thank you my friend much appreciated 🤝

    • J Big says:

      @L9ves no problem! It’s a ton to sort through. No one asked for this life, but it is what it is

  • Brandie Jones says:


  • Douglas Brannon says:

    I thought this thing wasnt supposed to launch till sunday at 3:20

    • TennisTributes HD says:

      You got it wrong man, they said Saturday May 30 at 3:22pm. They said in the live stream that Sunday was gonna be a backup launch day if weather didn’t permit again but I didn’t hear a time if they had to resort to Sunday

  • Douglas Brannon says:

    I jog at 17,000 mph on a slow day.

  • Fred R. says:

    People act like there have never been men in space. SMH!

    • Le Rebel Flagship says:

      People are acting that way because it’s the first time a private company has launched humans into orbit, and the first time astronauts have been launched from American soil in 9 years. There’s a good reason to be hyped

    • Vikram Gupta says:

      I see your point, but also it’s not within the recent memory of a lot of people and a lot of younger people especially. Most importantly, this is still an inherently risky enterprise. You can never take it for granted.

  • Bryan Max says:

    Guess 2020 won’t be completely sh@t. It has been a disaster for real

  • rich ernest says:

    Fly me to the moon Musk amazing!Meanwhile earth races need a reboot.Captain Kirk2020!

  • Picard J-L says:

    Quelle déception franchement!
    J’ai pas vu un seul mort 💀 du Corona et ça franchement une démonstration pitoyable encore une fois… preuve par ici.
    Faut vraiment être con pour continuer à croire toute cette déception.. pour ceux qui ont des yeux pour voir et pour les autres comme dit si bien Dieudo:

    Les soins de santé, les pauvres ils ont pas eu une seule Minute pour eux.. dés 💀 et des vidéos TIKTOK par centaines
    Moi je connais quelqu’un qui connais quelqu’un qui lui-même connaît quelqu’un qui a eu la grippe.. même pas peur !!! Et ça c’est pour les blondes du coin, posez vos plugs sur le coin de la table et mettez vous ça bien profond où je pense et ça vient du 💖

  • Michelle Lee says:


  • Kelvin Lee says:

    america nasa very good

  • Kelvin Lee says:

    I nice america nasa

  • Barry Lion says:

    Elon ” i knelt on George Floyds kneck” Musk

  • Reginald Charles says:

    This is so cool

  • ayers says:

    Can someone tell me the objective of this mission and how long they’ll be gone?

    • D Stahl says:

      ayers this is the final test of the Dragon Capsule. If all goes well, it will start sending station crews up to the ISS. The length of their stay hadn’t been decided yet. Anywhere from 30 days to 110 days.

    • Sprink Hole says:

      @D Stahl What are you talking about? This IS a crewed mission. We just sent 2 people to the ISS on that rocket in the video.

    • D Stahl says:

      Sprink Hole I’m talking about regular crew rotations for the ISS. This is still a test mission. The regular crew rotations will include 4 astronauts.

  • Mini Surf says:

    So glad Trump was one of the engineers who helped build this rocket!!!

  • Butters says:

    Wow some waited hours to see something in “Orbit” so obviously cut the video right before or as entering. Same ole Nonsense, They can’t get out Guys as they admit.

    • Sprink Hole says:

      Why do you continue to breathe?

  • eLem3nT says:

    How come they didn’t hit the glass dome?

    • J Big says:

      Because it will parabola into the Bermuda triangle like most Florida launches do

  • Bill Christian says:

    Awesome moment for all of America.

  • Nicholas Peters says:

    GODSPEED SpaceX!!!!

  • Vikram Gupta says:

    Amazing. It’s like we’ve come full circle. Back to a ballistic missile style rocket for manned space flight. With this launch, and what’s happening in Minneapolis, it’s like it’s the 60’s again.

    • Sven Olsen says:

      And we have a Richard Nixon again, courtesy of a terrible president before him. Would’ve been no need for Trump if not for Obama. Just like there would’ve been no need for Nixon without Johnson. Unfortunately we don’t have MLK anymore, so no it isn’t the 60s. Boy do we need someone like him.

    • Vikram Gupta says:

      @Sven Olsen That’s funny. But, what was so terrible about Obama, objectively speaking? I’ll probably regret asking, cause I didn’t really want to get into a political debate.

    • Sven Olsen says:

      @Vikram Gupta Obamagate. Fast and Furious. Benghazi. Uranium One. Nearly tripled the debt. Broke the health care system. Upended civil rest. Broke his promise to get us out of the Middle East. Flunked an economic recovery (longest recovery since the Great Depression). Flunked H1NI.
      Need I say more?

    • Vikram Gupta says:

      @Sven Olsen Well, I definitely won’t try to change your mind! I am not familiar with everything you mentioned, and the Benghazi thing was a blunder…but (!)..I have to say.. there’s no such thing as “Obamagate”. That is a complete hoax. The healthcare system is no more broke than before he took office. H1N1 is pocket change compared to the current pandemic. And the middle east…why not put more blame on Bush for fabricating a reason to invade Iraq, and getting us entrenched there? I’m really not trying to change your view. All I’m saying is….8 years under Obama my day to day life was no better or worse.

    • Sven Olsen says:

      @Vikram Gupta I do blame Bush for the Middle East, but he didn’t fabricate a reason to invade. There were WMDs, he was lied too. We “found” them, under the Obama administration. He launched an invasion into a politically unstable region, costing lives and billions of dollars, then when Obama gets in on a promise to get out, what does he do? Start another war in Lybia, and never pulled out like he promised. So who’s worse, someone who did the wrong thing for all the right reasons, or someone who never kept his promises and even started even more wars.
      Bush was bad, Obama was really bad. On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Obama 0. Bush gets a 1, for his skillful leadership after 9/11. But he did nothing to revoke NAFTA, and started a war he didn’t finish. So, 1 is the best he gets.

  • G Q says:

    Trump is a Jinx!

  • Fire For Effect says:

    17,000 mph…

  • PBG PBG says:

    I got goosebumps. God Bless America

  • The Travelling Friend says:

    Seriously who dislikes this video? Flat Earthers?

  • Tim Haney says:

    all Americans feel pride in this moment

  • Adrian Carter says:

    Brave heroes travelling at courageous speeds that have no forgiveness. Congratulations Elon on this special opportunity.

  • Sprink Hole says:

    SpaceX launched … NASA just bought tickets.

  • moose tracks says:

    Awesome enough said

  • Sa Hoang says:

    Video launched is proof US really stupid than real dogs .

  • HeyGuy4321 says:

    do they have a control room like nasa at space x?

  • Jason Stoner says:

    All the world is a stage.

  • David Clark says:

    I am sure Trump knows more than NASA engineers.

  • Black Magic says:

    Are you gonna start sending Payloads to the moon

  • Rita Walsh says:

    God luck !!!!

  • Brandon Bartosh says:

    Nice rocket. CGI starts at 2:20

  • Roy Alakhdar says:

    thank you spaceX and NASA for this historical sight

  • paramasivam samanna says:

    Great achievement, in the midst of Pandemic, whishes to both whatever their faith belongs to, to return safely after the mission complete. Scientific community around the world watching. NASA be Extra careful more than ever for cyber theft. Thanks for the hard work. Paramasivam

  • Free Gaming Casino says:

    Outstanding, good news, congrads???

  • mix kitchen says:

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  • Cherrykah R says:

    America has so many distractions for so many Agenda’s!
    Amazing view to see though! Good Job👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾!!!!

  • Greedo says:

    Congratulations America!

  • TheUsername217 says:

    Gordon Ramsey: Finally some good HISTORICAL EVENT

  • Keisha M. Jones says:

    I cried the whole time watching this! America will continue the dream.

    • Hector Cardenas says:

      Keisha M. Jones
      …Stay awake, rather.

  • Isaac Rizard says:

    A good deflection from Elon Musk ala Trump tirades recently…

  • Henry Ramos says:

    Take me with you! I don’t want to live on this planet anymore!!!

  • Jose Castellon says:

    Trump 2020!

  • weidles says:


  • Abigale says:

    I didn’t even see this until now because all of the bad news is blowing up my feed. It’s nice to see some prosperity.

  • Kalpact says:


  • wolf blitzer says:

    There of to button moon 😂

  • * xXDJ-HYP3R_FR3SHXx * says:

    Saw this in person and it was amazing.

  • HRH TreeofLife says:

    Every second counts!

  • lius chan says:


  • junito1957 says:


    • lucent99 says:

      I don’t think you know what you are talking about. The difference is night and day. You need to read more.

    • junito1957 says:


    • lucent99 says:

      junito1957 I am wordless. I give up. Believe whatever you want. The world is yours. BRAVO👏

  • Hasan Hasan says:

    God bless America god bless America god bless America god bless America god bless America god bless America god bless America America forever

  • Alvina Korchak says:

    Where are all the flat earthers at???

    • Josh Holden says:

      Right here laughing at the gullible

  • akev v says:

    The future of space exploration will not be accomplished using chemical rockets. This is not a victory, but a step backwards.

    • Vikram Gupta says:

      Interesting perspective. I see your point, as this was articulated by experts a generation ago. But at the same time, it’s still the best technology for re-establishing a presence at the ISS.

    • akev v says:

      @Vikram Gupta Actually, it’s simply the most cost-effective short term solution. Soyuz was already delivering astronauts to the INTERNATIONAL space station safely and consistently. Long term, we need better ways to escape our gravity wells. I feel SpaceX and Boeing, while being super impressive from an engineering point of view, will ultimately take us down the wrong path scientifically. The rest is politics and propaganda.

  • mr crab The gamer says:

    Wow impressive

  • Strong Man says:

    Hey Russia, this is how we do it!!!🤣😁😂😆🤣

  • TheTruthDoor says:

    It’s a shame that China owns Musk. They will launch a cheaper version of this rocket in a couple of weeks.

  • Gina Smith says:


  • CeddieCed says:

    Did they mean 1,700 or 17,000?

    • Adrian says:

      17,000 (once in orbit)

  • kryptik0 says:

    NBC made a critical mis-statement 2x in a row. ” 17000 miles per hour”. If you don’t understand the speeds and the science behind them, shut your pie hole. Who gave these idiots speaking assignments?

  • Techs says:

    This shows American technological great again

  • Leonardo Machado says:

    This is just too beautiful, I can’t hold my tears.
    To think about all the people involved in this that devoted their lives to science is one feeling that I’ll never get tired of.
    Thank you, I needed that today.

  • Tom All says:

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  • Noé Ranz says:

    lol Another complotist moron

  • Dexter Bagalay says:

    It’s the only good thing happen within this year so far

  • Justfortheviews says:

    Hi Jeff. How’s burning money working out for you?

  • BAC soldier says:

    @Noé Ranz another blinded sheep

  • Narayan Das says:

    One good news in 2020 . 👍👍🙏🙏

  • Easy Diddit says:

    Who cares…

  • FERNANDES Jean says:

    by the richs, for the richs while people starving, but everything’s ok…crazy world.

  • William Bradford Murray says:

    I want to like it, but it’s nbc

  • greenseaships says:

    Apparently when we sold off all our Space Shuttle facilities, we also sold off the high-def telephoto-zoom cameras? I’ve seen better footage of Gemini launches in the 60s.

    • greenseaships says:

      Wish the automated camera knew that the rocket was down there, not 300 feet in front of it….

  • israel5535 active says:

    While America is burning. Lift off! Space X Launches First Crewed Mission To International Space Station. Hooray America!

  • Rick Brick says:

    Can one of Them say hi to shark Puppet for me
    I bet he’s still in space

  • Austin Hightower says:

    I remember watching this live and wondering why the NBC narrator kept on saying, “17,000 miles per hour.” Nothing in this video is going 17000 miles per hour. He was just saying it randomly. 😂

  • kimberly kimberly says:

    You two devil worshipping slave ship sellout losers get off my page.

  • mac daddy says:

    Now if only I could get toilet paper from Amazon. Sigh….

  • som powar says:

    Well done. Congratulations.

  • Keze Biame says:

    Something to smile about in the middle of these calamities in America. Wishing them well. God bless America.

  • sabestek says:

    can I please hitch a ride with you kind folks if there is any room left boy now’s a good time as any to flee this God forsaken planet leave the troubles behind me currently here at home. ’til all are one .!

  • Amelia Ogle says:

    God Speed, God Bless

  • song yardbird says:

    To bad Trump wasn’t on that ship.

  • Ildar G says:

    The most beautiful thing is that 18 years ago it was just a dream of one person.

  • Jin Roh says:

    Imagine a horror movie where one of the astronauts on the rocket has corona virus, and the others must avoid infection for months on end in space until the return flight…

  • Zulfikar 21 says:

    And vertically landed. Nice, just like a sci-fi movie

  • Josh Holden says:

    Hold that camera up to the window Mr. ‘Spaceman’.

  • KISSONLY says:

    USA: OMG!! Historic!
    Russia: meh…

  • Cheesychos Cheeto’s says:

    What’s the purpose of this? Anyone know?

  • Isisabet Oshun Jin says:

    They re just bringing corona outa space!

  • julesriff says:

    I love that lunch

  • Noé Ranz says:

    @BAC soldier lol Take your meds

  • Jordanio0 says:

    Jesus these announcers making unnecessary commentary need to shut up for a bit

  • David Tubb says:

    Lot’s on holes in the coverage of the launch, the mission video wise that is highly suspect. No uninterrupted video from launch to final orbit which should be super easy to do. No touchdown video of return booster, no docking approach, connection link from either ISS or Dragon.

  • Mike 72 says:


  • BAC soldier says:

    @Noé Ranz your pills cover up the lies. No thank you .
    I’ll use GOD given commmon sense and the HOLY SOIRIT to see through the lies.

  • Cyka_Delik says:


  • Chris Nichols says:

    It brought a tear to my eye