‘Was That A Nerve?’: Cedric Richmond And Matt Gaetz Clash On Police Reform | NBC News NOW

2020 6/23
'Was That A Nerve?': Cedric Richmond And Matt Gaetz Clash On Police Reform | NBC News NOW

Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-La., and Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., clashed in a heated race argument during a House Judiciary Committee meeting on police reform.
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‘Was That A Nerve?’: Cedric Richmond And Matt Gaetz Clash On Police Reform | NBC News NOW



コメント一覧 (132件)

  • Rich Studio Pictures says:

    We are in a Human Race Against Time!

  • Iy Dominic says:

    Matt Gaetz the fool

  • Terence Heesch says:

    Matt Gaetz is 38 and unmarried…he’s “adopted son” is 19…A GROWN MAN, NOT A CHILD…last time I heard about a middle-aged man “adopting” someone half their age, they bought a time share on Fire Island and were celebrating their 5 anniversary together…
    …that man activates my gaydar every time he goes through his “I DO DECLARE!” tantrums…

    • Gamingchimp says:

      @themooch but if we didnt let single people adopt there would be a lot more

    • Linda Love says:

      HAAAAA!!!!! You did not go there!!!!

    • Linda Love says:

      But, seriously, I read that he adopted that child when he was 12. I got some (sorry) Pedophile vibes as well when I read about the adoption, but hope to God that’s not the case. I thought this guy was married.

    • James Finnegan says:

      Fantastic LoL

    • SOLLISTER X says:

      Cuban 19 yrs son. Who is as white as he is.

  • Bob A says:

    Send him home Matt! This guy is out of line with his comments. Glad Matt called this guy out on his presumptuous behavior. Another one of those big mouthed black guys using his position of power for his own racial agenda. Get rid of this guy and get someone who is more qualified to serve congress.

    • Guardian Commander says:

      You proved Cedric’s points. Thanks.

  • Fausdionis Pizzeria says:

    The melting pot of america is starting to boil over

  • cly1121989 says:

    “If the shoe fits”; “kicked dogs holler” 😂😂😂😂

    • Edith Woods says:


    • cly1121989 says:

      Ricochet Bing Bing Bing mate, google’s your best friend here 😂

    • milli n phill says:

      😭😭😭 “was that a nerve”

    • nickj12 says:

      Ricochet Bing Bing Bing was that a nerve? 😂

    • nickj12 says:

      milli n phill 👏🏾😂

  • Charlie Lambert says:

    It’s not about the other colors just black men. How racist of a comment is that

    • William Carter says:

      What’s worse is how racist your perception is.

  • Major Glory says:

    “The color of your kids dont matter.”
    Because a black male in the streets you are talking about can’t have white parents? Look at Colin Kaepernick.
    Everyone’s grandstanding in this video.

    • Free Spirit says:

      So are you! Get real!

    • Major Glory says:

      @Free Spirit I am not sure I follow.
      Because I point out both are wrong to an extent I am grandstanding?
      I do appreciate the 90s “get real” throwback though

  • Rebecca Helen says:

    Gaetz is disgusting for a plethora of actions. However, to use some boy that’s been living with him for whatever six eight years as a tool, as a weapon to win an argument, when he’s barely publicly acknowledged him, is the lowest of lows. His argument also doesn’t hold water. When’s the last time anyone’s heard of a Cuban boy in an affluent South Florida community getting harassed by a law officer, let alone murdered??? He’s a lot easier to put up with when he wears that gas mask. It should be a permanent attachment to his face. He’s so ignorant all he knows how to do is mock other people. He’s nothing but a phony cheap B actor like tucky Carlson.

  • Cook51 says:


  • Cook51 says:


  • Jake Spur says:

    Love it. Matt Gaetz has got to be the worst actor ever. Taxpayers pay for him to act like this? It appears he is drinking again.

  • melanatedbri says:

    Cedric richmond for president!

    • John Days says:


    • melanatedbri says:

      @John Days was that a nerve?

    • John Days says:

      @melanatedbri no. It was a response. Duh?

    • melanatedbri says:

      @John Days 🧂🧂🧂

  • Jason PLUS Music says:

    They did not clash on reform. They clashed because the one guy questioned the other guys love for his family

    • sawed_off_ beatz says:

      They clashed because love for his family had nothing to do with the subject at hand. Was simply used as a distraction….

    • Jason PLUS Music says:

      sawed_off_ beatz yes he insulted him

    • sawed_off_ beatz says:

      @Jason PLUS Music yes because Gaetz insulted his intelligence by that lame distraction tactic.

  • Sharon Mullins says:

    Mr. Richmond is articulate, and clear; blathering babbler Gaetz, is the epitome of racist WT. And BTW, who “adopts” a 20 year old son? Another Lindsey in the house?(or senate).

  • Leon L says:

    Nice try at redirecting the issue. He made it clear the problem.

  • Free Spirit says:

    Matt Gaezt ! You still don’t know what it’s like to be Black! And your mixed lover doesn’t eithet!

  • Badeu Miriam says:

    Black and non white are not the same thing

    • Badeu Miriam says:

      I agree

    • Badeu Miriam says:

      I simply said that not all people of color necessary face the same struggles as black people in America

    • GMS Gabar Adama 01 says:

      valenzupc That is not right that is wrong we are fundamentally different and that’s just a pure fact

    • mark spannar says:

      Black males are more likely to be killed by their own race than by a police officer.

    • Badeu Miriam says:

      @mark spannar I’m guessing you are not a Back male yourself

  • LOGIC ! says:

    Mixed kids are not. “Non white”.

  • UPT123 says:

    Gaetz clearly has some racial biases. I don’t care what “smoke-screens” he puts up (his son included) his track record speaks for itself. He is always belligerent and indignant when it comes to African-Americans. One of his worst outburst came during an attack on Rev. Al Sharpton. This guy’s behavior is disgraceful and shouldn’t be tolerated by either party.

    • B T says:

      Oh, god. Sharpton is a hack, a liar, an exploiter, and a racist, and a shitload of scandals. He is totally discredited. How he gets the exposure he does is a mystery considering he deserves none of it.

    • UPT123 says:

      @B T … Fake News

    • Magilla Gorilla Security Patrol says:

      Does B T stand for *B* igoted *T* ool?

  • vickie larue says:

    Another Liberal putting down whites because we all know most of all whites get along fine with blacks..the Liberals ALWAYS WANT TO STIR CRAP..YOU’RE AN AWESOME MAN GOETZ!!!!!!

  • M. Jones says:

    They are both stupid. Being a cuban in florida is like being Greek in Athens, it’s the majority. Plus if we are all americans it won’t matter.

  • MutantMike says:

    The level of entitlement on this bobble head is unprecedented. I don’t get why he thinks he can get away with anything he does. Is it really cause of his family ties or what?

  • *BROTHER WOLF* says:

    Do you know what in the bill? The last time democratics done a justice system bill BLACK people. Are just getting pardoned by president Trump’s.
    These dramatic encounters are useless in sloving Citizens issue at this level of government.
    Change police issue policy can only accure at State and local district. For it to effect everyday AMERICAN Citizens.
    Democratics and republicans DC political class politicians are a failures to society in general.
    99.5 % of all police officer involved atrocitys occur in democratics Progressives managed municipalities, counties and state’s same as 3 strikes crime bills.
    Democratic dramatics and symbolism are just a cover .
    And republicans or no better to let them get away with it

  • Mark Hill says:

    It’s pretty clear to me that most of you who’ve posted on this video don’t ever watch these types of House hearings. The Democrats are nothing but nasty MFers.

  • Billy Boykin says:

    Corny azz.dude chazet

  • Billy Boykin says:

    Awww. Cry 😂😂😂

  • Matthew Delaney says:

    Matt willfully smothered the fire of this focussed discussion to talk about some hollow, meaningless, tangential, reactionary diversion.

    This is a demonstrative microcosm of what congressional district representives are like, with Richmond the sole voice of reason in a chorus of deafening silence, there’s no wonder why this oligarchic kleptocratic corporate state is in perpetual civic dysfunction and social malaise, no incumbent or any person with political clout is concerned about democracy and representing the will of the people.

  • Medium Brown says:

    Ha! Kicked Dogs Holla😂😂😂😂😂✊👍💖

  • Medium Brown says:

    Was That A Nerve😂😂😂😂

  • Guardian Commander says:

    The following is whitesplaining:
    Cedric was terrific! 😁

  • Carie LeBeau says:

    God bless you Richmond … you need to read John 3:16 …. thank you Gaetz!!!!

  • Edith Woods says:

    BOOM!! what was that? he’s nerve 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Duyan Tso says:

    Ma man mister Richmond

  • Duyan Tso says:

    Mister gates inserted himself in this to get publicity and got his fake gates handed to him

  • Jan J says:

    “Was that a nerve” LMAO

  • Jonathan Williams says:

    This is badass

  • Michael 0. says:

    Matt Gaetz is smart and often articulate from what I’ve seen, but he needs to grow up. Matt-you’re almost 40-it’s time.

  • Trey Referee 100% says:

    Matt tried to deflect and distract

  • milli n phill says:

    “Kick dog holler” 😭😭😭

  • Arno Sinclair says:

    Now lets turn to Fox News to their “version” of what just happened!

  • Jemezie Eriator says:

    Rep Cedric was right, he is not talking about the colour of his adopted son (who is not biological neither is he an Africa/American that is being targeted by the police) yet he still has the guts to bring up his useless arguments. They always do that remember meadow crying for using that lady as a prop, after all his racist remarks on Obama. And then claim that they understand what the people involved are feeling. Shameless people.

  • hashirama senju says:

    “How dare you not acknowledge my imaginary black son. TAKE IT BACK!!!”

    • kantonio sean says:

      i wish I could retweet this😂😂

    • Teresa Chapman says:

      Yeah… there are MUCH bigger issues going on here. Everything going on is meant to distract and divide Americans. Nothing about this is productive. None of this provides us all with the opportunities we ALL deserve. Last ditch effort by the Globalists so they can attempt to evade accountability for their crimes and Communist agenda. If we are busy tearing down one another, we can’t focus on THEM.

    • Teresa Chapman says:

      AND… what 31 year old male adopts a 12 year old boy? Just sayin’

  • Niall MacCeide says:

    They all know about Gaetz’s ‘adopted’ love child.

  • Stephen Ward says:

    Whiney little Matt, poor baby 🍼 Poster boy for white privilege.

  • Regina Santos says:

    Go Mr Richmond… thank you for having passion & thank you for caring…

  • Judy Tubbs says:

    Matt Gaetz is a waste of skin. His false indignation is so ridiculous and frankly he cares nothing for anybody but himself.and his own power which is evident by the way he has failed to protect his own constituents. His efforts to throw paper togers, to distract, to obfuscate…he is despicable

  • Kevin Harris says:

    Gartz is always interested in creating a side show for himself. He is nothing but a distraction. He needs to voted out of office because he serves no one but himself.

  • death star wont save you says:

    Liberals use white privilege and implicit biases to silence their political enemies. But what about liberals egalitarian bias or envy bias. Not my fault the government has blown taxes for the last 107 on wars and secret bunkers. White people have disproportionately paid higher taxes and donated to charities for a century now, yet all you ever hear about is how we are driven by racist biases.

  • Super Froggy and Bronx Gaming says:

    It’s hard to live in America when your white

    • Magilla Gorilla Security Patrol says:


  • Mike Marchlik says:

    Yeah gaetz!! Who do these people think they are? What a disgrace

  • Catherine Williams says:

    a white GOP rep was upset that the bill was created by Dems without GOP input. The GOP had 8 years to deal with this issue and nothing got done. The Senate version is a joke that a black senator from South Carolina had to pretend it’s his idea, when he knows it’s the only thing Moscow Mitch will allow on the floor for a vote.

  • NextGen Milestones says:

    Checkmate seat down

  • Dee gas man says:


  • Joshua Talamantes says:

    He trys to get mad to detour the subject typical

  • jjboys215 says:

    Gaetz is a COMPLETE POS!!! I feel sorry for the child of color he’s raising

  • Gerald Healey says:

    Was that a nerve??? Legend 👍🤣👍

  • Drowsy Waters says:

    A non-white child is different than a black child. Gaetz is heir apparent to Phat Donnie.

  • Brandy Brown says:

    Can anyone say Jeffrey Epstein?! 😳

  • Steve Hollingsworth says:

    Always playing the race card

  • Ram Nyl says:

    Kicked dogs Holler. You got that right!

  • Brian Erwin says:

    is this why white men been so obsessed with half black women as of late? now, instead of “i have black friends” they can say “i have a black wife and son”

  • larry marler says:

    Nestor is homosexual and is having a sexual relationship with Gaetz.

  • James Finnegan says:

    Is Matt worried about children’s safety while he’s DUIing around town ?

  • Virgil Hathaway says:

    The only eminent threat to black men is other black men not law enforcement.

  • Joy Marvin says:

    Okay let’s get this straight….a black man is stating that he wants equality regardless of race is then telling a white man that he can’t participate because of the color of his skin. This is exactly why more and more people are going republican every day. People are fed up with the hypocrite demo-rats. When they are done discussing things they are going to ask ALL THE WHITES IN THE ROOM TO VOTE ON SOMETHING THEY WERE NOT ALLOWED TO DISCUSS OR ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT. Really stupid move!!! Things do not get better until everyone comes together for a discussion. You need his vote to fix racism but you are going to act racist towards him ! Mr. Richmond isn’t terribly bright !

  • Charles Crowell says:

    Getz was trying to sidetrack and distract.

  • Alan says:

    Matt is 100% racist and he’ll interrupt anyone talking about racist issues he he stand for his racist feeling and others in congress im not stupid i see it and seen it..

  • Newman Newmanz says:

    Black supremacists are rising, they are becoming like Hutus(Rwanda). You can test these people by wearing Maga hat or all lives matter t-shirts in front of them, see how peaceful they are.

  • Newman Newmanz says:

    Black supremacists are becoming like Nazis, you disagree them then you are toast.

  • Ms. Nola says:

    Calm and cool, “ was that a nerve?” Until you’ve faced with and dealt with the fear of not going home to your family EVERYDAY, you will NEVER understand.

  • Christy Hoover says:

    Good Lord, I had study a bit of everything….Gaetz – GenXer/Millenial….Richmond – GenXer….Lol…..If the Shoe Fits, wear it and wear it good – Toni, Tony, Tone…..😲🤣🤣🤣🥳👠👞 Ya’ll sound like high school….

  • Angelica Houston says:


  • Lydia Velazquez says:

    Something not right!

  • luispiros says:

    Gaetz- grabs his Starbucks as if grabbing his 12 oz of Miller Lite. Alcoholic reflex move. Watch.

  • Brenda R. Wyatt says:

    Rep Cedric Richmond would get my vote as President Biden’s Vice- President 2020

  • Rey Rey says:

    Even if Gaetz has black kids or family members, his black family will tell them their self he’ll never understand what it means to be black.

  • domagoj brkić says:

    I knew i will see bunch of black rasists in the comments, you did not disappoint me

  • Sara Fernandez says:

    I wish Fox showed the full video like they did here. Completely irresponsible, but I’m not surprised

  • Dorothy Allen says:

    Mr. Richmond is my new HERO. Please help Tim Scott find reality even if he is a republican.

  • Question Why says:

    please go live in Africa… and if he has mix race children, please leave the country, you are killing it!

  • jestice john says:

    Cedric Richmond…..Buddy you are a complete waste of time. You are the worst racist I have heard in a long time. And you are a coward. You hide behind the fact your party controls the committee. You are the worst person I’ve have heard when it comes to conversation about bad cops. Of course there are bad cops in blue states because Mr. Richmond that’s the nature of you and your party,. OH, by the way, I hate to mention this but how long have you had the last name Richmond. If you ancestors date back to the Civil War you sir have a slave name. When black folks got on the midnight train to freedom many times they were asked about their names so a record of their run to freedom could be recorded. The former slave would come up with a new name. Harriet Tubman did….Oh, I’m sorry, do you know about that grand lady? I would say no. Oh, in Oklahoma last night there was one or two shoving matches….that was it. But, we are lowly red state what do we know. Cedric….don’t ever come to Oklahoma, you might change your mind about white folks. You racist!

  • Bobby Thomas says:

    “Hey i have a black son so i understand how it is to be black” Most pathetic thing ive heard yet.

  • Dàsarae Power says:

    They need to fire Matt. Matt you know you don’t care about black kids. Because you wouldn’t had jumped in like you didn’t.Fire Matt he don’t care about black kids dieing.😢😥☹️

  • Amanda Titus says:

    I sincerely hope he gets his life figured out. What a sad excuse for human life.

  • Calloway Flooring says:

    Hundreds of black law enforcement…possibly thousands …and its bias…i call BS!!! How about taking responsibility for poor choices .

  • Edmond Pereira says:

    I wonder if we can label Matt Gaetz as a male “KAREN”. 🙂

  • Christopher Dennis says:

    Matt Gaetz, though very smart and clever, is nutz…and would have fit nicely into the National Socialist Party in Germany, and those long black leather boots.

  • Kyle D says:

    This man thinks black men are killed regularly yet that’s not true only the media shows that. When a black men has a 0.004% of getting killed by cops.

  • Angelica Houston says:

    2.23 If the shoe fit 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜

  • L says:

    Gaetz carding dumb and loose. Cedric Richmond didn’t come to play with Gaetz today.

  • Pat d says:

    Matt Gaetz foiled Cedric’s 2-bit speech!

  • Kenneth Bush says:

    A hit dog will holla 🤣🤣🤣

  • Blake Barre' says:

    Louisiana wins……what a clown

  • Tee YnG God says:

    Matt pulled that I have a black friend card🤣. Just like a racist, trying to downplay someone’s real problems by trying to justify why theirs is legit. I guess the point he was trying to make because he has a melanated son (four years now) that makes him a non-racist. 🤦🏿‍♂️Matt Matt Matt, it doesn’t, you can care about your Cuban son while hating Black Americans. I got news for you we are here to stay, just like you are, the only difference is Black American didn’t steal America.

  • gary firlotte says:

    Mark supports trump so everyone knows what he is

  • kiki9619 Terry says:

    Didn’t someone say Gaetz was dating Nesters sister and that’s how they met? Then something happened and he decided to adopt Nester. I read it somewhere. Can someone please help me out.

  • Dendrobial Bright says:

    If you are a politician fighting fiercely for one race.. You do not represent the country.. But one race.. Which systematically and fully makes you earn the title “racist”. You’re welcome Cedric richmond and all the other democratic demons that do not belong in political office.

  • redseven lily says:

    Go, Cedric! Matt is faking outrage … because he is an asshat who knows you made your point, in spite of his efforts to derail you.