Outrage Over Elijah McClain Death As Police Nationwide Face New Investigations | NBC Nightly News

2020 6/28
Outrage Over Elijah McClain Death As Police Nationwide Face New Investigations | NBC Nightly News

Colorado’s governor says the state will reexamine the death of 23-year-old Elijah McClain, who died after being stopped and placed in a chokehold by Aurora police last August. His story is one of numerous police incidents across the U.S. prompting demands for justice and new investigations.
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Outrage Over Elijah McClain Death As Police Nationwide Face New Investigations | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (105件)

  • jhtkd0811 says:

    All cops are suspicious of being a potential killers.

  • Dan C S says:


  • bin chen says:

    CNN and BIDEN got a lot of money from CPP to make fake news to hurt American!

  • Lucila M. Custodio says:

    Please check out
    “Call It What It Is: Anti-Blackness”
    (Written by Dr. Ross, June 4, 2020)

  • Joan Lynch says:

    This is really upsetting! What was he arrested for?

  • Cyprian Udo says:

    Yes, the chokehold must have killed that young man! Americans should try love instead of hate: They wouldn’t be disappointed, God even recommended that when He said to, “love your neighbor as thyself”. That’s good for your health and soul…it’s like the truth, it sets you free like the breeze. Love, like in love making, makes you feel not better but good after you experience the power of love. However, I know that it’s easier said than done, because, it’s truely easier to hate than love. That’s why getting to Heaven is not as easy as hating anyone either; you have to earn it through persistent practice… it’s a challenge from God to man to enter the ‘good book’ for a place in His kingdom 🙏. Try, I said, to do your best for your soul because just like death, Heaven is equally real; simply because, Jesus spoke about it while on Earth preaching to save our souls.

  • Eric Wright says:

    These cops are murdering people. On camera. Then they claim. This is political
    F these cops. Murder is murder.

  • Arounthone says:

    There are a few racist and Stone cold killer cop among the good cop. Also there are many good cops had been killed on the line of duty as well. The mainstream media must tell the people to respect the police and comply to the police then he outcome will be different.

  • Krissy Baby says:

    that kid obviously never had anyone to teach him how to act with police. sad

    • kb_prophet says:

      Police should know how to do their job without taking a life.

  • Groove Fretboard says:

    What a threat jeez! A skinny lil kid walking home takes that much force to restrain?

    • Ezekiel 25:17 says:

      He shouldn’t have resisted. Skinny lil kid also should not have been out walking around at night. Where were his parents?

  • Legends Never Die says:

    Cops just love killing people of color time to defund these terrorists this has to stop

  • Ciao Jeff Italia says:

    Why do the cops even bother enforcing the law against Blacks ? If you ignore the crime, crime rates decrease and Democrats can claim they solved the crime rate.

  • Irene Marlor says:

    This boy needs JUSTICE. R.I.P. Elijah. Australian Aboriginal Woman.

  • Najib Md says:

    How come no one talks about solving the problem…. Enough talk about the issues….. Where does America go from here? More death?

  • Vincent Jackson says:

    What kind of human beings are these people. What do police training do to them or being in that uniform do. Crazy

  • Joe Bloe says:

    I believe that the only way for an African-American to escape racism is to repatriate themselves to their homeland in Africa!

  • SurfingJakeOwns says:

    at first i was like <-- but then -->

  • Raymundo Velez says:

    They always murder innocent people and get away with it smh

    • Ezekiel 25:17 says:

      They were called out to the area because of a 911 non emergency phone call by a concerned citizen. Do some research. What NBC won’t tell you. The kid didn’t die in the hands of police. The kid died 6 days later in the hospital of a heart attack. The reason of the hear attack could not be determined. Wow. You media mutha fucka’s are amazing.

  • Alehia klorian says:

    commited no crime and ended up dying. I never hear of this until today. colarado CLAN CENTRAL. They knew what they were doing. YOU have no choice you have to fight them.

  • Hiho hiho says:

    It’s time to start. The order has been given.

  • Hiho hiho says:

    Who agrees that police chiefs will start killing their own. Officers event for making them look bad?

  • T says:


  • Over50andFantabulous says:

    Lord have mercy.

  • D.D. James says:

    I genuinely think America should mind their business about human rights in other countries. Better yet stop invade other countries. Fix your own country.

  • Come To Butthead says:


  • TEE LOVER says:

    Dirty stank pigs need to be fired.then lied and said he reached for there gun knowing there mistake was already made to cover there stank tracks.hope they get a bullet to the temple at some point in there great careers.

  • Tank Smith7704 says:

    Dirty cops everywhere! I don’t trust none of these pigs! Racist pigs!

  • TEE LOVER says:

    Dirty Stank/Thugs with a badge

  • Crinosis says:

    About time racism was addressed in this country, I have been saying this for decades yet I heard people say there was no such a thing in our culture.

  • Skullgang Conner says:

    Tf is this world comin to🤦🏾‍♂️

  • problematic donkay says:

    ain’t colorade a gun carrying state? lord, living around all these racist whites WITH guns. you need at least a hand gun, shotgun and half automatic since a full you can’t have! and of course a russian tank and i ain’t come out if you in those white friendly cities! lmao

  • Raphael Jasi says:

    Name a better Country for African Americans to live in than The USA😂

  • Dong Son says:

    WTF, lowkey now I see why people rioting but guys dont riot onto local businesses. If you really wanna protest and riot remember theres city hall, local precincts, and our capital. Local businesses have been hurt by the corona no reason to do more harm. Safely protest/riot and remember leave the businesses alone only the thief’s are looting dont be a thief.

  • Ahiesser Aguilar says:

    NBC news could have shown more footage of Elijah’s last words but instead chose the end of the video to show reactions and other police altercations that did demand reasonable force, making Elijah’s murder seem just.

  • The Phantom says:

    Lock up all of these killers🐽

  • Jerry Rogers says:

    Cause of death undetermined? How about the “blue flu”?

  • April Carr says:

    My problem is with these cops I see no resistance in these potential suspects so what’s up with the choke hold or is it called a death hole


    The WM is so weak and hilariously Punkish. His Manhood dangling on his hip….

  • Timothy says:

    If cops were fired for racist threats why weren’t they charged for an attempted hate crime?

  • Paula Rosa Marie says:

    In a “free Country”, can you imagine your brother going to the grocery store and never coming back because a cop killed him? The US is sick and I sympathise with the people who have to live with such fear. It’s untolerable and so unjust. Change cannot wait. This needs to stop.

  • Phillychill L says:

    They been talking about slaughtering us for 400 years and ain’t done it yet. We know what y’all want to do to us but we ain’t scared of anything

  • Kay D says:

    i feel sick

  • mark pope says:

    RIP Kelly Thomas, no justice for you

  • John Brown says:

    Why are they always white?

  • Reda El says:

    Didn’t know Jay-Z was a cop

  • UnitedBlog Spot says:

    The racial makeup of the respective police department should match the demographic they are patrolling. These incidents are rampant and something needs to be done. Also, in these cases, the DA should be able to prosecute with the hate crime enhancement.

  • Jay Moore says:

    The police gave him a shot of ketamine …that’s how he died folks!

    • BWR Rock says:

      The paramedics should be just as responsible and charged also.

    • Ronald Allen says:

      They gave him that because he had two heart attacks while he was handcuffed. Also he was vomiting. This should have never happened. All officers involved should be in jail.

  • Emmett Tuff says:

    Police policies that allow murder???

  • Michael Charles says:

    Jesus Christ here in tHis second coming.
    By not accepting My Leadership you all are threatening Black lives I would otherwise save.

    My 👽xtra Terrestrial Allies are readying further incursion responses to deter further denial of My Being, who I AM.

  • BWR Rock says:

    The paramedic who decided to administer this strong tranqulizer without collecting any medical history on this young man should also be charged, too. He was motionless when paramedics arrived before injecting a substance. He wasn’t detain and briefly questioned. He was arrested, strangled, and drugged for no reason and later died due to the injury they caused. This is such a sad story.

  • Moving Forward says:

    Sounds like the man had some sort of disability. Maybe Autism? You can tell by the way he is talking that he has some sort of panic disorder, or anxiety. He is trying to tell them.
    The fact he looks suspicious does not in any way allow an officer to grab him the way they did. Stop and frisk is not stop and forceful grab, or any other physical force.
    How can someone not tell that this man had some sort of problem? There is a need for some officers to take all their rage out on citizens. That is sick. What did this young human do? If it steroids or just the rush from having absolute power. Something had to change.
    The amount of sure hate, rage, anger taken out in the public is a crime. Praying for all involved.

  • Retribution Forever says:


  • Karen Aminez says:

    He played violin for cats at shelters. 💔

  • Determined One says:

    Yuri Bezmenov talked about the 4 stages of Marxist subversion.

    Stage 1 is demoralization. This stage has been completed. There is an army of useful idiots indoctrinated into Marxist ideology who are unable to come to sensible conclusions.

    Stage 2 is destabilization. This stage is in progress, and you can see it right now. They are actively trying to destroy the capitalist system.

  • Marlon crossfield says:

    Do a police officer…have to use a chokehold just to arrest somebody…..

  • The Big G says:

    Officers Nathan Woodyard, Jason Rosenblatt and Randy Roedema are still on the job today.

  • Hattan AlShutaifi says:

    As police killing against black peoples it prove Malcolm x does has point against police brutality and killing against black peoples

  • Army of Gog says:

    Israel exports its brutal police training to the US, and it shows.

  • Michael sun says:

    Does killing the young black can wipe the discrimination?

  • L Harris says:

    He wasn’t resisting. Why are they sitting on him

  • Wrinthia Kendrick says:

    The sins of the father can visit their kids; the pos policeman who spoke of killing Black folks may very well one day be unable to stop the slaughter of his own kids. What folks don’t seem to realize is that spiritual laws STILL apply; you reap bloodshed, you shall surely sow it.

  • Mahbube Khoda Siddiki says:

    They gave this poor kid 500 mg of ketamine. He was only 130 lbs. That’s a massive overdose. They gave him the entire vial. The officers cut off blood to his brain and the ketamine helped finalize his cardiac arrest. All those involved should be charged with murder.

  • Fabiafidus says:

    My worst nightmare.. fkn ell man, cant even stay secluded within my own home and stay away from talking to people.. even then the police is out to get us.. i just want to be left alone, my introverted wierd self 🙁

  • Jojo The tier man says:

    Time to start killing cops

  • Wardhiigley Wardhiigley says:

    Giant middle finger to the police

  • VAL. Loves says:

    🛡️⚔️😌”Everyone Needs Justice And To Me There’s No Color”🙌🕊️🛡️⚔️

  • Chocolate Smitten says:

    I don’t think this should be made into a “Black issue” even though the media is making it out to be. The fact of the matter is that it is morally wrong to end someones’s life because they “DID NOT LISTEN.” Anyone making an excuse just shows how people like you are the problem. The world is not necessarily bad because of bad people, but because of the good people who stand around and do nothing. The dearly departed George Thompson, who was an officer who taught the police force tactical communication and how to get people to voluntary comply, says there was no training in the police force to teach them how to deal with someone who say’s “NO” or is resistant; He had to teach himself. He says the greatest enemy in communication is ego, and many officers let their ego’s get themselves and other’s killed. He says that cops expect citizens to just comply simply because they show up with a badge. He says that’s crazy because this is America, and America is based on a single word, Freedom, which is backed up by an earlier word, Resistance from 1766 when we kicked some serious butt on a Tea Tax. The most American question is “why” and that word built America. That word tore the Berlin Wall down.
    Most people are under the influence of drugs, liquor, anxiety, ignorance, stupidity, mental illness, so Cops job is to think for you, when you can’t think for yourself. The more under influence you are, the further words go out. The definition of a street savvy cop is, If you have the ability to become who you have to be to handle the scene in front of you, then your a pro. These cops obviously did not care to momentarily take off their aggressive hat and simply talk to the kid because obviously something is going on with him. I want my officer to have the ability to think and intelligently evaluate a situation instead of always going all commando. I wonder if they even feel bad. Only God knows. I end with this quote: Wisdom and Warning: When the first link of the chain is forged, the first speech censored, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied. It chains us irrevocably. The first time any man’s freedom is trodden on, we are all damaged. God Bless.

  • Abu Mansaray says:

    Funny, how the media all decide to report on this now. I guess the anger from George Floyd death is starting to wear out

  • Abu Mansaray says:

    And the sheeple minded people will believe everything the media says and tries to portray without thinking. Why show this now?

  • Imagine The Possibilities says:

    A creature that does not respond with the only correct answer, when it is asked. If it serves *The Holy Trinity,* _The Great Satan,_ or The tangerine, dog [ the word dog spelled backwards is God ] emperhore. Is a threat to all life on the planet. That The Holy Trinity has ordered all 63 million Satan-worshiping-EVILgelical, minions-of-Satan. Be disemboweled and dismembered on sight. Amen.

  • Imagine The Possibilities says:

    _There are 1,000 protesters for each PIG;_ and *the PIG’s numbers are finite.* If only 10% of 10,000 protesters were to arm themselves with bodkin-tipped-arrows which penetrate body-armor, tactical-crossbows, compound-bows, recurve-bows, and repeating, pellet, air-rifles. Which can put lead into a PIG’s brain from 170 yards away; silently and undetected. We can eliminate all the PIGs in five hours, two if the city is blacked-out and the PIGs are not showing up for -work- “$lave-patrol”. And then burn down their surveillance center. And shove their facial recognition up their trump.

  • Imagine The Possibilities says:

    To meet the first obligation The Holy Trinity places upon all real-Hispanic-men, all real-men are obligated to lay down his life if the need be; in the protection of his family, the oceans, and our Mother the Earth. Which means self-defense from PIG-abuse is the obligation of every living thing, and is not murder. Which makes it a mortal-sin and the crime of child-abuse to not eliminate all racist, $lave-patrol, Democratic-voter-suppressing, KKK-PIGs on sight. That are not replaced by flying and rolling robot-drones = RoboCops; immediately.

  • NK Maze says:

    He is going to slaughter human ? he should be locked up because he will still carry out his plans soon or later.

  • Carlos Joseph says:

    This is America maybe I’m next

  • C Angel says:

    Hold the #police #accountable

  • Reign Love says:

    Those EMS workers SHOULD be INVESTIGATED. They SHOULD explain WHY they used KETAMINE.

  • Nickel Hamilton says:

    Please stop hunting us. I’m scared for my self and my younger brothers, one has autism.

  • Creek Walker says:

    If I were that young man’s father,…I’ll give you one guess as to what this Marine would do.
    Edited: rest in peace young man. You crossed paths with EVIL.

  • Yvonne Belton says:

    Killer cops karma 💯on you

  • Ryan Wright says:

    of course democrats ran city

  • Vikki Shaaa says:

    Yahawah will avenge all concerning His people☝🏾You better know this WORLD WIDE!!!

  • Joel Wateres-muddy says:

    I really hope the media plays the poor guys death on a loop over and over like George Floyd. I feel like my little brother was murdered . It’s vile it’s horrific. If you’re not touched your not human 23yo #ElijahMcLain

  • Leow vm says:

    Excessive handling of small size suspect and oversedation?

  • L. Hunt says:

    What I pray never happens is actual police brutality to a family member of someone who is highly military trained with mental health issues.

  • Corbin Dallas says:

    The Blue Line Gang MURDERED him. We will no longer pay domestic terrorists. Break up the police unions. They’re terrorists as well.

  • Al Quin says:

    The police community and culture as a whole in this country needs a massive restructuring. So disgraceful.

  • slickcross says:

    If you don’t comply with the police and start being physical with them you’re going to go down. Simple as that.

  • Laitalafraise says:

    The guy that called the policec killed Elijah. He had been wearing the same mask before and nothing happened. He called the police on a 23-year old black man. In 2019.

  • BadBoyJR says:


  • Living life with Trisha lee Lee says:

    Those cops should be executed

  • Oasis Crushinglife says:

    It’s long past time people start tracking down cops doing this and just shoot them dead. It’s getting to the point I don’t even care if people start ambushing random cops, as long as they make it known it is in retaliation for specific crimes against civilians. A rash of dead cops spray painted with the words “justice for (murdered by cop name here)” would be an excellent start to solving our problem with police

  • ChuckinAurora says:

    Elijah McKnight was also injected with ketemine in Aurora Colorado the same week Elijah Mcclain was. McKnight ended up on life support for 4 days and eventually pulled through and survived. Ketemine and paramedics are the new excessive for tool used by police.

  • Trout Trout says:

    All the cops cameras did not film. I can not believe this. No charges against the cops. This is a cover up. Police chief and mayor must be fired. This is criminal action.

  • James Rippy says:

    The police can’t hide behind the badge and say oh we fear for our life anymore as an excuse for murdering people

  • Scooter Vargas says:


  • J T says:

    And people wonder why America hates its police forces

  • Michael Maharlika says:

    They got a call from a neighbor that there was a suspicious person walking there. The police are required to investigate. Don’t blue them for investigating someone walking whether suspicious or not. Its their job.

    If the guy was innocent, he would have complied with the officers and they would have let him go as he was just walking. Its only because he resisted, like he was guilty of something, did they need to investigate him further.
    How many of these people who decide to disobey the law end up getting themselves killed?, when that in fact they would be alive today if they only respected the law.

  • CJaguar AHEAD Mission Possible says:

    Let’s be transparently clear. Those police officers killed that young man. They can shade the scenario whatever way they please, but facts lucidly speak. He had a life and they killed him. STOP KILLING black boys, teens, men, and women! If the police were acting within the law, the law NEEDS to be changed. It’s just that simple. What? Are our tax dollars paying for bullies and murderers? I’m sick of this madness! Law makers, stop this!

  • Brenda Montoya says:

    If he was white it would be a different story for sure!