Bond King Gundlach says layoffs may be coming for white collar workers making over $100K

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Yahoo Finance’s Julia La Roche joins The First Trade to discuss why bond investor Jeffrey Gundlach, sees the potential for a “wave of more higher-end unemployment’ hitting white-collar workers making more than $100,000 per year.
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この記事を書いている人 - WRITER -


  1. Avatar M Mercato says:

    Put your short now Mr Gunlock. I help you🙂

  2. Avatar Krisztián Kőrösi says:

    Less managers, more skill. I’m all in, we had enough of BS company milking workforce. Time to reward skills and hard work.

    • Avatar Cool Breeze says:

      How do you think white collar people got their jobs?

    • Avatar Panama says:

      Cool Breeze Network, duh. There are so many incompetent managers its disgraceful

    • Avatar Herry says:

      @Cool Breeze You’re kidding, right ?

    • Avatar Cool Breeze says:

      @Panama Oh, I agree with that. But, it makes me ask myself, “What’s wrong with me that this fool is my boss?” Plus, not everyone white collar is a manager.

  3. Avatar SocialBounty Make Money App says:

    Nice video keep it up 5i2V

  4. Avatar You Wish says:

    Yahoo finance workers laid off.

  5. Avatar Angie2343 says:

    Isn’t Alexis Christoforous from CBS News? I KNEW she looked familiar!

  6. Avatar Cool Breeze says:

    This was always the plan. Wealth goes into the hands of the few, everyone else suffers.

  7. Avatar Mkl 01 says:

    Right, b/c artificial persons r most precious while natural persons are expendable. Frankenstein capitalism enters terminal stage.

  8. Avatar Daniel Aaron says:

    What a waste of a video

  9. Avatar Cate James says:

    Please stop the end cap ads. They’re tacky, hurt my ears to hear, and really are out of place on YouTube. If you absolutely must have your ads, reformat them to fit this context and audience. Thanks

  10. Avatar Jason bourne says:

    I think major layoffs for media is required. Fake ass news outlets

  11. Avatar A. Ali says:

    Shoving spreadsheets and producing junk emails and calling it white collar work —- Corona says – Nope … Enough …..

  12. Avatar John L says:

    Yet another billionaire salivating to decimate what is left of the middle class. Apparently he doesn’t realize the $trillions that Powell has handed out to him and his cronies for what THEY bring to productivity- which is absolutely zero- is the death knell to capitalism.
    Heed my warning- the George Floyd protestors were rightly for racial injustice, but there were less unrealized underlying currents with the protestors that will evolve over the next few months which will come for these, out of touch billionaires ass making Occupy look like small potatoes.

    • Avatar NPC#47431 says:

      having trouble paying your student loans ,John ?

    • Avatar Relekta says:

      the poors are salty today

    • Avatar S Dickinson says:

      Smart people are more successful than stupid people. It’s not about racial injustice, it’s IQ inequality. Smart people of any race are more successful than stupid people of any race. This is the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about.

  13. Avatar Randy Reneau says:

    Wall Street and white collar workers are no better than the rest of us.

    • Avatar qwe qwe says:

      richer means better then poor (useless)

  14. Avatar j says:

    Its time to put the brakes on immigration and these VISA worker programs.

    • Avatar qwe qwe says:

      lazy ppl are problem (poor ones aka useless) not hard working who create things/services

    • Avatar Gary Oakham says:

      Tyrone ain’t gonna code. Unless coding means looting Gucci

    • Avatar Beyond Tribalism says:

      @Gary Oakham You’re a pestilent flea.

  15. Avatar Silver Drill Pickle says:

    McDonald’s is hiring… just sayin

  16. Avatar jooky87 says:

    Give zach Guzman another job

  17. Avatar M K says:

    Good video. Too short, though. Insufficient content.

  18. Avatar bruce clothier says:

    Finally!!!!!! Some good news!!!!!!!!! I hope they all have to dig through mcdonalds dumpsters to eat

  19. Avatar Small Fry says:

    Where is Gunlach’s presentation? Is it something only for people who belong to his fund? ☹️

  20. Avatar Looking for Truth says:

    White collar workers may lose jobs. They may have to accept lower paying jobs. Big news.

  21. Avatar Guriqbal Mahal says:

    Pandemic showed so many things. If most americans dont have any emergency savings its not their problem, its the governments problem.

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