Tesla bull raises stock to $2,000 per share: Wedbush Dan Ives

2020 7/07
Tesla bull raises stock to $2,000 per share: Wedbush Dan Ives

Wedbush’s Dan Ives breaks down the case for Tesla stock at $2,000 a share with Yanoo Finance’s Ines Ferre, Brian Sozzi, and Alexis Christoforous.
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コメント一覧 (175件)

  • V Nelson says:

    Tesla will eventually dominate all forms of transportation and energy storage worldwide. You have not seen anything yet.

    • h_hill-mzy says:

      says who? some analysts on nbc? indeed we haven’t seen anything yet, because nothing will happen.

    • ken 1 says:

      h_hill-mzy dude they’re building robotic state of the art gigafactories in 4 countries.

    • h_hill-mzy says:

      ken 1 dude cool story bro!

    • ken 1 says:

      h_hill-mzy could just be a dream that we’ll wake up from. correct

    • gurujr says:

      Never bet against Musk, a real genius, as compared to a stable genius.

  • Jac Dragan says:

    It’s amazing how little you people know about TESLA.
    Elon said specifically that TESLA ENERGY will be BIGGER than the car company.
    You didn’t mention TESLA GIGA BERLIN

    • ken 1 says:

      I’m just a layman but is it conceivable that road surfaces could become solar collectors and that vehicles could conceivably recharge while traveling over them thus eliminating the need for large batteries and their weight? Maybe some could offer their thoughts thanks.

    • h_hill-mzy says:

      so because he opened another factory means the company will do great? tell me something besides “ev is the future” because electric cars are not affordable for everyone to buy and never will be because of how much it costs to make. letsay elon finds a way to cut costs by using cheap parts. then what direction will the company go? the stock market evaluation of tesla is based on theory, not facts.

    • Elliot Butler says:

      Tesla insurance
      Ride hailing
      Robo taxis
      Software licensing

    • Macho Man Randy Savage says:

      h_hill-mzy That’s not how scaling production works. Just as there were incremental improvements to ICE vehicles since their inception over 100 years ago, EVs will get better and cheaper. Also, Tesla energy will be worth more than the car manufacturing portion of the company.

    • So Cal Bengal says:

      @h_hill-mzy bro buy in or don’t but let other’s do the same

  • Jac Dragan says:


    • Grizzy Bear says:

      Lol like that is coming out anytime soon, prob another 5 years

    • john accettola says:

      RoboTaxi that is a joke.. yeah i’m going to loan my car out and get it back all ripped up and full of puke that’s one of Elon’s dumbest ideas. you know sometimes his mind is in space instead of his rockets LOL well hell his car already is in space LOL

  • Joshua Pernell says:

    Tesla could go to $2000 but it won’t be because of sales. They couldn’t finish a year in the black if Elon’s life depended on it🤣🤣

    • Tesla Dude says:

      What would it be because of? This Quarter will be the 4th profitable quarter in a row. They will be profitable from this point on.

    • David • says:

      @Tesla Dude choo choo aboard the hype train

    • Nicholas Thomas says:

      Hype or not dude is speaking facts haha. Tesla bears gonna be broke if they already aren’t haha

  • ednan9 says:

    Webbush. Lol. They pump stocks especially dan ives

    • Zion says:

      ednan9 how do you know that?

  • Tesla Dude says:

    Good until you talked about Nikola, they are smoke and mirrors!!!!

    • hmichaelr1 says:

      He lost all credibility with me by saying NKLA is a possible game-changer. Nikola is nothing more than a waste of a good corporate name. I made some obscene profits on it in a very short time, but have closed my position and don’t plan on looking back!

  • golaizola says:

    Nikola = snake oil / Theranos

    • Nicolas J says:

      Nikola is fake news

  • Naven Lim says:

    There’s so much more to come

  • Wirmish says:


    Try that GM, Ford, of Chrysler.

    • ken 1 says:

      Don’t believe Rolls Royce ever advertised either.

    • ken 1 says:

      ChitFromChinola The best marketing is no marketing.

    • Secretly a celebrity says:

      @Tyler Polanco they’re up despite the entire market being down for 3 months…

      they’re gonna shoot up so hard, they’re gonna meet god.

    • Tyler Polanco says:

      Secretly a celebrity I’m not denying that. I’m a Tesla stock holder. I hope they do and I think they will haha. They’re just not quite at $2,000

    • Michel Bruns says:

      Wirmish don’t list gm and Chrysler.. they are a joke on 99% of the planet

  • Wirmish says:


    • Full Tilt Boogie says:

      Calm down freako

    • h_hill-mzy says:

      your life must be quite pathetic to think of elon musk as a god

    • So Cal Bengal says:

      Really? You got issues brotha if you think that.

  • KingJustice98 says:

    If Tesla really want to make money, create a Tesla Motorcycle. Too bad Elon Musk is stubborn and wont make one because he almost crashed. That’s such a wasted opportunity. He could easily sell Tesla Motorcycles at $16,000, with a 10,000 profit (way more profitable than a car, easier to manufacture). If he sold just 1 million, that’s over $10,000,000,000 in profit.

    • Full Tilt Boogie says:


    • Ricardo barry says:

      Electric motorcycle would be pretty risky to drive. Instant acceleration is kinda dangeroud

  • Andrew Kay says:

    NIO up 18% today, absolutely flying

    • Retrovirus says:

      Could be a huge winner. I’m not invested…

    • Jay says:

      After Luckincoffee it’ll be a nice pump and dump

    • ken 1 says:

      Tesla is a safer investment inmo

  • Bee says:

    In my opinion, the price is too high being hyped by Elon Musk himself. It is a complete manipulation of the market: alleged leaked email(lol it was leaked on purpose damn it!), meeting the deliveries in a pandemic while they were shutdown? You are just an idiot not to think about it. THE TRUTH: TESLA is a good company, has great products but it is an expensive, luxury car that most people cant afford. Second, ummm, its price goes up not because of the company’s value(it is overvalued) but because people buy it. 3rd, so TESLA ‘s stock price outperforms those leading in tech like Apple and Google, really? I know you cant compare cars to iphones but Apple’s stock is on 360s. 4th, competition is healthy and will definitely come in the immediate future(toyota, huyndai,kia) have their products and maybe people are ignorant to recognize this. And lastly, TESLA got the showbusiness appeal to the mass, like Elon is a star. Just like any star, it will fall down at some point. So enjoy the ride while it lasts!

    • NanceAnn Lau says:

      Agree w you, leaked email is purposely done. Musk loves media.

  • Jacob Nair says:


  • Brandon Derrick says:

    One of Tesla’s biggest bears less than 12 months ago….

    • Full Tilt Boogie says:


    • J . P Goodwin says:

      A smart man, prepared to learn and research and change his beliefs on the evidence

  • Trevor Ritchie says:

    Tesla is king

    • Mondrayish says:

      And Elon is god

    • h_hill-mzy says:

      your life must be quite pathetic to think elon musk is a king

    • Trevor Ritchie says:

      h_hill-mzy I said “Tesla” is king, you donkey.

    • Trevor Ritchie says:

      As in Tesla the auto company is King…… which is a fact. Highest market cap.

  • W N says:

    Seems too many people are thinking two-dimensionally while Musk is waging 3-dimensional chess. Tesla is a not just a car company. This is the short-sightedness of Tesla Shorts. 🙂
    Tesla is an applied technologies company. Energy storage is their core business. They just happen to make cars. They are the biggest maker and consumer of Li-Ion batteries. And will scale in magnitude unimagined in this industry.
    When Toyota’s head engineers stated they don’t have anything to compete with Tesla’s technology, for 6 years, and agreed that Fuel Cells are inferior choice….when Mercedes threw in the towel on Fuel Cell research, those still harping hydrogen is not grounded in reality or science.
    VW can’t compete on the software integration front and has implemented a 9 billion dollar program to create their own operating system for BEVs.
    They laughed at Tesla for ground breaking the Giga-factory Nevada to produce cells. Who’s laughing now as Musk is about to push new cell technology capacity 55x the present rate?

    • warntheidiotmasses says:

      Everyone got sucked into the dot coms and rationalized it all as well. It’s funny. But I guess so long as the profit margins are zero there’ll be no competitors.

    • Steve.K47 says:

      Yeah same thing I keep saying yet again and again its described as a car company which is bloody lazy reporting.

  • W N says:

    All Tesla needs to do is offer a commercialized destination charger for sale. One for commercial properties with 480-600V feeds or 3-phase. Then anyone who wants to erect a charging station for profit can do so. Part of the Tesla Supercharger network, but a program where the owner gets the majority of the revenue for paying for the electricity and hardware. Tesla gets paid a small fee for integrating them into the network. This would be like a franchise deal for fast food companies.
    Owners of these chargers set the price for a reasonable profit.
    Then Tesla chargers will pop up across the country like weeds. Assuring there will be a plethora of chargers no matter the destination. As more Teslas hit the road, the queue and wait at Superchargers will grow exponentially as well.

    • prednosttrake says:

      Tesla energy token network. Build it or franchise it.

  • James Long says:

    He makes sense!

  • styzor says:

    2000 dollas is CHEAP.. i dont think u lot understand he puts rockets in space at this point.. everytime he puts one in space we all cheer and buy his fucking cars..

  • Mitchell Vang says:

    Tesla is more than just selling cars. REMEMBER THAT

    • Johnathan Epic says:

      In Musk we Trust!

    • holiday says:

      Good luck to you all Tesla long , looking for S&P500 then stock split

  • J . P Goodwin says:

    On the YT sites that cover Tesla and investment, so many Tesla and their mission’s supporters have been buying shares supporting that mission, back at 200 or less with the intent of saving to buy the Tesla they want, so selling some shares, even young investors are going Tesla as their sole investment, if it crashes they are young and can recover

  • Nick Foxer says:

    Fun fact: Nikola doesn’t run on hydrogen, it actually runs on hot air 🙂

    • Grizzy Bear says:

      Trevor Milton actually said they are not good at building things, i guess they only good at using Photoshop lol

    • So Cal Bengal says:

      Nikola a scam

    • David • says:

      Well technically every non-electric car relies on hot expanding air… petrol, diesel, lpg, hydrogen fuel cell, steam engines. So nikola car runs on hydrogen.

    • Angelo Miranda says:

      @So Cal Bengal agreed, now let’s wait the day he goes to jail

    • Daniel Lopez says:

      Hot air could be a power source if used as it should be used. But Nikola. Someone needs to buy it and retrofit it. Use the money instead of buying the most expensive house in the state to buy an actual car company that makes cars. Then they would have at least some credibility.

  • TheLimpbizpark says:

    nikola is a scam dont buy

  • DFKnightmare says:

    Dude lost all credibility when he mentioned Nikola favorably. Lol

    • Grizzy Bear says:

      You lost all credibility when you were born

    • So Cal Bengal says:

      @Grizzy Bear real grown up response

  • prednosttrake says:

    Cybertruck will be owned by all police forces around the world. All bulletproof with self inflatable tires.

    Semi will be owned by trucking companies that want to stay in business.

    Solar will be pushed for global warming and credits market is huge.

    Charging network will get monetized.

    Volume will lower cost of production and increase gross margins.

    Model Y will be the best selling luxury crossover in history.

    Model 3 and S continue stable sales.

    AI and robotaxi network will be monetized at some point.

    Wireless internet and entertainment to the vehicle is a huge for the installed based via Starlink satellite network (Comcast on Wheels).

    At some point they make a bicycle, atv, motorcycle, rv or an attachment.

    Other inventions because I’m not smart enough to forsee potential other revenue streams.

    • h_hill-mzy says:

      so because tesla has a higher stock market value than toyota, that means they make better cars? lmfao. you “investors” are hilarious. elon laughing to the bank because he got all you clowns to give him your money 🤣

    • bitnukl says:

      Police forces around the world need bullet proof cars? That’s new to me. I thought that was a problem of dangerous third world countries like the US. 🥺

    • Nicolas Barzano says:

      h_hill-mzy you wish you had bought a few shares 🤣🤣

    • F1v3RGaming says:

      Don’t forget their ZEV credits, an idea of a compact car and an electrical van, autobidder

  • Monroe says:

    Gotta feel bad for all the former billionaire shorts who are now millionaires.

    • David • says:

      What you mean? Its all Fomo? Overhyped?

  • Chung Lee says:

    Only poor Chinese buy NIO or Xiaomi, respectful Chinese buy Tesla and iPhone.

  • H says:

    April 25, 2019. Wedbush analyst Daniel Ives downgraded shares of Tesla Inc. Ives lowered his price target on shares to $275 from $365.

  • F. S. says:

    Tesla makes me rich!

  • Brandon Smith says:

    Still too low. Hold and wait.

  • Vinyl LP Reviews says:

    Tesla will deliver 1,000,000 cars in 2022.

  • Julius Newman says:

    Hopefully Tesla’s sell well in China.

  • Subzero says:

    Tesla is the new Bitcoin.

  • Bill Stidams says:

    S&P 500 listing on the horizon 😍

    • Angelo Miranda says:

      if that happens, TSLA will get even more money because of ETFs where everyone pours money

    • Bill Stidams says:


  • Robert Hirsch says:

    it’s weird to hear so called analysts/experts talk like they don’t know exactly what’s going on and mentioning nikola…are you kidding me?

  • duuuo kto says:


  • ribz747 says:

    Cathie Woods knows what she’s talking about. All these analysts and talking heads are playing catch up on what has now become an obvious uptrending stock.

  • aka AAA says:

    $2000 a share as a car company? Tesla is a technology company. ARK Investments has a best case bull case of $15,000 a share in 5 years.

    • Mondrayish says:

      $15,000 by 2024. By 2025, it’s $30,000. Exponential growth.

  • Nikky Aide says:

    Going to buy some $1600 calls.

    • Nicholas Thomas says:

      I already got a couple 1500 calls haha Tesla bull gang let’s go

  • chump pimpmobile says:

    Short it now

  • The Truth says:

    these dudes delusional af

  • Comeonuseyourbrain says:

    Yahoo finance having no clue about Nikola. It’s a clear fraud. All they have are power points and a CEO who has already quit.

  • HYRO X says:

    It’s at 1.2k a share not 2k – don’t put up fake headlines 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  • rfbead321 says:

    No discussion of financial performance = BS pump job

  • Goodle In says:

    No emission is a key of success

  • jeff crawford says:

    2000. He’s bearish compared to Ron Baron and Cathie Wood.

  • leinadcruz96 says:

    If it wasn’t for my Business Management class in 2012. I would have never invested in Tesla. Been hodling since

  • Investwisely says:

    Sold all my NKLA shares and i suggest everyone to sell before this knife falls to $20 lol

  • Atheistbatman says:

    Definitely not a bubble

  • Giorgio House says:

    Should you buy a 20K $ Home for 2M$?… Here we are…TESLA! 😂

  • Martial Henry says:

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    • Jessica Martel says:

      The commission charged by Mr Samuel Barth is fair compared to the efforts he puts in making huge profits

    • Jason Cole says:

      The cornerstone for success in stock trading is usually the broker. I am on my way to millions with Mr Samuel Barth.

    • Josh Walters says:

      Mr Samuel Barth has a lot of experience in stock trading which gives him an edge over other brokers out there.

    • Trever Lawrence says:


    • M4chau3r says:

      I get passive income courtesy of the scam that Mr Samuel Barth is running by faking a conversation about himself kn a YouTube comment section with multiple fake accounts.

  • Teodor Panaite says:

    Tesla will reach $10,000 per share in 2025 🙂

  • Teodor Panaite says:

    Nikola just had over 50 Million shares dumped on the market on June 28th, 2020 for $10 a piece. Why is nobody talking about that?

  • Danilo Paterra says:

    Wedbush Analyst: Clowns

  • Francisco Espinoza says:

    Time Stamp

    0:55 Interview intro

  • CRT Mojo says:

    Solar tech. Electric vehicle tech. Battery tech. Satellite tech. Rocket tech. Soon to be the fastest internet service along with automation of traffic. That’s just scratching the surface of Tesla.

  • kingofallman says:

    Tesla’s are junk😂😂😂

  • Talentless Golfer says:

    Wait until people realise how big Tesla’s energy business will be. $5000 in a few years no problem

  • Mr Visser says:

    Uhhhh PE is negative 🙈this is a 🎈🎈

  • Grayman says:

    Oil companies have been bending people over at the pump for the past 10 years + and folks are obviously sick of it. 📈

  • Richard Cranium says:

    The name Nikola.. real original… Prolly has nothing to do with Tesla…

  • Masa Taome says:

    My gosh some people are just too stupid, when will they learn? Guess China have to drop nukes on us before they get a clue. Isn’t this pandemic enough? China has forever changed our lives. Stop buying or selling China crap. Don’t buy any communist crap…

  • Grizzy Bear says:

    Nikola is going to build their imaginary pick up truck in their imaginary factory by 2021

  • brian patrick says:

    When the market pulls back as a whole not just the spy but when markets have more sellers tesla is going to get crushed

  • Richard Alexander says:

    Just wait till Giga Berlin comes online…

  • Mehdi S says:


  • Chris Jenkins says:

    A bigger-fool-buy. 😂🤣😂

  • Danyal Isran says:

    Historically, upgrades in stock mean you should run and cash out of your TSLA position. This is usually when the big players like to exit. You should buy when the stock is down 30-40%, and when you see lot of downgrades.

  • titaniumsandwedge says:

    What are the large shorts like Einhorn and Chanos doing? Are they staying short or have they covered?

  • N. T. says:

    It’s not it’s worth only 500$ , the money printer really doing its work the time will prove it to all greedy investors. Also look at the number of orders TESLA RECEIVED after March till Now. The delivery numbers now these investors are talking in the market the orders of them received last year. Just give Tesla another 6 months and then talk about price target. There will be not much orders and the cars prices sky rocket in 6 months when there are less and less ordered. Just give it a time and I am 100% sure tesla will be down to 500$. Matk my point on it.

  • Luke Smith says:

    For anybody that doesn’t know Dan Ives is an idiot and has been wrong countless times. Just look at what he said about AI having no future.

  • KloutKulture says:

    How tf did they do that

  • Peter Helander says:

    Ignorant Journalists and analusts not even mentioning ALL the other revenuestreams for Tesla incl. insurance, +$2Billion in oure profit from ZEV credit sales, Autobidder siftware, solar roofs, solar panels, battery packs, robo taxis and much

  • Raymond Wong says:

    i have 200 shares in Tesla, 500 shares in Nikola, 400 shares in Hyllion (SHLL now), 400 shares in WorkHorse, 2000 shares in NIO, 5000 shares in BlinkCharging. It is the Internet Hype 2.0. Before the next hype – Space (Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, Blue Origin) that will be Internet Hype 3.0. Come join on board and prosper together!!! Meanwhile, DOCU, W, FSLY, VERI, SHOP also do wonderfully well.

    • I am Monika says:

      Great job, however dump Nikola to 100 and pump Nio 1000 more

  • Roger Van Brunt says:

    yahoo finance just listen and learn because you are totally clueless

  • Hexo_Typhoon Oethou says:

    how are the short sellers

  • Linda Fukuyu says:

    Lots of people are crazy about TESLA stock .. you can make way more money by buying cheap stocks that can get more profit. For example: TESLA before was around $200 per share .. if you bought 1000 shares .. you already spent $200,000 and now $2,000 per share .. the profit is only $10,000. The other stocks (I won’t mention), I purchased 10,000 shares and the price per share was only $5 (five dollars), You spent only $50,000 .. now it’s jumping to $11 per share in just 2 months You made profit $60,000. See the different? TESLA profit is only $10,000 but you had to spend $200,000 for just 1,000 shares .. while the other stock was only $5 per share and you could buy 10,000 shares and only cost you $50,000 and you made $60,000 just like that in just 2 months. You got my point ?

    • kabramble says:

      you clearly have never purchased and option. The sooner you do the sooner grow up

  • KingLutherQ says:

    I listened to this because I thought he figured in the S&P 500 on his $2000 price mark up.
    But he totally lost his credibility with Nikola – can’t believe he praised that scam game.
    Anyway, imagine more than 50 S&P 500 index funds will suddenly buy significant amounts of TSLA shares and hold it long. Zack and Jessie describe it well.

  • john accettola says:

    2000 ? ark already called it at 7000 LOL

  • bob dilayte says:

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    • Phil Stewart says:

      I know this guy, my friends tell me all the time about him and how he has helped their earnings.

    • ratwoodViktor hogrefeKomárek says:

      This is one of the main advantages of trading crypto derivatives vs the underlying asset: you can get exposure to a much greater amount than what you put in

    • ruthesjr says:

      Owen strategy is one of the secret tool to success in trading bitcoins..I’ve been using his strategy for 6 months and stacking up huge funds

    • phantastFriedwoman wooleyFrye says:

      His trading pattern uniquely stands out from the rest. I have been buying the low and multiplying my profits with his signals

    • jerryboney says:

      Hodling bitcoin really messed up my peace of mind in the past until I turned to Owen Gerard for his trading signals and instructions. Now I make a consistent profit of at least $10k weekly

  • alas ali says:

    What goes up comes down

  • Michael Gingell says:

    NIO is a much better quality car and theres no such thing as any million mile battery. Its a scam.

  • bitnukl says:

    That video title is so broken. 🙈

  • Harry Chu says:

    China is the Key for Tesla and most major brands. It is a no brainer now.

  • WildDisease says:

    I’ll raise you $3000 Dan Ives ! We will see who is right!

  • WildDisease says:

    Dont forget to invest in lithium companies too, it is the new oil or black gold

    • Daniel Lopez says:

      I might end up owning a lithium mine or company.

  • WildDisease says:

    Ceramics gonna be the new China

  • holiday says:

    S&P500 and stock split to all Tesla long !

  • Analyse Fonctionnelle says:

    only trump says china more than this guy does

  • Sejal Patel says:

    Surprised to hear that Ives actually thinks Nikola is a legitimate company…

  • Tyler X says:

    Tsla has China market!

  • lain11644 says:

    Remember when people were laughing at Ark’s $1500 base case?

  • Duran says:

    He is preparing to get out and sell at least 30% below his push 😅

  • Theo Lopez says:

    The guy that drop three million on a option call for tesla to hit $1,500 by 2023 must have had some kind of insider information. 👀 he did this when the price was around $350.

  • Glutamate Sulphate says:

    Hyliion about to change this game completely!!

  • operations1000 says:

    Tesla’s investor who think they’re bullish in 2020: 1500 – 2000!!
    *Cathie Wood: Hold my 5k call from 2019*

  • Youfan says:

    All Tesla shorts are probably right. Tesla will eventually flop and fall. The bubble will pop. It’s just that probably not in this century. That’s probably the biggest mistake of Tesla shorts. The miscalculation of the time table.

  • Mark Emmerson says:

    Meanwhile…. stock market: Hey look at all these undervalued stocks beat down heavily by the corona virus that really arn’t impacted that much by it…. Efficient market theory: Hey let’s all buy this car company stock TODAY that’s valued as if it’s the only car company in the world, as if they already have fully developed propietary patented technology that can drive you to work, and as if there isn’t already and won’t ever be competition to these products. Disclosure: Won’t ever touch this stock short or long until the bubble is fully deflated

  • Think Speed says:

    This ain’t Bull, this is bear