President Obama Remembers ‘Biggest Disappointment’ As President | NBC News

President Obama discusses the limits of presidential power and his efforts to push forward gun safety legislation. NBC News’ Lester Holt interviews the president for a Dateline NBC special: “The Reality of Hope.”
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President Obama Remembers ‘Biggest Disappointment’ As President | NBC News

112 thoughts on “President Obama Remembers ‘Biggest Disappointment’ As President | NBC News

  1. Ben Stevinson Reply

    President Barack Obama was a Great President! 🇺🇸 Such a kind Heart! ♥ President Obama 🇺🇸 is an American 🇺🇸 Legend! 🌟 And a Blessing to the World! God Bless President Obama 🇺🇸 God Bless America! 🇺🇸🗽

  2. Dustin Montgomery Reply



    Obama was an AMAZING leader! But now look where we are… America really voted an orange, racist, homophobic, former MOVIE STAR for president and expected him to be a DECENT leader… Look at where that got us. We’re in a pandemic, and our president won’t wear a mask. He held a rally with over 1000 people, most of whom refused to wear a mask. Hopefully, 2020 has been an eye opener for Americans. Hopefully, we vote this awful person out in November.

  4. maurice. Reply

    Obama said it best, ‘If I could do the things without having to pass a bill, I would’

  5. Eduardo Gonzalez Reply


  6. Golden Lion pride Reply

    Crocodile tears
    Masonic dude.

  7. deprived Reply

    The only correct answer was his election

  8. Richard Kuklinski Reply

    I thought it’s about not closing Guantanamo ah nevermind…

  9. Rhamona jamimmah Reply

    Does he get mad and sad when he remembers what he did to Libya.

  10. Ahmad Sulaiman Aslam Reply

    How about all the kids died in Libya and other Arab countries by your orders and all those killed in Afghanistan and Iraq

  11. DJ Woof Reply

    Obama gives HOPE.
    Trump gives RESULTS.

  12. Going Bonkers With My Honkers Reply

    Biggest disappointment was you being president. CODENAME: Renegade. We see you, traitor.

  13. mnpd3 Reply

    Obama was a photo-op hound. So is Trump. The difference is that Obama knew how to do it, while Trump hasn’t a clue. Obama also knew how to appear publicly that which he was not; Trump has one face and one speed. Obama was a chameleon of sorts, while you can listen to Trump from 40-years ago and he talked the exact same way then. Both willing to be either honest or dishonest to get what they wanted; you just never quite knew what Obama wanted while Trump’s wants are crystal clear. Trump also gets busted at every word and step, while Obama stayed slippery as an eel.

  14. Matthew Maddox Reply

    I don’t support everything Obama did as president, but he is so well spoken, compassionate, empathetic and passionate. Even if you don’t like the man, you have to admit he was one of the best speakers we have had. Trump gawks like a 90 year old man who hasn’t taken their meds.

  15. Anthony Keegan Reply

    Kids should never be hurt.

  16. zooyzeh Reply

    Obama himself was and continues to be the “Biggest Disappointment”

  17. ThePariss333 Reply

    The worse president ever in USA .

  18. KAYDUB Reply

    Obama was way better than Trump idk how he can match up at all atm

  19. Jean Jones Reply

    Obama administration was the most corrupt in our History.

  20. 翁国平 Reply


  21. SpaceFox15 Reply

    This breaks my heart

  22. Determined One Reply

    He should cry for all the abortions Obama actively promote, for money and politics. Culpable of the slaughter of millions of innocent babies around the world. And the destruction of many women’s hearts and souls. Abortion kills one, hurts another.

  23. Savage Clone trooper Reply

    Most of the people in this comment section are brainwashed by the Democratic Party. Gives me hope that there are still some people that want to keep our guns and keep our jobs in our country

  24. CaptainWafflez Reply

    When a bill gets to Mitch McConnell’s desk, he doesn’t even read it, just looks at the names on the top, if they are Democrats, it goes in the trash, if they are Republicans, he passes it…

  25. ZaWarudo Reply

    If you compare Trump’s public appearances and responses to global events to Obama’s it’s kinda of embarrassing that our nation went from a well spoken man with character to a loud, racist man who mocks those with disabilities and lies to the public during a pandemic.

  26. Maurice Mushatte Reply

    Obama is a pedifile

  27. Bryan Rogers Reply

    Watching obama get testy eyed as he talks about the shootings got me teary eyed. He really cared about us.

  28. hanz patinski Reply

    Barry was the biggest mistake in US presidental history

  29. spyke the gentle Reply

    Give this man on OSCAR for that performance lol

  30. 2 1 Reply

    And look at what America has now an orange disgusting blob with no heart. You were lucky to had such a great President…Obama was the best

    • Charlie Reply

      Says Trump has no heart but yet you say all police are bad.

  31. Mary Durham Reply

    This Great Human Being will Forever Live in My Heart… As The Best President Of My Lifetime!!!💙🇺🇸… I Love and Miss Him Sooo Much!!!💖😃😍😋🤗😉… The Following Video Clip Link has Brought a Smile to My Face and My Heart… During these Incredibly Difficult and Depressing last few years… So Please Enjoy and Share!!!😉….



  32. Hussein Asrasalah Reply

    If Obama claimed that he was a saint I would believe him.

  33. Ruth Williams Reply

    President Obama He has so much compassion for life ♥️♥️

  34. Emperor Vargas Reply

    I want him back

  35. May Green Reply

    Every time someone goes on about how great abama was it gives me the opportunity to ask them a question. So I asked what did Obama do that you think he’s so great? Every time not one out of five or 1 out of 10 every single time they get this dumb look on their face and they can’t answer me. Well I tell them get back to me when you think of something they never do. Obama is a very good speaker. He’s very good putting on the bad boy act. But in reality he didn’t do anything but Obamacare which is a disaster but it was good for the government. People no longer go to the welfare office to get their medical. Everything is free they pay $0 a month and the taxpayers pay $600 a month depending on how many children they have so he took it off the government’s back and put it right on the citizens back. So the truth is coming out little by little about Obama daily. By the way who’s running for president is it Biden or is it a Obama? If you have a candidate for president that cannot speak for himself maybe he shouldn’t be running for president. The Democrats must have a plan because they know he will not make it. All you people out there that’s have wonderful comments to make about Obama write one in the comments LOL. And try to remember he had his 8 years in office he needs to go home and relax. With the black lives matter movement you would have never known that a black president was in office for 8 years and didn’t do a thing for the black population that says a lot.

  36. Joanne Malvern Reply

    Politics aside, he truly is one of the greatest leaders of this era. Americans please vote for the welfare of your country and not for your political side – From Australia

    • Mr Hard Apple Reply

      And doubled the national debt

    • dimet lenco Reply

      @Mr Hard Apple why u so racist

    • Mr Hard Apple Reply

      @dimet lenco how am i racist

    • Mr Hard Apple Reply

      @dimet lenco i stated facts, when you state a fact to liberal they just say racist

  37. VoteForPedro Reply

    While trump here tweets his thoughts instead of addressing the nation

  38. ferox965 Reply

    In terms of gun safety and legislation, if kids getting slaughtered didn’t move things along, nothing will. I was surprised that didn’t cause any change. But like I said, if children getting slaughtered didn’t bring about change, nothing will. It’s over.

  39. bo jest Reply

    When he found out he wasn’t as big as michelles other men

    • Chris fromthe80s Reply


  40. Leonard Plibian Reply

    4:00 Boy Oh Boy I wish you were right

  41. The Hickory Hutch Reply

    “All in all this has been a pretty shameful day for Washington”
    Wow, said that beautifully

  42. Annaliese Cancilla Reply

    What a sweet and caring man. He moves my soul every time he speaks. To watch him wipe away his tears at the beginning of this video immediately brings me to tears.

  43. Hunter1962 Reply

    Worst president in American history.

    • dimet lenco Reply

      wtf is wrong with u

      u racistass

    • Joshua Robbins Reply

      Evidence? Proof? Do you have a source?

    • Xavier M Reply

      Lol your name is hunter I can’t wait til all you old racists die and do the world a favor. If Your birthday 1962 seems that your time is coming soon bud.

    • Charlie Reply

      @dimet lenco What did he say that was racist? Seems like Obama is exempt from criticism because he’s black.

  44. karma tam Reply

    Much support to Obama from North Korea

  45. T M Reply

    Gun laws is difficult issue. Removing guns from citizens is like removing nuclear weapons from the military, the enemies have these weapons and will use them against you if you don’t have a defense. Nobody is a winner.

  46. Joshua Robbins Reply

    They call him the worst president. But they never say why.

  47. Bob Vic Reply

    crocodile tears of a murderer. Ask Middle eastern and African children, women and men that died in Obama wars.

  48. margery morris Reply

    Safety first, you never point a gun at something you don’t intend to shoot. Guns in the hands of rightful owners is a proven deterrent to crime. Only those 18 and older can legally buy a gun, so somebody who is not a rightful owner that is letting kids have guns.

  49. smalltown 777 Reply

    Obama is the best speaker of all. I watch him in ever chance i get.

  50. Xavier M Reply

    It hurt the racists so bad to see a half black half white man in charge. There will never be a full black man or any kind of woman as president I’m sure in this trash country it’s embarrassing to be American now trump has racists feeling braver than ever.

  51. Josue Munoz Reply

    My hart dropped when he said the names of children that were killed

  52. Tom Meyers Reply

    President Obama Remembers ‘Biggest Disappointment’ As President
    “My portrait… I wanted to puke when I saw it”

  53. Kenny P Reply

    Where were the tears for all the children killed by drones in North Africa and Middle East.

  54. Ernesto Garcia Reply

    That is why it’s important to vote people. I’m willing to give rides to vote.

  55. Daniel carlson Reply

    I miss seeing a president who actually showed compassion and emotion while speaking. It just shows how much of a caring president we used to have.

  56. Marta Twardowska Reply

    Obama the same was one big disappointment

  57. Chris fromthe80s Reply


  58. Kev Warriner Reply

    And guess what? Moscow Mitch still hasn’t done anything about Gun violence. He’s stll sat on the Reforms from February 2019, Thanks Moscow Mitch, your replacement as Senate Majority leader will find that Bill, one day, under a Mountain of other Bills and Reforms that you didn’t pass #EndTheGrimReapersReign

  59. Lueva Jackson Reply

    Nothing Happened. Until It Happened Again. Nothing Happened. Until It Happened Again. Nothing Happened. 🇺🇸

  60. Mari Cruz Gutiez Reply

    Obama we must fight this racism, we wanto to live in a loving world not hate, we love Africans Americans, we need their creativity

    and love and the also need us, we are all created by God. Obama, America needs euducation, yo do not see educated people racism

    Ignorants are the racism, you need to educate Americans. they look very uneducated.

  61. Mari Cruz Gutiez Reply

    This is too much, enogh is enough Americans, we want to live in harmony. we love Afro Americans and Afro Europeans

  62. M Bords6 Reply

    The biggest disappointment WAS his presidency

  63. Karen McDermott Reply

    I feel bad that he feels that he didn’t get it done or if he feels he failed the american pubic. How can you succeed when you don’t have the support that you need. Any child whether they are 18 or 6 years old should be safe in school and no parent should be mourning their children being shot in school, the place they should be safe. I think it hurt him that congress didn’t see what was right before them. President Obama is a father and I am a mother so we cry and feel horrible for the families who lost their children. It should have never taken place. What are we doing wrong. I admire him so much for allowing his human side to come through. He is a good man. Now we have the exact opposite, a man who only cares if he is right, and how many camera’s are there, who throws a tantrum when you don’t agree with him. Please vote, we need change badly, he is destroying this country more and more every day. I agree with you KBOparsi, I listen to Obama for comfort, he makes me believe that we will be ok. Trump just makes me nervous and anxious about the future.

  64. CiDYYJ Reply

    A truly respectful man. No doubt; and never forget it.

  65. Kavitha Balkrishna Reply

    The most honest.. educated president this far.. Now you have the orange baby..

  66. saraythunker tree Reply

    Obama was the best guy

  67. DoctorMeatDic Reply

    Obama was stifled so often by the pure evilness of the Republican party. We can thank Trump for finally showing us exactly who they are. After November 2020, that party will never again hold control over the desires and wants of the American people. They are dead, dead, dead. A rotten, stinking corpse.

  68. Email Play Reply

    I remember when I used to live in Hawaii when Obama and his family vacated someone else’s family home because it was in a good location 😂.

  69. Else P Reply

    Nur ein guter Präsident. Führt keine Kriege. Er hat so viele Kriege geführt Obama. Schade ich habe geklaubt er sei ein guter Präsident war er leider nicht

  70. twentony Reply

    Now if we would just stick to the rest of the Constitution which is even more important than the second amendment. In fact in this new world of idiots, if someone
    here were to quote the constitution verbatim, they would probably be investigated.

  71. Jasmine Summer Reply

    Obama has huge compassion and insight, wish you were still president

  72. Thomas Smith Reply

    he is a Manipulator just like the rest of the left parties who ruin their countries, the same power hungry crooks did 9/11.
    They will do everything to gain more power ‘over’ the people.
    You see their agenda being fulfilled before your own eyes with their worldwide network to cause the biggest financial crisis, they are doing everything to create their NWO / New world order and they admitted it themselves, Bush, Clinton, Reagan etc and you can look it up yourself.

  73. Del Cundiff Reply

    And people actually fall for this crap. Obama is an American traitor who should be hanged on the White House lawn. He has tried for the past decade to destroy America from within, and people are too stupid to see it.

  74. Steve T. Reply


  75. Tingle Matthews Reply

    Biden/BigMike 2020.

  76. The Cat Lady Reply

    Obama still calms down the world even though he is not president! I miss him so much

  77. My Shit Reply

    That’s becoming president 😂

  78. SentientBurrito Reply

    you can disagree with his policies and governing BUT you CANNOT deny his humanity

  79. Hannia Mabel López Montaño Reply

    _A look into a human president’s mind_

  80. WarmMilk Reply

    It’s a shame you can only elect someone twice.

  81. kidthump Reply

    Man I miss President Obama. Think how many lives he could have saved during this crisis.

  82. SuperB Reply

    Solving Gun Violence by different cultures:
    USA – Buy more guns to protect yourself CHINA – No Guns Allowed = No Gun Violence

  83. William Mann Reply

    The biggest disappointment is Obama. Obama is the “Worst President in History” The Legacy of Barack Obama. You look but do not see. You hear but do not listen.

  84. ChloeandDiego Reply

    No matter what one’s political beliefs are, I think we can all agree that President Obama is an incredibly talented communicator. He speaks with such clarity, strength and emotion.

  85. Karanveer Singh Reply

    He was a good president.

  86. Pauly-Wauly Doodlealdaday Reply

    Obama: “There is wisdom in that, that no single individual could cause harm to the US government”
    Trump : hold my Corona

  87. indoctus41 Reply

    His power was limited because the people that supported him also supported and respected the Constitution and the Rule of Law as he himself did. Trump gets his power from those that support him as he trashes the Constitution and the Rule of Law and uses the Office to pursue his principle focus, to keep America white.

  88. alexander williams Reply

    Blame the liberal party for losing seats; blame them for the failure of their party to represent; blame them for being corrupt.

    Left: party of toxic losers
    Right: party of greedy racists
    America: shithole country

  89. Ashton Roulston Reply

    Seriously the best president we ever had

  90. Danny Reply

    Obama- tries to help the families
    Trump- sending my condolences

  91. Shoe Schomaker Reply

    As a brand new voter, I look up to Barack Obama as a man, as a father, and as a president more than I will ever look up to Donald Trump. I only wish there could be charismatic, compassionate, and genuine men like him on the ballot every four years instead of men like Biden and Trump.

    • Ed Spencers Reply

      Maybe look into what he actually did, not what he said, he was one of the worst presidents ever. It’s a race between him and Bush jr

  92. Arlin Birkby Reply

    I hate Obama, this year my family and I are all voting for Trump!

  93. AlishaAnimations * Reply

    If someone asked me who was president,
    Until someone as great as him comes
    I will say he is, the president of the United States.
    I refuse to say Donald Trump.


    Best president ever world had!!!!!

    • Ed Spencers Reply

      He was one of the worst presidents in history

  95. Anthony Gonzalez Reply

    It’s crazy how no one against Obama talks about his character, just his acts as president. People are forgetting that the president is supposed to be a human being in charge, not just in charge.

  96. Alfred Vallejos jr. Reply

    Your NEVER going to see TRUMP shed a tear FOR NOBODY

  97. James Richard Reply

    I miss Obama! Trump is a disgrace, he should of never downplayed the virus. Should of asked your people to wear masks , social distancing, and support more testing. Obama would of handled this way better than that corrupt man. He got us out of recession and Trump just thinks if we ignore it the better. BIDEN 2020🇺🇸

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