Millennials: The Unluckiest Generation In Modern History? | Think | NBC News

2020 7/11
Millennials: The Unluckiest Generation In Modern History?  | Think | NBC News

Through bad luck, poor timing and worsening economic trends, millennials are turning into a lost generation. In this episode of Think Again, NBC News correspondent Andrew Stern talks to fellow millennials, sociologists and policy experts to break down how his generation finds itself on the brink of financial ruin.
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Millennials: The Unluckiest Generation In Modern History? | Think | NBC News



コメント一覧 (111件)

  • Casey Matto says:

    Wahhhhh wahhhhhhhhh

  • MauiGirl 888 says:

    Gen X here. Went to college in 1988, I paid $150 for 5 classes and the local junior college. These guys are g. etting a horrible deal.

  • hosackies says:

    Of course… Been saying that for years. We’re the first generation in human civilization where collectively, we’re worst off than our parents… And we’re the generation tasked with the burden of fixing all these existential level problems. Whereas the boomers are all like “oh wells”…

  • Daniel Cadena says:

    To put a Black girl on your thumbnail and NOT talk about the racial economic injustice that people of color face throughout this country’s economic history is part of the problem.
    Try harder next time you want to talk about real America and it’s dream. Seems very one sided..

  • dainiu says:

    Both 2008 and 2020 were preceded by the two worst Presidents since Nixon.

  • Totally Not Me says:

    Gen z: imma bout to end this man’s whole career.

  • Andy Witt says:

    Talk to your grandparents more, not the boomers. They made due with quite little and big families. Many built their own houses and worked low paying blue collar jobs their entire lives.

    Their parents lived on even less, often immigrants from terrible living conditions in Europe, moving here to be farmers, miners, or steel workers, knowing they would never see their parents again. They had even bigger families, because you needed a big family to survive and support each other.

    I think we vastly underestimate how difficult life was and is for the vast majority of human population.

  • COKE says:

    Truthman, I”ve never posted hoping to offend anyone; sorry if u were. Intention is everything. I come from a place of love. I’m just a girl thinking out loud here. I wish only the very best for you and all you hold dear.

  • albert apodaca says:

    Are generation wouldnt have issues if google and amazon didnt outsource there tech jobs to people from other countries. High paying tech jobs go to imported workers that move back to India after done here.

  • fex144 says:

    Don’t worry, it’s gonna get much worse.

  • Joe Fisher says:

    How meta, it’s amazing how Millennials actually blame the time they were born into for their problems, go figure!

  • Dogun Hwang says:

    entitled… born in the wrong period of time? Are they preferred to be born in the middle of WWII? or when the church decide everything?

  • Brian warshow says:

    If the Millennials knew what evil and morally bankrupt vampires their grandparents were they would never speak to them. The older Boomers destroyed everything they touched. Ask Gen X, we know these vampires best.

  • Will Dwyer says:

    Millennials are the biggest crybabies in recent history. Get over it.

    • RedSun says:

      There’s a noose with your name on it.

  • J R says:

    This is why people sell drugs

  • Truck Diesel says:

    Millennials are the first generation to really look back and say you racist lying greedy ignorant face planters at the previous generations like dude where is my country, no really where is my country…

  • Will Dwyer says:

    Boohoo boohoo boohoo boohoo boohoo boohoo

  • Will Dwyer says:

    “It’s called the American dream because you have to be asleep to believe it.” – George Carlin

  • Will Dwyer says:

    AOC is a nut job.

  • Cordero J says:

    sound like a bunch of winning children blaming the system for their own failures too focused on being an employee and not an employer

  • Moka Koneko says:

    Why are you using a black woman in your thumbnail? Click bait and it makes Black people look bad esp when you interviewed zero black people and put the unluckiest generation as your title.

  • silvercheetah92 says:

    Remember the recession and housing crisis hit around the time that the oldest Gen Yers graduated from college then Covid hit when the younger members of Gen Y were entering the job market and the older members of Gen Y would be at the age that they were expected to be getting married, starting families and buying their houses

  • Ivan 7993 says:

    If people understand the impact that one generation has on the next one, then people should clearly comprehend the significant impact of having 400 years of slavery. Btw, slavery was not a choice like Kanye said, so please don’t waste your vote. Vote for those that care for the people, the country and the environment.

  • Arvel Johnson says:

    Stop voting republican. They crash it every time.

  • KandyG TV says:

    This is why I’m moving out of this country as soon as possible

  • MR Grimmer says:

    It’s not bad luck. It’s the intentional and rotten legacy left by spoiled and greedy boomers. They made a tiny bit of progress in the 60s and thought they could just ride that warm, fuzzy, self-important feeling from then on. They sold the country to corporations, consistently voted to spend our futures away on empire, never demanded the justice and equality they pat themselves on the back for singing along to in Beatles songs, defunded the social programs that pulled up their bootstraps, and drove us into an economy of consumption, debt, and outsourcing.

    • RedSun says:

      We’re going to bring Fascism to America and rid ourselves of the boomers once and for all.

  • Mahamoud Ali says:

    Situations like this is why a country needs proper Social safety net and programs in place to protect people standard of living and avoid falling into poverty.

    This is the reason why Scandinavian and other European countries have avoided mass food banks, poverty and People losing their health care. These countries are now seeing better health outcomes and economy.

  • William Reynolds says:

    But it’s not worse than 536
    I think everyone can agree

  • bomaite1 says:

    So lets call out the republicans for their role in this. They went after labor unions and pretty much destroyed them. Unions were seen as a democrat thing. Remember Richard Nixon? It was he that opened up trade relations with China, and after that, it was mostly republicans who led the charge to outsource jobs and factories there and to other countries as well. This went well for the owner class, and we all got a bunch of cheap crap to make us feel better, but we lost our jobs, and with it, out social standing, self worth, health, etc. And who is it that has come out on top in the economic disasters we have lived through? Was it the many, many thousands of people whose homes were foreclosed on? Was it the people who traded their good paying jobs for low wage ones? I don’t think so there, either. But the bankers who cooked it all up went pretty much unscathed. They were able to hold onto the massive wealth they had accumulated, and the financial institutions were bailed out by the government. Everything good there. But help for the homeowners? Nope. There was a bunch of cash set aside for ‘shovel ready” programs, but that went largely unused. Did the architects of this disaster go to jail, you might ask? No again. But in the wake of the downturn, the loss of revenues in government had to be made up for by cuts in government services. We now have the skeleton of a government whose institutions are inadequately funded and so do not function properly. This is a republican thing. But we saw massive tax cuts for the wealthy at the same time. They got serviced. And to make things worse, the democratic party has moved ever closer to the republicans in ideology, because, lets face it, they are funded by the same people. The massive campaign budgets and ridiculously long campaign seasons have made us ever more dependent on the rich, who manage to find themselves in ever more privileged positions in the economy. Real estate in big cities is owned almost exclusively by the very rich, and the cost of renting has become almost out of sight for ordinary mortals. The republican party is the party of the moneyed class. The democrats have plenty of blame as well, but the overwhelming force of this power grab originates from republican operatives. We need either more, and more relevant choices in parties, or we need to reorganize the system that is no longer of, by or for us. Lets take back government. They are not working, for us.

  • Pavel Lopez says:


  • Sweaty Potato Chip ? says:

    It’s both baby boomers and millennials fault, for being in the position they’re in.

  • Chris Sean says:

    sell drugs , rap , or play ball – something you talentless Millennials

  • Jennifer Fitch says:

    Yep, I’m sure giving a generation raised on “poor me” more “poor me” is going to help them at all. The truth behind all of this is that boomers and Gen X used tech to turn millenials and Z into human farm animals. Who cares what they learn, think, believe, or do, as long as they click, click click! And now we have kids dreaming of being “twitch streamers”. Its over. Its all over due to tech sector greed.

  • qoqo pepper says:

    “When white folks get a cold Blacks folks get pneumonia” and die. If you were to factor in race your situation may not be as bad as you think. Comparing unemployment during this pandemic between Blacks and whites — in every economic downturn, the unemployment rate for Blacks is ALWAYS DOUBLE that of whites (okay ALMOST ALWAYS). “‘ ’cause I know certainty freaks you guys out.”

  • lurod2001 says:

    Anectodal comment based on my observations but valid nevertheless. I’m a genX and grew up in a rough part of LA. One of the toughest you will find. Price of homes in the 800s now in my old crime ridden neighborhood! Really!?!? How does that happen? Then, many jobs have disappeared, sent overseas, duties merged, replaced by tech., meanwhile cost of everything including college has skyrocketed. College attendance is up, devaluing the worth of a degree, lots and lots more people in this country, business practices that are very exclusive to family or next of kin members, and I could go on and on about this. So millennials, any generation whether x, boomers,.. would be struggling under these monumental changes. Led by greed and sprinkled with bad timing. I for one, even though I do fairly well, am looking forward to real estate prices to be cut in half especially in California to give everyone else access to the reality of homeownership. Speculators that again, inflated the housing market will lose their shirts as in the 2000s but will take lots of good people too. Definitely scary times for all of us.

  • loc man says:

    It might be bad luck. But the main problem for everybody is still wealth inequality. Don’t lose sight of that due to events.

  • Shawn B says:

    start a business they say….well it’s tough to, when you have to close it constantly during a pandemic 🙁

  • Marcus Fossa says:

    Every generation keeps demanding free stuff and handing the bill to the next generation. The last generation will be “gen suicide”. Free healthcare is not free.

  • S B says:

    Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do
    I have another puzzle for you
    Oompa Loompa doom-pa-da-dee
    If you are wise, you`ll listen to me
    Who do you blame when your kid is a brat?
    Pampered and spoiled like a Siamese cat
    Blaming the kids is a lie and a shame
    You know exactly who`s to blame
    The mother and the father
    Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-da
    If you`re not spoiled, then you will go far
    You will live in happiness too
    Like the Oompa Loompa doom-pa-dee-do

  • EGH181 says:

    The Boomers are responsible for much of this economic mess. They are the only generation that cut their own taxes throughout their life cycle to increase their earning power. There’s was the generation that embraced Reaganomics /neoliberalism, free trade, endless immigration and endless war. Now half the country is at or near poverty.

  • Benjamin Lake says:

    Alternatively, maybe the boomers and ‘x’ers were just unusually lucky.

    • D H says:

      No, us Xers were not perpetual dreamers. We were not a snowflake generation.

  • Andrew S says:

    over the past 3 years i spent $80k on training to become a pilot. At the time (and even just a few months ago), aviation was an extremely in-demand and promising path…. well now, i’m 29 and have no savings and no career. great.

  • Tortilla Massacre says:

    A black male murdered Spc. Vanessa Guillen.

  • M Romero says:

    Heck, im 28 and I have no plans for marriage or kids, not because I don’t want to, but because I cant afford to… The way I see it, kids won’t come into play till my late 30’s or early 40’s.

  • D H says:

    Going to school for history and pottery degrees doesn’t pay off. Don’t go to school for hobbies kids. Anyone in tech, engineering, medical, or legal is probably gainfully employed. Millennials were not raised with realistic expectations. They got the participation trophies and thought life would reward them the same for just showing up. Taught to believe every story has a happy ending and things just magically work themselves out

  • Fun Seeker says:

    Part 1 response: All I hear is millennials crying again. Sounds like millennials are crying hoping older generation are gullible and stupid and will think only millennials are going through problems during the pandemic and stock market crash and millennials want older generations to think that only the millennials generation had problems after graduation and can’t find work and having problems paying bills. We are all going through this bad time. When some of generation x graduated from high school and university there were not many jobs to be found for everybody to keep or even get a job during a stock market crash and bad job markets during late 80’s and late 90’s. It’s seems to happen about every 10 years so millennial generation need to stop thinking it’s only them going through problems happen now plus you have so many app companies you can work for if your willing not have to be the ceo or manager at companies creating apps on phones. There are jobs you can do from home and you don’t have live in California or any of the states that touch the ocean. There are plenty of houses that cost less then 100 thousand dollars in states that don’t have lots of fun things to do and are super boring activities when it’s the weekend or simply nothing to do at all beside be a on couch potatoes and stare at your phone or tv like how millennials do now so all you need to do is go to a real estate app put in a price of 100 hundred thousand dollars in the price of the house search section and pick a boring small state with little city’s or town where most people sit at home on the weekend or go frogging or fishing or hunting or hookup for fun cause the town is so boring and only has a closed stores cause so few people live there to keep stores open and a one screen movie theater that plays movies on Friday and Saturday night once a week at line 7 pm only then you will find a cheap house. Plus you millennials who like to be on your phones all the times should look up the state of Ohio. There are some communities with houses costing 40 thousand dollar only or less. I’m sure all you millennials who are complaining about not having a job can start opening businesses in these old towns and get these towns up and running again or just have a job on your computer and live in these small towns where you can afford a that’s 300 thousand big house with you internet salary technology job and then renovate the town so it will attract people who want to live in towns where history was made as people traveled across USA to get to California and started to settle in small towns instead of keep going to the west or East cost where supply and demand for houses makes house prices high. So, you always can get up and start your own company with your college degree or no degree and turn these small little towns alive a bustling and lively again and stop waiting around for the older generation to hand you a job you like and stop blaming the older generation for higher prices of things when your generation keeps buying expensive stuff and that encourages stores, government to keep raising prices. It’s up to you to millennials to get a someone of your age or in generation into the white household so things will change and stop letting baby boomers voting old people into The White House. Baby boomers are looking out fir their age group only and their your parents age. So if you want things to change then get involved in life u stead of waiting for the older generation to hand you a simple life that requires no hard work. Your generation are ages 24- 39. It’s time for millennials to stop crying and realize each generation had hard times during their generation while they grew up. All I remember is the millennial allegedly killing each other for 21 years since the late 90’s in schools and and made killing innocent people and kids watching movies or going to elementary school avd made president Of USA Barack Obama cry. It’s up to your generation to clean up the mess your generation did scaring people and making students and parents afraid to go to work in schools and go work with your generation in the office because now your generation is in the office and maybe older generation are afraid millennials and are glad students are studying at home and many people have to work at home and are happy working from home because older generation are afraid allegedly millennials might start killing people in the offices like how many of your millennial generation are police officer killing randomly and some older police officers are doing the allegedly killing too but your generation should look at your own problems and learn how to solve them and stop complaining and blaming o older people when you Generation is 24 to 39 years Old enough to hold government and ceo company position to change things if your millennials are not happy with your life and career and are upset how every things not going your generations way. Stop crying and stand up for yourself and help make the world a better place instead of complaining

  • Freddyphresh says:

    The real American capitalism has peaked it’s ugly head. Ppl will be left behind left and right which will mean an increase in mental health issues, homelessness, and suicide. America is the “greatest country in the world” right?

  • Aaron J says:

    They need to take some responsibility. The millennials are the most high-maintenance over-spending and entitled generation. Standard of living is the highest. Productivity is low value-add. All I’ve seen is that they’ve been dealt a bad and they keep waiting for better hand.

  • BallzBallz says:

    not gonna lie, at 34 suicide seems like a viable option. I know that’s dark but I’ve had these thoughts.

  • Jacobzx says:

    This is evidence that unfettered capitalism is WORTHLESS.

  • The Perfect 2020 Vision says:

    Please someone tell me that: “You can do it”, or “Don’t give up!”, or “Be Optimistic!!” Otherwise I won’t be able to make a day through this without these “insightful” words of encouragement LMFAO

  • Anne Foster says:

    I graduated in 2007 and got a job right out the gate. Then in 2008, the economy started to crash and the promotions at the job stopped. I left and couldn’t find anything that paid above $13 an hour. It took me hopping from job to job to get me where I am now…aaaand now they’re sending me into a dangerous situation (I’m a teacher) for the economy. So there you got.

  • _Jxcvb says:

    Unlucky? Or the result of Boomers’ extremely poor decisions before we were even born.

  • John L. says:

    At least your going to be better off than generation z with all the debt being created.

  • Vick says:

    Better than world war generations

  • Raul D. says:

    Crypto is the only way out! =^.^=

  • Diego Chiari says:

    THE SYSTEM, the system are the rich, vote better, stop being afraid of SOCIALISM, it’s not a bad word just read and educate yourselves

  • Avangelynn says:

    I wish I wasn’t told all through school that I could be anything I wanted to be. I just wish they told me the catch. You can be anything you want to be with money. At least I would know the reality of things and not be let down heavily when I found out the truth.

  • J Mars says:

    Got my BA in business in 2009 had the hardest time finding a job. Finally got a great job 8 months later and that field started to pay less and less. Driving trucks now. Degree was such a waste of money because current gig pays way more than any job I had and I love it.

  • N Kurian says:

    No offense but I have to say this (sounds weak for many) but the legacy of America stood on God, Family and Freedom. When we move far towards’ left’ it taste sweeter in the beginning (great social reformation for overly freedom kinda sweeter for younger generation ) later it will lead to a bitter dictatorship of namesake democracy. It’s high time we bring back old golden values based on spiritual aspects , humanity, respect and true patriotism (which is based on God, Family and country).

  • Fun Seeker says:

    Part 2 response: I’m generation X . The generation that that no one talks about. We are tired of watching the boomers and millennials generation ignore us but generation x created YouTube and google. You can say thank you to generation x. Mayor and governor of California are generation x and no one talks about our successes but also one talks about generation x problems. Did you know the police officer was 44 years old who is gen Xer and the man he had his knee on for 8:46 was 46 year old who also was gen xers but sadly the 46 year died and that plus other problems started world wide marches but once again generation x weather good or bad things happen generation x are completely ignored except when millennials want to complain how older generation are successful and forget that older generation had problems too and millennials are repeating what each generation did and said about older generation when things are not going well in their life forget how be successful as a team and not just try to do things alone. Instead of blaming older generation maybe you could focus on being successful. Your a millennial if your between millennials are between 24 and 39 year generation old. A lot of your failures can be blamed on your own generation because you keep voting for older grey hairs presidents and not supporting in enough numbers on Election Day to get a younger generation as president. Millennials Look in mirror you can either cry sad tears or create a better future for your self. Remember older and younger generation ignore gen x for good and bad things my generation did proves how self centered baby boomers and millennials are. generation x silently is being successful or failing but quietly watching from a distance knowing generation x will probably have a generation X President of United States because there is not enough people born during 1965 through 1980 who are gen Xers but we generation x are not bragging or complaining about our problem cause we had awful job markets and have problems too. We are a very close generation and grew up when tv hand 7 channels and then got cable tv with 36 channels , a few radio station and would go outside for fun and played in the street and ride bikes , went hiking and went to eachother house. Not sat inside the house staring at phone but we lived together and talked face time and hung out at the malls to socialize and go to movies arcades. We generation x are a close generation and care about each other cause we grew up tighter and we had problems too. Look up video on generation x. It’s true. The x generation have problem to and we now are raising gen z kids. I start looking up ge station x and how we grew up in the late 60’s 70’s 80’s 90’s. We had less technology then you generation did. You just need to be will open up your career choices or start a business like generation x did or move to a affordable small town and help the town grew with a business the town might need. You sit inside and start complaining about your life. Do you hear generation x complaining…No you don’t . You would not be able to have a talk show in YouTube if it was not for generation x. Guess what. There are generation Xers who have gen z kids have successfully YouTube channels working hard at there YouTube channel and getting sponsored. Why would generation x or generation z want to watch a millennial complaining about how bad their life is and blaming their problems on other creating . That’s not fun or creative . YouTube channels show be fun to watch and you can start a series with good exciting content the world would watch and watch again. That’s how generation z kids and other generations are creating fun popular channels and becoming . YouTube channel should not be a place to hope to get views for sad and depressing topics. Start a new YouTube channel with good and fun topics and content and great hashtags and try to get sponsors to watch your channel and if they like it maybe they will sponsor your channel. And go watch YouTube videos on generations x. The only different is the pandemic corona virus but we did not have millions of internet companies to work for so we created them. Remember google and YouTube a d lots more were generation x founders of companies. Stop complaining and start being a positive person and your will attract more people to help you succeed in life plus spend the time looking up careers fir internet and app companies you can do. Stop wasting hours complaining to people about how bad your generation has it. All generations had employment problems. My neighbor is 74 years old and us still going to work cause the money he saved in bank account through his career hardly can support him and his wife in retirement so he still need to work cause prices keep going up. He’s from the silent generationZ look them up too. They went through harsh times too. K. Message from generation x to all millennials…who complain about how bad life is and forget we all are having problems now except the hard working people who save money for a rainy day or super rich cause of wealth they earned or inherited.

  • Speed Racer says:

    I see Christmas and other holidays ending since they don’t matter to this generation . They don’t go to church or have values. They don’t treasure the true meaning of things since television and electronics are going so fast and that’s what they base their lives on not the true values of life . They cant sew their clothes since they just buy new ones or learn how to fix things since they put all their minds on computers . This generation behind them will know nothing since their parents wont know to teach them .

  • IT is Finish says:

    The LORD has established His throne in the heavens, And His sovereignty rules over all. Trust in Jesus.

  • RedSun says:

    Good thing COVID is killing all the boomers. I can’t wait for all of them to finally die.

  • Brian Opolis says:

    This is so perfect. The Millennials are the generation to say “look at us, we’re so unfortunate, and none of it is our fault”. GenX hit a recession upon graduation. Then 9/11, then 2008, now the pandemic. We are actually the first generation not to do as well as our parents. But we don’t whine and complain about it. We have evolved into masters of change. We survive and thrive no matter what life throws at us.

    • RedSun says:

      Ok boomer

    • Brian Opolis says:

      @RedSun yo vi los canales que le gusta y se ve que tenemos mucho en común. A Alejandro Sanz me encanta y también a Menudo. Ellos, como yo, son de la Generación X, no de los Boomer. Tengo la misma edad que Ricky! Bueno joven, que tenga buen dia. 🙂

    • RedSun says:

      @Brian Opolis btw, I don’t like Ricky Martin.

    • RedSun says:

      @Brian Opolis Speak to me in English, it will be easier for you. Jawohl!

  • CO CO says:

    Just the dumbest.

  • RedSun says:

    Prison camps and euthanasia centers for Boomers.

  • spikedpsycho says:

    Decrying the wealthy is not a method of generosity. About 70% of wealthy people in America earned their money, a noble statistic. Unlike the rest of the globe where money is majority inheritence or nepotism.
    10 Tenets of Conservatism:
    1) You cannot bring about prosperity/equity by discouraging thrift and saving
    2)You cannot help small men by tearing down big men.
    3)You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
    4)You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.
    5)You cannot help the poor man by destroying the rich.
    6)You cannot keep out of financial trouble by spending more than your income.
    7)You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
    8)You cannot establish security on borrowed money.
    9)You cannot build character and courage by taking away men’s initiative and independence.
    10)You cannot help men by permanently doing for them what they could or should do for themselves.
    Charitable giving is the tenet of all good men. Forced charity, by guilt or by bureaucracy is despicable.

    • RedSun says:

      Ok Boomer. By the way, COVID is coming for you. BOOMER ERASER!

    • spikedpsycho says:

      @RedSun When people encounter the market and they recoil or react negatively to it, they’re merely confessing that behaviors like trade and negotiation and capital are foreign and threatening to them, which tells you everything about how tragically they were raised
      When poverty declines, the need for government declines, which is why expecting government to solve poverty is like expecting a tobacco company to mount an aggressive anti-smoking campaign.

    • spikedpsycho says:

      @RedSun Boomers are still at the height of their power and relevance. The oldest boomers are in their early 70’s. The youngest are 55. They run everything, vote the most and possess most of the nation’s wealth. People of low quality cannot find people of high quality. They move in totally different circles. Improve your quality, and you will find the right man/woman Or they will find you. Bitterness and cynicism are wildly unattractive.
      Be better, and be happy!

  • Stagger Lee says:

    I’m not arguing the validity of a general statement like “Our generation has is tougher than yours did because…” , however, listening to it from a person with a seemingly nice home, bottles of booze on display, a stereo, new looking clothing, a decent-sized record collection, and internet access makes it’s hard to think my great grandparents who lived in a shantytown during the great depression while splitting a can of beans over several days had it “better” somehow.

  • future5001 says:

    I was born in 1980, and this all applies to me. Graduated college in 2002, and grad school in 2017.

  • StrawberryNinja Nibbles says:

    What monitor is that at 0:49?

  • Cameron Rose says:

    Yup our parents and grand parents had it much easier, it’s pretty obvious. Nearly impossible to find a decent paying job without a degree and even with one it is hard to find a job. Cost of living is way higher and all goods cost exponentially more

  • Vikram Adapa says:

    Millennials just don’t work hard enough they’re lazy

  • Flowerwolff - says:

    Thanks for reassuring us that we are screwed. 🙄. How about some concrete strategies pleaseee👏🏽

  • Mama Octopus says:

    I am a millennial, I stay home with the kids and we live with one income. When our third child was born my husband was only making about 30k a year. We managed to buy a small home in Arizona, but, my husband did not study in America, too expensive.
    We avoid debt and we adjust to our means, my friends could not believe we live with that income, but it can be done. We have a simple life, buy second hand stuff and I cook at home.
    At the end of the day, family is what matters. Faith and self discipline can make miracles.

  • Duane Rackham says:

    I graduated high school in 2013, and when I ran into financial aid issues in college no one was hiring 19 year old kids. It took me almost 9 months to scrape together $2000 to pay off the school(this wasn’t a loan and I could not sign up for classes until I paid them).
    It was so demoralizing that it took me 9 months to put together what most people paid in rent. How would I ever be able to survive?
    Then I decided that the only way to get out of this was to finish my degree. I took out the loans, studied hard and finally graduated… In 2020.
    Now I can’t get a job and most of the job postings I’m seeing are underpaying and not in my field. I have an Electrical Engineering degree and I’m more hopeless than before.

  • Anuradha Ghodke says:

    whats the point in CRYING. FIGHT, FIGHT,FIGHT.

  • Marco B says:

    Kharma possibly?

  • Scott Valentine says:

    Omg snowflake, how they make it about them

  • Laurie Holdt says:

    And the most selfish!!!

  • Rogan Torment Equinsu Ocha says:

    Gen Z is the dumbest generation.

  • Freedomo Speech says:

    Yep, we’re unlucky, but that’s exactly why we’re going to completely change everything for the better. Just you wait. Millennials will be in power soon.

  • Sean Miffin James says:

    I worked two jobs-working over 60 hours a week with 14 to 16 hours each semester in college for YEARS. I saved money and I made sacrifices,but I did it. All I hear are lame excuses from lazy entitled cry babies.

  • Siberian Cajun says:

    So I’m guessing we envy the young men who had to go to war against Hitler? Come on guys, every generation has had their struggles and we can handle ours.

  • Joey Shabadoo says:

    I hate boomers. I don’t have any respect for them anymore. After 08 and covid they still don’t see tragedy. They are incapable of seeing tragedy.

  • MICROSOFT HQ says:

    We should talk about hong kong and free them that’s way more important then anything else going on in the world 2nd probably only to the virus

  • Nathan Ngumi says:

    No end in sight for millenials!

  • NANCY Noise says:

    I have a masters degree and live with my parents. I’ll never have kids or get married. No way.

  • Saturated Neō Wax says:

    great beard

  • var18 says:

    Fellow Millennials. Validation of your misfortune will not make your life better. There is no satisfaction in self-pity.

  • Amanda Choses says:

    the lazyest, dumb and spoiled generation of all times.. they got it all and are so stupid and self entitled… embarrassing.

  • Amanda Choses says:

    generation Tik-Tok = dumb!

  • Cobalt says:

    But boomers insist we’re all just lazy because we drank a latte or ate avocado toast once. We should get a second or maybe third job, it’s not the housing market or the financial crisis or COVID-19, we’re just entitled and lazy.
    But they think millenials are entitled for thinking people should be able to live on the income of a full-time job in the richest country in the world, right?

  • Tony says:

    BS…luck has nothing to do with it. The corporations took control of the governments and citizens became workers. Boomers killed democracy.

  • cameron taylor says:

    Really thinking about the future, and what direction the world is going… there’s no way america will ever be like it was before … everything is just one big ‘?’ … millennials really are a lost generation, the system screwed us over so bad! How much longer can humanity live off of a lie?! From climate change, to pandemic, to political conflict, to AI technology, to immigration, to terrorism… it’s like pick your poison, how does humanity want to be annihilated? Because once you take away one threat, there’s another one right behind it…

  • K A says:

    This is such a bs. Go check out how people in places like Syria, Bangladesh or Liberia are leaving. I grew up in Ukraine. I am in States. This country has so much opportunities. I managed to come here with nothing and now I have 3 houses after 3 years. I worked hard, many nights I did not steeped. But this place has opportunities everywhere…this generation is just too lazy.

  • Daniel Jezioranski says:

    We are not the unluckiest generation. The generation that grew up during the Great Depression and fought a world war as young adults I’d say is the unluckiest generation.

  • rehnbowz says:

    (Economic) slavery is Alive and well… y’all just thought it was only for minorities lol

  • phoenixliv says:

    As an X-ennial I didn’t even see the point of going to college and skipped it entirely. I’ve worked reception and customer service my entire life but hey, at least no school debt! I’ll never be able to retire. Hey might die of covid so what’s the use of worrying?! I’m just sick of people calling millennials lazy because they work very hard for what little they have!

  • SDGlambert5045 says:

    I’m 35, going on 36 this year. I was born in the 80’s like some of us on here. Some of my cousins are, too.