Video Shows Glee Actress Naya Rivera Renting Boat Before Disappearance | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/15
Video Shows Glee Actress Naya Rivera Renting Boat Before Disappearance | NBC Nightly News

Naya Rivera and her 4-year-old son are seen on security footage renting a pontoon boat and departing on Lake Piru. Hours later the rental company went searching and found the boy sleeping on board.
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Video Shows Glee Actress Naya Rivera Renting Boat Before Disappearance | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (77件)

  • Kitten says:

    It’s not looking good but until she is found, I will still hold onto hope that she is alive.

    • Don UrMaskAndLive says:


    • Nura Caicedo says:

      Me to

    • SKÜM says:

      They just found her body in the lake she’s deceased.

    • Ghaffar_KH says:

      SKÜM Do you have any idea what happened? Did they conclude whether it was a suicide, homicide, or a accidental?

  • Pinetree says:

    Was it suicide? Shed have to have considerable guts to drown oneself…prob a terrible accident.

  • Lisa Stafford says:

    She parked a little … drunk-like.

    • Ernie P says:

      Could just be careless driver, in LA so many just park there cars with no concern for the other cars next to them

    • unknown user says:

      The parking lot is literally empty…

  • matt thomas says:

    wonder if she got snatched up by some deliverance types, my guess is theres no cameras on big bodies of water.

    • Wisesaved One says:

      @N A WTF????🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    • N A says:

      What? Just saying given the area and the culture there, she’s much much more likely to be kidnapped by gangsta , baller, homie homeboys rather than the snaggletooth inbred banjo players of the swamps of Mississippi.


      @N A Hahaha! So a bunch of uneducated and illiterate “gang members” conducted a highly technical and specialized abduction of someone nobody cares about? Brilliant hypothesis.

    • N A says:

      Word homie

    • dr. phylisphical says:

      I deleted my comments for others safety because you don’t know how many weird people are on the internet.
      The bad kind of weird.

  • Don UrMaskAndLive says:

    Hope they find the bod

  • patrick jensen says:

    Never understand why they dive during the day why not shinning lights at night

  • patrick jensen says:

    Good flood light you can see 15 to 20 feet dive with lights with that you should be able to get to 30 feet if it’s merky why don’t they treat the water or filter it

    • Barbara Rowley says:

      Patrick you cannot possibly be that stupid. Wait a minute I guess you can lakes have dirt at the bottom not cement trees grow algae grows, fish make it dirty UOU CANNOT TREAT A LAKE LIKE UOU WOULD A SWIMMI GPOOL. OH AND PLEASE STAY OFF A LAKE YOU WOULD SURELY DROWN.

  • Victoria Perkovic says:


  • Gluluman says:

    why was she parked like that , and why wasn’t she wearing a live jacket ?

    • Aden john says:

      Why was she there by herself period

    • sal been says:

      Wasted HOLLYWEIRDO

  • martin sloan says:

    Been on that lake. Iam a strong swimmer and I would never take a boat out alone. Dangerous place.

    • N A says:

      If the lake is dangerous why let people out on it? Shut down the lake and tear out all the docks.

      $5000 fine for being out on that lake!

    • Jeremy Botto says:

      @Ravenpicks I think Martin is somehow involved. Why else would he say that it’s dangerous? The lake is so calm.

      Maybe she was out exchanging money with extortionists, and they drowned her. Or maybe the locals are goblins! Or maybe her dad helped her fake her own death!

      But the whole lake is constantly under surveillance so they should have seen something on the cameras. There’s definitely something fishy going on here.

    • martin sloan says:

      @N A there are signs posted: no swimming. Currents, underwater trees and vegetation, and very deep.

    • N A says:

      Nope nope nope. Lake bad. Cancel culture, lake bad, we are destroy things we no like. Lake bad lake bad lake bad lake bad.

    • faith p smith says:

      If the lake is dangerous in different parts,then would’ve their be barriers. WARNING SIGNS IDK.sad sad sad

  • Judith Rhice says:

    Her husband wanted that child.

  • Ernest Chacon says:

    One look into her eyes, you know she’s not fully there.

    • Kylie Richardson says:

      I’m sure you would be “fully present” with a gazillion flash bulbs going off in your face too.

  • Joyce Bunn says:

    we need to think safety , specially with children

  • Aminah Shabazz says:

    Why Naya? Is it because Glee was cancelled? 😒

  • Honesty Crystallizes says:

    abducted by aliens? if she’s not in the ocean and if she can’t be located via gps or satellite, then where is she??!

    • Cry Baby says:

      This is exactly what I’ve been arguing !!!!

  • GoGreen1977 says:

    I’d say that for her and her son, at least, God’s plan sucks.

    • Patrick McCleary says:

      God never planned for anyone to die. The first humans rebelled against God’s purpose and brought death on us all. If they had obeyed, they would still be living and there would be no death.

    • Kylie Richardson says:

      It’s called free will and not only that but you don’t know what the future would have held for her son if she had lived. God’s plan is always right no matter what.

  • Timmy says:

    What kind of park job was that? Maybe she was on meds or something. We’ll find out soon enough

  • luis randy says:

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  • Mr Brainwashed says:

    33 years old. Oh dear…

  • Jenny Hart says:

    Hope her son will be well taken care of

  • Gary says:

    Why does Lea get to live while her ex co-stars are dying?

    • Krittika Sengupta says:

      Dude 😓😓😓

    • Cry Baby says:


  • Hans Lennros says:

    Somehow it must be possible to blame this on Trump. It is his fault that they do not have safer lakes.

    • Hans Lennros says:

      @Sam Towers The virus is a part of the crafty plan “Trump Turmoil”

    • Diss Info says:

      Don’t worry, NBC is on the case.

    • Hans Lennros says:

      @Diss Info Great, then we all can lean back and relax. NBC News will always find something real bad concerning Trump. If not they will make it up as they go along.

    • sal been says:

      @Hans Lennros the “news” has made itself irrelevant in 3 short years.

    • amenaa says:

      sal been fr

  • sal been says:

    🤣 The take away…..can’t tell the boys from girls these days.

  • Juliane W says:


  • Adria Morgan says:

    What a stupid thing to say about God-given the tragic circumstances.

    • Kylie Richardson says:

      Why is it stupid? N en side you suffered in your childhood you think God doesn’t exist? You are pathetic God always has a plan and it might not be what you hope or what might seem right but God is always right you pathetic parasite.

    • donniethequeen says:

      Kylie Richardson calm down not everyone believes in god

    • Joane Mercure says:

      is there a need to really call someone you don’t know / don’t know there age / don’t know there personality/ don’t know if they have depression anxiety/ or any other condition, pathetic calm down ok

  • itsjennydeedawg says:

    I’ve been out on a canoe with my ex who was quite strong and a great swimmer and our canoe capsized once. Thank goodness I had a life jacket and there was a family who was on a canoe who was close by. It’s scary. I was running out of breathe and I knew how to doggy paddle and swim, but not swim far and long for a long time. I was so scared of drowning.

    Time is critical and they need to find her body ASAP. it’s probably somewhere in the water!! I’m guessing maybe she was trying to release the boat and fell into the water while her son was taking a nap while mommy was taking the rope off the dock? I DON’T KNOW. Also, the parking doesn’t seem straight, so was she intoxicated?

    Somehow fell in and the water took her. It was too hard for her to swim back and when she was calling for help, nobody noticed her. I DON’T KNOW.

  • InHislove says:

    Definitely suspicious.

  • Aaron Rapier says:

    Anyone else notice the way she parked her car? Maybe she was drunk? And what’s up with the huge white bag and why did she park all the way at the end of the parking lot? And if she knew how to swim then how could she have drowned?!? And why would she leave her son on the boat by himself while she went for a swim? And couldn’t the cameras follow where the boat was at and wouldn’t the boy watch his mom while she said she was going for a swim? And a 4 year boy wouldn’t randomly go to sleep after he hasn’t seen his mom for hours? The owner said she passed the 4 hours mark so he went to check up on the boat and there was only a boy sleeping..

    • Mayra Hernandez says:

      The huge white bag is just so curious to me I can’t get over that. Like what’s in there? I truly wonder if that bag was found on the boat by police if not, what was it used for? Also, the boy said that she went in the water for a swim and never came back… it just doesn’t SEEM like something someone would do, leave their young boy on a bought while you go for a swim… Now about the if she knew how to swim how could she have drowned.. I heard a lot about how extremely strong swimmers have been beaten by some waters… maybe she was stuck on something and couldn’t get free…. idk but then where is her body?? It’s like I’m just so absolutely baffled by all of this… is so odd and extremely SAD at the same time. Also I could see the boy falling asleep i only say this cause the heat can definitely make you sleepy even more so a little child.. but who knows what really happened I’m so confused

    • heroblok6 says:

      @Mayra Hernandez they both went for a swim the boy said, she helped him get into the boat and when he looked back she was gone. Thats the last time he saw her. I was thinking maybe she slipped and hit her head or something, just an accident. They said her system was clean of drugs or alcohol. Very sad

    • heroblok6 says:

      She wasnt drunk. But I also had a suspicion about how she parked. But we all know alot of places aren’t as busy cause of pandemic, so im guessing she just didn’t think it a big deal to park in the lines

  • Aaron Rapier says:

    What if the mother did go for a swim and the owner went to check up on the boat and saw the mother swimming and the boy sleeping and he took advantage of the Situation and snatch the mother and that’s why they can’t find the mother in the water

    • M S says:

      They need to investigate more

  • Adilene Amaro says:

    she seemed to park badly there, a 4 year old could probably say he saw mommy drown herself….

  • FishFart says:

    Between narrows and blue point.

  • Orit 1 says:

    Too early to come to conclusions.. but why vis the life jacket in the boat ?

  • lunabird89 says:

    Absolute suicide .

  • lisa medina says:

    something about the way she parked tells me she wasn’t planning on coming back . 😣😣

  • J E says:

    Why on earth would she go out there alone? 🙄

  • yahya abdi says:

    The body was found. sorry to say the devil came and collect. Olando Brown was right about Disney’s stars stars.

    • Pripri Akua says:

      What did he say about Disney stars?

  • TheRealVivia says:

    She has been found guys. RIP. 😞

  • Fara Ambinina says:

    Mhmmm…. i think it’s suicid. She doesn’t look like a happy person. She looks sad. It feels like she was trying hard to see positive things in life when I watch her instagram. And how can a little boy nap after seeing her mother drowning ? I don’t believe that. So sad …. she needed help