100-Year-Old Coronavirus Fundraiser Captain Tom Knighted At Windsor Castle | NBC News NOW

2020 7/19
100-Year-Old Coronavirus Fundraiser Captain Tom Knighted At Windsor Castle | NBC News NOW

Sir Tom Moore raised millions for the U.K.’s National Health Service by walking 100 laps of his garden as he approached his 100th birthday. He also had a hit record, which Queen Elizabeth II joked about during the ceremony. “That was the icing on the cake,” Tom replied.
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100-Year-Old Coronavirus Fundraiser Captain Tom Knighted At Windsor Castle | NBC News NOW



コメント一覧 (112件)

  • Buay Buay says:

    God Bless Queen Elizabeth and Tom🇬🇧💪

  • vagos1979 says:

    0:44 Jesus….

  • Jay Jay the Stuka says:

    ultimate boomer moment

  • Regina Santos says:

    It’s nice to see some normality….

  • Linda German says:

    What a wonderful honor from a formidable Queen. May God bless them both 🙏

  • Mark2025 says:

    Thank you Sir Tom Moore well done and congratulations⚓

  • timber_beast says:

    During the Blitz, many Londoners refused to shut their shades at night to prevent German bombers from finding targets because they believed it infringed on their personal freedoms.

    Actually no, they didn’t.

    • David Morris says:

      Love you.

    • Juvis Boquin says:

      During the 2019-2020 Global Pandemic many Americans refused to wear masks when in public because they believed it infringed on their personal freedoms….. YES, THEY DID! I guess that’s why we’re not part of the “greatest generation” — we’ve lost our humanity.

  • Pre destinated says:

    This tradition is RACIST, because there are no black people

  • gutzy19 CKG says:

    And so shines a good deed, in a weary world..

    • Tim Stevens says:

      man ! weary – indeed –

  • mach one says:

    Best thing I’ve seen in a while

  • alan rasmussen says:

    And the myths of Sir Tom and his walker “Dragonslayer” were born.

    • black bird says:

      managed the lawn pretty well for 100 years old. My mom’s 83 and the sidewalk gives her a fright.

    • Jenna Wingate says:

      I was very impressed that he didn’t flinch when the sword came at him.

    • American4patriotism says:


    • quest 77051 says:


  • Drone & Sundry says:

    So very well deserved

  • journalsof jadednews says:

    If Korney Sh!t is White? Then This Explains it.

  • jim scott says:

    I hope is feeling so honored

  • Samitha Rathnayake says:

    don’t you have to be a knight to knight a knight? just curious

    • Gazza Boo says:

      Not if you’re a Queen. Knights are fairly low down on the order.

  • k block says:

    M o o r e f o o w o o o o o ! ! !

  • Victor Smith says:

    finr wine oakland ca made me think more oF OF THE QUEEN! 1LUV

  • Clarence Mcclanahan says:


  • Magnum Han says:

    lovely …my soul smiled

  • Teamsimple Leadfoot says:

    Mostly do not care about the crown since 1776 but this is actually great! Really Great! TY

  • Javier Arroyo says:

    Give this man a vacation trip or something of value 😒

  • Dan Bennett says:

    This was a Monty Python skit waiting to happen. Was very relieved no royal persons or appendages lost.

  • Tom Jamison says:

    We need the Queen in the USA.

  • Thunderbolt 2 says:

    Pretty incredible he’s still walking around, even with aid. 100 years old. This man has seen a lot.

  • Kazama Muramasa says:

    Nothing can be said…but, WOW.!! and that for your service to humanity, and your country.

  • James Laupan says:

    I think this is well deserved, my only question is why does she always carry that purse? Is she packing heat?

    • Gazza Boo says:

      It’s where she holds her flask of sherry and tin of snuff.

  • pinkcichlid says:

    British people are so lovely.

  • Flutterby Blue says:

    Sir Tom, keeping me strong! 😊

  • Jiexi Ai says:

    Why do all these cameras sound like they are from the 1940’s

  • Game Is My Life says:

    I love these old fellas

  • Mr_Rockito says:

    The Queen should have also given him the honorary rank of Major so that every time the David Bowie song comes on, some may remember this Major Tom…

  • Deidre Roberts says:

    This is Great —— Congratulations Sir Tom ——- Hello from Beautiful Barbados 🇧🇧

  • somers lim says:

    respect and salute from Singapore

  • Jack Jackson says:

    Ya and I have a bridge on the moon to sell as well

  • Bernie Ob says:

    What a wonderful day for captain Tom, he so deserved that honour 💚

  • Evelyn MONTEZ says:

    Omg! How cool

  • Овеликий хозяин says:

    какая королева, такой и рыцарь 🙂

  • rarahkwisere says:

    new gang member….people that enslave humanity

  • J Vahl says:


  • Saskia I says:


  • Pony Redseven says:

    That literally brought tears to my eyes..

  • Eye One says:

    The Queen and Captain Tom both served in the military whilst bone spur trump dodged the draft.

    • Peter Pagliarini says:

      Eye One LOL “Bone Spur” lmao

  • Diane 2003 says:

    Bless his heart! This is so cool – he is so deserving of this.

  • Skirlasvoud says:

    An old lady shambling forward to knight an old man is one of the most adorable things I’ve seen all year.


    God Bless Him!!!

  • Pam Janlekha says:

    he is 100yo but he walk faster than my 40yo hubby…

  • Grahame Johnson says:

    American vets meeting Trump advised not to mention trumps military history or lack of it, sir Tom to the queen you were a canny truck driver majesty and your grandson served in Afghanistan, now like them or hate them they represent their country

  • Ivi NoLove says:

    When you see this palace it makes you think: How many pedophiles and rapists has lived there. And for how many of them the queen was covering …

  • SA Inja woof says:

    So well deserved! An absolute legend of a man. Bravo Sir 👏👏

  • vjab1108 says:

    Tom gets a Knighthood from the Queen and then gets a TV LICENCE DEMAND from the BBC.

  • Brion McManus says:

    God bless Sir Tom and God Dave the Queen!! What a delight all are in this video!

  • Hexal One says:

    BEAUTIFUL ! I hope I can make it to 100. 47 years old now.

  • Nige G says:

    Well deserved Sir Tom, so humble as well.👍

  • Almighty 5 says:

    What an awesome guy I’m glad he’s lived a happy and full life, also the queen will always be a badass

  • Dennis Gallup says:

    Well Deserved for being a veteran and God bless the Queen and Captain Tom.

  • Brian Roberts says:

    There’s those leaky eyes again.
    Must be the dust.

  • celticman says:

    Well done indeed Captian Tom!
    And a “GOOD SHOW OLD BOY”!

  • Volker Haiges says:

    England and the US. Two different Universe.

  • Lin Ro says:

    The children eater family
    Disgusting kingdom
    Thank god we have republic

  • Lin Ro says:

    What was the fundraising about if we have this
    Bill gates rockefeller

  • Steve W says:

    This proves that there are still plenty of good people in this world.

  • Rukasepar says:

    She’s just a wee bit younger than him. 😉

  • iwantthetruth andnothingbut says:

    No masks? No social distancing? I guess that’s just for the servants

  • Katie Robertson says:

    So uplifting to see a positive story 💗 thank you!

  • Tandra Bollen says:

    Always thought this was a formal event, why so casual your highness? Do pray tell?

  • Anthony Curran says:

    Glad to see some places are taking this seriously. Well done.

  • Tupac's Widow says:

    So we are going to ignore that the 100 year old man was walking faster then the Jitterbugs👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

  • Lesley Leith says:

    Some lovely news, for once. God Bless both Her Majesty and Sir Tom❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Oana Manole says:

    This is the cutest thing i’ve seen in ages. So sweet!

  • Evie Lorelle says:

    That’s so awesome!

  • Vault Boy says:

    Best thing I’ve seen all day.

  • over seer says:

    These people killed princes Diana. 🍕 gate#

  • tennysonford Blackbird says:

    That generation jus got on with life good and bad Tom’s been on TV before.

  • NGA Grl says:

    Wonder if he made a play for the queen! Flirty!

  • Rain says:

    Lol we wuz kangz.

  • SnapDr4gon says:

    This just got recommended to me and its wholesome

  • Nicholas Main says:

    I’m American

    This was good

  • Cardea Muzic says:

    Nothing to see here.

  • Young Song says:

    DT was hiding in the bunker.

  • wolf blitzer says:

    A great British hero

  • ADEL LATHRAM says:

    God bless his golden heart, respect.

  • Anthony Waraksa says:

    This is among the best things a queen can do. Now if the US president was in such a position he’d be tapping his own shoulders with the sword!

  • quest 77051 says:

    WAYMENT….did she say….meet me out back later, i have something else to give you????

    • Elizabeth Robinson says:

      Low life remark

    • quest 77051 says:

      @Elizabeth Robinson how so? i’m asking a question?

  • Thyalwaysseek says:

    PR stunt….the only thing old Tom had to do with the fundraising was put his name to it.

  • Crappy Entertainment inc. says:

    They both look to old to be doing this

  • Anony Moose says:

    That was totally deserved, but funny at the same time seeing old people with swords pretending to be knights

  • Elizabeth Robinson says:

    Where are the masks????

  • E Udofia says:

    God bless the Queen and sir Tom, this gladdens our hearts all around the world…you make us smile

  • Shyam Devadas says:

    What an incredible man…and what an appropriate recognition. At his age, he demonstrates qualities that are ageless. He’s truly an exemplar of the best things about the U.K..

  • Tall Person says:

    So well done!

  • Karasene 13 says:

    I needed this badly! How wonderful!! You know it had to be physically difficult for him to do that, but he did it anyway. 🙏 Americans cant be troubled to wear a mask, but he can do this? It speaks to the insanity here. Thank you for reminding me there are good people left in the world. 💖👏 God bless him.

  • gianni says:

    if you want to get rid of covid19, go to listen everyday, all day, until you get well

  • Justin Smith says:

    I thought this was some old lady hitting Biden with a cane for trying to kiss her.

  • DJ Official Super Music Top #1 says:

    pedos and lizards, that’s all they are, at least little Archie was saved from being transformed into a lizard.

  • snow flake says:

    A walking history book – congrats cool old dude X

  • Julian Lawrence-Ball says:

    Liz looks genuinely pleased to be bestowing this honour from the country to one its final few

  • Tori Moore says:

    Wow, this is great!!!! He deserves it

  • thegreatouv says:

    I wish they’d all been wearing masks… what an opportunity to set an example missed…

  • Tim Stevens says:

    God bless you Sir – and God bless the NHS

  • Tru Anglo says:

    What a magnificent gentleman.