Customers Shocked Wells Fargo Hasn’t Been Counting Mortgage Payments | NBC Nightly News

2020 7/24
Customers Shocked Wells Fargo Hasn’t Been Counting Mortgage Payments | NBC Nightly News

Wells Fargo put people in a program that puts a hold on their mortgages to protect them during the coronavirus pandemic — even though customers in 14 states didn’t need the help. Now their mortgage payments aren’t being credited.
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Customers Shocked Wells Fargo Hasn’t Been Counting Mortgage Payments | NBC Nightly News



コメント一覧 (103件)

  • Michael Bell says:

    Wells Fargo is the enemy, stop them!

  • Michael Bell says:

    White People Problems

  • SNK says:

    They opened accounts for me without even my knowledge.

  • John Zee says:

    Son’s of B…

  • SNK says:

    US financial system is a crime organization.

  • Alex Rios says:

    …. modern highway robberies… all banks should be monitored constantly !!

  • Adriel Sjahfiedin says:

    Why bother being a customer to Wells Fargo? They have such a terrible track record of faulty actions, fraud, etc so I ask why people are still banking with them?

  • Buffy smith says:

    Sorry but this seems really fishy to me.

  • a z says:

    Wells Fargo is a criminal organization, literally

  • Mary Villeda says:

    A people who need help dont get help

  • Thomas Bernecky says:

    I don’t care if they’re the fourth largest bank, they’re constantly doing illegal crooked things. Wells Fargo is NOT to big to fail. or get their banking rights removed once we have a government and real banking rules.

  • Hang Nguyen says:

    I’m scare I just got a well Fargo credit card. Just now hear about all their scandals 🙄 why are they still legally in business?

    • Y. R. says:

      Close it & get one thru a credit union like Golden1. They are one of the big 4 & have a lot of protection!

  • deb muthafucka says:

    Sounds about like wells Fargo… whats next for them? Another scam somewhere down the line..

  • C. Sphire says:

    If this is happening to you file a complaint with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.

  • Brian OConner says:

    These people who are trying to refinance first they skip their payment to save money for 3 months to use for refinance cost but then they realize its reporting on credit. Since everyone was using online consent due to Covid19 and no one can go to physical bank to sign documents. They used online request and when their creditors deny their refinance request because they are skipping mortgage payments so now they are blaming the bank that they never asked for it. These people on news committing Mortgage Fraud which needs to be reported rather than showing them as victim on media. All banks and mortgage companies facing rising fraud due to people taking advantage of Covid19 and utilizing system in their favor.

  • Iamtiredof 2020 says:

    Cheating again. No surprise.

  • Rafael Dominguez says:

    They should pay 100 billion and go out of business

  • Y. R. says:

    Never do bus. With this bank! Credit Unions are more trustworthy & offer better rates!

  • You Tube says:

    I have a business checking account. I have had some overdrafts through hard times, and Wells Fargo has always refunded my overdraft fees. They always go to bat for me on chargebacks, and have even refunded them when they lost the case with Visa. I will bank with Wells Fargo until the day I die!

  • Brian OConner says:

    These people trying to scam the system and being shown on the media as victim. The whole nation is taking advantage of mortgage relief payment and they are trying to cause issue so they can make money and the rest of the nation would never be able to get relief if anything like this happen again.

  • ForeverTS2 says:

    “capitalism is getting f*cked” -Scarface

  • Anita Kyota says:

    But what about the mortgage payments that haven’t been credited?

  • Coco Poco says:

    That bank is horrible!

  • McCosmic Dj says:

    So where is the money going? And if not back to the owners or on their mortgage, isn’t that stealing??

    • Brian OConner says:

      The money goes to their Escrow account or towards principal. Banks doesn’t steal money because they are not you.

  • Chris Rees says:

    Are they TAMPERING with AUTO PAYMENTS as well?

  • Chris Rees says:


  • steve cook says:

    AGAIN! I think it was Mazy Hirono told the CEO of wells fargo he should be fired! NOW he belongs in jail! PEOPLE it’s time to get a new bank! BOYCOT Wells Fargo Bank.

  • Jamie Singh says:

    I’d NEVER go back to wellsfargo

  • flaco gordo says:

    Why would customers at wells Fargo be suprised? Wells Fargo should of been abolished by now.

  • Darth Raider says:

    Besides who has any money these days anyways I’m I right?
    Dang pandemic.

  • fourierthejunglist says:

    Wells Fartgo is the worst bank in the history of time. If Donald Trump owned a bank that screwed you over by stealing money out of your account, it would still be far better than this godforsaken financial institution.

  • Ken Richard says:

    Stagecoach holdup…?

  • Laser Blast Studios says:

    bouta say bye bye to wells fargo

  • G O'Rourke says:

    Not the first time they have opened or changed accounts on customer’s. How much money did they steal this time?

  • I love the universe. says:


  • I love the universe. says:

    The ceo was before congress not too long ago for obvious reasons.

  • GG says:

    They wrongly foreclosed on homes during the 2009 recession. They’ll do it again. Crooks!

  • Angela Brown says:

    Predatory Lending…So sadd 😢 giving to people in status of a first time home owner a mortgage loan📝 which the Lender knew truly they could not afford. Just for the commission. 💰 Not enough checks and balances going on. You think 😶 and the borrower knew also they were unable to afford it but they thought they could make it work. Until foreclosures come a knocking. SMH 😖 Reality ✔ been there done that👀

  • Tim Smith says:

    So glad I got my Mom out of Wells Fargo, into a credit union. She was stuck in a comfortable routine as she gets older. In the end, I set up the new credit union account for her on-line and a new Visa Rewards credit card at the same time. All she needed was a little push.

  • Facts and Science Matter says:

    Wells Fargo needs to be shut down. Unethical, immoral, and predatory practices over and over again.

  • vsanchez says:

    Wells Fargo is so corrupt.

  • Mojo W says:

    I only bank with credit unions after working for Bank of America and seeing the corruption myself

  • charlielauffer says:

    Wells Fargo up to their old tricks

  • Jay MCC says:

    sounds like mismanging! time investigate wells fergo bring to the senate of the usa and charge them!! Wells fargo! misintreprated lol 🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I tell you these corporations are something else anything to keep customers money and the corporations bottom line okay. investigators and fbi need to look into wells fergo

  • JC Sunstar says:

    Don’t bank with them, they r thieves, when r u people going to wake up!

  • Spenser Pickell says:

    As someone who works for Wells Fargo there is a lot of misinformation in this video. For example, payments made still count.

    • Melvin Perry says:

      Make a counter video and come with written documented proof.

  • N V says:

    You’d have to be crazy to deal with this outfit. Not that the average bank is any more ethical, these guys keep getting caught though.
    WF probably saw an additional revenue stream from government mortgage subsidies – added to what they were getting off mortgage interest.

  • Ricardo Troutman says:

    Here they go again hustling people! Defund wells hustlers fargo! Get them in them their nuts and shut this bank down! I hate this bank !!!

  • Bryan Bruner says:

    TD Bank tried the same thing with my wife and I

  • justicier says:

    More than likely it’s an industry practice. WF is just the dummy that keeps getting caught.

  • Kevin Wilt says:

    Every one always talks about government regulations for business. Banking needs the most regulation out of all the industries

  • henry cavill says:

    expeditetools,com made a hacked transfer of $50,000 to my bank account through their hacked transfer tool.

  • Astrobrant2 says:

    And of course, when people’s credit scores take a hit they’ll have to pay higher interest on future mortgage loans. Hey, this is Wells Fargo… why should anyone be surprised?

  • stanley kaplan says:

    Why does anyone use this bank? They have been screwing people for years! Pay attention people.

  • alfredo ramirez says:

    Whaaa let’s do a boycott!!!!

  • Windy Hawthorn says:

    How come all the comments are about banking when the news article is about an old lady making face masks?

  • Nikki Travis says:

    So where did their payment money go?! SMFH sounds like Wells is double dipping!!!!

  • Angela Howard says:

    Wells Fargo should be shut down. It is obviously corrupt. Just how many times do they have to catch them something illegal before they are made to close for good.

  • Sae Arc says:

    So many business owners that have applied including me, we never got PPP from Wellsfargo. Lawsuit settlement that we were supposed to get was declined. Wellsfargo has CCP ties and I am getting out of this bank.

  • LSW says:

    My credit union “merged” with a bank institution… they were great before and now i constantly get harassed by the “Mother Organization”… so credit unions are not that great either. As long as Wells Fargo is in the mortgage business we are screwed, as I replied below, my mortgage has been sold to them two times over the years… after I intentionally did not go to them due to bad experiences with my accounts before that. Mortgages are bought and sold all the time and WF is one of the biggest and if they buy yours your stuck.

  • housetrax says:

    Had my Mortgagee with Wells Fargo. They had me classified as a bankruptcy which I never filed or needed to file. Ruined my credit for years.

  • B Clark says:

    Take their money. Keep their debt. Corrupt AF

  • uk7769 says:

    If you are STUPID enough to still be doing business with Wells Fargo you deserve their fraud, abuse and thievery. Wells Fargo is NOT a bank. It is an massive organized crime syndicate.

  • gayle mc says:

    for one brief moment I thought they might be doing something nice for their customers. I’m closing my account immediately.

  • Oregon grower says:

    No reason why they wouldn’t get their money back… this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Great job Wells Fargo

  • David Tsarukyan says:

    I’m surprised people still bank with Wells Fargo after all the fraud they got caught with.

  • Brittany Exon says:

    That’s your fault for going to that bank. Like others…..

  • Sabina Donofrio says:

    Not surprised. Wonder how well the CEO is being paid. Isn’t he the guy who recommended 0% intro rates? To get people hooked into higher debts?

  • Moni Matters says:

    The People In This Segment Didn’t Even Know They Were In This Program…Do You Have To Call Them To Find Out? I Mean Aren’t Things Like This Supposed To Be Included W/Ur Statements…Or Were They Hiding It From The Customers Altogether? What A SCAM Artist Move!

  • Carl Kolchak says:

    I ended my account with them after close to 20 years because of the way they illegally treated me. good riddance. discover is soooo much better.

  • artenman says:

    Can they pay my Wells Fargo credit card? Lmao

  • Fireproof Crane says:

    “It is a sort of managerial aristocracy that quietly determines what we buy and how we vote and what we deem as good or bad. “They govern us,” the author writes, “by their qualities of natural leadership, their ability to supply needed ideas and by their key position in the social structure.”
    ― Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda

  • Mike 79 says:

    Their own fault to go with a bank that has a shady history

  • Michele says:

    what do they mean it isn’t credited? where did that money go?

  • Scott Wooster says:

    Wells Fargo bought out my original home loan and I have since refinanced through a credit union. Best move I have made in years.

  • Crazee Kids says:

    So, where is there money going if it isn’t being credited toward to their mortgage balance?

  • Esme Fantasia says:

    They really need to be put out for good.

  • Tammy Jordan says:

    Wow well Fargo been robing people #a bunch of criminal crooks running well Fargo

  • cuauhtemoc Villa says:

    I hate Wells Fargo. I remember being so happy leaving them.. until my mortgage ended up with them..

  • Kaiju sushi says:

    The most corrupt bank in america

  • The Phantom says:

    Wells Gofar…💸

  • Briarrose29 says:

    This company makes so much money and is so sketchy

  • Pink Lady says:

    Boy, i am so glad that my home is paid for. Some people are really having a hard time right now, and i feel bad for them.

  • Kenny Thomas says:

    Why on earth would anyone do business with Wells Fargo. Get out if that bank. If you stay with Wells you deserve everything they throw at you.

  • pam downes says:

    🙋🏻‍♀️need a little help…

  • Dave Gunner says:

    That would be called doing a job, JFK that! 🤞🤞😉

  • slim jim says:

    Why does anybody bank with these criminals?

  • mega0876 says:

    People; Stop banking with this garbage bank .

  • Makesha Crier says:

    Wells Fargo are thieves, if they’ll steal from active duty military on deployment they’ll steal from anyone.

  • Tom May says:

    Wells Fargo Bank bunch of thieve’s.

  • ZIGZAG 101 says:

    Wells Fargo is scambags just like Bank of America

  • Edward Castillo says:

    Wells Fargo has stolen over $300 from me, imagine how much they’ve racked up from other people.

  • SinistaN says:

    they’re not being credited then where is the money going then? apparently into someone’s pockets

  • YONATAN C says:

    What’s happening to our country?? We’ve got radical socialist democrats trying to destroy our country from within. They have encouraged riots and destruction of private property, and have burned down churches, and have taken down a statue of Jesus, because they want to take religion out of society. They want to police out thoughts and opinions, and tell us what to think and do. Democratic candidate Joe Biden, actually said to the African American community , that if we don’t vote for them, then we ain’t black. That’s the party that has taken us for granted, as if we are somehow beholding to them, for our own lives. This is a party with a slavery past. Check it out for yourselves and you will see the roots of this political party. They’re not for us, they simply need our vote. That’s where their solidarity ends. The Democratic Party has even put illegal aliens rights and concerns, before African American citizens born in this country. Their party has moved so far to the left, there’s no more place to go, but socialism. To the Democratic Party, NO LIVES MATTER, more than THEIR OWN selfish ambitions. The Democratic party is ANTI-RELIGION, ANTI-FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and ANTI-AMERICAN. They will never have my vote again.

  • imeldo marcos says:

    More lawsuits coming.
    If they didnt credit the money , the money is maybe being embezzled illegally.

  • Paul Combs - BoMuse says:

    After all of Wells Fargo’s misbehavior, why did you do business with them?

  • Roger Edwards jr says:

    I had a 4 year loan with Wells Fargo,where they helped me buy a Jeep and they were good to me until I payed my loan off 6 months early and the woman on the phone started yelling at me,but they kept their word and sent me the title to the jeep and a receipt proving that I payed off the $10,500 loan and I am grateful to them, because nobody else would help me back then in 2012 when I needed it,but I didn’t know it at the time,but that was when all of their legal problems were starting and I am glad I got the Jeep paid off when I did.

  • Dean W says:

    stop doing business with zionist controlled banks.