Myanmar conflict: Arakan violence rises in Rakhine state

2020 7/24
Myanmar conflict: Arakan violence rises in Rakhine state

In Myanmar’s Rakhine state, another ethnic group besides the Rohingya has been fighting for its rights and recognition.
The ethnic Arakan people have been battling the Myanmar government for decades, and in 2009 founded their own armed group, the Arakan Army, in 2009.
Thousands have fled the violence into neighbouring Chin State and are now living in camps because of the recent spike in violence.
Al Jazeera’s Scott Heidler reports.

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  • Mushfiqur Rahman says:

    Some Burmese people are as stupid as their Government. Rohiynga’s don’t even speak Bengali. It doesn’t matter where they came from what matters is that they are living in Burma long enough to be citizen of the country. In Bangladesh people of all Tribes like Chakma,Marma study in public universities,work in Hospitals,Ministries,Military moreover they get special Quota reserved for them in every sector. It’s a shame that the stupid Burmese army doesn’t even consider them as Burmese citizen. Your country will never progress when you don’t give people their rights and treat them equally.

  • ??? Muas says:

    It’s the Americans doing, get them out off that country.

  • Zzz says:

    Arakan is not rohinja

  • Don ta says:

    Who behind all troubles in Myanmar ?? Who arming and supporting all the troubles.. well china commies are behind all the troubles.. china never want its neighbours to be democracy.. to be better in both economical and political

  • Freddy Krueger says:

    oh god not another load of refugees from Burma arriving in India.
    Burma really needs to get its governance straight.

  • MNA Bhuiyan says:

    Her noble laureate has been into water

  • Syafiq Zaid says:

    Burmese army need to be destroyed. Really hope there are somebody fund rohingnya to fight this cruel army. There is only way for them to survive.

  • klleeful says:

    Wherever there is conflicts, you will see Americans.

    • Ryan A says:

      Irrelevant in this case

    • jode says:

      And islamic state, Taliban, Al Qaeda etc.

  • Gerald Lucky says:

    Cheers to Myanmar for defending their country. The Bengali’s should go back to there country.

    • abdur rahman rony says:

      Take back your Rohinga people from Bangladesh

    • Gerald Lucky says:

      abdur rahman rony I’m neither From Myanmar nor Asian to begin with. They’re you’re people, you keep them.

  • Khải Ân says:

    Hello Burma from Vietnam 😬

  • Ashley Adam says:

    Rasis Country

  • still with you says:

    If this is another islamic troublers problem al jazz you are trouble makers for non islamic states. We do not appreciate this

    • sultan mirja says:

      Arakan army is Buddhist and they are fighting against govt😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Buddhist Vs Buddhist

    • still with you says:

      @sultan mirja don’t be fool .armie s job is to defence the country. Religion do not mean any difference. It’s a nice joke .just like Buddhist countries should not do their defensive activities being Buddhist.

  • I Love The Way U lie says:

    Ths muslim world is focusing so much on israel when the jews are the rightful owner of jerusalem.

  • senbertran sen says:

    Myanmar hate muslim and they don’t want Muslim in their country

  • Barnabas Tamang says:

    Problems is that why Muslim countries never aacept Muslim refugees

  • dendenmushi99 says:

    Arakan army and arakan salvation army is different.

    • Saim Malik says:

      Thats Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA)

  • Omar Cruz says:

    Unity of nations well you join my quest because everyone on each nation is at risk?

  • C. Jamil Hasan says:

    Rohingya Zindabad

    • Crazy Joe says:

      Nope we r not. …. rohingyas should go back

    • Rishav Mandal says:

      No they must go away they are committing crime and killing people

    • sultan mirja says:

      @Crazy Joe Arakan army r rohingya army AK na…. Uni arakan armir kotha boltese

  • Ismail hadi says:

    Burma is teroris rasis radikal

  • Momo Taro says:

    Rohingya should have joined them…rather than running away fled to other country

    • Commander Red says:

      They wouldn’t let them, they also consider Rohingya to be outsiders

    • Momo Taro says:

      @Commander Red maybe they should learn to work with each other..or else they will never be able to beat Myanmar

    • Commander Red says:

      @Momo Taro If only 🙁

    • SmaCk You d1cK says:

      what happened in last big sectarian riot between Buddhist and Islam is rohinya hunting arkan people with spear and gun because they hate Buddhist and Hindu there.

      you want them becoming a one?
      you stupid or nuts?

      the right thing to do is make arkan people got their right and push British aka England to responsible for bring Muslim Bengal aka rohinya from India to arkan land during colonial era.

    • ismail Hossain says:

      Momo Taro yes they should fight together if they want freedom of their land.

  • Ethan Clarke says:

    Can I volunteer to train these females 😉 ?

    • Advant Garde says:

      Yes i can help too

  • Johm Smitch says:

    In myanmar myanmar army and rebel groups all are love their country but Myanmar givernment Aung san su ki sell myanmar lands to China so make war and to protect their land .

    • SmaCk You d1cK says:

      Burmese more close to British rather to China.

  • puntland force says:

    Myammar stupid people dont kill people . Stop Stop the World watching you .

  • Abdullahi aynash Hussein says:

    I wish my country could take all rohingya ND give them land freedom ND citizenship

    • Amitesh Singh says:

      Which country are you fromm

    • Tummun says:

      Abdullahi aynash Hussein
      Hooyadaa siilkeed. Dadkaadii baa dhibaateysan oo dunida ku kala firdhisan. Tiisa daryeela tu kale ku dara. Dad kale dabada u kala qabo. Xoolo xoolo dhalay dalka dhiibaaya. Dhabayaco iyo iidoor mid uun baad tahay iyagaa dalka iibsadee.

    • Abdullahi aynash Hussein says:

      Teeda kala niin raag oo islam inti farjiigisa lagara qasataan dabadiisa maficno kabasidhara adho kushabaha qanisnimo wa sheet xum walalo itaqullah waxan adhuun walagataka qabri iyo qiyamo iyo suala Aya nagadambey adhuun waa labo Bari dulmiga iskadhaf iyo caydha ILAHAY hakucafiyo my brother

  • Yogie SR says:

    Al Jazira better cover your peace loving countries.

    • Advant Garde says:

      They are a peace loving, vegan, lgbtq right activist defender and promote gender equality for the whole world. That is how peaceful AlJazeera is.

  • Khalistan Pakistan Zindaabad says:

    Free Minorities free from budist terrorists, partition myanmar now for world Peace, free both minority group, Shame on the dead beat called the UN, United Nations of puppets.

    • Stuart Hastie says:

      Kashmir would be taken over by Pakistan. And so would not be free for long.

  • khant Khant says:


    • Thiha Thu says:

      D U K D
      What do u meen?

    • Thiha Thu says:


  • k.o. ed says:

    Rohingya are creating problem in I did. They are creating no go zone and destroying the native village.
    Rohingya must leave India. You people were chased out for good reason.

    • Stuart Hastie says:

      k.o. ed
      Where exactly is this happening ?

  • Erik Seavey says:

    It might not be called ww3 the world most certainly is in a global conflict.

  • R A says:

    Kachin, Karen, shan, arakan everyone is suffering because of Burmese military.

  • Md Akbar says:

    who leads arakan army??? myanmar government Or Arakan revuleted people

    • Peter Thawng says:

      The Rakhine people.

    • Stuart Hastie says:

      Md Akbar
      A war lord.

  • abu shahadat says:

    When there is a dispute between big country and small country – UN interferes and small country disappears,
    When there is a dispute between two small countries – UN interferes and the two small countries disappears,
    When there is a dispute between two big countries – UN interferes and disappears.

    • Punjabi Beast says:

      Give us example. This statement is illogic.

    • abu shahadat says:


  • Shattered Star says:

    Give me 10,000 troops and 15 ton of Sarin and see this rebellion end in 10 days

    • Stuart Hastie says:

      Shattered Star
      Such a nice guy.

    • UTSAB CH DAS says:

      Lol bro, Arakan army have already caought your 17 commander🤣🤣… Now chill…. 😎

  • Thiha says:

    Arakan Are terrorists!

  • SmaCk You d1cK says:

    arakan are the genuine people in that area.

  • Orthodox power says:

    As a russian I think every internal issue is the country s internal affair.

    • Stuart Hastie says:

      Orthodox power gulags were concentration camps to control dissidents and ethnic minorities.

    • Kucing Meow says:

      @Orthodox power you are not communist anymore, but under Putin most likely you would be conscripted to fight the Europeans in the future. Sometimes, your internal affair implosion causing distress to others, the refugees influx into others’ people lands is not simply internal affair anymore but a global concern.

    • Orthodox power says:

      @Kucing Meow I will fight the europeans with pleasure if they support ukrainian neonazis.

      Yes refugees from Myanmar sadly leave the country but that s because the militias that fight the government get foreign support.

    • Orthodox power says:

      @Stuart Hastie I know what s a gulag lol. I m asking what a gulag has to do with Myanmar?

    • Stuart Hastie says:

      Orthodox power
      For close to a decade, Myamar Junta has been constructing such places for the Rohingya. Sumtimes they simply isolate a village and surround it with barbed wire and watch towers. Food, water, electricity. education, education, employment, are all greatly, sometimes totally restricted. Access is denied to UN and international observers.
      Often the Rohingya are moved to new sites away from their ancestral property. This in part may be a land grab so China can complete its pipeline from the Bay of Bengal. In part it may be because these pieces of land are required for other development.

  • -R- Castle says:

    they are doing good training ………..whole community as military …we should do the same take over corrupt gov and greedy dumb military then turn country in to military camp …everyone will know the true meaning of life

    • Stuart Hastie says:

      Subsist opia
      Sounds like a caliphate.

  • X oXdot says:

    Poor country poor ppl

  • Aarohi Hasan says:

    Myanmar should separate into 9 piece for a peaceful environment

    • Sunil Bhardwaj says:

      BD Pride because Islam can’t coexist?

    • Stuart Hastie says:

      Aarohi Hasan
      China will never allow that. Besides inter ethnic violence would continue.

    • Aurangzeb The great says:

      @Sunil Bhardwaj Co-existent and self-determination is not suitable in Indians mouth

  • Sunil Bhardwaj says:

    Jihadis at work! These chaps are a menace

  • Abduselam Mohammed says:

    The Rhohingas should have to join this army for their freedom.

    • ellerjoseph says:

      This army also consider them as foreigners.

    • jode says:

      I think they will prefer the islamic state

  • Sohrab Hossain Forhad says:

    We love Arakan army from Bangladesh ! They are fighting for freedom !

    • Stuart Hastie says:

      Sohrab Hossain Forhad
      Check them out on Amnesty International.

    • Hedayatollah Abir says:

      Hoping that they must be achieved victory one day👊👊👊

  • T Dou says:

    It’s time to send Rambo in lol

  • Khan Aviation says:

    If there is one country that needs to be nuked hard. It’s Myanmar! truly a useless country who has zero respect for human life…

  • Stewie Griffin says:

    The rohingas should go back and fight. They are a very big hindrance for bangladesh. The natural beauty of cox’s bazar is being destroyed for their camps.😑

    • Delena Paw says:

      Heisenberg I am so agree. They should not run away. They should create some kind of organization and fight back

    • Stuart Hastie says:

      Stewie Griffin
      China will protect its oil pipeline and put a high tech naval base on the Bay of Bengal. The Rohingya stand no chance.

    • Stuart Hastie says:

      Gangsta hutan
      It is the Burmese Army they are afraid of. ARSA are hiding in the mountains and in this video they are short of guns never saw more than 10 real guns in one camera shot.

  • Shahzam Suleman says:

    i think the story against that government has just began.

  • septiadhi wirawan says:

    The worst ever Asean country…

    • Stuart Hastie says:

      septiadhi wirawan
      Indonesia was worse. Early 60s and East Timor.

  • Haro Roa says:

    So, where is the peace price receiver aung San su kyi.

    • R A says:

      Haro Roa she is counting extortion money 😂😂😂

  • Viet Tung says:

    Rohinggy should make a ravolution insted of war

  • Vishal Bedade says:

    57 Islamic country take all refugee gulf give citizenship

  • 김유진 says:

    Myanmar getting as bad as isis

  • Jus Tin says:

    Stupid burmese army and government.

  • Shwe Thein says:

    Word should to help Arakan people.

  • Nay Khate says:

    Welove Arakan Army

  • ismail Hossain says:

    Burmese government are successed for divived and rules .. In Rakhine they divided Rohinga and Arakan race, meanwhile Burmese frist did Rohinga ethnic cleansing now going same thing with Arakan . if Rohinga and Arakan were united, Burmese army couldn’t occupied their home land by force.

    • Stuart Hastie says:

      ismail Hossain
      China oil pipeline= Chinese naval base in Arakan.

  • Molot Atosh says:

    Love u guys from Bangladesh

  • Brotha Macky says:

    our president Rodrigo duterte will help you from philippines

    • Stuart Hastie says:

      Brotha Macky
      What is your agenda ?

  • Roman Soiko says:

    محكومة دولية国籍形式法院icjмеждународныц суд оонcorte penal international

  • robin robin says:

    Good job myanmar government

  • Bon appétit says:

    Burmese are bullshit

  • 外人 1949 says:

    If you read the history the Burmese governments are good at using people as puppets. And the ethnics people never learn. Honestly MONEY MONEY! They need to stop thinking about money and realize humans life’s has value and money don’t.

  • Cecilia Peng says:

    Can anyone tell me how many rebel armies are there in Burma? They seem to be everywhere, north, south, east and west. Taken the world as a whole, Burma should win the gold medal by the number of rebel groups inside its borders.

    • Stuart Hastie says:

      Cecilia Peng pretty much every ethnic minority tribe has its own rebel army. They have all been oppressed since independence. I was kidnapped by the Shan State Revolutionary Army, the Katchin independence Army and the Lahu independence Army, all living in the same camp.
      I’ve no hard feelings.

    • Lord Ezra says:

      It is a failed state. everything is up for grabs if you have enough resources to take on the army.

    • Stuart Hastie says:

      Lord Ezra
      The Junta is holding all the cards. The army has had 60 yrs of non stop experience of jungle warfare. Have near total control of the economy. Are backed by China, who want to protect their oil pipeline from bay of Bengal and build a naval base there. The Junta is no pushover.

    • Stuart Hastie says:

      Lord Ezra
      PS. From my experience, the tribal armies are poorly equipped and exaggerate their numbers ten fold. They also squabble with each other. There are ideological differences, the Shan State Revolutionary army are communist and in alliance with other tribes, but the Shan State Army is facist and despises true tribals.

  • MSW GAMING says:


  • Stuart Hastie says:

    Who has noticed that the oil pipe to China passes through Arakan ? China wants security for this pipe and probably wants a naval base on the Bay of Bengal. China doesn’t want terrorists sitting on the pipe.

  • Irra Waddy says:

    That is what happened when they follow the power hungry fool Rakhine leader.

  • Sheegow Man says:

    dawladaan waa Cawwaan aad u dadaran mana jecla diinta islamka waana sheydaamad dawladaani.

  • Aapka Newz says:

    Headache for other countries internal problems, OIC propaganda.

  • Eko Wijanto says:

    ALLAH SWT bersama klian… ALLAH AKBAR 3X

  • Kyaw Zaw says:

    Please help me international community…

  • kokonut kokonut says:


  • Pau Gyi says:

    Akong tat pyit

  • ဘဝေဟာင္းက ခ်စ္သူ says:


  • Galaxy Primemobile says:

    We love arakan army

  • Is Mail says:

    Yes 😭

  • NorthEast India Mongolia raised Tribe KUKNALIM says:

    We Nagas with you Arakan stay strong

  • laskar pelangi says:

    stupid burmese government.. eventhough i didnt like rohingya but this mess were created by burmese gov and spread the mess all over the ASEAN countries.. let me give my opinion to solve this problem.. give Rakhine state to the Rohingya and separate them from burma then this issue will be over.. support and development after that, let rohingya find by their own self. Rohingya in Malaysia makes more worst than good and they should going back to their own land

  • Punjabi Beast says:

    Just drop 20 Tsar hydrogen bombs on Mynammer to solve the issue.

  • catmandont100 says:

    NEVER let Islam into your Country.

  • Fievel Mousekewitz says:

    Does anyone know where these small armies get their funding from? Looks like they have weapons, uniforms, stations, training equipment, etc. I’m just curious. Thanks!

    • ayu1978 says:

      Fievel Mousekewitz Traditionally it used to be mainly from opium farming/heroin. Now there are also meth labs/ivory & exotic wildlife/illegal logging/jade mining/toll & taxation of smuggling routes or roads to neighbouring countries. It’s a Wild West up there.

  • Hedayatollah Abir says:

    1:48 shame on Suchi 👎👎👎

  • tengku h says:

    Rakhienya (Rohingya) has been expelled because the China want to built deep seaport and piping facilities of oil and gas to distribute to mainland China in Rakhine Country.

  • anas abou says:

    First they came for the rohingya, and i didn’t speak up because i wasn’t rohingya…

  • Shown Islam says:

    Madaricod mayanmar torist country mayanmar.

  • Rasmoni Garments says:

    We are india always support Mayanmar army

    • abdur rahman rony says:

      Not India please tell fundamentalist Hindu govt support Myanmar

  • Kel Ei Hein says:

    Ally with Bengali and attacking Myanmar Military!

    • 杨洁Jasmine Yang says:

      You Rohingyas are Bengali, You all are chinese.. Because all of you looks like chinese

  • Mohammad Maccsalmin says:

    Go ahead AA. I heard only AA recognize rohingga as a citizen from Myanmar. AA demands like WA state confederacy that means their own army , own currency and they trying a establish a headquarter. But i am ashamed where they get arms , probably from WA state army backed by China. Actually ,China what wants from Burma. I fear that if the international party evolved here Myanmar will be broke into several independent.Ultimately, beneficial for India and Bangladesh . I heard from a newspaper , where Bangladesh foreign minister said one superpower country asked for BD if they want help. But, minister did not revealed this country name , most probably USA. Interestingly, minister refused to take help, because USA want a set up military base in a bay of bengal. If BD goverment allow USA millitary base in a Snt. martin islands it will be matter of minute of minutes independent Arakan or part of BD. But BD people and goverment do not want a foreign military base in their soil.

  • Bye Saengsri says:

    Myanmar Army are Criminal Army ,, 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • mung mung says:

    We arakan army for need to everything we army now best trying fight burma army and we need to international helps now we citizen arakan people for burma army every day kill for the under died we arakan people.

    • 杨洁Jasmine Yang says:

      If Rohingyas are Bengali, are you Chinese? You all looks like chinese

  • mung mung says:

    Myanmar name country is no true ago time name here one is burma country is true this bumar people national lying name country

  • mung mung says:

    Burma country is calling true why calling burma country is name. Lying writing

  • Shah Hidul says:

    Cow Burma military and Rakine Bengali

  • Saw Moe Kyaw says:

    Great AA Arakan Army.

  • 杨洁Jasmine Yang says:

    Then you are chinese all looks like Chinese..

  • Yippee ki yay says:

    Looks like Myannmar is like a little China,
    Kachin, Karin & Rohingya be like a Taiwan, Hong Kong & Tibet

  • AlKhan • says:

    After you free from burmese oppression then what? Oppressed rohingnya? Such a great freedom fighters you’re haha

    • [Pubg Gaming] says:

      Double standart at its finest lol

    • Bindu Uruk says:

      Rohingyan is Bangali

    • AlKhan • says:

      @Bindu Uruk Rohingya is HUMAN BEING

  • Mohammad Shamim Hassain Rc 8975 says:

    Onek Sundar

  • khaing khant says:

    Lol gg media

  • michael says:

    2:14 are they training to kick nuts?😐

  • Alex Sunderland says:

    There must save zone for rohingya people.

  • sarvesh chitodkar says:

    Funded by China